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Ashish Sharma..
A warm wondrous human...
A bright brilliant actor... 
His mellow yet captivating personality is intoxicating...

His gaze is intense but if you take a closer look a serene ,sensitive man is revealed... 
He is charming...He is most handsome...He is focused...The combination is lethal...

He chose to be an actor and prepared himself diligently for it...
His commitment and passion and love n dedication for his craft is unmatched.    

It is said extraordinary people are ordinary people 
who did everything with extraordinary passion..
His passion and reverence for his art/craft n work is 
what makes him stand apart from the crowd... He explores n experiments...He keeps his curiosity alive...

He attempts what is untried for him...
He sparkles the brightest coz he dissolves himself into a non entity..
Melts himself fully to pour that pure precious matter into the desired mould.. 
And out comes a new character...
with no traces of Ashish Sharma in him.
The extensive preparation ,body n soul ,points at his commitment level.
The viewers can't stop gushing about his acting prowess..
That 'extra' that he gives, to his every role ,makes him extraordinary !! 

He has, through his superb acting skills and powerful presence,
brought immense respect for the male lead of the Indian Television...
TV can be considered a respectful medium for male actors

Till date all his roles have been memorable...
The raw emotions of Bhaiyyaji could be felt in deep ...
The grit n determination of the brave warrior Chandu gave us goose bumps..
The lover boy Ranveer of Rab Se SonaIshq charmed his way into our hearts...
The intense, angry Rudra stole every heart and 
the calm serene Ram soothed and moved us...
He has played all the roles with perfection...
His new show Prithvi Vallabh is a perfect new year gift
for all the fans and viewers and 
yet again will prove to be even better than all his previous shows.

You are always our talks..
on our minds.. deep inside our hearts. 
A heartfelt thank you to you for being a flawless actor... 
a perfect human being.. Have the best of what this world has to offer Ashish,
all our wishes are with you, forever

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Gunahon Ka Devta was the first TV show for AS.It aired from September 2010 to May 2011 on Imagine TV, a GEC run by NDTV. The series was produced by Shyamasis Bhattacharya of Shakuntalam Telefilms.

It was an engaging tale of love & passion, emotion & deception set against the devastating background of crime. Ashish played Avdesh Singh Thakur, a layered  character, tough, angry  and ruthless, the local Robinhood who looted the rich to help the poor.It was his first role as a male lead and he did full justice to it.The contrast of emotions was beautifully expressed through his eyes which blazed with fury at times and at times carried intense love for his lady love.He could touch the hearts of the viewers with his superb acting skills

 The story unfolded in the heartland of the Hindi belt, and Ashish played a heartland hero, complete with aviators, rolled up kurtas and Tata Sumos with gusto and heart.

It was his first step towards a glorious acting career. 

Chandragupta Maurya was his second show.It aired between March 2011 and April 2012. 

Ashish entered the show after the childhood period got over.The show was appreciated for its superb storyline and content. It had some of the finest actors and he made his presence felt through his dedication and excellent acting skills. As usual he gave his 100% to the role. He learned taek-wondo, kalaripayattu and horse riding in addition to working out to bulk up for the role. Unfortunately the show ended abruptly as Imagine TV shut down.

His third show Rab Se Sohna Isshq  aired between July 2012 and June 2013. 

It gave Ashish an opportunity to show to the world how versatile as an actor he could be.Ashish literally went through acting boot camp in the show. As Ranveer, he was initially a carefree guy obsessed with his dream to go to London to make a big fortune, who later turned into a con artist of sorts, and then into an unwilling perpetrator of murder, and above all, a devoted lover. Ranveer was so brilliantly played by him that he was reprised in two more roles in the same show. He was the cornerstone of the show. 

Rangrasiya aired on Colors from December 2013 to September 2014. 

Ashish played the role of Major Rudra Pratap Ranawat, the brave, reckless  BSD officer.  He prepared for months for this role, both physically and emotionally, going deep into the psyche of the character. From working out, growing a moustache and staring out of the window in silence for hours he crafted the persona, the quirks, the personal signature of Major Saab. In doing so, he swept the population off its collective feet. He said in an interview that he loved everything about Rudra, because he created him.It was a classic example of bringing a character in a script to life, to larger than life. Rudra was a career defining role for Ashish,

   Ashish portrayed a mindboggling spectrum of emotions, using both  powerful monologues and eloquent silences to daze the viewers.He breathed life into Rudra and that is why he won the hearts of all those who followed Rangrasiya.He created fans for life through this show.

From June through September of 2014, Colors TV aired JDJ 7. Ashish participated in JDJ and HE WON THE TROPHY! 

In this incredible journey of his, he a non-dancer, who was not trained professionally became a dancer. He tried all the flavors of dance, taught ably by Shampa Sonthalia. From Yakshagana (ancient dance form from Karnataka) to paso doble, to the hot samba, to hip-hop and many more, Ashish pushed the frontiers on form and performance and danced his way into his fans hearts. 

After Rangrasiya and Jhalak Ashish needed a long break to bring his exhausted body back in shape.He wanted to do something which wasn't verydemanding.So he chose TNNZ.

It was a  weekend, non-fiction show and Ashish played a radio jockey in it. The show had some uplifting stories that dealt with all relevant issues like child abuse, rape, corruption and much more. Ashish  was an incredible host. He had the ability of putting the guests at ease. The guests trusted him implicitly and bared their heart and soul. This show also saw him turn into a script writer. He left everyone marveling at his writing skills  Ashish always ended the show with a self composed poem and that became a kind of hallmark for the show. 

Siya Ke Ram was aired from November 2015 to November 2016.

What a magnificent role had Nikhil Sinha offered to AS.He had envisioned Ram in Ashish and  he  rose to accept the herculean task and played it to perfection.He prepared diligently ,body  n soul.It was THE most challenging role for him .
He ,an intense actor ,had to portray the role of a God.Eyebrows were raised in disbelief, but we all witnessed how his handsome face exuded a comforting sense of peace and warmth in us.This perfection was achieved by giving attention to every smallest possible detail,he transformed himself ,inside out. The variations in his tone and timbre were commendable.

His eyes lent a touch of serenity and tranquility to his entire form..The varied emotions that he emoted so beautifully helped him win numerous accolades ...He, through his superb and convincing portrayal of Ram; helped people change their perspective towards Ram.

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Love Sex aur Dhokha, a 2010  anthology film directed by Dibakar Banerjee and produced by Alt Entertainment, was released on 19 March 2010. It was shot entirely on DigiCam, being one of the first films coming out of India to be presented in the"found footage" style.(Information from Wikipedia)

The movie has three sub-plots involving honour killings, MMS scandals and sting operations. Ashish played the role of Shahid in the movie.  He was recommended for the movie by Anupam Kher, his teacher at acting school. Although his was not one of the main roles, the movie itself won critical acclaim and awards. 

Zindagi Tere Naam was actually shot in 2008, but aired in 2012. It is a remake of the famous book and movie, The Notebook. It stars Mithun Chakraborty and Ranjeeta. It was directed by Ashu Trikha and produced by Pawan Goyal. The heroine of the movie was Priyanka Mehra.

Ashish played the role of Vishal Mehra, the old friend of the heroine and the second love interest. He comes on one hour into the movie and he has an item number with the heroine. He was very young then, and spoke and acted differently - a cuter and softer persona.

Set in ancient Mahoba,based on the first part of the historic journey of two ancient warriors of 13th century India and the epic folk recitation-Alha Khand which is stillsung and recitedto this date in parts of central and nort India,Alha Udal is the great revenge story of the two warrior brothers known for their invincibility inwarfare,sheer strategic srength and even immortality

Ashish played Younger Brother Udal,Produced by atar gold and sagar pictures,Directed by Nikhil Sinha

He suffered a serious injury to his back while shooting and the after effects of it is still persistent. 

The undertaker is a docu-drama about the life of an undertaker in Rajasthan. Ashish plays the undertaker. Ashish has always remained close to his Rajasthani roots, starting from this movie, and also in his shows RSSI and Rangrasiya. He also produces a local Rajasthani TV show, and was active in Jaipur theatre. He follows the Zee Jaipur literary festival and tweets and retweets on events happening there. 

Ashish has done few more shot films/Documentaries namely Le Happiness, Aham Brahmasmi, Stop asking permission to be Officially great etc..
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2012Zee Rishtey Awards
Rab Se Sohna Isshq
Favourite Kabab Mein Hadi Won
Favourite Popular FaceNominated
Favourite Nayi Jodi shared with Sukirti Kandpal
2014Indian Television Academy Awards
Best ActorNominated
Gr8! Performer Male Won
Desh Ka Sitara - Best Actor (Popular)Nominated
Asian Viewers Television Awards
Male Soap Personality of the YearNominated
Indian Telly Awards
Best ActorNominated
2015Indian Telly Awards
Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi
Best HostNominated
2016Star Parivaar Awards
Siya Ke Ram
Favourite Beta AwardWon
Favourite Jodi shared with Madirakshi Mundle
Favourite International Jodi shared with Madirakshi MundleNominated
Favourite Digital Sadasya - MaleNominated
Favourite PatiNominated
Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh Award

Television, Films and TheatreWon
Indian Television Academy Awards
Siya Ke Ram
Best ActorNominated

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You can provide constructive feedback on Ashishs performances as Prithvi Vallabh comment on the story line and provide constructive feedback on other characters in the show - IN CONNECTION WITH ASHISH'S CHARACTER. 

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Hi friendsHug

    A big hug to all of you and welcome to the AT of a class Actor and a wonderful humaPartyIt's an exclusive place for all Ashishians. Appreciate his work and encourage him to ur hearts content.Do I even need to say about droolingLOLLOL.
Place is all yoursBig smile

  As this AT is a group effort I would like to thank few people.Shruti for her lovely write-up.
My Partu, I could do nothing without her, Sona for the links and all my friends who are my reason for being in IF.
   Looking forward to meet more Ashishians.I wish we keep this AT a friendly and happy place.Any doubts,help, you guys can always PM me or my friends.We are always ready to help youTongue

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Congo for  the new ATParty

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