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Nice teaser. Will wait for the update.
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Mine Only Mine
Part. 42. 

R. Sorry kaskish bhabhi but I need to tell you all something I am 99% sure but still 1% I need to confirm (Heer look at her then ask her.

H. Ridhima don't talk in riddles just tell what happen I mean what are you going to say (Ridhimaa give her big smile then said.

R. Wait bhabhi you will know (then she turn towards Annie and said her) Annie go and call Geet(Annie left to call Geet after few minutes Geet come and she was surprised to see her bhabhi and she happily start talking with her but then Ridhima said her) Geet you know I want to have kachi imli and that why I asked bhabhi to get it for me (listening about kachi imli Geet mouth start watering and when she saw it and without wasting any second she start having it, Annie, Kaskish and Heer were surprised to see her eating like this but when Geet was enjoying her time in eating so Ridhima ask her) so Geet tell me in which mouth your are (other were surprised listening to Riddhima but Geet said her.

G. Second is started dii (then continue eating the imli but others were shock to listening to this she is expecting also in second mouth but when Geet saw others shock face she look at them and ask) what (Annie went and hug her and said.

An. Bhabhi that's mean you are pregnant and it's second month (now Geet was surprised and then she remember what she said while enjoyingly eating imli and lower her eyes she hug kaskish who also hug her then said.

K. Congrats Geet but we are hurt that you didn't share your happiness with us (Heer also agree to this but Geet lowering her eyes she said them.

G. Bhabhi how can I share my happiness with you all when I was myself came to know and before I tell this happiness to anyone I saw Rahul in-front of me and I was in shock then coming here (all understand her then Heer ask her.

H. Geet Maan jii know I mean did you tell Maan Jii about this (Geet look at her and said her.

G. Jii bhabhi he know that we are going to have baby (she look at Ridhima and ask her) but dii tell how did you to came to know that I am (Ridhima smile at her and said her.

R. Aww my sweet sister that you forgot that I am also pregnant and in start days I also felt these irritation and mood swings also with this one thing I mostly notice that is you always eat what ever is made but now a days you are very moody to eat anything and I have full confidence that something is fishy so I call bhabhi to get some imli and now see you tell us full truth (Geet smile at her then they all start to play with Arush who was making baby sound also others were happy to see Geet happy and relax but then Annie teasingly said her.

An. Ok so bhabhi first you hate black coffee and paste which bhai like to eat and yesterday I saw you having these things (Geet make face and said.

G. Yes because if your brother I started to like those horrible thing (as she said others start laughed seeing her irritating face.

It was evening time Prena was in her room she was worried about Geet and Rahul relationship as she had seen from the time Rahul had come there was no progress in their relationship also not one but few time she had seen Geet sleeping on couch that make her confused and where Rahul is there Geet didn't tried to be there and if when Rahul talk with her she giving him answer she left from there, mostly she had seen Geet is looking worried and stress and when she ask her she give any excuse then thinking of this she thought.

P. Now that that's enough and now I know what to do also I know Saumya and Rahul are friend but I have to tell him that Geet is his wife so he should give time to her and Saumya need to understand this as I have seen how she look worried for Rahul and I don't want her to get hurt in future as Rahul belong to Geet and Geet is his wife hope my thoughts about Saumya is not right (thinking of this she left down where she saw Geet was working with other but Rahul Saumya were talking and that didn't effect Geet and she thought) I am right and I had to do something before it get late also broke many hearts and relationships (she come out of thought when Nikki ask her.

N. Mama what happen do need something (Prena look at her and give others small smile and said.

P. Nothing I am fine just thinking about something (saying this she went down but she know what she had to do. In was evening time Prena was in kitchen that time Anurag enter there to have water but when he saw Prena over there also her stress face then he ask her.

An. Prena what happen you are looking worried (Prena come out of thought and said.

P. Nothing I am fine also it has been long time that I have done any work as our daughter in law are here who didn't let me enter in kitchen (Anurag smile after listening to her but he know she is trying to suppress something so he didn't force her then said her.

An. So what are you making (Prena look at him and said.

P. You favourite (Anurag smile at her and then he help her in cooking but also kept teasing her but in this he was happy to see his wife relax also scared for her reaction when she know about Geet and Maan marriage truth. 

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Thank you friends who like & commented on previous part 
Enjoy the update 
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Lovely update dear... So now her sister and bhabhi knows of her pregnancy... It's good at least they will take care of her in real need. . I hope prerna doesn't do anything that upsets geet. .. Wish she know the truth early.  
Posted: 2018-12-12T03:37:51Z
Nice update poor maaneet going to suffer now again due to prerna plan to unite geet Rahul waiting to know what happens next
Posted: 2018-12-12T03:46:59Z
nice update dear .
Riddhima's guess was correct and they all come to know about Geet's pregnancy all are happy for her but at the same time feeling sad too because she has to face all this . Prerna is up to something ,
waiting for next
Posted: 2018-12-12T03:59:51Z
They all now know the truth
One side good now ladies will help geet 
But they also should understand now geet should be with maan now
Hope they tell truth to Rahul at least
Posted: 2018-12-12T04:03:46Z
Lovely update

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