Hate You Like I Love You BeHir FF (Flashback 2 UPDATED on PAGE 119)(Page 7)

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I got it
Then can rely on a superb update daily thinggyyy

 Well your trust increases my responsibility of posting daily updates. But thanks for the trust . Will not let you down.Smile
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Next day when she woke up, Vikrant arrived just before the breakfast; so Mami was forced to let Vibha have some breakfast. Seeing this Vikrant winked at Vibha and she smiled back. During the breakfast her uncle told Vikrant about getting a job in Mumbai and that they would have to shift to Mumbai very soon. A shadow passed over Vikrant's face. He insisted that he will accompany them to Mumbai for a year till his wedding to Vibha. Vibha tried to protest that it was not necessary and she couldn't ask him to leave his work and family for a whole year. But Vikrant told her that even she was a part of his family now and he couldn't leave her alone with these people. For some reasons Vikrant did not trust her uncle and aunt very much and he made it very clear through his actions and words.

After the breakfast, Vikrant announced that he was taking Vibha out for lunch. No one could say anything and they had to let her go. Vikrant and Vibha went to his place first to tell them of the Mumbai move. Vibha expected Vikrant's mom to throw a fit at his decision but she was surprisingly calm and took the decision to shift quite well. Vikrant's mom did not really like Vibha as her Mama Mami would not be able to pay any dowry nor would they be able to give any expensive gifts to them. It was Vikrant who insisted on no dowry and had chosen to marry Vibha. So Vibha generally got very cold treatment in his house. But that kind of treatment was nothing new to her. She, in fact had an added bonus in that house. Vikrant supported her and stood up to his mother whenever she crossed a line. Vibha had never had anyone who stood up for her. She was quite smitten by this particular quality of Vikrant.

Vikrant was an ideal guy in every way. He managed a huge imports and exports firm and was quite wealthy. He had to travel quite a bit for his business and he expected Vibha to accompany him whenever he travelled. He was quite fond of his family but not blind. He did not hesitate to call out his mother and sister whenever they were being unfair to Vibha. His sister Vishakha hated Vibha for some reasons. Vibha had been engaged to Vikrant for about six months now and had tried to connect with her on multiple occasions but to no avail. Vikrant's father was man of very few words. He rarely had anything to say; in fact Vibha had heard him speak only on a handful of occasions.

Vikrant was quite a good looking guy with fair complexion, grey eyes and dark hair. There were times when his eyes would flash with some unknown emotion that would scare Vibha, but she always ignored that. On most occasions he was very much a loving, caring and understanding kind of a guy. He loved buying expensive gifts for her. He had also insisted that she learn how to use cosmetics as post marriage she would have to attend business parties with him and she should look the part in those fancy over the top parties. Even that day he had kept a beautiful dress for her in his bedroom along with a make-up kit. He insisted that she get ready while he waited outside. The best part about him was he never tried to get intimate with her. He had even asked for her permission before he held her hand. He was quite willing to wait till their wedding night. Vibha simply adored him and could not believe her luck on finding a life partner like him.

There was only one thing that troubled her about him. He was strangely obsessed with her looks. Not just her face, but the whole of her body. He was strangely scared of scaring of any sort. Any kind of scar would send him in a tizzy. He would spend insane amounts of money on scar reducing creams even if she got a single pimple. Vibha had naturally beautiful skin, but she would get a pimple every now and then as was pretty common with girls her age. Whenever that happened, he would never let her burst it, he would personally apply various ubtans on it and then ensure that the scar faded away real quickly. Even that day, he noticed a burn mark on her hand and was quite concerned; in fact his concern was borderline obsessed.

The burn mark was not very big but looked quite nasty. He immediately went inside and got a first aid box and began applying ointment to that burn; all the while reprimanding her for her carelessness. When she mentioned how her aunt had not allowed her to apply any ointment to her hand, he promised to speak with her aunt. His borderline obsessed behaviour regarding scaring of any sort worried her sometimes but she was quite willing to ignore it. He had all the other qualities of an ideal husband; most of which her maternal seemed to conspicuously lack. She knew quite well that no one was perfect.

They spent the entire day outside wandering about hand in hand. They had lunch at nice little caf. In the last six months Vikrant had taught her quite a bit about different types of food and which utensil was to be used to eat what food. Initially she had found it very difficult to eat noodles with chopsticks but she had eventually learnt the trick. Vikrant was a patient teacher. He spent hours giving her the required training. Yes, it did feel like she was being trained for something. Like he was preparing her for something. She had rarely eaten outside before she met Vikrant; so she didn't even know how use a fork and spoon. But now she was quite well trained in using all kinds of cutlery.

That day Vikrant took her out for some shopping. He insisted that since she was going to attend one of the finest colleges in Mumbai, she should also dress the part. He wanted to buy a few western clothes for her but she said that she was not comfortable wearing anything western beyond jeans. She would wear jeans because once Chutki had gone out shopping and had bought jeans for herself without trying and they had not fit her at all. So she had thrown them at Vibha and Mami had declared that Vibha should wear them. So she had begun to wear jeans and short kurtis and sometimes T-shirts. They were generally Chutki's cast offs or the ones Chutki didn't like. So new clothes were a treat for her. Vikrant brought multiple things for her to choose from. She selected a couple of kurtis and two or three t-shirts and a jeans for herself. Vikrant insisted that she buy some more clothes but she refused.

Vikrant dropped her home pretty late that day. He had taken her out a quick dinner as well as he very well knew that she would not get anything to eat at home.

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Nice update 
Life is but a play of chance in the game of choice
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Vikrant obsessive behavior regarding her face and figure seems quite fishy 
Nice update 
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Very soon all of their bags were packed and the furniture was also well and truly covered up. They were to reach Mumbai on Saturday and the new semester would begin on Monday. Vikrant had already travelled to Mumbai to set things up for them. Chutki had shopped for things worth almost fifteen to sixteen thousand rupees for the new college year. Chutki was to start her first year in college whereas Vibha was going to start her final year in college. Vibha was very excited for the new beginning of her life. She hoped that at least Mumbai would change her luck. She got a strange feeling that she was returning home after a long time while they were travelling to Mumbai.

Despite spending all of her life in Delhi, she had never quite accepted Delhi as her home. Delhi had never quite felt like her land but the moment she stepped in the CST station she felt that finally she was home; like unconsciously she had been waiting all her life to come here, like all the roads that she had traded on so far were leading her to this particular city.  The moment she stepped out of the train she smiled a genuine smile. It was quite late by the time they arrived in Mumbai but still the road outside the station was still bustling with people. The station itself was beautifully lit with multi coloured lights. It looked like some sort of a fairy's castle. The building itself mesmerized her with its beautiful stone exterior, its arches and its graceful Victorian Era design. There were many such Victorian era buildings on the same block.

Vikrant was waiting for them at the entrance with a taxi ready to take them to Vikrant's flat that was in the Cuffe Parade area. They had not been able to find suitable accommodation for themselves and so Vikrant had generously offered his flat for them to stay. He was going to stay with them. It was a well furnished flat and hence they had let their furniture in Delhi itself.

Vikrant's flat was huge sea facing one with plenty of light. Vikrant had told her that in the mornings, sun's rays streamed into the house. Vibha had seen the sea for the first time. At night it looked kind of scary endless expanse of water. Vikrant had ensured that she got the sea facing room. She had, for the first time in her life had a room and a bed of her own. She was very happy.

Vikrant had bought the whole floor for himself and that meant there was no dearth of rooms. Mama, Mami had a room of their own as had Chutki. Vikrant had handed over one set of keys to Vibha and one set was with him. He had a full time stay in maid so there was always someone in the house. He told Vibha to rest.

Next morning everyone woke up rather late. When they woke up, breakfast was waiting for them at the table. Vikrant had told Vibha that there would be no need for her cook as maid took care of everything. That day was a Sunday and so Vikrant took Vibha out for some sightseeing. There was a jogger's park cum garden right across from their building's gate.  It directly overlooked the sea. Vibha saw sea for the first time in her life. If it looked scary and daunting at night, it looked warm and welcoming in the morning. The sea has a very deceptive appearance' she thought, At night it looks as though it's scary but in day light it is warm and welcoming'. I wonder which of the appearance can be trusted. The scary one or the welcoming one?' she wondered. The rainy season was just about starting and she could see grey clouds scurrying about in the sky. Warm, salty breeze lifted up her hair. The sun was almost hidden behind the clouds. She felt at home, but not quite. For some weird reason Vikrant's flat did not feel like home to her. But the city felt like home.

She pushed aside this thought and focused on enjoying herself. They walked hand in hand for some time before she suddenly remembered that she will have to start preparing for that day's lunch.

Vikrant: Vibha, I don't think our marriage will last very long if you continue to behave in this manner.

Vibha: What do you mean?

Vikrant: I mean I specifically told you that the maid will take care of food, cleaning and all the other household chores. Why do you want to worry about it?

Vibha: No, but mami will have a problem with this arrangement...

Vikrant: This is your home Vibha. You get to call the shots. No one gets to tell what you should do or how you should conduct yourself.

Vibha: Okay. I will remember that.

Vikrant: You better do.

O Re Piya Haye... (3)
Udne Laga Kyon Man Baawla Re
Aaya Kahan Se Yeh Hosla Re
O Re Piya Haye... (2)

Suddenly cool wind started blowing and she could hear clouds thundering. Cool rain drops began to fall and people around them began to run helter skelter. She stood rooted to the spot, gazing adoringly at Vikrant. Really' she thought, Vikrant has given me a lot of confidence'.

Tanabana Tanabana Bunti Hawaa Haaye Bunti Hawa
Boondein Bhi To Aaye Nahi Baaz Yahan 
Sagish Mein Shaamil Sara Jahan Hai
Har Zare Zare Ki Yeh Iltiza Hai 
O Re Piya
O Re Piya Haye... (2)
O Re Piya

He began to pull her towards shelter but he felt her stand rooted to the spot. He turned around to see her gazing adoringly at him, rain drops sliding down her body. He laughed at her expression. She saw him laughing and turned away, suddenly feeling very shy. He tilted her chin up and made her look at him. She looked at him and then turned her face upwards, her face reflecting pure happiness. She had only read about Mumbai monsoons, maybe seen glimpse of it in various Bollywood movies, but she was experiencing it for the first time in her life and that too with the love of her life. Things cannot get any better. Life can't be more perfect than this' she thought.


Nazrein Bolen Duniya Bole
Dil Ki Zaban Haaye Dil Ki Zubaan
Ishq Maange Ishq Chahe Koi Toofan
Chalna Aahiste Ishq Naya Hai
Pehla Yeh Vada Humne Kiya Hai 
O Re Piya Haaye... (2)
O Re Piya
Yehhh Piya


Holding hands, they exited the jogger's park. Vikrant took her around the city, showing her various famous landmarks, generally helping her get familiar with the city. He also took her to her college and showed her the best routes that she would be taking, which bus she should catch. She was overwhelmed to see the huge city with its fast paced life and large population, how everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Even Delhi was a huge city bustling with people but her world had been confined to the four walls of her uncle's house. The only things that she had seen outside of her home were her school and the college.


Nange Pairo Pe Angaro
Chalti Rahi Haaye Chalti Rahi
Lagta Hai Ke Gairo Mein
Palti Rahi Haaye
Le Chal Wahan Jo
Mulk Tera Hai
Jahil Zamana
Dushman Mera Hai 
O Re Piya Haye... (5)


Her engagement with Vikrant had opened all sorts of doors for her and they had tried to explore the city together. But this was altogether a different experience. A new city that seemed so welcoming, and most importantly her newfound freedom, freedom to be herself, to roam free and to do as she pleased. She was feeling strangely content as though all her dreams had been fulfilled. Everything that she had ever wanted was being gifted to her. Suddenly her destiny was smiling upon her. After what seemed like a lifetime of misery and pains, she finally had a reason to smile. Really life couldn't get any more perfect.


But she was unaware of the storm that was to hit her life that would destroy everything around her as she knew it. 

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Nice update... waiting for d next part

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