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Geet is going through an ugly phase of life
She deserves to know the truth of her life
I think Maan is hiding something big
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Waiting for next
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Ijuststarted with this has caught me for the intense b/w maan n geet...v curious to know what happened to maan to suddenly change his loyalty...too much of suspense...waiting v v eagerly 
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Read all the parts and it's a very nice story.  I m confused abt maans behaviour. Waiting for the next part 
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I can only stare in disbelief.

6 months ago, the man before looked nothing like my husband.

I almost didn't want to believe that the man before me was my husband, but his voice... that rough whisper was Maan's.

"Hey" Dr Geoffrey walks into the room, his eyes scanning the room and he notices me. "You can't be in here, Dr Khurana" he says picking up the chart.

He's my husband, the words are on the tip of my tongue before I hold myself back. I glance over at Maan, he'd chosen her over me.

"She's not working" Emma assures intervening on my behalf.

Dr Geoffrey looks up from the chart then at me, "Alright, you're here as his family" he states and glances around. "Dr Anderson, have you started an IV drip?"

"Yes doctor" David nods.

"Have you run the tests?" he questions.

"Yes, we're just waiting on the results before treating him" Emma answers.

"Alright, you know what you're doing. Page me when you get the results" he says placing the chart down and walks out of the room. David follows him out.

"Geet, you okay?" Emma places a hand on my shoulder.

I snap out of my thoughts and turn to her, "This... is Maan?" I question.

"W... who else... would I... be...?"

His rough voice echoes ending on a whisper, he shifts and coughs loudly.

I glance over at Maan feeling my throat tightening at his state, his cheeks were sunken in, his eyes seemed so much smaller. He definitely lost a lot of weight, his once tanned skin seemed greyish, he looked malnourished.

I approach his bed side, my eyes perusing his body. He looked frail and aged.

"What have you done?" I question but he only smiles and turns his head away from me. I cover my mouth with my palm to hold back the sob that threatened to spill, Emma places her hand on my shoulder and turns me to face.

"Shh..." she whispers.

I nod, I needed to get away from this room right now. I clench my teeth together curling my fingers into a fist and stalk out of the hospital room.


I hadn't ever thought for a moment, I would ever see Maan like this. He looked damaged, weak and just so ill.

His condition reminds me of his mistress, I wonder where she's disappeared. She should've been with him. She should have been caring for him yet... here he seems alone. I don't even know how I was going to tell Varun about his elder brother, how do I tell him the brother he knew 6 months ago is completely different.

I still cannot believe this is Maan.

And I had been in love with him for the past decade.


"So Maan, is your thing working? I was expecting great grandkids by now... when are you going to give me some good news" Archana questioned looking between Maan and Geet as they sat down to eat dinner.

Geet sputtered on her drink, Maan grabbed a napkin and patted her back.

"Girl, I taught you better manners than that" she shook her head. "Cover your mouth when coughing".

"I wouldn't be choking if you stopped asking for grandkids!" Geet wiped her mouth and placed down the bunched napkin angrily on the table.

"I wasn't talking to you" Archana rolled her eyes and looked at Maan. His eyes bulged out, he glanced at Geet for help.

"You need Geet to answer for you? Don't you have a voice, boy?" Archana arched her brows and turned to Geet. "I told you that boy isn't good for you".

"He's not answering back because he has respect for you, but I don't, Crazy old woman. Stop asking for kids! I ain't giving you any yet" she snapped.

"What the fu..." Geet yelped when her grandmother grabbed the cane and poked her with it. "Ow" she screamed again when she was poked again.

"I respect you but I love my wife more" Maan intervened wrapping an arm around Geet. "Stop poking her"

"How about you put a sock in her foul mouth?" Archana scowled. "I taught you both better than that"

"It's clearly in my bloody, you crazy bat" Geet stood and sprinted backwards when Archana went to poke her again with her cane. "You're sleeping on the sofa" she looked at Maan angrily.

"What did I do?"

"You made me come to this stupid dinner, we could have been having a romantic evening but nooo... you had to be the 'dutiful' and come" she narrowed her eyes.

"You pregnant? Or is that you just with a stick up your ass?" Archana interrupted.

Maan looked between both women as they started on arguing on and not allowing him a chance to even speak.

"Dear Lord..." he muttered a quick prayer as Archana stood up with the cane and swung it around attempting to hit his wife who'd only jumped backwards and continued taunting her grandmother.

"Geet, we're going home" he told her enveloping his arms around her and pulling her back.

"I'm going home, you're not coming with me" Geet answered turning to face Maan. "I wanted a romantic evening and you brought me to this crazy house" she poked him in the chest with her finger.

"Hellooo, I'm home" Kavita sang out loudly slamming the front door closed.

"Great another crazy comes..." Geet turned and walked past Kavita just as she entered.

"What's up her ass?" Kavita frowned.

"The girl is pregnant"

"Grandma, she isn't pregnant. She'd come home after a long day at medical school and I dragged her here when she just wanted to spend our anniversary together" Maan responded.

"Now you're crazy" Kavita laughed, "your anniversary isn't for another 4 months".

"Our date anniversary, Kavita aunty" Maan corrected.

Archana and Kavita shared a look then turned to Maan, "You're both so sad..." the words simultaneously.

"You made her soft, she was such a badass kid" Archana stated with a shake of her head.


"Are you still there?" I question pressing the phone harder to my ear. There was silence on the other end.

"It... can't be" Varun voiced out after a moment. "You're... mistaken. Test him again".

"I wish I was lying, Varun" I sigh heavily pinching the bridge of my nose. "Come and see Maan... please"

"How... How can I look at him, Geet? He's... If what you're saying is true, then... then he... wouldn't... be the brother I knew" he was crying now.

"I know" tears slip down my eyes, I turn my head staring through the glass at Maan. "He... isn't the same person we knew 6 months ago".

I cut the call and cross my arms, my eyes entirely focused on Maan. As I stand here staring, the determination to know what had happened boils within me with fury.

I had a million questions stirring rapidly in my head, but I had to wait. I couldn't just spit it out and hope Maan answers. If anything, he wasn't going to be saying anything to me. I knew one thing, everything started with his business trip and the woman named Sara.

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He must be very ill I mean this is his second hospitalization since the last time and he didnt look that great.  There is so much more to know and I am just as eager as Geet.
Posted: 2019-02-24T20:26:04Z
Is he diagnosed with HIV or something???
So I was right Sara isn't with him.
Why is he so miserable??? I know he's guilty but there's definitely something more to it
Posted: 2019-02-24T21:26:52Z
Geet is so loyal sticking to Maan despite everything; hard to do in real life when someone backstabs. The title of your story is Lost and my hope resurrects that Maan will be back to Geet. But something is very fishy...his illness and could he become weak and let down Geet. Maybe Maan's mother played a trick and blackmailed him?

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