||Happy Birthday "Enthralling" Niti Taylor||~ Keep Shining~

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A tormenting chaos,
 A dainty Fly in its floss.
 Enslaved from the worldly hitch,
 She could be the nicest witch.

She, looked into oblivion, 
Tranquility screams through her posture,
 Beguile kinsmen with her nature

She, mastered the art of impeccable innocence, 
Captivating her onlookers was her exquisite essence.
 She, Effervescent radiance in her glory,
 makes her staunch cynic worry.
 Diligent persona of thy,
 Makes you reach the affluent sky.

A little girl in the city of dreams 
A chance event a missed call
 And changed we're her life's streams
 Small in frame but her courage so tall 
She trudged scary paths uncertain & dark 
Hustle & heart being her only base
 With dangers lurking and wolves barks
 All the evils and  troubles she tasted
 From fear to sheer bravery
 From a little girl to a strong lady

She falls & stumbles cries and grumbles
 Yes she's flawed & has been clawed 
But she's herself true and unwavering 
Never trying to be someone else ,never straying
 With her scars and strengths
 She will win with no pretence

 Do you hear the rustle ?
 It's the sound of her hustle 
 While y'all basics stumble, 
She stays humble
Beat her, push her 
but you can never keep her down.
 She's here and she will stay with her crown.
 She's holds her heart bare Vulnerable and raw 
Her spirit you can never tear
 Her sparkles is in her flaws 
She ain't a diva
 She's a queen
 The strongest you have ever seen

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This girl who hails from Gurugram holds so many hearts. At such a young age, she has touched so many lives. 
Half Gujrati, Half Bengali; She was born to a catholic family. Growing up with a dream to be a pageant queen and then a teacher, she completed her schooling from  Loreto Convent School, Delhi and then pursued her graduation from Sophia College, Mumbai.
Acting happened to her like it was meant to be, she first auditioned for a balaji series and from there it all started. Saying yes to opportunities, she played cameos in Pyar ka Bandhan and Sarvgun Sampann. Later, she played a role in Hindi telly series 'Gulal'. She has been part of many popular TVCs like Whisper, Tata Docomo, Bombay Dying, Hide n Seek, Parampara, Joy me noodles, Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo.

South industry paved a beautiful path for this beauty,  she debuted in "Mem vayasuku vacham" with Tanish which happened to be a massive hit. She was part of a few Telgu movies before she decided to come back to Indian Television. Her come back stint in 'Bade Achhe Lagte Hai' introduced her to GEC audiences. Working with senior actors and being part of top notch series, she gained all the required experience to head towards the glory.

 Owing to her youthful face and talent, she bagged lead role in first ever fiction of MTV. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan got its Nandini in Niti and from thereon, there was no looking back. Character instantly got recognized by youth and Niti's natural acting did make a mark in hearts of viewers. Show did very well and so does our Niti.  Apart from above all, she appeared in many episodic series as well i.e. Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Savdhan India, MTV webbed and Heroes. After Kaisi Yeh Yaarian, She tried her hand in hosting as well and hosted season 7 of popular series of Zing called Pyar Tune Kya kya. 

Adding one more feather in her cap, she grabbed 15th position in Asjad Nazir's sexiest asian women list 2015. It was the first time her name was in contest and she emerged as a highest placed newcomer in the 2015 edition of 50 Sexiest Asian Women list. Along with that, She became youngest ever TV star to be featured on Eastern Eye cover. 

Asjad Nazir's sexiest Asian women list again featured Niti in 2016 and this time she was placed on 12th position. This list is awaited by fans every year and seeing Niti climbing the ladder ever so gracefully was nothing less than a bliss. 

Grabbing her second big fiction series 'Ghulaam', she was on back on our screens in start of 2017.  Saurabh Tiwari's ambitious project 'Ghulaam' took a flight with Niti joining the cast as Shivani. Show was all what an actor could wish for. And Niti was all what her fans could cherish. She played every shade of this timid and innocent character so beautifully that Shivani, the character, would always be remembered as one of remarkable performances of Niti. She played her part exceptionally good and added one more feather in her cap by taking her fans along on journey. 

In September 2017, Eastern eye again featured her in their -- edition and this time it was 'The Niti of Angels' . Adding to Fans' delight, article got a massive response and applaud over the internet. 

Apart from the resume she owns, she owns hearts of her fans as well. She is undeniable and that's for sure. From being the talk to how she walks, from being the love to how she loves back, she loves her fans with all her might. Connection is growing strong while she is ascending the ladder she was born to conquer.

Asad Nazir's sexiest Asian women list featured Niti in 2017 on 11th position. Niti had been setting new benchmarks with every passing year. Along with it she got listed on 18th position on TV personality List of the year 2017. 

Niti this year came up with a music video which turned out to be a massive hit. The song was loved by masses and Niti yet again proved what marvellous actor and brand she is. She played a role of young lover who was left devastated by 'Gussa' of her beloved. 

Kaisi yeh yaariaan returned with its season 3 and so does our beloved Nandini Murthy. The web series had 13 episodes and each one was excelled by Niti. She was yet again successful at taking this character a notch higher. 

Niti was also part of Stebin Ben's music cover for Halka Halka Suroor. Stebin's magical voice and Niti's amazing acting made the song an instant favorite.

Niti also got featured in an episodic of "laal Ishq" playing the role of 'Chitra'. She played the role of a spirit who came back to meet her childhood love. Niti did an amazing work in the episodic and showed her versatility as an actress

 Niti has always been pro at trying new things and making a niche for herself. The girl yet again brought something new for her fans and endorsed a brand new league. She is brand ambassador for Timber wolves in Tennis premiere league. She is for sure making this initiative popular among her fans. Her one music video is yet to release this year. She has given surprise to her fans this year by experimenting her work and trying new things.

We Wish Niti Taylor a very happy birthday. May this coming year brings a lot of success and happiness for you and you keep climbing the ladder of success. We wish you get everything you deserve. We wish you a healthy and a happy year . 
Your Fanmily loves you a lot.
Keep smiling.
Keep shining.

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Niti started her career in South Film Industry in 2012 with movie 'Mem vayasuku vacham'. Niti has been been highly applauded for her performance as Dil. She played role of Dil', a Muslim girl who belongs to an Orthodox family. She is the first girl in her family to go to college. Ironically, she runs into the male protagonist on the way to her first day in college when he picks a spat with her brother. Even as they come around to becoming friends Dil gets engaged which is when it strikes the male protagonist that he's fallen for her..  Dil though remains nonchalant when he confronts her with his feelings and brushes him off. He asks her to spend three days with him to give him a lifetime of memories and Dil agrees.

But the day she learns that her wedding is due in 10 days, Dil realizes she's fallen in love as well. Dil's love for him takes time to manifest, but when it does, it was beautiful where the girl cries out of heart unable to bear the life-long separation staring her in the face. She chooses to marry the guy her parents chose for her instead of running away with her love. She remains friends with the guy and her husband accepts their friendship when he gets to know their story.

Movie touched million of hearts and Niti was applauded for her beautiful performance at such young age.

Apart from Mem Vayasuku Vacham', she has done a few other movies. Peli Pustakam' with Rahul Ravindran , Kaliyugam and Love dot com compiles the list.  


Niti made her television debut with Pyar ka Bandhan in 2009.

She did another episodic with MTV webbed. Show addressed the misuse of internet by today's youth. She played character of Divya Sharma and yet again proved her acting skills very well. 

Niti also essayed the role o Saba in a episode of 'Savdhaan India' . A teenager who suffers the loss of her fahter later evolves out bravely thus punishing her mother who was her father's culprit.

Later on, she played another cameo in 'Sarvgun Sampann'. Continuing with the cameos, she played role of Devika in popular series 'Gulal'. Making a comeback on Indian television after 2 years, she played role of Trisha in episodic of 'Yeh hai Aashiqui' in 2013. Addressing the 'Teenage pregnancy' and issues, her performance was splendid. This particular episodic of popular show become a big hit on Youtube and gathered a lot of praises.

Moving ahead, Niti bagged role of Naina in Sony's popular show 'Bade Achhe lagte hai'. This Balaji Production's series gave her chance to work beside ace actors i.e. Ram Kapoor and Sakhi Tanwar. Being one of popular GEC shows, it gave her recognition and concrete exposure.

In  2012, She did episodic with 'Savdhan India- India fights back'. She also made an appearance in an episodic with 'Halla Bol'.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 

And then it was time to make it BIG. She was called to audition for MTV's first ever fiction show 'Kaisi Yah Yaariaan'. She bagged the role owing to her talent and suitability to role.

Niti as Nandini Murthy has made place in Million of hearts owing to some fantastic performances throughout. Character is loved by youth for its realistic, positive and fresh approach. Niti was part of both the seasons of this popular youth show of MTV and played Nandini's character so beautifully that this character is chesrished even after it has been two years show has ended and would be remembered for a long time.

Nandini Murthy hails from Manglore and shifted to city of dreams Mumbai for treatment of her brother. Being highly clear about what she wanted from life, she goes to opt for science but destiny had its own plans. Owing to play of events and circumstances, she got admitted in SPACE academy which happened to be known for music. Witnessing the ugly at very first day and then being ragged herself later, she held her ground. Standing up for right and voicing out in time, she made quite enemies and that resulted into something unexpected yet beautiful. Going through various phases of her college life, she eventually found her soulmate and lost love for music as well. Finding meaning to her mother's theory of fireflies, she believed it wholeheartedly. Time tested her and her fireflies but eventually they did glow for true love. She became the light of her lover and pulled him out of dark hole where he was living since a while. Standing through the roughest patches, she didn't give up on her, her love or on him, not even for once. 

She as a sister, as  daughter, as a friend, as a lover; she in every race of life is someone one can look up to and adore. She was that imperfectly perfect, Indian television have found one realistic female character in a long time.

Parindey Ka Pagalpan

In year 2016, Niti got featured in music video named Parindey ka Pagalpan. Song was sung by Shibani Kashyap and her voice was truly given justice by enchanting performance of Niti Taylor. The song was launched on Youtube as well as used by Zing for their show Pyar Tune Kya Kiya season 7.  Song was loved by masses. It came across as one of cherished surprises to fans of Niti as along she hosting PTKK season 7, fans got to see her in music video as well. 

Niti played the character of Vidhi in PTKK 7. Hosts for the first time presented the stories with their own story. Vidhi's life started at a low note with her lost believe in love after losing her lover. But towards the end, she had learnt to give love a chance again. 


In 2017, Niti got another big project in the form of Saurabh Tiwari's Ghulaam and yet gained the chance to perform something different from her previous characters. She played the character of Shivani Mathur, a small town girl.
Living with her Mama ji, her life had pretty sober shades of normalcy until her path crossed with a boy. Her life turned upside down when that same man marries her just to hand her over to his master. 
This deceit leaves her in a place called Berahampur where she is being called wife of a man she didn't marry. And the one she married, he has refused to even accept his own existence beyond being a Ghulaam. 
Shivani stands on a road where her beliefs are her only weapons and her stubbornness is her only shield. 

Amid the tyranny and tamed courage, a girl stood out with her only aid. Her beliefs, her shield and her stubborn, her weapon. She didn't quiver when deception stood tall and she was reduced to knees. 

Ek Zindagi, Ek Shaadi Aur Ek hi Pati 
Her belief was protected by her endless courage. She cried coherently, she wondered why but she didn't let go of her heart and might. 

Shivani is an innocent girl who hadn't lived her life with much of dreams. Her life revolved around her loved ones and she was happy with it. The girl didn't give up on her beliefs and became the reason of change in behrampur. She succeeded in bringing conscious out of her husband and made him realize that he is more than a Ghulaam. Niti did a brilliant job as Shivani Mathur.  Playing the role of a timid, shy and yet a stubborn soul wasn't easy to portray onscreen but Niti's performance as shivani left its mark. She gave such beautiful performances during the show which can be remembered for a long time.

This year Niti Taylor acted in three music videos namely : Gussa ( Big Dhillon ) , Halka Halka Suroor Hai ( Stebin Ben ) , Fans Nahi Friends ( Palash Munchal

In her first ever music video Niti shone as a pregnant girl who's world turns upside down on discovering about her husband's cancer.  Her beautiful poignant eyes display a range of emotions from anguish , pain , helplessness to hope on seeing her lover in the hospital bed about to die. She's got this beautiful childlike cuteness in the flashback scenes while in the last scene with her kid she images strength ,hope & melancholy.  With soulful music & Dhillon's voice the video is poetry in motion .

Niti worked with her friend Stebin Ben on the cover of the classic Halka Halka. She plays a young girl who's forced into an arranged marriage and hence has to break up with the love of her life. Even with no dialogues she nails the pain , guilt & anger expressions during the break up scene. She looks absolutely beautiful in her subtle look for the music video and does her part to perfection. 

Fans Nahi Friends with Palash Munchal & Parth Samthaan was an up beat track with Niti looking badass in a  leather jacket . The song was dedicated to all her fans and was an extremely sweet gesture by all three . 

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3

She was like an an old memory which caresses your heart for the kosher she is. She was like a fresh breath which makes it way to your heart and leave it at calm. Nandini Murthy returned and how. You were glad that you knew her and amazed to see how she had evolved. She was everything you loved and everything you want to love more. A girl who now lives her dream, a girl who now looks at her own knits. She has known how to love and she knows what it takes. She loved him through light, she loved him through murk.

She belonged to stars and she made sure she finds an accord with them. She was devastated when melody didn't play. She yet again read through daze. She was baffled at his disconcert. She cried, allowed herself to ponder. She collected the pieces he had left in the dark chamber. She was the light yet again in his dark world. She walked them out keeping aside her share of murk, she brought her angels alive to work them wonders.

Laal Ishq

Niti Taylor worked in an episodic in the Laal Ishq series with Priyank Sharma & Preetika Rao. She essayed the role of Chitra ( the spirit of a young girl who dies in an accident.) Chitra has come back for her love her best friend Vivaan is getting married to his fiance Mahi . She fakes as Mahi's cousin to carry out her plan of ruining the wedding. She transitions from innocent cousin to creepy smoothly with her subtle expressions. Her eyes had no trace of innocence but a strange darkness was there .  The last emotional scene where chitra finally realizes that Vivaan truly loves Mahi & it's time for her  to leave them alone was beautifully enacted by her.  She surely was the prettiest bhoot though . Niti justifies the statement that even if the role is small it should be impactful.
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Niti Taylor, the name itself is so unique so different from all others... Just like you.. We relate so much to you cos you're like one of us, simple, carefree, a fangirl,bubbly ...always stay like this Niti don't change yourself for anything/ anyone.. I love you so much words can't describe... On your birthday I wish for you that people give you your due credit, ppl respect you for who you are and may you be showered with lots of love and happiness... I really pray that you get a good show and I love you so much words can't describe... On your birthday I wish for you that people give you your due credit, ppl respect you for who you are and may you be showered with lots of love and happiness... I really pray that you get a good show and you shoot up in your career and may it be full of colors and success.. Happiest birthday darling, I may not be the best fan but this heart loves you immensely .

Sandy & Atiqa @nititaylorgram IG 

Niti Taylor her name is enough to make us smile her posts are always filled with happiness she always spread love and happiness where ever she goes she is the reason for all her FanMily's smiles. her bubbly nature is what always makes me fall for her more n more, She is a girl who knows where she needs to behave maturely and where she can be a bubble boo!! a perfect defination of strong personality, She is a girl with class she is inspiring Niti is a blessing for all her fanmily she loves us andand never fail to appreciate us that's what makes her different. Never saw any celeb like her who is being herself even after having a huge amount of fans such a humble and grounded soul she is a perfect shining star who shine a little more than any other star.i cant wait to see her back onscreen soon wishing her all the luck and Happiness and success, I love her and she will be my only favourite for forever hamesha hamesha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TAB KEEP SMILING! 

@_moodygul_ IG

Hey Niti Dii... How Are You?? Happy Birthday Niti Dii... May All Your Wishes Come True... May All You Dreams Come True...  HOPE You Get My Message... Love You A Lot... I HOPE Someday I Get To Meet, Hug, And Take A Selfie With You... *fingers-crossed*

@nitimylove IG

Happy birthday to u my queen Niti Taylor..words can't explain how much I love you nd admire just the way you are..today on ur birthday I want to tell u that u have always been my inspiration..u have already achieved so much in such a young age with ur dedication nd hardwork  but I don't see ** i don't see a bit of ego or attitude on u u r so down to earth ND also treat us as ur family I think this quality of urs make me connect with you so much u r like my virtual best friend ur happiness matters most for me ur smile makes my day ND ur sadness gives painIn my heart u r gem of a person so pure and beautiful inside and outside..stay same always..keep smiling nd stay positive as u r..u r a fighter keep slaying like always..my prayers are with you always wish u many many happy returns of the day may ur all dreams come true..god bless you my love...i love you most   

Anu @nititaylorcharms IG

Happy Birthday NiTi Taylor May God Fullfil All Your Wishes keep Smiling And Yes Eagerly Waiting For Your Dhamakedar Come Back Onscreen Stay Bless Love You Once again Happy Birthday .

 @nititaylor._.fanpage IG 

                    Happy happy happy birthday Niti Wishing you lots of happiness and good health for the coming year ahead!! You are such a cutie pie  Love you loadzz Have fun  Remain the cutieee you are, always!!  You have always been an inspiration to your fanmily.. You are beautiful in and out  Your sense of optimism and your humble nature is something I love about youYour respect and love for your parents, family, friends and even fanmily makes me love you even more  And I am proud to be a nitian. May this year bring lots and lots and lots of success to you... God bless you, Adora ..

Sam [@NitiTaylorBlog]

Happy Birthday to one of most precious, amazing, wonderful soul that I've come across.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. Whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. I wish you to get all the happiness in this world which you deserve totally. You don't know how special this day is to all your Niti Fanmily. I'm proud that I stan, support and love such amazing person like you. You are an angel sent from above, you make us happy and you deserve to be the happiest. May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss. Today is the day an angel like you were brought into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you. I appreciate the hardwork done by you to reach here and I appreciate every little thing about you. You're doing amazing and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise or bring you down. Whatever you have achieved today stands alone proudly witnessing your hard work and dedication. Your humble and grounded nature, phenomenal acting skills, beautiful face and beautiful soul made me your fan. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being the most amazing idol we could ask for. From giving your entire success credit to your Fanmily to being there for us always. I will never be able to thank you enough for always giving me a reason to smile, to go on and for all the advices you've given. They say that sometimes in life we bump across people who then hold the most important place in our heart. Niti Taylor, I love you the most  Happy Happy Birthday once again. Keep shining bright like the star you are and never change. May all your good wishes come true and whatever you do, may it bring immense happiness for you .


One of the coolest,sexiest ,cuetest and person with brightest smile in the media . I Love her adore her  like anything, you are truly an inspiration  for millions. They way you stood by your friends and family is so admiring. You are beauty with brain...  Happy birthday sweetheart... May you have many many more Stay blessed forever. Fan from Across the border 

@tayloritcas - Instagram & Twitter 

I am Anjali and I'm from Mumbai (Ghatkopar). You have no idea how much i adore you ever since Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. I was only 9 years old and I fell in love with you. As I grew older, I realized that you're the only Actress that I adore 

Yes, there are so many other actresses with cute faces but to me, nobody can beat you . In 2018 February, you came to RCity Mall in Ghatkopar which is so close to my house and I was so sad because I couldn't make it to your fanmeet . I wanted to go to your fanmeet so bad. I even cried because I couldn't go because my board exams were coming soon . When I saw the pictures of the fanmeet, I got really jealous because I wished that I could meet you in the mall just like or others .

Not just that, every 8th of November , I also wished you a birthday wish even when I know that I won't be getting any replies. I followed every single updates about you. From your shows and also music videos. 

My only wish is to meet you one day. Do know that you will always have my support in everything you do!!! 

Hope your birthday brings you whatever you want. You deserve happiness, love and, most of all, fun on your special day 


Lots of love, 

Your biggest fan 


@Niti_Crew on Instagram


Lots of Love (AASMA),

Anjali, Ahuti, Salwa, Melonie, Anishka 


First of all , happiest birthday to my favourite human on earth, if we can call you a human cause you're no less than an angel :")

Words aren't enough to describe what you mean to me Niti. I might be a mere fan for you but you're my whole world! I love you without knowing why and since when but I know it's gonna stay this way forever. You are my biggest inspiration. Everything you do, knowingly or unknowingly inspires me and affects me a lot. You're someone I wanna be like, someone I look up to, someone who unknowingly manges to bring a smile on my face, someone I am proud of loving and someone who makes this world a better place for me. There's no one like you, you are special and the most precious. The place you're at today because of your constant hard work, people can only dream to be. Yet you don't let that get to your head and have always stayed grounded and humble and that makes you so much more beautiful. I love you not only for playing Nandini or any other of your character but for being you. The beautiful, adorable girl who has been  through so much but have emerged out to be stronger and have shone brighter. Don't let anyone ever dull the sparkle you've created with so much hustle. Shine brighter, and keep ruling hearts like you do hope you didn't get bored. I hope you always stay happy and smiling. I LOVE YOU THE MOST. Happy birthday angel,


 "Happiest Birthday to the CUTEST PRETTIEST girl I have seen from "Pyaar ka bhandan" to "Bade ache lagte hai" to "Kaisi yeh yaariaan" to Gulaam" to "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan S3". It has been pleasure watching YOU ALWAYS !! Thou you have made us cry with you , we have laughed when you were a talli NANDINI MURTY or SHIVANI. I Want To Say That The YOU POTRAY YOUR CHARACTER WITH SO MUCH OF SINCERITY IS COMMENDABLE.  YOU  HAVE GROWN TO SUCH BEAUTIFUL PERSON                                                 Love  and Respect "                                   FOREVER YOUR FAN 


My Dearest Taylor, 

Wish you a many more happy returns of the day. I hope this birthday is filled with joy and love. I wish you all the love and happiness and success in the world!  

You're fantastic in whatever you do. I admire how hard working and real you're. I admire you for being yourself. Being true to yourself. I admire you for the life you have made for yourself. You're a true blue self-made woman. 

Sine brighter Niti. Go get the world. 

Happy Birthday. 



Dear Niti Taylor or should I say Baby Taylor

I have been following you since end of 2014. And i must say you have grown a actor as well as a person. Like really you have become so mature and solvent. I am happy that you are giving no heeds to people or hatersdo what you wish and want to do. This birthday I wish you that you will get happiness in whatever you do and a lot of success. 


Doll (Niti) you are very important person for me. As the times passes you grow as person which also inspired me to grow, you taught so many things. If I want to write about you then I can't stop but I know I have to as your B-Day is coming. So a very Happy Birthday to my girl. Wish you a happiness and joy in your life.  

Rachana Mohapatra 

Wishing Niti Taylor happy birthday. A year filled with abundance love & success. The brightest star in my life Niti Taylor. My love & wishes are always with her.

Zaraa Khan


My sunshine has turned 24 and you've no idea how excited I am. Your bday like every year is a festival for me to celebrate and live! Something I wait for all year longg and now that it's here I am gonna be living it at my best.

Niti Taylor, you haven't been a part of my world. You are my world. To you and from you is where all happiness begins! One smile and I am all gone. Call me a pervert but you're the hottest mess I've come across. Your pictures bring to me happiness unjustified. Your smile lights up my life and your dance adds on like the cherry on the top! Everytime I see you, I wonder what is you. You're a FIRE in your own self. But you've also got the power to ICE down things that hurt you. You've got me soo proud and happy. You've taught me what values are to be followed and lived by. You've taught me how important self respect is. You've taught me to smile and live life by no particular rule book. You've taught me to be MYSELF!

But most importantly you taught me what FANGIRLING WAS.

The way I love youu no one can ever do in this world! I may not be among the best but I've alwayss been loving you like crazy. Sending upon you prayers and wishes each night. With you starts my day and on you it ends. You're the last person I ever think about before sleeping. And as it is rightly said, "It all zeroes down to the person, you think about at night"

Its funny for how a harmonal teenager should be thinking about so many other things in life and all I can ever dream about is YOU.

Strange? Not for me. I am always gonna be like thisThe only and only thing I ever wish for is your happiness. The source however to me will not matter. They're soo many people around who make you happyy, your Friends, your Familyy and your FanMily. Regardless of who it is, when you're happyy, I am too!

This I am writing with 4 exams popping up tomorrow and one on your birthday too. *sigh*

But I am gonna tear the world down after that, I swear. I am gonna take my friends out for a lunch and my family for a dinner. That I doo every year on your bday.

Last time toh we had a Sports Day and I had to treat over a 200 people with icecreams. I didn't mind spending it afterall its you. However I refrain from doing that on my own bday. I am a miser you see

I still remember how we'd went singing Haappyyy Birthdayyy all the way. Gave me gitters that time and now still I can feel them!From the day you've introduced "Heart Over Hate" I've consistently been wearing the blqck ring. So much so that some boys at my college address me as the "Kaali aangoti waali"

One girl sat me down and told me that I'm too young to be engaged. I couldn't even deny her. I've mentally been dating you all the time and if this signifies it then I am happy it does.

If there was any other way to express to you my love I would do it but I being this trapped girl can't do what many others can. I send to you a birthday card this year which i really hope and pray reaches you. But today after I looked at the cards that reached you, I'm kinda heartbroken and disappointed. Depressed would be the word. The fact that it didn't reach you yet frustrates me and even if it does it will no where in comparison be what you've received. So I'll leave it to God!I am waiting and waiting for you to come back and light our screens on fire! Trust me Tayy, you've been kept undercovers for too long and now is your time! The next thing in your career is I hope the biggest turnover for you and you shine like the brightest star of the Universe! I can already feel this happening somewhere very soon. That day I'll royally flaunt you. You'll get new and better fans but trust mee, no can ever love you like me.

Just that one day you return to TV screen, I'll dance and cry out of joy. Waise bhi 2018 has been a year more than a blessing to your fans.

Like everyone else even I want Season 4. But not now. After a good 2-3 years when you'll both be at the highest highs of your respective careers and you'll return to this baby of yours. That day will be worth the wait and the tears we've spent!I can write Paragraphs and paragraphs and still never stop but you've got things to do, people to attend and a birthday to celebrate.

Soo here's taking your leave Miss Taylor!


May Allah.Swt grant to you all the goodness, happiness, success and joy. You deserve the world at your feet and that is not far from here.

A girl who loves you like Nandinii Murthyy!


Yayy! After a month of countdown, it's your birthday today.  Happy happy happiest birthday Nitii  This is the first time I'll be celebrating your birthday with your FanMily officially. Hehe. 

No doubt that Nandini Murthy made me a fan of yours, but it's the real you, Niti Taylor who made me fall in love with you.  The way you handle your life, the way you spread happiness, the way you manage to stay positive, the way you embrace your mistakes and comes out as a better person, the extent to which your are so relatable and most importantly your love for your FanMily which is unmatchable. I can go on and on with the list yet it'll be less. 

I don't really know you'll be reading this or not but just know that you are such a blessing in many lives. You are loved by so many. May this birthday bring you a universe full of happiness. And the upcoming year be filled with love, luck, good health and success. You deserve the best of everything. May your lucky star continue to shine on you forever and god shower you with his endless blessings. I wish you get everything which makes you happy. You're an amazing si, cute si, and of course so gorgeous and hawt si human bean in this world Tay. You make me so proud each time. I love you so much Princess . 

Lots of love, Hauna 


happy birthday to NitiTaylor.May god bless her with lots and lots of happiness success peace and prosperity. She is always in my prayers. I'm not exaggerating but before me i pray for her well being before every night before i sleep. She is more like a friend to me than a celeb.with all the flaws of her own, she is imperfectly perfect! May god grant every wish of her.inshallah hope everything goes well with her.


Niti , the amount of respect , love & admiration i've for you is something which can't be explained in words . Another year passed & not only u grew older but wiser & stronger also . On your 24th birthday , i wish you a whole lot of best wishes & sweet surprises to come your way today & always .

Rupali (Chandigarh) 

Hey Nitiii..

Finally the "D day" has come after the countdown which was started a month back.. so let's begin,

Wishing a Very Happiest Birthday to the beautiful girl out there .May your this day n all the coming days be as beautiful n wonderful as you are.. thanks for coming in our lives,not only as an actor/star but as great inspiration,friend..Thankyou for always being there for all of us .. May God bless you with abundance of joy health wealth n happiness... Be the way you are... have a great coming year and all the best for your future endeavors ..(hoping KYYS4 to be one of them)May you excel in them..Super Excited for your upcoming MUSIC video as well..  Stay blessed always and keep smiling ..Once again a very happy birthday my love .

Loads of love and hugs to you 


Many more happy returns of the day Niti. Wishing you tons and tons of happiness. Lots of love to the one who treats her faNmily as her own family. Rise and Shine like you always do. Rock the world Taylor.


May Allah Bless you with all the happiness and success in future and give courage to deal this world with smile and positivity...


TAYBAEEE, happy birthday loveee. Eeeks idk how to start with how precious and important you are to me. I love you with all my heart, lungs, kidney and soul. You are just like my family member, you will always remain in my prayers, will always wish bestest of best for you. May God shower all his blessings and love on you everyday. You are such a beautiful and amazing person who always spreads happiness and joy. May all your dreams comes true. Hope you reaches the peaks of success but always remain grounded. You are such a strong person who have passed soo many hurdles keeping that head upright. I love that attitude of yours infact everything about you. My love, my baby boo, my taybae stay blessed always and keep that child inside you intact always. Love love and love always to you.   


You are an absolute inspiration to me. You're so so beautiful both on the inside & the outside. I'd always be thankful to KYY for letting me know of the wonderful human that you are. I've always been in complete awe of who you are as a person & how you handle things so beautifully yet maturely. Words can never be enough to express my love & admiration for you. I hope & pray that all your wishes & aspirations come true. I cannot wait to see your beautiful face to come back with a bang!

On your special day, all I wish for you is abundance of love, success, happiness & prosperity.

I love you a little too much. You're my happy bean

Wishing you the Happiest 24th Birthday my love. Love & Luck always your way!Keep Smiling & Shining always. 

 Zoya & Saman 

Many many happy returns of the day beautiful Niti ..

You will be completing 10years in this industry very soon ..

With your hardwork and never giving up attitude & widout any godfather it feels soo proud to say that you have made your own place in this industry..

If niti Taylor is a brand now it's only bcoz of ur success , dedication and patience..

Wid each passing day you have added feathers in your cap and inshallah future holds tons and tons of success happiness and fame for you..

You have come a long way and Inshallah you will go the longest & will shine the brightest

Nandini ~

You gave your soul your heart to the character...If Nandini is loved celebrated and cherished now and always forever its bcoz of you...You lived Nandini..It was a part of you ..Your beautiful mesmerising smile ..Your glowing face and big doe eyes made us fall badly and hopelessly for you..

We love you for portraying Nandini soo perfectly that we are hooked to you for life..

Thanku for never ever leaving Nandini even wen roads were bumpy.. there were thorns everywhere..Soo many silent battles you have fought all alone but you never gave up you never left Nandini and we are soo proud of you ..There is a saying those who face worst comes out strongest and it is surely true in your case ..Day after day you have blossomed into a beautiful flower and we have witnessed that journey of yours.

Our days are incomplete without your beautiful smile.. You are not perfect but imperfectly perfect...

Thanku for being the simple you...

Thanku for being the crazy you..

Thanku for being the jhalli you..

Thanku for being the beautiful you..

Thanku for connecting us emotionally to you ..

You are special..  You should be adored ...

You deserved to be love..

You deserve to be cherished. 

You deserve to be celebrated..

You are important to us more than any words can define .

Our love for you cannot be penned down in words ..

On your birthday we wish you immense happiness . Love ...success

Your birthday gives a festive feelings...

Your fanmily is always dere for you in your good days...bad days...foul days ...and happy days..

We have got your back..

Our love for you have been increasing by the day..

Again a very happy birthday ..

Lots and lots of love and prayers to you.. Thanku for being you ..Thankyou for not actually calling but also treating us like fanmily.

Swati Rathor

NITI TAYLOR, You are such a bright light on this Earth as well as in all our lives. You are the Brightest Star in my life. You deserve all the love in the world. You've endured & preserved, and  you've made great strides in growth & maturity. Wishing a year ahead filled with all the happiness, success, & luck sunshine. Your smile is so heartwarming. So keep smiling always. My love, prayers, & wishes are always with you.

Happy Birthday Niti Taylor 

Niti Taylor is not a celebrity for me  really I never felt her like that because for me she is normal human being who is fullfiling her dreams just like any girl  she is not a perfect girl becoz perfection never grows in life only imperfections grows becoz they tend to improve themselves in their life .

A girl who we says fragile n all but she fought back against every odd in life with kindness  for me she is brave girl . She is pure soul and I love her the way she is Niti Taylor ...you are born to be a fighter,your journey is different with others because you are here to become benchmark for us 


Swati Rathor


Wish for Niti's Birthday:  Happy Birthday Niti...May every candle on your cake transform into a wish that turns into reality. May the divine power guide you through every step of your life and each day of your life be better than the previous one. May your life be illuminated and that 1000 watt smile of yours remain intact. May you get umpteen opportunities to showcase your talent and grow as an artist and wish you all the success. Love - 



Happy birthday niti You are an amazing person with a beautiful soul i wish you all the happiness and success in the world and may you get everything that your heart desire. Once again a very happy birthday baby stay blessed and lots of love.   


Dear Niti Taylor.. on this special day wishing u a very happy happy birthday. May all ur wishes come true. I just wanna say that I love u as a person ur nd also as an actor. Ur my favt ITV actor ur so cute, beautiful, talented nd humble person.. ur interviews r stress busters  ur cuteness ur innocence and u have very beautiful smile it's contagious  In every passing year ur becoming more strong.. u never get afraid to take stand for urself.ur beautiful in and out.. ur inspiration to youth. To known more abt u.. i joined and the more I get known u the more I fallen love with ur personality  I have never a girl who is so beautiful and have a strong heart. God bless u with lot lots if happiness, love,good health and success . Love you


  Happy Birthday  Niti !!! May your wishes be granted and may you keep prospering. I wish nothing but the best for you  You are a talented, kind-hearted, beautiful and humble woman who never fails to make the people around her feel happy. You have gone through a lot but been stronger. You give off positive energy wherever you go. I have loved you for years and will continue loving you. Keep exploring, keep slaying and keep smiling. 

Once again Happy 24th birthday Taylor, I pray that may you float through all the year with the brightest smile on your face and I hope that this year would be the greatest year of your life. 

P.S I love you 



happy birthday niti ur sweetest n adorable person like always ur lk princess. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine



God gave a gift to the world when you were born

a person who loves, who cares,

who sees a person's need and fills it,

who encourages and lifts people up,

who spends energy on others

rather than herself,

someone who touches each life she enters,

and makes a difference in the world,

because ripples of kindness flow outward

as each person you have touched, touches others.

Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday,

because you are a special treasure

for all that you've done.

May the love you have shown to others

return to you, multiplied.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays,

and many, many more,

so that others have time to appreciate you

as much as I do.









Happy Birthday Niti Taylor !!! 

I love you and respect you so much . I love that you are imperfect and real. I relate to you so much. I hope and pray that you get an amazing show and all the success that you deserve . May God bless you with good health and happiness


"Right now, she's living her best life. She's focused on herself. She's falling in Love with who she is. She's exited about where she's headed and she's excited about what's next. She's so many goals, so many dreams, so much ambition and she constantly finding new passions. She's is learning to take risks. And she's constantly stepping outside of her comfort zone . You see ..right now , she's just chasing the things that make her happy. She's living the moments that feed her soul . She could care less about what anybody else think or is doing. Because right now her life is filled with so much peace. So much light. So much growth. So much hope. So much faith. And right now, she is living her best life and there is absolutely nothing or no one that can get in the way of that

This is the way my strong and independent Niti Taylor is evolving with time, being an inspiration to many and a reason for many to be proud of

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday my cute little shining star.

Whose smile can be the sole reason to brighten up your day 

Who keeps shimmering her sparkles   

And whose existence makes you believe in miracles of creator to make this world a better place.

Wishing you all the love and happiness my cuteness 


Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday to the most cutest and adorable girl I have Ever seen                              Indeed You Are the Prettiest girl                                May you be blessed with all the love and joy in the world                                     Have a successful year ahed!!                                               "Stay happy&stay healthy"          Keep Rocking alwaysKeep smiling always                         Lotsss Of love                             HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Ganga Gopal 

Hey chotu...wishing you a very very happy birthday. God bless you with lots of happiness,peace,good health and success. Wishing nothing but the best for you professionally as well as personally. Stay blessed sunshine amd continue to be the positivity that you are. Lots of love .

- Arundhi and Divya (nititaylor_slayer)

This birthday, we wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams turn into reality and may lady luck visit your home today. Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful and sweetest person we have ever known. May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you yourself are a gift to earth. We love you soo much Niti. Hope you get blessed with all the good things in the world, may all the love and care you have given to people around you gets reflected back by 10 folds. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVEEE SHINE ON  

@nititaylorstagram IG 

Happy birthday Niti..May God Bless You

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day...




Happiest birthday to the enchantress that has induced a lunatic in the form of a fangirl in me with the grace she penetrates, the humility and the selfless aura she acquires.

You're someone who I idiolize because you indeed are a very good role model when it comes to being a strong, independent dedicated, confident young woman.

You're not just an actress but a friend to everyone who follows you or looks upto you, who gives them advices, put out captions that compell them towards the light on their dark days

You're flawed, but accepting them and pushing others to do the same is one of the many things that are admirable about you.

Thankyou for being extremely real and not moulding yourself into someone you're not.

Thankyou for the your honesty, kindness, paragmancy and charisma

Thankyou for those expressive eyes of yours that convey so much that words can't.

Your goofness, kind heart, and eloquently almost everything about you is prodigious because of which it was an instant pull when i had the liberty of coming across you and your talent.

Niti you're dearly loved and cherished by each one of us in your fanmily, even though you are always detached from negativity but if the shallow mindedeness of scoundrels affect you in any way know that i and alot appreciate you and admire you!

This 24th birthday of yours i pray that you get whatever your heart desires, you do you while i'll be here praying and wishing you the very best.


Thankyou for merely existing.


Your birthday is the occassion, which i always waits for one year once it overs. so when here it comes my joy cannot be controlled by me.Niti dear you are one person whom i want to born with me each time i take birth.Your birthday itself is a blessing to us who admire you,idolise you and take strength whenever feels low. So what more i can wish for you rather than a beautiful life full of all happiness,success and milestones which very few can achieve.Thank you Niti for coming to this world that i got a chance to know you.

     Once again, "Wish you a very happy birthday Niti Taylor"


Finally the day has arrived to wish my Sunshine Niti Taylor a very happy birthday on her special day.Wish you truck loads of love and kisses on your birthday Niti. You always have been my inspiration ever since i saw you as Nandini Murthy in kyy..You are my real life Nandini.Always happy,positive and brave..and be like this always..On this great day,i wish you all the success and happiness of this world which you deserve the most.

                                  With love ,



Hey Niti,wishing you a very beautiful birthday full of joy and all the happiness.May God fulfill all your wishes.Have been loving all your performances and eagerly waiting for your comeback on tv as well as in another dhamakedaar music video.May the hopes that you have and the plans that you make comes true in woderful ways..love you


The way you smile, the happiness it contains is one of the best sound in this world.. Happy bday to the most beautiful girl in this world, I hope you spend it the best way you can. Love you so much,hamesha and forever..


Fill this day with memories that last,with many surprises and lasting memories to cherish.I hope you celebrate your birthday by being happy every second of today until the next one.Happy Birthday Niti Taylor

Happy Birthday to our cutest and most adorable Niti .All the best for everything you want to achieve in life...

Finding  you angel was a coincidence that i am so glad happened to me,Thank you dear for all the happiness you spread in our lives.

Niti you have some real skill in your craft and the way you are true to the character you play and to work is so commendable.

But above all what makes you special is that there is a goodness in you which is so rare to find these days. Love you for the person you are. 

So dear once again wishing you a wonderful birthday and awesome year ahead.


Wishing you a very happy,prosperous and memorable birthday Niti Taylor

You are one celebrity whom i respect more than love and i salute your hardwork and dedication.. 

  Hope this birthday brings lots of happiness to your life

  With love,



Once in a lifetime comes this type of opportunity to express our sincere warm wishes to someone so special and close to our heart..

 You are that one..Niti Taylor..a ray of hope..a bunch of positivity...a precious soul.. 

Happy Birthday Niti Taylor 


You are still the same person you are no matter how much years pass you by. Be happy today! Fill this day with memories that last, with many surprises and lasting memories to cherish.Happy Birthday Niti Taylor..

Hey Niti you are the reason why i joined and came to india forums frequently during kyy days. Now i am an irregular visitor of IF but whenever i come,i do just for you..you are my first crush as itv heroine and made Nandini the best itv female lead.Personally i can see myself in you niti coz you are such real. Love you,adore you and wish you a very happy birthday Niti Taylor


Hey Niti, 

           It's been more than four years knowing you, and each day has been a step forward, there had been few drawbacks which did mess up and you made sure you handled it well. I'm happy and proud of seeing you growing day by day professionally as well in personal conduct. You've been a part of my daily life along with my friends. More than a fan I consider you as my little sister. All that I pray and wish is that you are happy in whatever you do or choose for, I'm not you and not in your shoes to wish or want something for you, but I can pray and hope you get the best or what you feel would be the best for you. I'd like to be associated with you more than I would ever think of. Each day is a memory. You've been a part of my happy as well gloomy days. Everything with you have been entertaining and active. So here's me wishing you for more such years, more such happiness, more such mistakes, more such rectification, more such gloomy days , more such hurdles, more such good and bad days. I wish and hope you the wish of yours. A prayer from my side on this special day of yours. May god bless you with all the love, health, wealth, prosperity, peace and success , least the happiness . Happy birthday and hope you enjoy it well!!!! Happy birthday and may god bless you princess!!! Love you 

Swati Patade ( Swash Store)

Happy birthday dearest Niti! May God bless you with all the happiness, success and love ! Keep smiling cutiee, you're our shining star. Have a blast and we love you  

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Nimrah Khan 

Rifa Modak











Lucreziya Rumesa






Hani Malik







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Sandy & Atiqa


Saman &  Zoya



Shivin Fairyland



Niti Crew

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Leeza Rana


Rachna Mahapatra








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