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Posted: 1 years ago
Ohhh vauww vauwwe  helll wit  dat  kajal  yaaar  guyzz

She hd fknnn made wrong diastrous for herself combo  as   both  raunak muskaan as mumma papaaa

Since she has made them her muma papa... they  hv all rights to be cuddly with each other...n comfy on sette evn if its in front of her fkn eyes 

Will kaju  beta  not like her muma papa in kisshie kishie mood always???Clap

See  the  bright  side  [Y]

And  most  bright side now is  gayatri herself has done a clever move by  signing with Shushant  the best CID.

I loved thus chap cracking the knuckles...


And  muskaanLOL also tests her very first "tum kaun hou...?"   LOLROFL
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Posted: 1 years ago
No...discussions ??!ShockedOuchConfused
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Posted: 1 years ago
Feel  like  stabbing   that  kajal   in her  ...Censoredregion  of body  Angry

Hope  raunak saves muskaan and in lieu drowns pushes off kajal  in water...Angry
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Posted: 1 years ago

I  meeeann   howw sickk  and  cartoonish.
Muskaan   sickoo Whn  She  Gets Her Belly  Printed Tshirt  Of Raunak ( Now Torn By Kajal)
Doesnt She That Time Think Of Gayatri  N Her Woes N Etc.

Wat Da Joke

All The Way From Belly To BrEast  She Has Got Imprinted Him LOL

Now She Has Suddenly  ReJected  Raunak

And Worst Is  KaJal  Has Torn Dress

Hasnt She muskaan  hell Seeen It 

Biggest  Stonish WaaahClapROFL

3 Days  Docs  Body  Not Stinking  On  Chair  Dead Body.

No One From Fkn Hospital  Cm To Chk On Him...

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Posted: 1 years ago
Yes it understoood  want a draag
But saaamney sey if a tough helper has come why the helll Not


Sujoy came as god and gayatripSTILL prefers shivering under dirty cashewnut...ClapClap

Even without sujoy...i mean whn alll the family is together can  gayatri  not just push wheelchair haArd  grabher  and tell truth to alll onspot.

Raunak is smart isnt it.

Comeon dirty cashew is not always equipped with arms and amunition.
Is she?

Na !!!!
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Posted: 1 years ago
i m here ...rlly liked saturday epi vry emotional one...fed up of kajal fake drama...gud to see gaytri redemption track finally she is realising muskaan worth...bt kal k epi mein raunak khud hi kajal ko sb btayi jaa rha hai...wnt smart nd intelligent raunak back
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Posted: 1 years ago

Aaaj  aaj  aaj 

Hell wit this raunaks  aaj aaj aaj pakda jayega  pakda jayega

They r showing  hero  looser full looser  in front of sudesh beri sirji

Sickkkkkl  of  raunak

N cant  fkn  mother gayatri wear  burkha  and go everywhr if she has to catch fkn tirath red handed

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