Hate You Like I Love You BeHir FF (Flashback 2 UPDATED on PAGE 119)(Page 5)

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Achee bachee ko bigaad diya 

I hope you like this bighada hua Mahir as well.  Smile

Kaisa bhi do achaa do bigdaa do
Bas maahir chahiye

That I can promise. You will get plenty of Mahir. Wink
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Gayatri and Vyankatesh Iyer were a loving couple who had everything that they could have ever asked for. The only thing that they longed for was a child. They had been married for six years now and there was still no sign of pregnancy. Eventually the doctor declared that Gayatri would be unable to conceive. Vyakatesh's mother declared she did not want a barren daughter-in-law and she threw Gayatri out of the house one day when Vyankatesh was not at home. She had also begun to look for a new bride for him but he took a firm stand and decided to bring Gayatri home. Even Gayatri's parents were quite orthodox and when they found that their daughter couldn't conceive, they deemed her in-law's actions as perfectly correct and refused to accept her back inside their home.

When his mother refused to allow him inside the house with Gayatri, they both packed their bags and left the home. They knew they were not going to get any support in Gayatri's home either so they went their friend and business partner Omkar Kapoor's home. Omkar's parents not only gave them place to stay but also sort of adopted Gayatri as their daughter. They were Sehgal's neighbour. Omkar and Sumitra were great friends.

Soon Gayatri and Janvi became great friends. Janvi was pregnant when Gayatri shifted to their place. Gayatri loved and cared for Janvi like she would for her own sister. Janvi knew that Gayatri loved and adored kids and when Rehan was born, she named Gayatri as his godmother. Janvi and Gayatri jointly began to raise Rehan. Vyankatesh tried to shift out of the house multiple times because he felt that he was taking advantage of the Kapoor's goodness but Omkar's father would shut him up saying he was not about to send his daughter away from him. Even Omkar's mother would insist that they never leave.

So they continued to live in the Kapoor Mansion and eventually became a part of that family. When Rehan was two years old; Omkar lost his mother to cancer, and his father followed her soon after. With both of his parents dead, Omkar and Janvi became very lonely. Vyankatesh and Gayatri became their sole support. Janvi was pregnant with Bella then. Gayatri took extra care to keep Janvi healthy and happy.

Janvi had no family of her own. She had an elder brother who was jealous of the fact that his little sister had married into such a rich house. Omkar ran his father's business along with his friend and partner Vyankatesh. Janvi belonged to a middle class family and after her parent's death; her brother had married her off to Omkar solely because Omkar's family had said no to dowry. Omkar and Janvi had fallen in love when they were in college, and were married off soon after. Omkar's parents adored Janvi and treated her like their daughter. With their death Janvi experienced the pain of losing parents second time around. Gayatri was well aware of this fact and so took extra precaution to ensure her happiness.

Ever since Rehan began to speak, Janvi had taught him to call her mom and Gayatri Amma. Omkar was dad and Vyankatesh was Appa. The year Bella was born, was the same year when Sumitra returned to Sehgal House. Since Rehan and Mahir were almost of the same age, they played together. Omkar and Sumitra were already great friends, and very soon Gayatri and Janvi also became friends with Sumitra. As Bella and Kuhu began to grow up even they had begun to bond well.

When Sumitra became the MD of the Sehgal Empire, it was Janvi and Gayatri who supported her and helped her in managing the kids. Hearing Rehan call her Amma, even Mahir and Kuhu had begun to call Gayatri Amma.  Rehan was almost five by then and quite grown-up according to him, so he would take care of little Kuhu while Mahir looked after Bella. Mahir was extremely fond of Bella and would spend hours helping Amma dress her up in pretty frocks and hair pins. He never let Janvi mom cut her hair as he thought she looked really pretty with long hair. For kids, Gayatri was Amma, Jnavi was mom. Sumitra was ma, Omkar was dad and Vyankatesh was Appa.

Rehan was six when one day news suddenly came that Omkar and Janvi's car had met with an accident. Gayatri and Vyankatesh were called to the morgue to identify the bodies. Janvi and Omkar were barely recognizable as their car had fallen in a valley and the fuel tank had burst resulting in the car catching fire. Their bodies were badly burnt. There was also a third body; mangled remains of a three year old baby who was wearing a frock of similar colour to what Bella had worn that morning. From the objects that the police had recovered from in and around the car, it was clear that they were Omkar and Janvi. Sumitra managed the kids, praying fervently that Omkar and Janvi should be safe and sound.

When Gayatria and Vyankatesh came back, they gave the news to Sumitra first; then had the difficult task of explaining the kids about what had happened. Rehan kept questioning as to why his mom, dad and Bella had not come back? While Mahir kept on asking when could he go and play with Bella. Kuhu was three and did not really understand much but even she called out Bella's name a few times in her baby tongue. They eventually told the kids that Janvi mom, Omkar dad and Bella would never come back. Rehan and Mahir were inconsolable for the next few days. Gayatri and Sumitra found it very difficult to get them to eat and drink. 

In a bid to lessen his sorrow, Sumitra gave one of Bella's frocks to Mahir to keep with him at all times. He would sleep clutching that frock at night. Rehan eventually managed to control his grief and began to co-operate with his Amma and Appa. Their family of six had suddenly become a family of three. Janvi and Omkar's will was discovered a few days later and they had mentioned that all of their property now belonged to Vyankatesh and Gayatri Iyer. When Bella and Rehan grew up, they could distribute their wealth as they wished among the two of them. Along with the wealth, they had also left the legal guardianship of their kids to Vyankatesh and Gayatri.

While this tragedy had struck the Kapoor Mansion, Sumitra was fighting the custody battle with Andy, which she eventually lost. Mahir was taken away from her and the court had even denied her the permission to meet her son. When Mahir went with Andy, along with his clothes he also carried with him Bella's frock that he would clutch and sleep at night. As he grew up he forgot why that old frock meant so much to him, but he never forgot that that frock was very precious for him.

Eventually only Rehan and Kuhu were left. Sumitra had become very lonely after losing the custody case and so, to cheer her up, Gayatri and Vyankatesh took the decision to join the two houses in a bid to lessen her loneliness. They built the house in such a way that the houses had two main doors, but a common living room, common kitchen and a common dining area.

Rehan and Kuhu grew up together and eventually fell in love with each other. Rehan went to London for further studies and Gayatri and Vyankatesh also decided to accompany him for the duration of the course. Over the years, the Sehgal Empire had merged with the Kapoor Industries and now they carried out their operation jointly. During the time Gayatri and Vyankatesh spent in London, Sumitra managed the Indian part of business while Vyankatesh managed the overseas part of the business. Even Kuhu wanted to accompany Rehan, but Mahir's behaviour discouraged her from leaving her ma all alone with him. Even Rehan wanted to stay back but Sumitra insisted that he complete his degree. Rehan tried his best to get Mahir to behave with Sumi ma, but had failed miserably. Mahir had forgotten all about Bella and even Kuhu barely remembered her.

Kuhu was in the last year of her college and that was the year when Rehan was set to come back from London. Kuhu was very clear that she did not want to study further and wanted to open her own fashion house. She was looking forward to starting her career as a fashion designer. Sumitra was quite happy with her choice and supported her in every possible way.

Our story starts at the beginning of Kuhu's last year of college.

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So it was just fab  Thumbs Up 
The IDEAL Mahir image that was made onscreen by Pearl was fab  Clap but this ruthless one it was my dream to see PEARL in a grey role and that came true just bcoz of u, thank you so much for this one 
I thought I was reading a character of Yuvi not Mahir 
Kuddos 2 d writer 4 d fabulous change of character 
I'm looking forward to read this one so impatiently that how our BEHIR is going 2 progress with this Masterpiece 

It so good 2 see change of roles of Behir If Mahir is this spoil brat then for sure Bela will be like the way she was introduced as a chubby cute girl onscreen 

So excited 

Just can't stop writing more n more
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Hey Vrishthi, thanks for this wonderful review. Even I wanted to see Pearl in a grey character, sort of anti-hero, who is flawed and very unlike the perfect version that we see on screen. That is from where this idea came. LOLLOL I guess our fantasies match. Big smile

Wow I'm glad that our Fantasies about Mahir matches so much Thumbs Up
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Check out the Prologue part II when you get the time .
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Hey it was good 
I think by mistake u tilted PROLOGUE as EPILOGUE 
Please see to it 
Looking frwd 
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Originally posted by Vrishthi04

Hey it was good 
I think by mistake u tilted PROLOGUE as EPILOGUE 
Please see to it 
Looking frwd 

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Shukar ha
Kisi ny to update dia IF writers mein sy
Posted: 2018-11-20T05:24:05Z
Wat a wroteClap
Maahirji loved belas long hair
Just include bela tum theek ho n aise kya dekh re aap maahir ji 
In upcoming chapters

Life is but a play of chance in the game of choice

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