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I guess it right maanplan this 
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Lovely tsr
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Nice update n nice teaser
Geet is not taking care of herself
Maan planned an outing for themselves
Waiting for nxt
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Lovely teaser
Waiting for maaneet vacation
Update soon
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Geet is upset n nt taking care of herself hope maan nt fight with her next time
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Mine Only Mine
Part. 40.

Geet enter inside the airport but she got shock when someone hug her from back but when she turn and saw Maan was standing there he give her smile and she ask him) 

G. Maan jii you here (he said her.

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M. Yes sweet heart I am here because we both are going on vacation (she was confused and said him.

G. Jii but I am going to Singapore for medical conference (Maan smirk at her and said.

M. There is no medical conference but we are going to have small vocation, you me and our baby (he come pulling her closer so he said pulling her closer) so come let's go (Geet give him small smile and said.

G. Scahii you and me (Maan nodded his head and then they left to their plan. Maan and Geet sit in their private plan and after more than 2 hours land in Dubai airport where Maan said her.

M. Jaan are you fine (Geet nodded her head and give him smile that make him relax also he said her) we are in Dubai (she give him her cute smile and said him.

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G. Jii I know why we are here because you know this is one of my favorite place (Maan look at her and then teasingly he said her.

M. Really but I really didn't know as I didn't come here for you (listening to this Geet was surprised but he continue and said) but I come here for mother of my child (her mouth shape become 0 and said she him.

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G. Maan Jii (he laugh at her cute face and teasingly he left from there also he was relax to her happy and relax face as he know now she will be relax with him. 

Geet slept during the ride, Maan look at her then hold her tightly later he pick her in his arms and took her inside their cottage, he make her lay on the bed and went to get fresh. After few minutes Geet open her eyes and what she was she was surprised seeing where are they, Maan who come out of wr he saw Geet mouth shape was 0 then Maan said her.

M. Geet what happen (Geet look at him and said.

G. What happen Maan Jii you are asking me, see this where are we and this please is so beautiful (Maan smile at her and said.

M. In Dubai this is the one best place (then pulling her closer he said) best place for honeymoon (listening to this her eyes become wide and she said.

G. Hon.neey moo.oonnn (Maan smile at her and said.

M. Yes sweetheart honeymoon due have any problem as I am here on my second honeymoon with my wife (listening to this Geet lower her eyes as she didn't know what to say him then he said her) Geet get fresh after that we will have dinner as you need to have have medicines ok (Geet nodded her head and then went to get fresh immediately, after that they both went to get fresh. Then Maan look at her and pick her in his arms that surprise him and said him.

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G. Maan Jii what are you doing and taking me (as he pick her up then she held him from his shoulder and said her.

M. There is one more surprise for you (then said her) so now close your eyes (when he saw her going to say something so he said her) also close your mouth (she make baby face also close her, Maan took her some where they he said her) so now Geet open your eyes (Geet open her eyes but she was shock seeing the room so he make her stand on the floor he said him.

(floating seahorse villa. Dubai)

G. Maan Jii this room (she again look around then there was door where she went and when she look the wr she was surprised then she look at Maan and said him) Maan Jii this is so beautiful (Maan smile at her then said her.

M. Not more than my wife (Geet was shy also surprised and hug him then he said her) this room under the sea and I know you will like to here (Geet look at him and the she just kiss him and he also kiss her with equal passion also tears fall from her but she just held him tightly. When they break the kiss Maan held her tightly and she said him.

G. Maan Jii please now don't leave me (he make her lay in the bed also come on her top then said her) 

M. Now we are together don't think about tomorrow just now you and me (then kiss her and they both lost each other while loving each other. It was late night when Maan who was looking at Geet then he said her) Jaan you are my obsession and possession I will net let you go away from me (then pulling her more closer he slept hugging her. Next day both got up late and after getting fresh they both again lost in each other now they both holding each other enjoying each other in silence. 

Few day went like this Geet was enjoying her time with Maan also with that she talk with her parents also with his who were happy seeing her glow face not only that Vicky tease her in front of her laws which her more shy but with Maan glare he stop doing that, with that she talk with with her sister also Anurag but she avoid talking to Rahul so just she send him message that she is busy. 

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