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~Badi Haveli~

This is the revised and completed story of "Yeh Kaisa Driver Hain I hope you all will read it and appreciate it

Its about Time that this story shall be completed as here I am Posting it again from the very beginning

Prologue-same page

Part 1, 2, 3, 4- same page

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I was frantically searching for some job in the newspaper. I was very worried today I have to vacate the room I was living in since last 3 months, I have no money left, after paying the for the Tiffin service, the Tiffin service will also discontinue after 3 days.


I was frustrated, what is the use of studying and getting the degree in Engineering and MBA, when you don't have the documents. People ask for documents and when I tell them that I lost them during the fire they think I am mis-quoting facts. Education is worthless without proof.


Next day the boy who delivered the Tiffin asked me if I know how to drive a four wheeler and do I have a license. Yes I had my driving license, my voter card and UID card; as I always carried them in my wallet along with my debit card. My debit card, the only thing which helped me to survive these 3 years, but now that too has expired and my account being in my home town it cannot be issued, and now I have no money to go there. I have applied for duplicate documents but I will have to go to my home town to collect them, they are ready as the registrar told me last week. But I was afraid to go there; because if anybody discovered that I have survived that fire they will definitely kill me.


I was lost in my thoughts when the boy again asked, "Gaadi chalaani aatai hain? (Do you know how to drive a four wheeler?)"

I just nodded, "hmm",

He said, "Licenas hain? (Do you have license?)",

I again nodded,

"Thik Hain, ek drivari ka kaam hain (OK, someone needs a driver)", he told me.


I gave him a shocked look, who will employ me as a driver;

he sensed it and said, "itane kaam tri kiya ye bhi karle (you have tried was so many jobs try this one also?"

I shrugged, he knew I was confused, "yeh le adras kal jaana hain theek das baje, kapda theek pehn ke jaana, bade log hain khushboo wala sabun dedoonga tujhe samjh aaya (take this address and reach there tomorrow at ten am sharp and wear something presentable, they are big people, I will give you scented soap to bathe, hope you have understood)"

I agreed.


Next day I bathed with that scented soap, it was after more than 3 years that I was having a bath with a scented soap. It felt odd.  I combed my hair properly checked my attire and went for the interview. And what surprised me was that I got the job, the lady there asked me few questions and then took a driving test and there I got the job.


No one has applied for this job, as it was a 24X7 job, no holidays allowed, the day offs will be when the old lady goes out of town. What will I do with holidays; I had no one to accompany me. The salary was good and plus I had to live at the driver's quarter near the Mansion. Three meals were provided to all the house helps.  All I needed was to get proper clothes and look immaculate every time. And with money it was not difficult.


I was on cloud 9, my day started with taking Savitri Devi, my new employer to the temple at 6 am followed by breakfast of Poha, bread and tea at 8 am. At 10 am she went to the charitable trust hospital. She returned at 1 pm and a hearty lunch of rice, roti, dal and one cooked vegetable waiting for me at the back kitchen window. At 4 pm she went to the office where her grandson worked and returned at 7 pm and on her way home went either to some ladies club or some fund raiser function or to the temple. I always returned by 10 pm and Nakul the head butler lovingly served me dinner of two cooked vegetables and rotis followed by some sweet dish.


My life was so content till Savitri Devi's grandson decided to return to Khurana Mansion after a breakup with his live in partner.


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Nice start story line is good please continue waiting for next update
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Things are not always as easy as they seem. My life at the KM was fine; it has been 6 months since I joined here.  I have enough money to visit my home town Ghaziabad for collecting my documents.


I went to Savitri Devi to see if she would give me 4 days leave; if I leave on Sunday I will reach there on Tuesday and after collecting my documents I can return on the same day reaching Mumbai on Thursday morning; or if I permit myself to spend some more money, I can take Rajdhani and go to Delhi from there to Ghaziabad and return by Tuesday. Whatever way I take I will have to make sure to keep my Ghaziabad stay for few hours, there is always a risk that someone will recognize me.


On hearing about my wish to visit my hometown my employer had a better plan. She told me that she herself was going on Monday next week to attend a 2 day AGM at their head office, the KC's main branch at Delhi. I agreed willingly because that meant I will not have to travel on my expense.


On Sunday she called me, "kal subha hum niklenge, taiyaar ho jana (we will leave tomorrow morning be ready)"


"Kaun si train se (by which train)" I asked


"hum apne private helicopter se jaayenge (we will go by private helicopter)"


I was startled, though I knew still I asked, "mein kaise plain se? mere pass passporat nahin hain (how can I fly I don't have passport)"


She smiled, "koi passport nahin lagega (there is no need for passport)"


I gave her a big smile, "wo hawa main kuch gadbad to nahin hogi (will there be any nuisance in the air)"


She smiled and went away.


Now this is what I call comfort, it has been more than 3 years since I have been air borne, last time when I flew there was fire, destructive fire and I was saved. That day I have ditched my father and boarded his private plane without any one's knowledge and that saved my life.


In the helicopter my employer patiently instructed me about all do's and don'ts, my respect for her grew ten folds. Once we were airborne I relaxed I liked this feel.


In about 1 hr we were landing on the helipad on the top floor of KC-Delhi office. The landing was rough I felt like scolding the pilot but checked myself.


Once Savitri Devi settled at her hotel room, I asked for her permission to go to Ghaziabad which she willingly gave. I boarded a bus and called the registrar to meet me at the bus stand.




I sighed when I saw the registrar; he was an old man almost 60, due to retire this year. He gave me a full smile and bend to touch my feet, I gave him a warning look, "yeh kya kar rahe hai aap koi dekh lega (what are you doing? Someone will see)"

He was shocked and apologized and handed me a file, I studied it, it had all what I needed, he had arranged for smallest to smallest document, from my birth certificate to my mark sheets to my degree to my other identity proofs everything. 

I thanked him and gave him a bundle, "yeh aapka mehntana (this is for your service)"

He was confused, I have from the first day told him I will pay him generously, still he looked reluctant, "aapke itne ehsaan hain yeh paisa lena kuch achcha nahin lagta (you have already done so much for us that taking this money looks unethical)"


I smiled. "hum ehsaan karte hain lete nahin, aap kya chahate hain ki hum aapke ehsaan ke neeche dab jaye (I do favors never take them. What do you want that I should feel indebted)"


He was perplexed, "nahin maalik maaf kare galti ho gayi (no My Lord, I apologize. It was a mistake)" and took the money and went.


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Not that I wanted to be harsh, but to the people who know the real me I want to keep my reputation of the giver intact.


These 3 years have done nothing good to my pride, sometimes I have thought that it would have been better that I would have died that day; but I know destiny cannot be changed or challenged. My Daadi was a preacher; she preached The Bhagwat Geeta  and I am a firm believer of the lines that say that whatever you do only that happens what I want and if you want what you want to happen do what I want you to do; and so here he wants me to live and I am living, what else he wants me to do I will have to see, but I will have to do my karma to become eligible in his eyes to attain the fruit.


I still had an hour till the bus for Delhi is scheduled, and I had a strong urge to visit the place where I had last fled from.

I still remember when I returned from my adventure, I came to my residence which was aflame, many fire brigades were trying to control the fire; my first reaction was to run and see what had happened but then I saw Brij talking to the policeman and looking around and then I also saw my love interest desperately pacing again and again combing his hair by the fingers, a gesture that showed mental trauma.


I wanted to run and be held in the warmth of the arms of love but I dared not to; I waited to find out how the fire took place and what these two persons Brij and my love interest were doing here at this time. Brij Uncle had left the house in the morning after a heated discussion with Daadaji. He should have been in Delhi at present, this was what he told me before leaving, then why is he here at this time. And why my love interest is here, I don't remember ever telling him about where I stay or who I am. He did not even know I have feelings for him. May be he was here with Brij. And what was he doing here with that girl? Why are these three people here?


My thoughts were halted and I came to the present, when the auto driver interrupted, "yahan par rukna hain kya? (do we halt here?)"


I looked around and nodded, "bas 10 min ruko phir wapas chalet hain (just be here for 10 mins then we will go back)"


He nodded and I stepped out and went in the direction of the Mansion better known as Badi Haveli here. I was shocked to see that what once stood with pride was nowhere, there was no Mansion instead there was huge land patch barricaded with tin sheets, I looked around and found there was a court notice written on one on the tin sheets, this land is under court's custody under section so and so. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Panic rushed through my veins, so that is true everyone died. I looked more closely and saw a hoarding that said, this land belongs to Khurana Constructions, Delhi.


My head felt heavy, is it the same KC that my employer is the chairperson of? I did not know what to say. I decided to first ask Savitri Devi about this; there was no use imagining the worst. May be Brij Uncle sold her the land, as now everyone had died he was the sole owner, maybe he had done some financial fraud that's why there was a court's notice. I returned to the bus stand and sat in the bus praying to the heavens' above as I always did.


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I could not ask my employer, I was restless the whole night.

In the morning I decided that suspense was taking my toll and went to Savitri Devi.


"Ghaziabad se badi jaldi vapasi kar li (you have returned quite soon)" she asked me as soon as I entered her room

"Namaste Memsaheb, jo kaam tha wo ho gaya. Aapka thaankoo (Regards madam, my work there is over for now, thank you)" I said

"Achcha laga hoga itne dino baad wahan jana (you must have felt good to be there after so long)"

"ji, Memshab, aap wahan kuch kaam shuru kar rahe ho (Madam you are starting some project there)" I asked

"kahan (Where?)"

"maine wahan badi haveli waali zameen par apne company ka boraad laga dekha (I saw our company hoarding at the Badi Haveli's land)"

She sighed, "haan lekin kuch samay ke liye wo kaam ruka hua hain (yes, but for some time the project has been put on hold)"

"Oh tabhi wahan wo couraat ka kagaz chaspa hain (that's why a court notice is there)"

"hmm, humne wo zameen Brij se kareedi thi, usne kahan tha ki wo uska varis hain lekin (we bought that land from Brij who said that he was the heir of that land, but)"


I was confused Brij Uncle was indeed the heir of that land, he is the only survivor.


"wo varis nahin hain (is he not the heir?)" I could not control myself

"Nahin, uske varis Brij ke bade bhai ke bachche hain (no the heirs are the children of his elder brother)"

"par wo sab to us aag mein jal gaye (but they have all died in the fire )" I asked my heart beating at record speed

"pata nahin, police ko unki laashe nahin mili (the police did not find their dead bodies)"

"matlab dono zinda hain (means both are alive)" I said analyzing that I was not the only one who survived

"pata nahin, hume 4 saal intezaar karna hoga, unke 7 saal na aane ke baad he Brij kuch kar sakega (IDK we will have to wait for 4 more years, Brij cannot do any dealing till 7 years of their absence are over)"

"aapne wo zameen kab khareedi (when did you buy that land)"

"2 years back" she said


I calculated so Brij Uncle waited for a year before acting to avoid suspicions.

My thoughts were interrupted with the sudden opening of the door.


"Daadi why did you say all that in the AGM,

the voice sounded familiar I turned to look and was shocked to see the person standing, I tilted my cap to shadow my face.

I wanted to become invisible, what if he recognized me.


"Behave yourself Maan" I heard an angry voice of my employer, "have you forgotten your manners. Is it a way to enter a lady's chamber? You have an audacity to enter without knocking"


I heard a defeated sigh from Maan, he traced his path back and knocked,

"May I come in Mrs. Khurana?"

"yes you can"

"Good morning Daadi and if you can please excuse your employee, I want to talk to you" saying this he turned in my direction I felt that my world would come down crashing.

He stared at me," who are you?"

Before I could answer my employer said, "Maan, he is my driver and you can't question any of my employees" she looked at me, "you can go"

I nodded and left with thumping heart, and heard Maan saying "I think I know this driver of yours, where did you find him Daadi?"

I sighed he did not recognize me or did he? I ran towards the driver's lounge all I needed is a cup of black coffee.


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Nice update is it Geet family that died in fire
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All that is said is not done, my Daadi believes in this line.

After the first day of AGM I was very confused as well as angry with her.


She simply without discussing opened the matter of Ghaziabad project for discussion tomorrow. She also stated that, that is a lost project and holding huge investments for few more years is baseless. She very well knows I have been keeping my eyes on that land since the day the fire destroyed the building. I had offered Brij the double amount he was been offered by Chopra's to attain the land in my custody. After all it is one piece 500 acres of land in the heart of the city, to say that the city grew around it is not an understatement.


It was after all the land of the Badi Haveli of the rulers of the city. It was the place of the royal family residence since last 200 years. To get such land for merely 250 crores was like buying almonds at the rate of peanuts. I have to talk to Daadi about it.


I was not able to sleep the whole night, buying that land had not been my initial plan but when the royal family died in the fire I had to do it and Brij did not know that true value of the land he just wants money to fulfil his wayward needs. Even the businesses run by the royal family were his until that person filed a complaint regarding the twins being not found dead?

I was there when the rescue team cleared the debris and found 17 dead bodies, which were identified as being of Raja Choudhary Handa, his wife Raani Sahiba, His elder son Mohinder Handa, Daughter in law Rano Handa, 2 drivers, 4 maids, 2 gardeners and 5 security guards. None belonged to the twins. It was thought that later as more debris clears they can be found, but till date they have being missing. I hope they are alive, but if they survived, why did they not contact me. And if they are dead where are their dead bodies.


I thought that Brij will wait, but he wanted money so I offered him more money then Chopra's did, and also gave him 50 Crores in advance; but on the day of registry, from nowhere Handa's Lawyers came in saying that the land, business and everything belongs to the twins and Brij can only be said a heir if no one survives.


At 5 am I went for my regular exercise session followed by my daily chores and breakfast. Being in Delhi Daadi would be in her room, by 8 she will be done with her breakfast. The AGM will start at 10 am giving me ample time to talk to her.

I called her several times to inform her that I wanted to meet her, but she being the most scandalous lady of her age, refused to take my calls, I was irritated at sharp 8 am I dashed in her room demanding answers


"Daadi why did you say all that in the AGM," I said a way to loud startling a person talking to her, looks like her driver

 "Behave yourself Maan" shouted Daadi, "have you forgotten your manners. Is it a way to enter a lady's chamber? You have an audacity to enter without knocking"


I knew that would happen but she had irritated me, she is just pretending to be angry where as deep inside she is wickedly smiling, I can feel it. I traced my path back and knocked,


"May I come in Mrs. Khurana?"

"Yes you can"

"Good morning Daadi and if you can please excuse your employee, I want to talk to you" I could feel the presence of her driver, I turned to look in at him, though his face was in shadow still I felt that I know him. I asked him ," who are you?"

Before he could answer my dear devil Daadi said, "Maan, he is my driver and you can't question any of my employees" she looked at him, "you can go" she ordered

He nodded and left; without any thought I said "I think I know this driver of yours, where did you find him Daadi?" I could feel his tensed aura.

"Maan have you bragged in just to tell me that my driver looks familiar to you", her sarcasm always hits me. Her name should be Sarcasm Devi instead of Savitri Devi I thought

"No, I want to discuss about the AGM"

"That we will definitely do today at KC"

"What I wanted to talk was about your sudden interest in the Ghaziabad project"

"It has been more than 2 years, Maan, it is a dead investment"


"What if the real heirs turn out and refuse to acknowledge the deal"

"What if they agree?" I countered her with another question

"Will Brij return us or give the heirs that 50 crores we gave him?"

"Will he return it now?" I again countered her

I doubt he must have spent most of it by now" she sighed, "as the business has gone under court's custody he only gets few lacs a month to spend"

"Look Daadi, it's a wait and watch game, if the heirs return the court will force Brij to return the money and if the heirs agree we have the land as we have already have the papers ready. But if we cancel the deal the 50 crores will go and if the heirs agree to sale they may demand more money." I said looking hopefully at her

But this lady never gives anything easily, "OK keep your point in the AGM we will discuss" she stood up and went to the dressing table indicating clearly that I should move out.

But I have to ask her one more thing, "Daadi can I ask something"

She glared and said, "go ahead"

"Your driver, who is he?"

As if waiting for my query she said, "Why don't you appoint detective agents to keep an eye on who I employ"

She is too much, "Daadi please don't make an issue of a simple question"

"So I am the one who makes issues? Maan you are being too rude lately. Did I ever question you about Sameera"

I don't know why she always brings Sameera in every discussion, "Sameera is not my employee and you know all that should be known about her"

She smiled sarcasm evident, "Oh is it? Ok then you also should know what should be known. Right, so here you get the INFORMATION. He is LUCK, registered as Lucky Singh Ahluwalia, son of Late Shoky Singh Ahluwalia, his parents died in riots, he is an orphan from Virar, his schooling was done at the local government school and he graduated in commerce form IGNOU. He has a driving license and he now lives at the driver's quarter at KM. and he is 24 yrs of age. I hope this much is enough" she ended feeling satisfied


This is what I hate about this old lady, she knows how to demean me, "Thank you" while meaning otherwise.


This information was not what I wanted and she knows this or to say this was meant to be given to shut me out. This boy sure has some history, I sure I know him. Maybe my mind was overworking; maybe he was just someone from the NGO's that reform and help youth. But I will have him checked for any criminal history he looks too familiar.

But at present my main concern was the AGM. And it went well, the Ghaziabad project remains intact. But why then Daadi raised the point. Is she hinting something to me? That lady never says what actually is in her mind. It's about time I returned to KM Mumbai; Now that Sameera is in Canada and safe from any harm I can leave and go back home.

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