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How come Rahul doesn't know about maaneet marriage
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Please unite mana geet and separate Raul from her
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Congrats for the new threadClap
Nice teaserSmile
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Mine Only Mine
Part. 36.

G. Nothing maa I am fine as woh from last few days there is hectic duty in hospital so just little tired (Prena can see there is something different in Geet behavior but she is unable to recognize it and thought may be its her illusion but before she could say her anything Anurag said her.

An. Now enough Prena and you need to take rest (but she said him.

P. But (he cut her and said.

An. No way also your all daughters are here and they can set anything (she nodded her head then he turn towards boys) so now go and do your work (all boys left but Riddhima held Geet hand and took her to her room there he evade her sit on the bed and ask her.

R. Geet what is this and why you are here as Rahul wife as we all know you are married with Maan jeju also is everything is fine between you both (but then Heer ask her who come behind them with Annie.

H. Haan Geet tell us does we want to know as we all know maa didn't know about your marriage also we thought you will tell her about your remarriage but here the table is turn as you are here as Rahul wife why (Geet look at them and said them.

G. Don't worry everything is fine between me and Maan jii also he had send me back (again Riddhima ask her.

Image result for drashti dhami and jennifer winget

R. But why (Geet then told them why Maan had send her here, after knowing this why Maan send her back they all fell bad for her also they know Maan is right as she had to face her past then ridhima said her while cupping her face) don't worry we all are you with you (Geet give her small smile but they can see that her smile didn't reach her eyes.

Ridhima took rest as she was pregnant, Heer, Geet and Annie went to kitchen to prepare dinner but Geet was lost in her thought and she was standing near stove also holding knife for cutting vegetable, Heer left from there as Chachat call her, Annie also left as she got call from her friend, so in kitchen Geet was standing alone. Rahul who enter in kitchen he saw Geet was standing alone also he want to talk with her but when he saw her Geet was accidentally going to hit her hand on hot stove, he went to and pull her and due to fear Geet was going to say.

G. Maa (she was going to say Maan jii but when she saw Rahul she said his half name maa also when Rahul pull her back and ask her.

R. Geet where are you lost also you were going to hurt yourself (she slowly pull herself away from him and said lowering her eyes 

G. Nothing I am fine and dii need me (saying this she low the fame and went away also didn't give chance to Rahul say something and he kept looking at her until she was out of his side. Later in dinner time Geet sit with ridhima also later when Rahul enter in room he saw Geet was sleeping on sofa he went and slept on the bed and while looking her he slept. 

Other side in Khurana mansion from the time Geet left to mansion Maan went to his room there he was busy in Geet thought also he thought to do work to distract himself but he was fail to do and Vicky who saw him in this condition he said him.

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V. I know bhai you are right in your place but I can say that you have hurt bhabhi a lot also without her you are suffering hope you get her soon as you trying to do good for her but we didn't know how she will be over there also what trauma she will be facing when she see that Rahul in front of her please bhai get bhabhi back to her house as she can't live without you (saying this he left and leaving Maan in deeply thoughts then later he had dinner for name sake as he was in mood to have it but he had it as didn't want to hurt his parents then went to sleep also sleep was far away from him as he was habitual of hugging Geet and that was making him more frustrated also getting tried he slept in mid night.

It had been two days when Geet went to Malik mansion but she had been quite and always tried to keep herself busy in her work also today she went to hospital to be away from Rahul as from last two days he had been trying to talk her but she is ignoring him also in this she didn't talk with Maan also she was lost in herself. Like her Maan was also busy in his work also Geet thought was always in his mind and from last two days he was busy in outdoor meeting, now he was to sitting his cabin thinking about Geet also about Vicky words what he had told about Geet and then he begin frustrated he angrily thrown files down he closed his eyes anger, after few minutes then pick up the phone he call to Geet when she didn't pick up the call that make him more angry and he thought.

M. Geet why are you not picking up my call (other-side Geet was sitting in her cabin when her mobile ring and seeing Maan call she felt happy also going to pick up the call but then remember that he is not with her then she didn't pick up the call. Maan other side was angry on Geet not picking up his calk. His landline ring it was Adi call him and said him.

Ad. Sit in hour half you have lunch meeting with Mr. Mittal in xyz restaurant and sir did you check the final report (Maan cut the without then pick up the file and start reading it then he look for another file saw it was fallen down, he pick up those files when he thrown down then but he pick up one file seeing that he was confused but keeping his thoughts aside he open it and read it and after reading it  he was shock and his eyes were stuck in few words. 

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now what that file had
what danger in maaneet were
hope no new problem araises
did rahul aware of geet marriage
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wats der in d file which made Maan shock waiting for next update
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Both are missing each other but not ready to talk and face each other. What is with that file now?!?!

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