Are Parvati and Shiva biased parents? Is Kartikeya a neglected child?

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Posted: 2018-11-03T23:54:08Z

This is my Quora answer to the question someone

Don't go by serials like Devon Ka Dev Mahadev which showed the equation between Kartikeya and his parents as troublesome .As if that is not enough they show Ganesh as the beloved son intelligent,humble and lovable..they showed Kartikeya as arrogant,not at all knowledgeable what not when compared to Ganesh.

Other serials followed the same path.

With due respect I salute before Ganesh but would definitely say

Reality is something else.

Kartikeya was the biological son of Siva ..and Sakti..though his birth happened in an unconventional way.

Shiv and Parvati love Skanda heartily.

Valmiki Ramayana describes his birth story in Bala kanda..with great clarity.Shiv Puran,Mahabharat..recount the story ..that is so exhilarating and enchanting.

Do you know Siva ardently wished for Katikeya's birth?

As per Tripura Rahasya mahatmya Khanda 37 th chapter

Sanat Kumar becomes Skanda

Sanat Kumara is the mind born son of Brahma. He is a born Jnani, like Sukachariyarya And Brihaspati. He does not identify himself as the physical being, that he is ever aware of soul and its reality..

Siva was fascinated by Sanat Kumar's And arrived at Sanat Kumara's Ashram, along with Parvathi. For Sanat Kumara, it made no difference, as he looked at anything and everything as Brahman only. He did not even get up to recieve the divine couple. Parvathi-Parameswara waited for quite some time. They were thrilled by looking at this boy, so deeply absorbed in himself. Still with an assumed annoyance, Siva asked him, "When we who are the Parents of the whole Universe, have come to visit you, being a Gyani how could you ignore us? What will you do if I give you a curse?"

Sanat kumara was unperturbed and replied "Even if you were the super-angry-Rudra, and curse, it will not affect the Atma. Go ahead and curse."

Siva was thrilled by the reply of the self realised Atma Gyani. He said, " I appreciate your equipoise! Ask whatever you want. I will grant you boons."

Sanat Kumara laughed. He said, " Your boon will make no difference to someone, for whom there are no desires or demands!"

He said, "Why don't you ask for a boon and I shall grant you.

Shiva was quite happy. The Lord of all the worlds, thought that He had now an opportunity to make Sanat Kumara as his son. He asked " you have given Brahma the pleasure of being your father. Will you consent to be my son, at least in another life?" "

Yes I will become your son," agreed Sanat Kumara .

Sanat Kumara had said that he would be born as Siva's Son. He had not said that, he will be born to Siva and Parvathi! Sanat Kumara openly told Siva, "As per Sastra, one should not give a boon unasked for. You only asked for the boon and Your wife, did not do so. So whatever way, you can give birth to me as your son, do so."

Parvati too..

Parvati was equally enthusiastic and desperate to have Sanat Kumara as her son.

Parvathi was disappointed. Of course, all life forms are her children only. However, she also wanted that such a Brhma Gyani should be born as her son too. So she argued. "Sastras do not differentiate between husband and wife. Whatever a husband asks for, especially to have an off-spring, wife is automatically included. Because He has asked, you have to become my son too," She claimed.

Sanat Kumara thought about this deeply. He said, "There is justice in your claim too. However, somehow, I prefer not to go through the process of being confined to life in the womb. With a big heart, You should permit me to be born, to your husband, without the normal procedure!" She thought about it reluctantly. Finally she came to a compromise.

When Bhasmasura did Tapasya, he got a boon from Mahadev that by placing his hands on anybody's head, he will burn them off. He wanted to test his power Iswara, who promptly disappeared. Parvathi, though knowing everything, temporarily forgot Her and Siva's imperishability. She was shocked by his disappearance. She virtually melted out of extreme agony of separation. That became a lake known as Saravana lake

'.She remembered it now. So it was decided that Siva will produce the sparks, that will be recieved in Her body of Saravana lake. Accordingly, the six sparks from the third eye, were carried by Vayu and Agni, to the Ganga River. who fetched them to Saravana lake where he became Subrahmanya, the Deva Senapathi.

However many names He has, 'Saravanabhava', became the most important 'shadakshari' Mantra.He is Parvati Putra also by all means.

Sanat Kumara once gave upadesa to Narada also.

Such Sanat Kumara took birth as Skanda to fulfill the wish of Siva and Parvati.

. In Thruvannamalai, Siva is Agni Swaroopa. Subrahmanya is the Fire of Siva.

Vedas themselves are using fire worship quite extensively. Veda start with the word, 'Agni'. 'Oupasana', is Agni pooja only. It is a common activity for all castes. For this Subrahmanya is the main Deity. Panchayathana Pooja was revived by Sankar acharya in which, Ganesh, Eeswara, Ambika,Surya and Mahavishnu, are the five Deities revered. It is quite sensible to include, Subrahmanya in this daily pooja, But Sankaracharya said Shanmukha is already there in the form of fire.

Kartikeya is that fire who shines in the Diya we light up every day.

Sankaracharya said

Muruga! Para Sakthi Putra! By standing on the sea shore, you are indicating to the devotees that you will take them across the ocean of samsara. That all the problems of the devotees will subside as the waves subside in the ocean.

Siva thus requested Sanat Kumara, who had given Jnana Upadesa to Narada to become His son. Then with pride took the Pranava Upadesa, from Him after He became His son!

Yes Siva was delighted to hear from Kartikeya,the significance of OM.

Kartikeya not satisfied with what Brahma said about Pranava himself explained his father the significance of OM.

That too after sitting in gurusthan..sitting on Siva's lap..He made his father proud and mother bless him with the name Swaminatha.

Biased TV Shows

Makers nowadays are playing with Devine charecters as per their wish.Highlighting one god and demeaning another

God..They did not spare gods even. To glorify Ganesh they will attribute wierd characteristics to Murugan.

I pity those who fail to realise the unparalelled splendour Of Kartikeya Who was the cherished son of Shiv and Parvati.

Shiv Parvati never discriminated between their sons.

When Kartikeya went away from Kailash they can not stay there and followed him..

Such was the affection they have for Skanda.

Krittika tanayam Vande Shanmukham Parvati Sutam

Subrahmanyam mahatmanam Putra Pautrabhivriddhaye

I bow before the great Subrahmanya ,the son of Krittikas and Parvati to prosper with sons and grandsons.

Parvati is Skandamata

The fifth Ngava Durga whom we worship is Skandamata,mother of Skanda.. She holds Shanmukha on her lap showering love..She is the embodiment of motherhood..

Isnt it injustice and disrespect towards the Divine mother if we say she loves Ganesh and not Kartikeya?

I don't need to say again..that Shiva loved kartikeya earnestly..Skanda is a replica of beauty and in knowledge.

There is no preferential treatment..towards Ganesh and negligence towards Kartikeya.

Certainly not because the parents of the universe never show discrimination..

Shiv parivar is a happy family ..that set an example for us to follow and worship.A beautiful portrait of family values and an inspiration to bind us in a close knitted family.

Inspired from

Subrahmanya Vaibhavam ..discourse by Sri Chaganti Koteshwar Rao Sir

Tripura Rahasya Mahatmya Khanda 37th chapter

Skanda Purana

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Posted: 2018-11-04T21:09:41Z
Thanks for sharing this information Lakshmi di. Almost all of the shows depict Kartikeya as jealous and comparatively less loved by ShivParvati but this is far from the truth. Ganesh and Kartikeya are equally loved by their parents and these serials are highly misleading. Swamynathan was his parents beloved.
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