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Interesting teaser 
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Waiting for 38
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Mine Only Mine
Part. 38.

M. You are mine only mine and no one I meant it no one had right on you except me and if you think while making these lame excuses you will run away from me then you are wrong Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, I will never let you soon you will know what MSK can do (Geet kept looking at him then he said him) so you will know what I can do also just for few days you are with Rahul but always remember you are mine and if he or anyone tried to touch you then that person will see worst of me that MSK promise you (Geet was scare listening to him also she said him.

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G. Maan Jii I (but Maan cut her and said.

M. No just leave it Mrs. Khurana (saying this Maan left but Geet also went behind him as he was near his car Geet held his hand and said him.

G. Jii I am sorry to hurt you but I am scared (Maan look at her and said.

M. Why scare Geet why when I have told you I will never leave you and for that if I had to fight with death then I will but tell me will you able to tell aunty about our marriage and tell her that now you re not his son wife also will she able to bear this harsh truth and also remember what doctor had told about her (Geet lowering her eyes she said him.

G. No I can't tell maa as doctor said it could be dangerous (but Maan cut her and said.

M. That's why I have send you over there just for aunty other wise if Rahul would have been alive I wouldn't have care about him (she held him and said.

G. I sorry (Maan remove his hand form her hand and said her.

M. Take your sorry with you and don't dare to talk with me until you clear your mind with this thought that I will leave you (saying this he sit in car, Geet who kept calling him but he didn't answer her and left from there and that hurt her. 

Rahul who was waiting for Geet but when she didn't come back he went and search for her also he check all the restaurant but he didn't find Geet that make him worried but while going to other side he saw through window that Geet was sitting outside, he run towards her but when he saw her weeping he was confused then coming near her he call her.

R. Geet (listening to her name Geet turn back when she saw Rahul standing over there she clear her face also stand but Rahul held her from her shoulders then ask her) Geet what happen why you come here (Geet didn't know say him and she say him.

G. Woh I (but before she say something someone call her. Maan who left from there getting angry on Geet, he closed his eyes and thought.

M. Maan what you did why did you get angry on her as she is pregnant also may be because of this she is getting insecure and you know she is like a innocent girl who never say no to me or to anyone but now I have to understand her (then thinking of this he open his eyes then back his car toward restaurant where Geet was but what he saw his blood boil as he saw Rahul was holding her from her shoulder and he call her) Geet 

Geet who was standing with Rahul also she was thinking what to tell him as already felling him near her Geet was nervous but more than that she was scared after seeing Maan anger as she know in anger he didn't care of anything but she come out of thought when she hear his voice turn back and saw Maan was standing also seeing his face she can see he is angry so she move back from Rahul also Rahul who saw this he was confused and ask him.

R. Excuse me how do you know Geet (Maan look at him and smirk then said him.

M. Mr. Rahul I know her more than anyone also not only me but she also know me (but when he saw Geet didn't said Rahul anything then he said him) I am Maan Singh Khurana, Annie brother (Rahul then closed his eyes and said.

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R. Sorry Mr. Khurana I forget you actually we met after our accident and so sorry (Maan then said him.

M. It's ok no worries (but then Maan turn towards Geet and said her) Geet mom want to meet you and Annie also come soon as she want to discuss about dad birthday party which you both are organising (Geet give him small smile and said him.

G. Jii we will be there (Maan give her smile and said.

M. Good now I shall take leave and take care of yourself (he said this looking at her eyes which she shiver in her body as she had seen his hard look also as he left from there and he left to office as he had meeting overt-here. Geet turn towards Rahul whom she give him small smile and said him.

G. Rahul I need to go home (but Rahul said her.

R. But Geet we made a plan after lunch we will go for movie (but Geet cut him and said whilw looking down.

G. Please Rahul I am not felling well I need to go home please (Rahul nodded his head but he as surprised to see her behaviour as she never behave like this, now he was getting worried about her that what is troubling her but how can he ask her when she is not communicating with him. As Geet enter in the house she got busy with her work also Rahul tried to talk to her but Geet kept ignoring him keeping herself busy in her work. 

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Nice update
Even maan is angry he cant hurt geet, his waited for geet answer wen rahul questioned, he nicely answered, 
Geet shud learn to face past n say herself abt maan to rahul... this is wat maan wants
Waiting to next part
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Nice part
Complicated situation for maan and geet
Maan is angry on geet
Hope geet tell truth Rahul very soon
No misunderstanding maan and geet please
Update soon...
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Nice part.hope geet tell rahul soon about maan.waiting for maaneet proper update soon
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amazing update
Once again Maan clearly told Geet that he is not going to leave her alone but still she is scared. Mann got angry after seeing Rahul touching Geet . Geet avoiding Rahul
waiting for next

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