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Introduction :

'Bewafa' is the one who breaks your trust knowingly. 'Bewafa' is the one with whom you shared your feelings clearly, yet that person chose to break your heart. But if someone didn't deliberately break your trust and faith, would you call that person 'bewafa'? If you never mentioned your feelings to that person, then how could you call that person 'bewafa'? No, you cannot! But if you choose to go away from that person when he/she needs you the most, then surely you will be tagged as a 'bewafa'!

It was a rape! Can you blame her? She said NO! Can you hear her? Bewafa are YOU if you are turning your deaf ears to her. Bewafa are YOU if you are not ready to believe her.

No wonder, sometimes an years long relationship turns out to be a big mistake and a few days relationship turns out to be the best decision ever made. Bewafa was your ex, years ago, after which you detached yourself from everyone barring a few, but today bewafa are turning you! Bewafa because 'trust' the main ingredient of a relationship to prosper, seems to have no meaning for you today.

You laid your trust on her and now giving it a second thought? What are you if not 'bewafa'?

But despite bewafai from so called both the sides why the wafa lies between them? Why not let go off each other? Why holding back on each other secretly? Or let that person know your true feelings and stop saying that "kar rahe hain hum 'bewafa se wafa' "!

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This story is based on AltBalaji's webseries 'Haq Se' starring Rajeev Khandelwal as Dr. Naushad Rizvi and Surveen Chawla as Dr. Meherunissa Mirza.


Author's Note

Completed my second story on HAQ SE on May 23, 2018. Starting this third one.

Basically I am using a/few scene/scenes from the original series of HAQ SE adding my own flavours into it, as the story proceeds. .

Received your love and appreciation in my previous story on Naushad and Meher. Thank you for that from bottom of my heart. Hope you enjoy reading my this take on Naushad Meher too, as much as you enjoyed the previous one.

No part of this book shall be reproduced in any form or by any means - electronic or mechanical.

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Prologue :

M - Sau sawaalon mein the ghum,
ye bhule bisre dil ki boli.
Tum jawabon ki ho dhoop,
darwaze firse dil ne kholey.

Naushad stares Meher lovingly, smiling, while she jokes with Aliya.
He wonders how he missed to see this side of Meher before? He feels himself to be an idiot for wasting half of his time in scolding her when he could have made much better use of the moments that he had spent with her.

Each day she would provoke him in someway or the other, yet he would wait for her provocation eagerly. How did he miss to understand that he is getting addicted to her? They would talk about all unnecessary things of the world, but those few words which could mend their relationship, were they so difficult for them to utter?

How did he miss to realize that she was healing him? She succeeded in opening the close doors of his heart, something which no one could do again, since his wife Arwa left him alone.

F - Jeene ki ek wajah,
firse dil mein dhadke.
Kyun lagey, fir humein,
karz hai tum pe hum pe.

As for Meher, Aliya's smile; Aliya's joy give her immense happiness. It is as if she has got a reason to live now! She wants to live for Aliya. She wants to live because of Aliya. It is as if her heart has finally started beating again because of Aliya.

Laughing with Aliya, suddenly Meher's eyes well up out of too much emotions. She turns to look towards Naushad. How much she owes him, he has no idea about it. She would remain indebted to him for bringing Aliya into her life forever.

But does she know he would remain equally indebted to her for coming into Aliya's and his life and filling the hollow spaces in their lives? Making their lives complete?

M - Bewafa se wafa,
ishq ne di saza.
Behaya si bewajah,
bewafa se wafa.

M.F - Bewafa se wafa,
ishq ne di saza.
Behaya si bewajah,
bewafa se wafa.


Even after everything that they both went through. They are in debt to each other. Because there is no denial that the presence of each other in each other's lives even if had given some nightmares but as compared to the cherishing moments, they are nothing!

M - Kahan kahan,
dhundha tujhe,
kafir mere...
Iss dil ne,
mana tujhko khuda...

Jahan jahan,
tujhse miley,
aise siley...
Ke udhar,
ke hi honge juda...

Naushad realizes that she was the exact person he had been searching for! He couldn't even get a person like her in his wife! When he thought that everything has been over for him; that there is no scope for happiness to re-enter his life, he has completely given up the hope, Meher brought the rays of happiness with her and entered his life without knocking the door of his heart.

Today the situation is he wants to around her, with her as much as possible. As if, if she leaves him alone he would be lost!

F - Jeene ki,
ek wajah,
fir se dil mein dhadke.
Kyun lagey,
fir humein,
karz hai tumpe humpe

Meher is no where behind him! Even she needs his presence in her life along with Aliya's. Just that she is not being able to put it into words in front of him. But is it necessary to word every feeling? Can't he read her?

M - Bewafa se wafa,
ishq ne di saza.
Behaya si bewajah,
bewafa se wafa.

M.F. - Bewafa se wafa,
ishq ne di saza.
Behaya si bewajah,
bewafa se wafa.

They stare each other. Their stare turning intimate with each passing moment. How he has spent last few days without her, only he knows! How she has spent last few days without him, he would never be able to know!


'Bewafa' is the one who breaks your trust knowingly. 'Bewafa' is the one with whom you shared your feelings clearly, yet that person chose to break your heart. But if someone didn't deliberately break your trust and faith, would you call that person 'bewafa'? If you never mentioned your feelings to that person, then how could you call that person 'bewafa'? No, you cannot! But if you choose to go away from that person when he/she needs you the most, then surely you will be tagged as a 'bewafa'!

It was a rape! Can you blame her? She said NO! Can you hear her? Bewafa are YOU if you are turning your deaf ears to her. Bewafa are YOU if you are not ready to believe her.

No wonder, sometimes an years long relationship turns out to be a big mistake and a few days relationship turns out to be the best decision ever made. Bewafa was your ex, years ago, after which you detached yourself from everyone barring a few, but today bewafa are turning you! Bewafa because 'trust' the main ingredient of a relationship to prosper, seems to have no meaning for you today.

You laid your trust on her and now giving it a second thought? What are you if not 'bewafa'?

But despite bewafai from so called both the sides why the wafa lies between them? Why not let go off each other? Why holding back on each other secretly? Or let that person know your true feelings and stop saying that "kar rahe hain hum 'bewafa se wafa' "!

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Chapter 1 

Sitting at the shore of a flowing river Meher stares it sorrowfully, hopelessly. She is thoroughly shattered. A few days ago she would have laughed if someone would have told her that her life is about to change drastically!

Laughed not only because she wouldn't have believed it but also because she would have thought how more drastically could her life change when according to her her life is already a hell on earth? Chaotic!

But a few days ago she hardly knew that when a bad omen; a bad luck gets after you, it has the potential to strangle you to death. Ruin your life like you never imagined before! Smile, laughter it snatches away these words from your life. Makes you to forget the meaning of these words. Hell the meaning, it even has the potential to make you forget that these words even exist!

Today the scenario is different! She has lost her darling kid sister. How can she bear the pain of the loss? How is she going to sustain her life further without her presence around her? This wasn't suppose to happen to her in such an early age.

But does she know that mostly the purest souls leave us the earliest? Why is that so, no one could answer that!

She wasn't a culprit - agreed! She wasn't meant to suffer the cruelty of the world - agreed! She went away too far from them that now it's difficult for her to return - agreed! She should have told her family about her decision; at least they would have known that she is leaving home for achieving her aim - agreed!

But Meher, could you stop this fateful event from taking place even then?

They say our birth and death are destined! Do you want to blame her now? Was she really at fault?

Meher doesn't understand what to feel; what to think; what to conclude, yet she is feeling! She is feeling hollow from inside as if an important part of her body has been snatched away. She is thinking, she is thinking hopelessly; she is thinking multiple things at the same time but all in vain.

Who can answer her queries? Who can tell her why this happened with her? With her family? The writer there in the sky must be a fan of tragedy. If it weren't this way then why would all this have happened with her family?

Her sister Bano, has breathed her last yesterday. They conducted the funeral today. Since the moment of receiving the heart wrenching news, the Mirza family doesn't have a proper knowledge of what's happening around them. They have gone numb!

On receiving Bano's letter where she mentioned how she was leaving them for only few months just to get settled in life and would return back soon, their Ammi broke down into tears. No wonder this took all of them by shock! Why was the need of doing it, they couldn't understand! Only that their mother could somehow feel that there is something amiss! Some tragedy is about to strike them.


she mummers.

How exactly mothers get to know everything - wonders Meher! But isn't it too late to wonder that Meher? Had you wondered it before when she shared her anxiety with you, you could have stopped this from happening at first place. But with this we are again back to the same question - Can we stop something from happening?

Staring at the flowing river constantly, Meher wonders sadly if time could flow in this pace as the river is right now in front of her? But soon her direction of thought changes and she thinks how aimlessly it's flowing, just like her life has turned now - aimless!

She is broken from inside, how is she now going to stand like a pillar in front of her family? She smiles sadly.

Jannat once taunted her to get out of her fairytale life to know what's the reality is like. Guess, this is what she was talking about! She smiles sarcastically. Her eyes still constant on the flowing river.

She remembers the note she found under the vase from Amaal where she mentioned that how she wants to become a heroine and for doing that she needs to settle somewhere else. She too promised to return back. The thought again makes Meher to laugh sarcastically.


she mummers again.

No denial she loves her sisters immensely, but at this moment going through such a chaotic face of her life, if she is turning heartless, could you blame her for that?

The only sister who has never left her side is Jannat! She is with her still. She always understands Meher like no one else does, barring a few moments when the practical Jannat overpowers Jannat so much that for her emotional Meher seems to be a fool! But can we blame her for that? After all had Meher not been a fool, she wouldn't have been sitting here with a shattered and aimless life of hers! How could she fail to understand that Irfan is a big opportunist? No amount of teachings and good words can change his this character. Sometimes even after reading, learning, mugging all those big, thick books and gaining knowledge out of it, everything turns out to be useless. The best teacher is no person; no book, but the life itself!

It took you time to understand this Meher, even after going through a heartbreak in the past, you couldn't learn that you should not believe a person again who has broken your heart; your trust once. Those who have broken your heart and cared less to return back and know what you are going through, they don't deserve your attention - not in past; not in present and not in future too!!! If they haven't understood you then; they will never understand you even now! May be this was necessary for you - a shock, to jerk you out of your imaginary world where you think all people are trust worthy.

No denial that you were scared to meet Irfan; but deep down there was still a trust in him, that may be he would be polite to you and would do nothing! That trust, ruined you! What did you get out of it Meher? You are the one who suffered! You are the one who is suffering still! And he... he is still a free bird. This is the difference between a man and a woman!!! They say they are equals, but see here's where the difference lies! 'Characterless' will always be tagged on the woman! 'Men will be men! Women should act wiser!' Never will people cease to say this.

As Meher was thinking about life; about world, she could feel his presence around her. But she cared less to turn and look around at him.

"I am sorry Meher!",

came his first few words.

It's too late for you to say that Naushad! When she needed you; when she shouted her heart out, you didn't take her side. You didn't bother to think - why would she lie anyways? Where did your brilliant IQ go then? How couldn't you relate all the events that took place in the past few days? The way she was hesitating to talk to you! To stand near you! The way she was hiding her face from you so that you don't get to see her bruised cheeks; the marks that justify that something ill has happened with her. Some injustice took place. Someone ruined her; ruined her life! Saying it now, is useless! It sounds like a formality! And she doesn't need your sorry. What she needed was your trust in her.

'He raped me Naushad!!!!'

Remember these words? Do you think it's easy for a girl to shout out these words in front of the whole world just like that? No! But she still did! You know why, because she was afraid of losing you; she was afraid of losing your trust and faith in her! She didn't want her life to go haywire again. The hope that she can love again; the hope that she deserves love; she can also be loved by someone, you gave it all. It was a slow process for sure. But you are the same person who ruined everything in a single moment; by saying just six words - Tum yakeen ke layak nahi ho!

All hell broke loose as she heard these six words! Who knew these six words bear so much potential?

Because she didn't know that what she was trying to do since a long time now was - bewafa se wafa!

Had you said these words then, it would have sounded much more meaningful. But today it sounds hollow! Meaningless!

She didn't want others to trust her, she only wanted your trust. She only wanted you to understand that she isn't bewafa. But she learnt that indeed bewafa isn't she; bewafa is you!

"Main ek do din mein apna resignation bhijwa dungi.",

she says, with no feeling, emotionless. But with a shaking voice. Shaking out of tiredness of thinking non stop.

"I think hum subke liye ye behtar hoga!",

she declares, still not looking towards him.

Naushad does feel what she is going through. Taking a deep breath, he sits next to Meher facing opposite to her.

"Main samjh sakta hun!",

he says, tilting his face slightly towards her but still not looking at her, his eyes somewhere on the rocks around his feet, still avoiding to look towards her, not out of hatred but out of hesitation.

"Meri behn ke mayyiyat pe, mujhe jhooti sympathy dene ki koi zarurat nahi hai!",

Meher states that clearly, she hasn't blinked her eyes even for once since the moment she sat here.

She is hurt, really hurt! No denial, inside she understands that he really is sorry about her loss but her anger towards him is so much that she rejects to acknowledge his feelings in front of him. It is not her hatred for him, but her love for him that she is angry on him. She is upset with him that he couldn't understand her feelings; her loss; her silence in front of him after the fateful incident that took place with her. Her shout in front of him; in front of the whole world.

"Jab aap ye nahi samajh paye ke mujh par kya beeti...",

she says, her throat on the verge of choking, out of too many emotions.

Naushad feels guilty!

"Mera yakeen tak nahi kiya...",

she adds further, her feelings heightening.

Naushad feels all the more guilty.

"Apke liye beshak wo apke behn ke shauhar honge...",

she says, her voice still under control.

"Par mere liye wo humesha ek rapist rahega!!!",

whilst saying so, she turns to look towards Naushad, with full confidence; rage visible in her eyes; determination audible in her voice.

Naushad ignores to look towards her first, out of dilemma. But slowly, he turns to look towards her. His eyes serious on hers. Staring him for few moments, Meher looks away in front of her and continues,

"Humara affair hona; ya unka shadishuda hona iss baat par parda nahi daal sakta...",

she turns again towards him and looking straight towards him, she declares,


She makes it clear that she by no means provoked him! It was a RAPE!

Naushad's heartbeat picks up pace as a frustration surges through him. He doesn't understand what to say; from where to start. His eyes reflecting nothing but anger and frustration. Anger and frustration are not exactly directed towards Meher but on everyone who is somehow connected to this incident. Anger and frustration on himself too, as he finds himself in a dilemma whom to trust and whom not! Whom to take sides and whom to leave!

"I said NO!",

she repeats while Naushad lowers his eyes.

Looking away, Meher continues,

"Agar aap mujhe ratti bhar bhi samjhte, to jante... ki main itna ghinauna jhoot kabhi nahi bol sakti!"

"Aur keh kar kya pa lungi?",

she asks, laughing sarcastically whilst crying.

Naushad takes his time to reply, they both stay silent.

Turning his head again towards her, still not looking towards her, Naushad reminds her,

"Hum dost hain Meher!"

Meher stays quiet.

"Agar ye such tha to apne bataya kyun nahi?",

asks Naushad.


asks Meher, laughing sarcastically, turning her head again towards his side.

Did he really say that? Agar??? He still has confusion about the fact? He still believes that his brother in law is innocent? And what else does he think exactly? May be that that Meher is lying? And also the changed demeanour of Meher is just a part of the act she is portraying in front of him? Oh yes may be that suddenly whilst getting attracted towards Naushad, Irfan re-entered her life and she suddenly realized that 'oh my god! he is the real love of my life! Irfan, my everything! My world!' Isn't it Naushad????

"Main apke... ya kisi ke samne apni begunahi kyun sabit karungi?",

she asks, looking away, whilst laughing sarcastically.

Naushad understands that she is angry on him, he doesn't mind and replies looking straight towards her, with determination,

"For justice!"

Meher looks heavenwards, almost like rolling her eyes on hearing him.

Naushad doesn't mind it too, shrugging off her that attitude, he says further,

"Karwayi hoti to baat khulne par aap subke samne jhooti nahi lagti!",

he makes her understand, looking towards her, feeling the adrenaline rush.

Then looks back again in front and continues,

"Meri biwi ne mere bache ke custody ke liye mujhpe violence ka jhoota ilzaam lagaya tha."

"Par main chup nahi baitha! Maine complain darj ki!",

he makes her understand, looking towards her.

Looking back towards him, Meher with determination in her eyes asks him,

"Apni biwi ke khilaf complain darj karke apko kya mila?"

Naushad keeps staring her.

"Insaaf ya badnami?",

asks Meher, determined still.

Naushad after staying quiet for fraction of seconds, staring her throughout, serious, he calmly replies,

"Mujhe meri bachhi mil gayi!"

When he thought, she must have understood now, Meher surprises him by taunting him, laughing sarcastically whilst saying,

"Mubarak ho Dr. Rizvi!"

She looks away again in front of her and says, with a heart filled with so much emotions, forcing her voice out of her choked throat,

"Par mujhse kal meri behn cheen li gayi!",

she cries silently.

Naushad unable to bear seeing her crying, but also knowing that he cannot console her; touch her, he looks away towards his front, frustrated and pissed off!

Meher turns to look towards him, crying still she taunts him, raising her voice,

"So I am 'very' sorry...",

saying so she stares the heartless Naushad in front of her.

"Par iss waqt mere liye mere Ammi aur Abbu ka sadma, INSAAAFF se kayi zada zaruri hai!",

she says, looking in front of her again, adding a pinch of taunt as she utters the word 'insaaf'!

She looks back towards him and says,

"Aap khush naseeb hain...",

she waits before she continues further,

"But I was rapeddd!!!!",

her voice shrill yet confident. The shrillness makes the her words all the more impactful!

Naushad gets tired of thinking, pissed off about everything! Taking a deep breath, anger and frustration surging through him, he asks her,

"Main kis kis par aitbaar karun Meher?"

Meher rolls her eyes and laughs silently, sarcastically.

"Main janta hun... kisi par aitbaar karna koi mamuli baat nahi ho sakti!",

he says, his voice turns all the more serious as he utters 'kisi par aitbaar karna koi mamuli baat nahi ho sakti'! His eyes somewhere at the floor. His heart and mind sinking into so many moments of his past which justify his these words!

But none of his words affect her in the way he wanted them to affect her!

"Apki soch apke aitbaar se zyada mamuli hai!",

states Meher, with no hesitation at all. But her voice reflects her sadness though! Sadness about the fact that even after everything said, he still fails to understand her.

"Kyunki chaubis ghante pehle main apke liye khaas thi!",

she says, her voice turning soft as the vibes she used to get from him and her own feelings for him fill her heart!

(NAUHER tune begins)

Her sudden words skip Naushad's heartbeat. He lowers his eyes and slowly looks away out of hesitation. He knows that they both understand what they feel for each other; how important are they for each other. And he feels sad about the sudden change in their relationship. They were progressing in their relationship. Hell progressing, he had actually confessed his feelings for her in front of her! And here they are sitting aloof from each other. What a drastic change in their relationship! When it was to progress upwards, it faced a sudden downfall leaving them shaken thoroughly!

Naushad looks towards her one last time while she keeps staring ahead!
He realizes that there is nothing else that they can talk about. Taking a deep breath he gets up! But before leaving he tilts his head towards his right, still not looking directly towards her and turning a little towards his right he says,

"Aap wo Meher nahi jo maine apko samjha tha!"

Hearing that, still sitting at her place, Meher looks up towards him with rage in her eyes and says,

"Afsos, aap wohi Naushad nikle jiska mujhe shaq tha!"

Of course it pinches him, he looks away towards his right and sighs out of frustration. And without saying another word as nothing else is left to communicate to Meher, Naushad walks away leaving Meher all by herself to deal with the pain!

As he leaves, Meher cries... and cries... and cries... bitterly!!!

'Bewafa' is the one with whom you shared your feelings clearly, yet that person chose to break your heart.

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wow.one more naushad meher ff.I loved the prologue.it was very sweet.chapter one was based on the last episode of haq se which was very painful.we didn't know what happened after that.but guess from your ff we can imagine what will happen after that as your story starts from where haq se ended
Posted: 2018-11-02T03:23:37Z
Originally posted by jasminerahul

wow.one more naushad meher ff.I loved the prologue.it was very sweet.chapter one was based on the last episode of haq se which was very painful.we didn't know what happened after that.but guess from your ff we can imagine what will happen after that as your story starts from where haq se ended

Yes another one. Smile

Thank you. I am glad you liked the prologue Embarrassed

Indeed loved this episode Smile

Hope the story here does turn out good. Embarrassed
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Chapter 2

It's been a week that she has given her resignation letter to Naushad. Convincing her family to let her go alone to the hospital wasn't an easy task. She made them to realize that they could not hold her back like that or go with her to every place forever! Thankfully after a lot of convincing, Jannat finally accepted Meher's decision to go out alone and helped her to convince others in the family too.

As she reached the hospital she did get emotional seeing the name of the hospital after all it was her first job although as a trainee but she earned from this job, so much attached she was to this place; to her patients; to the people here! But she controlled herself somehow and entering the building she reached Naushad's cabin escaping from the eyes of others.

As soon as she entered his cabin knocking it, she could feel the magnetic pull towards him again! Nostalgia made her feel dizzy. So many encounters with Naushad came rushing back to Meher. Naushad too didn't remain unaffected! At first her presence in his cabin skipped his heartbeat. Was he hallucinating, he wondered! But her fragrance that swirled around the room that was making him feel dizzy yet was giving him a sense of belonging, helped him to realize that she indeed was there. He kept looking at her, never blinking. What was she doing there? - he wondered!

The moment she realized that they are staring, Meher quickly lowered her eyes and cleared her throat. Naushad followed the suit. Meher looked back towards him hesitantly and found him staring her again.

"Ahmm... main wo... resignation letter dene ayi thi!",

she said hesitantly, her eyes lowered out of hesitation.

Her words clenched his heart. He knit his brows as the reality washed him. Suddenly he widened his eyes as he realized that she wasn't well! He quickly offered her to sit.

"It's okay. Waise bhi mujhe nahi lagta humare beech ab baat karne ko kuch hai. Kal I guess sari baatein ho gayi thi.",

said Meher.

Naushad slowly lowered his eyes out of hesitation.

Slowly looking back towards her he said,

"Please... I insist!"

Reading his eyes Meher realized he is sincere about his words and hence obliged him.

Sighing, she said,

"Kahiye! Koi papers hain? Kahin sign karna hai to aap please jaldi de dijiye, I want to get it done as soon as I can."

Naushad kept staring her. His fingers of hands intertwined, hands rested at his desk.

Very calmly he asked her,

"Kyun koi intezar kar raha hai kya apka bahar?"

"Nahi! Main akeli ayi hun!",

she states clearly.

This came as a shock for Naushad.

"Meher! Tum akele kaise aa sakti ho?",

asked Naushad, raising his voice, knitting his brows.

Meher looked towards him, knitting her brows, anger surging through her afresh as she remembered the conversation they had the previous day.

"To apko kya laga Dr. Naushad Rizvi ke main apne parivar ko pareshan karungi ke wo mere saath aney ki zehmat uthayein?",

asked Meher, glaring him.

Then smiling sarcastically, looking away, she continued,

"Juzzbaatt sirf apke parivaar walon ke ander hi nahi hai!"

This skipped Naushad's heartbeat.

"Mere parivaar ko bhi bura lagta hai! Mere parivaar ko bhi takleef hoti hai!",

she stated, looking straight into his eyes, her head a little tilted towards her left.

" Waise hi wo bohot kuch seh chukey hain. Main to meri apni baat bhi unke samne nahi lana chahti thi. Agar aap mujhe samjhte to shayad wo sub karne ki zarurat hi nahi parhti!",

she stated, avoiding to look towards him out of anger.

Naushad kept staring her. His expression plain. His heartbeat smooth. As at that moment more than focusing on her anger and hence boiling his blood; he focused on his sense of contentment on finding her back in his cabin, the hope of which had diminished at a great extent yet residue of it was still left!

Taking a deep breath Naushad says,

"Meher please meri baat samjhne ki koshish kariye. Main ye nahi keh raha ke main aap par aitbaar nahi karta!"

"Kya? Kya kaha apne?",

asks Meher, sarcastically.

Naushad stares her, knowing that she understood it all.

"If I remember clearly to aap hi ne kaha tha ke main yakeen ke layak nahi!",

reminds Meher, bearing the hurt and pain she felt when he uttered those words, all over again.

Closing his eyes taking a deep breath, he says frustrated, raising his voice,

"Haan kaha tha maine!! Par tab..."

Meher intervenes him,

"Tab maine subke samne, bhari mehfil mein chilla kar ye nahi kaha tha that HE RAPED ME NAUSHAD! Right?",

asks Meher, sarcastically, knitting her brows, anger surges through her.

But if someone didn't deliberately break your trust and faith, would you call that person 'bewafa'?

Naushad stares her, feeling sorry for her. His eyes bearing hurt and pain.

"Meher please...",

pleads Naushad, softening his eyes.

Meher shakes her head in utter disbelief, staring him throughout.

"Aur ab... ab jab aap ye such jaan chukey hain to mujhe ye nasiyat di ja rahi hai ke main jakar police mein complain karwa dun? Mujhse ye pucha ja raha hai ke maine kyun police mein complain nahi karwaya?",

asks Meher, spitting venom through her words.

Naushad stares her, his anger rising inside.

Taking a deep breath, he says, his anger still visible,

"Aap mujhse akar to ye baat keh sakti thi na Meher?"

(NAUHER tune begins)

Laughing sarcastically, she asks,

"Apse? Kya kehti apse akar Naushad? Ke mera rape hua hai? Meri madad kijiye?",

she stares him, knitting her brows.

"Aap mante meri baat?",

asks Meher, taunting him.

Naushad looks towards her.

"Of course manta Meher. Kyun nahi manta?",

asks Naushad, knitting his brows, surprised that she thought he wouldn't have trusted her.

Staring him, laughing silently, sarcastically throughout, Meher nods her head into positive, and taunts him,

"Zarur mante... par jaise hi apko pata chalta ke gunehgar kon hai, aap mukar jatey! Peeche hat jatey! Jaisa uss din apne kiya!"

Lowering his eyes Naushad shakes his head. Looking back towards her he says calmly,

"Agar aisa hota to kal main Bano ke mayyiyat par bhi nahi aata!"

Laughing sarcastically, Meher taunts him,

"Meherbani! Meherbani apki ke aap kal ayein!"

Naushad knits his brows, staring her. Her words hurt him. Why is it that she has to understand him wrong always?

"Meher please... mere kehne ka wo matlab nahi tha.",

says Naushad, ignoring to look towards her out of hesitation.

"After all Bano meri bhi kuch lagti thi!",

says Naushad, hurt that she took him wrong.

"Aur main?"

(NAUHER tune begins as they stare each other)

"Main bhi to apki kuch...",

she lowers her eyes and laughs sarcastically.

This pinches Naushad's heart.

"Shayad ab kuch nahi lagti! Shayad ab khaas nahi!",

says Meher, laughing sarcastically, silently.

Naushad stares her, pleading her through his eyes to stop torturing him and herself as well! But Meher chooses to ignore his silent plea.

Gaining back her composure, Meher

"Bohot der ho chuki hai...",

she halts, staring him, making him to understand that indeed it's too late for him to apologize. He broke her heart and that cannot be mended now!

"Apko bus resignation letter dene ayi thi. Main chalti hun.",

saying so she gets up to leave.

Naushad gets up too.

"Main ye letter accept nahi kar raha Meher!",

he states clearly.

"Mujhe isse koi farak nahi parhta. Main yaha ab aur nahi aungi."

"Aap please mujhe bata dijiye ke mujhe kya formalities puri karni hai so that I can leave. Mera dum ghut raha hai yahan!",

she says, lowering her voice as she utters the last line.

It hurts Naushad, is his presence around her suffocating her? He suddenly gets hit by a memory of Iftaar party when they were actually trying to find a chance to get together; talk to each other. And here today even his presence is suffocating her!

Getting angry, Naushad snatches her resignation letter and throws it across his table and resting his elbow on the right handle of his chair he rests his fingers on his lips, avoiding to look towards Meher, as a gesture that she may leave if she wants!

Meher's heart skips a beat at his attitude. She looks towards the paper, her eyes widened out of shock, then slowly she looks towards Naushad, who doesn't turn to look towards her. Taking a deep breath, nodding her head, staring him with determination, she gets up and turns to leave.

Naushad turns his hand whose fingers are on his lips into fist and shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath to control his frustration. Opening his eyes he looks towards a retreating Meher and says,

"Main chor deta hun apko ghar."

"Uski koi zarurat nahi hai.",

retorts Meher, not caring to look towards Naushad.

Keeping his frustration under check Naushad quickly gets up and before Meher could pull the door of his cabin to walk out, Naushad pushes the door keeping it close.

"Main chor dunga apko.",

says Naushad, politely.

Half turning her head, still avoiding to look towards him, she says,

"Wo to aap kabka chor chukey hain.",

and looks towards him. They stare each other.

(NAUHER tune begins)

"Agar apko mere apke samne rehne se dikkat ho rahi hai to nahi aunga main apke samne.",

he tells her urgently, but politely.

"But please, aap aise... mat jaiye!",

requests Naushad, softening his voice and eyes.

"Kyun? Oh! Apke employees kam ho jayenge isliye?",

asks Meher, sarcastically, looking towards him.

Naushad shuts his eyes, enduring her taunts silently.

"Meher main janta hun abhi apke liye distraction kitna zaruri hai. And I know ke apka kaam hi humesha se apka distraction raha hai.",

says Naushad, pleading her to stay.

"Bilkul nahi Dr. Rizvi! Aap bhul gaye, main apne personal kaamon ke liye apki aur meri friendship ka galat faida utha rahi thi?",

taunts Meher.

"Itna galat faida uthaya ke... aaj khud hi subke nazron mein galat sabit ho gayi!",

says Meher, her voice shaking; her eyes teary.

This clenches Naushad's heart.

"Excuse me! I must take your leave now.",

saying so she leaves, before she gets more emotional in front of him.


calls Naushad as she leaves, but in vain.


At night Naushad reaches home, tired.


comes Aliya, beaming with joy on seeing her father.

Finally Naushad got a reason to smile.


says Naushad, smiling with all his heart, feeling relaxed on seeing his daughter after a hectic day. Naushad takes her in his arms.

Aliya kisses her Abbu on his cheek. Naushad's half tension vanishes on receiving Aliya's love.

"Abbu kitne din ho gaye Meher Didi kyun nahi aa rahin ghar?",

asks Aliya.

This skips Naushad's heartbeat.

"Ahmm... beta unhe kaam hai na isliye wo aa nahi pa rahi hongi.",

he tries to let go off this question.

Aliya feels sad about it. Naushad understands and feels bad for her.

Suddenly an idea comes to his mind and he dials Meher's number, hoping that she receives the call.

Meher's phone rings she checks the time it's 10:30 pm. All are fast asleep. Who must have called her at this moment? Is there any emergency in the hospital? But even if there were, Naushad would surely have made sure that no one disturbs her. She really could feel his concern - the thought skips Meher's heartbeat.

Shrugging off the thought, Meher checks the number, her heartbeat skips again as she reads 'Naushad' flashing on the screen. Why would he call her at this hour of the day? - wonders Meher. Glancing towards an asleep Jannat, Meher removes the blanket off her and walking out of the room, she enters another vacant room. Whilst climbing the bed, she answers the phone hesitantly,


her voice low, fearing of waking up someone.

She holds her breath, as she waits for his reply.

"Meher Didi!!!",

says Aliya, beaming with joy.

Her voice skips Meher's heartbeat. Her throat chokes out of so many emotions for her.

"Aliyaa... kaisi hain aap?",

she asks, controlling her emotions.

"Achi hun!",

says Aliya, sweetly.

Sitting next to Aliya, Naushad smiles sadly, his eyes lowered as he feels happy and guilty both at the same time.

"Aap kaisi hain?",

asks Aliya, innocently.

Her question skips the heartbeats of both Naushad and Meher. Naushad after looking towards Aliya, lowers his eyes again.

"Main bhi theek hun.",

smiles Meher, although her throat chokes as Aliya asks her that question.

"Aap mujhse milne kyun nahi aa rahin?",

asks Aliya, sadly.

Naushad's heart clenches on hearing Aliya and the same happens with Meher too. Naushad doesn't blame Meher for anything, in fact he understands how much both Meher and Aliya are craving to meet each other. Only if circumstances would have been different, she would have definitely come to meet Aliya.

"Beta... Dr. Meher ko itna kaam hota hai hospital mein fir ghar ja kar wo bhi thak jati hain na jaise Abbu thak jate hain aur akar jaldi se so jatey hain?",

explains Naushad, lovingly to Aliya.

On the other side of the phone Meher hears everything and lowers her eyes, smiling a little.

Aliya turns to look towards her father, still holding the phone in her hand,

"Jhoot... aap to aj kal sotey hi nahi ho!"

Her bold confession, skips the heartbeats of both Naushad and Meher alike.

Naushad widens his eyes, completely at a loss of word!

"Main jab raat ko washroom jane ke liye uthti hun, aap mere saath soye hue nahi hote. Aur maine apke room ki light jali hui bhi dekhi hai.",

confesses Aliya, boldly.

This skips another of Naushad's and Meher's heartbeat. Meher's heartbeat picks up pace on hearing Aliya's words. She realizes she is the reason of Naushad's remaining awake at nights.

"Aur Abbu...",

saying so Aliya places her small hand on her Abbu's forehead checking his temperature,

"Apko fever hai kya?",

she asks, knowing nothing about how fever is checked and what confirms that a person is having fever, after placing one's hand on the forehead of a person. She only knows her father does so when she gets fever and says - 'apko to fever hai!' or 'nahi ab apko fever nahi hai!' and she is just following the suit.

Aliya's gesture while makes Naushad to laugh silently out of love for Aliya on witnessing her care towards him it also makes him go nervous as he didn't want to disclose this in front of Meher.

As for Meher, although Aliya's care for her father touches Meher's heart but simultaneously she gets tensed too on hearing that Naushad is not well.

Removing her hand from his forehead, out of nervousness, Naushad tells Aliya,

"Nahi beta... aisi koi baat nahi hai!",

whilst saying so his face turns towards the mobile, to make himself audible to Meher too. He understands she must be worrying about him now.

Meher doesn't relax still. She somehow understands that he is lying. And as if Allah is not in favour of Naushad today, he coughs! This skips another of Meher's heartbeat.

Naushad too gets nervous as he ends up coughing and stares towards the mobile in horror!

"Acha aap theek hain? To aap khans kyun rahe hain?",

asks Aliya sitting on her knees, facing her Abbu, holding her waist from either sides.

"Chup ho ja meri Ammi!",

says Naushad, feeling embarrassed and scared in front of Meher.

But Aliya is Aliya! She continues,

"Aur aap wo dawayi kyun le rahe the abhi fir? Maine kal bhi apko tablets lete hue dekha tha!",

accuses Aliya.

Naushad turns to look towards the mobile in horror!

Hearing that Naushad is taking pills for something, it could be either fever or... sleeping pills, worries Meher!

"Beta wo dawayi khansi ki nahi hai!",

says Naushad, in a pleading tone.

"To fir kiski hai?",

asks Aliya, determined to get an answer.

Before Naushad could reply, Meher speaks up politely, though anxious inside,

"Aliya, beta apko pata hai wo dawayi kahan rakhi hai?"

This skips Naushad's heartbeat. He stares Aliya, widening his eyes and shakes his head into negative, asking her to reply in negative. But she is in team Meher Didi right now!

Ignoring her father's pleading look, she readily replies to her Meher Didi,

"Haan Didi mujhe pata hai."

Meher's anxiety increases, she although feels dizzy, but she tries to keep herself steady.

"Aap jakar le aoge please?",

requests Meher.

Naushad keeps widening his eyes to make Aliya look towards him and keeps shaking his head into negative as well, but all go in vain!

Aliya runs out of the room to get the medicines.

"Aliya! Aliya!",

calls Naushad, clutching his teeth together, to keep his voice low.

But Meher hears it all.

Naushad shuts his eyes in frustration. Opening them takes a deep breath. His sharp intake of breath skips Meher's heartbeat. She understands that he is pissed off. Meher doesn't understand why she finds his frustration amusing. She tries to laugh silently, but blooper occurs when Naudhad hears her laughing silently. This skips Naushad's heartbeat. He looks towards the phone and smiles a little, lowering his eyes.

He coughs again. Meher straightens up, worried.

"Dekhiye Dr. Mirza I am fine!",

Naushad tries to assure her.

"I am not talking to you Dr. Rizvi!",

states Meher, clearly.

Aliya returns back and says,

"Meher Didi main dawayi le ayi!"

Her voice swells Meher's heart. Though in a serious situation, Meher smiles nevertheless.

"Aap le ayin? Good girl. Ab aap parh kar batayengi wahan tablet ke packet par kya likha hai?",

asks Meher, politely.

Aliya tries to read but she finds it difficult to pronounce.

"Pa... ra...",

begins Aliya, trying to pronounce the name of the medicine.

Naushad gets alert, scared that Meher would discover that he is having fever. He doesn't want to get her tensed so he quickly intervenes,

"Poly-Vent DM!",

laughing a little, he says,

"Galat parh rahe ho beta!"

Aliya glares her father, narrowing her eyes on him.

Meher too takes a deep breath understanding that he is trying to hide the real name of the medicine.

"Aliya aap Abbu ki baat mat sunno, aap mujhse baat karo. Mujhe spelling batao aap!",

says Meher.

Naushad shuts his eyes tight afraid that the truth will get revealed.


she speaks up the spelling.


exclaims Meher.

"Apko bukhar hai?",

asks Meher, concerned.

(NAUHER tune begins)

His heart clenches seeing her concern.

"Doc... Dr. Mirza sirf bukhar hi hai, koi badi baat nahi hai.",

assures Naushad.

"Aur khasi bhi!",

adds Aliya, then glares her father.

Naushad stares Aliya helplessly.

"Meher Didi ek aur dawayi hai...",

says Aliya and reads,

"PM Simply sleep!"

This shocks Meher! She remains quiet in front of Aliya but inside anger surge through her.

"Meher Didi aap yahan aoge?",

asks Aliya innocently.

This skips the heartbeat of both Naushad and Meher alike.

"Nahi Aliya! Dr. Meher kahin nahi aa rahin. Bohot der ho chuki hai unhe rest karne do.",

says Naushad, sternly.

Meher lowers her eyes, sensing his concern towards her. She feels helpless about her state.

"Aliya! Abhi bohot raat ho gayi hai na, to main abhi to nahi aa paungi. But you are a big girl na? Aap apne Abbu ka khyal rakhoge until I come there?",

asks Meher, politely.

Her words, especially the last sentence skips Naushad's heartbeat.
Is she really considering meeting him again? - excitement fills his heart. He blushes.

Aliya like a good girl understands her Meher Didi's words and doesn't argue.

"Theek hai Meher Didi main rakhungi Abbu ka khyal!",

she says confidently and taking it as her duty to obey her Meher Didi and take care of her Abbu.

This swells the hearts of both Naushad and Meher alike. They smile - Naushad looking towards Aliya; and Meher thinking about Aliya!

"That's like my girl!",

says Meher in excitement.

Her words skip Naushad's heart. Meher too realizes the blooper she made and holds her tongue in between her teeth.

Taking a deep breath, Naushad says,

"Ab Dr. Mirza zara aap please apni ladli ko kahengi ke wo kuch kha kar, brush karke sone chali jaye? Apna khana kitchen se khud lene ki zehmat uthayein after all she is a big girl now?"

This makes Meher to laugh secretly.


addresses Meher lovingly.

"Ja rahi hunnn...",

and she is already running towards the kitchen.

This makes both Meher and Naushad to laugh together!

As their laughter dies, they again remember the prevailing situation in their relationship.

(NAUHAR tune begins)


he addresses politely.

"Apne dawayi li?",

she asks, trying to divert his mind, knowing that where he is trying to take the conversation to.

Sighing, he asks,

"Apko isse kya fark parhta hai?"

This pinches her heart.

She goes quiet.

But despite bewafai from so called both the sides why the wafa lies between them? Why not let go off each other? Why holding back on each other secretly? Or let that person know your true feelings and stop saying that "kar rahe hain hum 'bewafa se wafa' "!

This skips Naushad's heartbeat. Has he hurt her that much by his recent words?


he prompts to understand her current situation.

"Apko bhaley hi mere dard; meri takleef se fark na parhe par...",

and her throat chokes as it becomes unbearable for her.

Naushad gets tensed.

"Meher... I am sorry... I didn't mean to... are you fine?",

he asks, concerned.

"Maine dawayi le li!",

assures Naushad.

Meher sighs in relief.

Trying to control herself, taking a deep breath, Meher asks him,

"Acha ek baat batayiye Naushad, apne mera withdrawal notice kiya tha, right? Main apse durr ho rahi thi; apko avoid kar rahi thi, how would you explain that Naushad? Why suddenly I started behaving weird with you?"

Naushad stays quiet lowering his eyes.

"Aur ye bhi baat main apko pehle bata chuki hun ke maine apse kuch nahi share kiya because it's not easy Naushad!!!",

she raises her voice while uttering last five words.

Naushad's heart skips a beat.

"Baat to kya main apki taraf dekh bhi nahi pa rahi thi out of guilt and shame!",

says Meher, trying to keep her voice as low as possible.

Naushad stays quiet, his eyes cascaded down, thinking.


cries Meher suddenly, trying to keep her voice low.

Her cry drags Naushad's attention and he asks abruptly, concerned, knitting his brows,

"Kya hua Meher?"

"Kuch... kuch nahi...",

replies Meher, trying to keep her voice under control.

"Bataiye mujhe please...",

requests Naushad.

"I... I am fine Naushad...",

Meher tries to let it go.

"Meher... I request...",

pleads Naushad.

"It burns constantly...",

she confesses, lowering her eyes, keeping her voice low.

It hurts Naushad to the core!

Before Naushad could reply, Aliya climbs up the bed, resting beside him, she declares,

"Main yahin soungi!"

While this comes as a not-so-pleasant surprise for Naushad but as for Meher she enjoys Aliya's innocence.

"Beta aap... apne room mein jakar so jao main abhi aata hun.",

says Naushad.

"Nahi main yahin soungi Abbu!",

cries Aliya.


Naushad raises his voice a little on Aliya.

"Rehne dijiye na... agar usse sona hai apke paas to sone dijiye. Hum baad mein baat kar lenge.",

says Meher.


says Naushad sternly.

This comes as a surprise for Meher.

"Bohot ziddi hoti ja rahi hai aj kal ye...",

says Naushad, looking towards Aliya, widening his eyes.

"Bilkul apki tarah!"

Meher's bold reply comes as a surprise for Naushad!

"Apse to main baad mein deal karta hun!",

says Naushad, showing his fake anger towards her.

Saying so he focuses on Aliya, still holding the phone on his ear, such that Meher hears everything.

"Aliya ab mujhe gussa aa raha hai. Ab aap ache bachey ki tarah so jaiye!",

scolds Naushad.

"Aap usse dant kyun rahe hain?",

comes Meher's question.

Her tone reflects her disappointment on discovering that he is scolding Aliya.

Her words skip Naushad's heartbeat.

"Arey dantu nahi to aur kya karun? Abhi nahi soyegi to kal uthegi kaise?",

asks Naushad.

Seeing her father getting angry, Aliya quickly slips under the quilt and closes her eyes.

"To ye baat pyar se bhi to samjhayi ja sakti hai?",

says Meher, raising her voice.

Naushad widens his eyes out of surprise, a pinch of smile spreads on his face.

"Apko kya maza aata hai humesha akdu, sadu baney rehne mein?",

asks Meher, pissed off.

Naushad blushes.

"Maine sahi hi pucha tha, pata nahi apki biwi apko chor kar pehle kyun nahi bhaag gayi?",

says Meher, pissed off.

The question that once surged anger through him, makes him to laugh out loud today!

Meher who was looking forward to an argument, finds his laughter heart fluttering. She blushes secretly, smiling.

"Agar wo bhaag jaati to Aliya kaise hoti?",

laughs Naushad.

This skips another of Meher's heartbeat. She widens her eyes. Did he really say that?

"Shh... apko bilkul sharm nahi aati na?",

asks Meher, hiding her blush.

"Sharm? Sharm kaisi?",

asks Naushad, confused.

"Aliya ke samne aap...",

she trails off, feeling shy herself she lowers her eyes.

"Rehne dijiye. Main phone rakh rahi hun.",

says Meher, hiding her shyness.

But Naushad understands it all and smiles secretly.

"Waise main ziddi hun?",

he asks her.

Meher blushes.

"Bohottt zada!",

she says, laughing.

"Kyun maine kya zid ki?",

asks Naushad.

"Ab aap abhi ki baat le lijiye. I am sure aap bohot tired honge but rest karne ki jagah mujhse baat kar rahe hain. Hue na aap ziddi?",

Meher purses her lips.

This makes Naushad to laugh out loud. Meher too laughs secretly.

As the laughter dies, Naushad turns serious, so does Meher.

(NAUHER tune begins)

"Meher please mujhse baat karna mat band karna!",

says Naushad, lowering his voice, nervous.

His straight forward and sincere request clenches Meher's heart.

Meher stays quiet, feeling his words, her eyes lowered.


prompts Naushad.

"Kyun? Aap chahte hain ke main ek aise insaan se baat karun jisey mujh par bharosa hi nahi?",

asks Meher, keeping a check on her voice.

Naushad feels guilty. He shuts his eyes.

"Aisa nahi hai...",

Naushad fails to make himself understand.

"Fir kaisa hai Naushad?",

asks Meher, almost like whispering.

"Main jo kuch bhi kar rahi hun - apse baat karna abhi, sub Aliya ke liye hai.",

says Meher, reminding him that she is not doing this for him.

Smiling sadly he replies,

"Mujhe pata hai."

Meher takes a deep breath.

"And I am thankful to you for that from bottom of my heart ke aap mere aur apke beech ke differences se Aliya ko affect nahi hone de rahi. Apke aur Aliya ke beech nahi aane de rahin.",

says Naushad politely, sincerely.

Meher's eyes well up.

"Thanks to you actually for that. Main darr gayi thi ke shayad ab Aliya se kabhi na baat kar paun!",

confesses Meher forcing her voice out of her choked throat.

This clenches Naushad's heartbeat.

"I don't know main ab Aliya ke bina kabhi bhi kaise reh paungi!",

confesses Meher.

Naushad softens his eyes, his heart contracts hearing her.

"Kon kar raha hai apko dur Aliya se?",

asks Naushad, politely, understanding her feelings.

Meher gets all the more emotional.

"Aap ajeeb hain Naushad.",

says Meher.

Naushad knits his brows, smiling a little, surprised on hearing her.

"Kabhi aap mere bina boley hi mere dil ki baat kitne asani se samjh jate hain; jaise ki apse acha mujhe koi nahi samjhta!",

says Meher, lowering her eyes out of shyness.

Naushad's heart skips a beat hearing her last line and he lowers his eyes too out of shyness.

"Aur kabhi main agar chilla-chilla kar bhi kisi baat ka apko yakeen dilana chahun to bhi aap nahi samjhte!",

says Meher, hesitantly.

Naushad feels guilty!

"Does the burning sensation persist?",

asks Naushad, keeping his voice low.

His sudden question skips Meher's heartbeat. She lowers her eyes and tells him,

"No... I am fine now."


confirms Naushad.

Out of embarrassment, Meher nods her head.

"Meher main apke samne nahi hun. In case you are nodding your head so let me remind you phone se main apko dekh nahi sakta!",

says Naushad.

Meher holds her tongue in between her teeth and blushes.

Slowly she says,

"I am glad aap mujhe nahi dekh sakte!"

Naushad widens his eyes, smiling at her innocence.

"I am fine Naushad.",

Meher assures him.

Naushad smiles and says,


Hesitantly, Naushad says,

"Ahmm... Meher maine Aapi aur Bhaijaan se baat ki thi.",

he holds his breath to know her reply.

Meher's heartbeat picks up pace.


she asks calmly.

"Meher I trust you!",

he says, ever so slowly and lovingly. Pouring all his trust through his words.

Meher shuts her eyes, breathing calmly. A little smile of satisfaction comes on her face. Tears roll down her cheeks.

"I know aap jhoot nahi bol rahin. Maine khud dekha tha apko. Apka bartaw jo meri taraf badla tha wo maine mehsus kiya tha Meher!",

he confesses.

Meher takes a deep breath! Relaxed and satisfied - he trusts her!

"Main manta hun ke aap par ek baar mein maine yakeen nahi kiya...",

he trails off, frustrated.

"Par main kya karta? Mujhe uss pal aisa laga ke aap bhi Arwa ki tarah...",

he trails off again, shaking his head, closing his eyes.

Meher understands his state. She realizes as much as she is vulnerable, he is vulnerable too! Tears keep rolling down her cheeks, silently.

"Par Meher, baad mein to kiya na? Kya uss yakeen ki koi value nahi?",

asks Naushad, pleading her to understand.

"Aap khud bataiye agar aap meri jagah hoti to aap kya karti?",

asks Naushad, desperately.

Meher falls in dilemma.

"Meher yaad hai uss din jab apki behn Amaal ne Raghu par jhoota ilzaam lagaya tha?",

reminds Naushad.

Meher's heart skips a beat as she remembers the incident.

"Meher main janta hun Raghu kaisa hai? Wo ek bohot hi acha insaan hai. Mulaqat hui hui hai meri usse. Yakeen maniye bohot hi shareef aur izzatdar insaan hai wo. Par kya kisi ne bharosa kiya? Uss par jhoota ilzaam lagaya gaya tha. Koi nahi samjha tha usse. Par main samjh raha tha ke Raghu aisa kar hi nahi sakta!",

says Naushad.

"Wo isliye kyunki apko hum Mirzas par yakeen tha hi nahi.",

says Meher.

Naushad lowers his eyes. He accepts that deep down it's true.

"Main manta hun ke mujhe Mirza family ki aurton par yakeen nahi tha, par ye bhi such hai ke main ye bhi samjh raha tha ke Raghu bura insaan nahi hai! Tab Amaal ne mera bharosa toda tha Meher!"

says Naushad.

"Kamal hai na Naushad aap jisse zada baat nahi karte aap usse pehchan gaye par apke khud ke khandan ke insaan ko nahi samjh paye?",

taunts Meher.

"Aur Amaal ne jo kiya so kiya, main hun uske liye sharminda. Par aap Amaal ko theek se jante nahi hain so it's fine. Par aap mujhe to jante hain na?",

asks Meher.

Naushad stays quiet out of guilt.

"Apne ab tak jitna bhi waqt mere saath guzara, kya apko laga ke main aisi neech harkat kar sakti hun?",

asks Meher.

"Apne kisi aur se kiye gaye gunah ki saza mujh par yakeen na karke mujhe diya! Kyun Naushad?",

asks Meher, knitting her brows.

"Apne ab tak jitna bhi waqt mere saath guzara, kya apko laga ke main aisi neech harkat kar sakti hun?",

asks Meher.

"Apne kisi aur se kiye gaye gunah ki saza mujh par yakeen na karke mujhe diya! Kyun Naushad?",

asks Meher, knitting her brows.

"Uss din mujhe ye ehsaas hua ke main Mirza khaandan ke aurton ke barey mein jo kuch bhi sochta tha, wo bilkul sahi tha!",

declares Naushad, hesitantly.

This shocks Meher!


she doesn't complain out of anger! She understands that it's useless to make him understand.

"Mujhe nahi lagta Naushad ke humare beech ab kuch bhi baat karne ke liye bacha hai! Mujhe yakeen ho gaya hai ke aap mujhe kabhi nahi samjh sakte! Galti ki apse umeed karke. Khuda hafiz!",

saying so Meher ends the call, not waiting to listen to him.

But if you choose to go away from that person when he/she needs you the most, then surely you will be tagged as a 'bewafa'!

Is Naushad really a bewafa?

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Heyyy!! I've been reading your Nausher fanfic and they're all absolutely amazing!! You've penned them all so beautifully. Dil aa gaya! <3333

I hope that you finish this one also soon, because it's so brilliant and I would absolutely love to read ahead!! :D
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Chapter 3

It's been a week since Meher and Naushad last talked to each other. Meher is not going to the hospital too.

Resting on her bed she is reading a book when her phone rings.

As she was about to check who is it calling, Jannat picks it up seeing his name flashing on the screen she ends the call.

This comes as a surprise for Meher.

"Jannat kaata kyun? Kiska call tha?",

whilst saying so she tries to take the phone from her, that Jannat takes her hand back, away from the reach of Meher.

Meher stares her knitting her brows.

"Ye kya bachpana hai Jannat. Lao phone do mujhey.",

says Meher, extending her hand, pissed off by Jannat's gesture.

"Nahi Meher. Ab tumhe ye phone nahi milega!",

says Jannat, sternly.

"Nahi milega? Kyun nahi milega?",

asks Meher, surprised.

"Jannat dekho apni ye khurafatiyan band karo aur mujhe mera mobile do!",

says Meher, pissed off.

"Main koi khurafati nahi kar rahi Meher. Tum ab apne uss khadus, akdu, chauvinist boss se baat nahi karogi!",

declares Jannat.

"Jannat please! Aise mat bolo, wo waise nahi hain!",

defends Meher.

"Kya? Kya kaha tumne? Badi tum khud kal tak ye sarey words unke liye use karti thi na? To suddenly aaj kya ho gaya?",

asks Jannat, raising her voice.

A knot forms on Meher's throat, her heartbeat picks up pace.

"Jannat please aise mat karo. Zarur Aliya ko baat karni hogi!",

Meher pleads, her eyes at the verge of getting tears.

"Really Badi? Ho kya tum? Tum kaise uss insaan ke barey mein; uss insaan ke parivaar ke barey mein soch sakti ho, jisne bhari mehfil mein tumhara saath dene ke bajaye galat logo ka saath diya?",

asks Jannat, raising her voice, staring Meher in shock.

Meher gets anxious, she starts breathing heavily.

"Jannat mujhe... mujhe...",

she begins to say, but her deep breathing, anxiety attack, refrains her from speaking further.

Meanwhile the phone call ends!

"Meher... Meher!!",

a worried Jannat sits next to Meher and starts rubbing her hand on Meher's back to relax her.

Meher still continues feeling the anxiety attack but it starts diminishing too. Hugging her, Jannat realizes, knitting her brows - how much Naushad and Aliya mean to her!

Soon she bursts into tears in Jannat's arms.

"Badi... kya hua tum... tum ro kyun rahi ho?",

asks Jannat, concerned.

"Jannat please... please mujhe baat karne do!",

pleads Meher, crying.

Tensed Jannat embraces her into a tight hug.

"Badi... abhi tumhe aaram ki zarurat hai. Tum dawayi lo aur rest karo. Unse baat tum baad mein kar lena.",

says Jannat, sympathetically, hugging her.

Meher takes a deep breath of satisfaction and a tear rolls down her cheek.

Jannat gets tensed about Meher!

Sitting in his cabin Naushad gets pissed off by the fact that Meher didn't receive the call. He stares at the globe kept at his desk, swinging the chair he is sitting on back and forth.

All the moments he had spent with Meher starts coming in front of his eyes in a row. The cough attack drags him out of the reverie. He is not well but still has come to hospital to distract his mind from Meher. But despite trying a lot, he fails to distract his mind.

On the other hand Meher cries thinking about Naushad. His distrust in her pierces her heart - true, but this distance has become a torture for her. The anxiety attacks gets acute because of this reason! The main reason for her first anxiety attack since that fateful incident was confronting Naushad! Now that she is done with facing that, her anxiety attack has turned acute because she is able to feel the distance between them.

Initially it was that that she had tagged him as bewafa! But now after spending time away from him, she has realized that she is ready to do bewafa se wafa, but she just can't take this anymore!


Resting back on his chair, his face faced up towards the ceiling, his eyes closed, Naushad replays the incident that turned his life upside down, in his mind.

Pushing of his cabin door skips his heartbeat out of anticipation and expectation. Bearing the excitement in his voice, opening his eyes, getting straight, he says,


But soon his smile vanishes as he discovers Jannat standing at the entrance of his cabin rather than Meher.


asks a surprised Naushad.

"Please ayiye na!",

Naushad invites her in politely.

As for Jannat, her heart skips a beat as she realizes that he had been expecting Meher there! But soon she clears her head knowing that she would look like a fool if she doesn't do that.

Smiling politely, she gets into his cabin whilst saying,

"Ahmm... apse kuch baat karni thi to socha... apse akar mil lun!"

"Apne zehmat kyun uthayi? Aap mujhe phone kar deti main aa jata apse milne?",

says Naushad out of courtesy.

They stare each other and suddenly Naushad realizes that he couldn't have done that even if Jannat would have called him up!

They stare each other and suddenly Naushad realizes that he couldn't have done that even if Jannat would have called him up! Apologetically, he smiles and lowers his eyes. Jannat smiles too, awkwardly, understanding his emotions.

"It's okay!",

she assures him politely.

Naushad looks back towards her, smiling politely.

"Kya lengi aap? Chaye? Kahwah? Anything?"

"No! No thank you.",

smiles Jannat, politely.

Naushad smiles too.

"Ahmm... Main wo yahan se guzar rahi thi to socha apse milti hui jaun.",

says Jannat.


smiles Naushad.

He rests back on his chair, giving her time to muster courage and speak up.

"Ahmm... darasal main apse Badi..
mera matlab Meher ke barey mein apse baat karna chahti thi.",

says Jannat, hesitantly and looks towards Naushad to gauge his reaction.

Naushad bends forward, resting his hands hands on his desk, intertwining his fingers.

"Ji kahiye? Is she fine?",

asks Naushad, urgently.

The urgency in his voice, skips Jannat's heartbeat.

"Ji... ji... she is recovering. She is fine.",

assures Jannat, surprised by his concern towards Meher.

"To fir kya baat karni thi?",

asks Naushad, puzzled.

"I hope wo regular basis par checkup karwa rahi hain? Agar nahi, so aap mujhe bata sakti hain, main unse baat karunga. I am sure I'll be able to convince her.",

proposes Naushad.

Jannat smiles politely, and giving him a knowing look, says,

"I am sure aap convince kar lenge!"

This skips Naushad's heartbeat. He lowers his eyes apologetically.

"I... I mean...",

he tries to rectify.

Jannat enjoys seeing Naushad's blushed up state.

"Actually, pehle to main apse apne bartaw ke liye maafi mangna chahungi.",

apologizes Jannat.

This comes as a shock for Naushad.

"Miss Mirza please, aap maafi mang kar mujhe sharminda na kariye.",

says Naushad politely, looking towards Jannat.

Lowering his eyes, he says,

"In fact I am feeling guilty, I am sorry mere bartaw ke liye."

Jannat understands that it's his earnest apology.

"Aap please maafi na mange. Waise bhi apko apke kiye ki saza already mil chuki hai!",

says Jannat.

Naushad looks up towards Jannat.

"Ek Ammi ki maar... aur... Meher se apka fasla!",

confesses Jannat, hesitantly, gauging his reaction.

Naushad smiles sadly and lowers his eyes.

"Main apse Meher ke barey mein baat karne ayi thi.",

says Jannat, hesitantly.

"Ji kahiye?",

asks Naushad, getting serious, knitting his brows.

"Dekhiye Dr. Rizvi main nahi janti aap Meher par bharosa karte hain ya nahi! Haan ye such hai ke uss roz jab apne Meher ka saath nahi diya tha to main nahi chahti thi ke Meher apke saath koi bhi taluqat rakhe!",

states Jannat, clearly.

Naushad apologetically and hesitantly lowers his eyes.

"Par... maine dekhi hai Meher ki halat. Wo theek nahi hai!",

says Jannat, knitting her brows, a knot forms in her throat.

Naushad stares her, knitting his brows, concerned.

"Wo... wo... apki beti... usse kafi attached hai I think!",

says Jannat, hesitantly.

Naushad smiles sadly, his eyes lowered.

"Jaan basti hai dono ki ek dusre mein!",

says Naushad in a dreamy voice, smiling.

This skips Jannat's heartbeat!

Then suddenly he realizes what he is saying.

Quickly looking towards Jannat in horror, he tries to apologize,

"I... I mean..."

"It's okay! I understand!",

assures Jannat, staring him, reading him.

"Aliya naam hai na apki beti ka?",

asks Jannat.


smiles Naushad, and lowers his eyes.

"Dekha tha maine Iftaar party mein. She is very sweet.",

smiles Jannat.

"Thank you!",

smiles Naushad.

"Dr. Rizvi, despite being angry at you! Despite not wanting Meher to stay in contact with you, maine dekha hai ke wo apki beti aur...",

saying so Jannat pauses, and stares him for sometime.

"Apko lekar bohot possessive hai!",

she completes, softly.

Naushad stares her, blushing but not smiling. Then lowers his eyes.

"Main janti hun ke Meher ko, uspar bharosa na karke agar dard dene waley aap hain... to usse iss dard se nikalne ki dawa bhi aap hi hain!",

says Jannat, giving him a knowing look.

Naushad's heart skips a beat. He too gives her a apologetic knowing look, and lowers his eyes.

"Meher yahan nahi ayegi, main janti hun. But uske liye yahan ana kitna zaruri hai iss baat ka bhi mujhe ilm hai!",

says Jannat, sadly, looking towards Naushad.

"Yahan sub bachon ke beech reh kar, subse mil kar... apke saath reh kar hi Meher wapas normal ho sakti hai.",

says Jannat.

'Apke saath reh kar' skips Naushad's heartbeat and he lowers his eyes.

"Main... main samjhta hun. Aur isiliye maine uska isteefa reject kar diya tha.",

he lets her know.

"Par... aap to apni behn ko janti hi hain, jab zid par utar aye to kisi ki nahi sunti!",

smiles Naushad.

Jannat smiles too.

"Ji! Par wo ye nahi janti ke agar wo Meherunissa Mirza hai; to main bhi Jannat Mirza hoon! Usse umr mein choti hi sahi, par waqt aney par main badi behn banne se bhi nahi hichkichaungi!",

says Jannat, confidently.

Naushad stares her wide eyed, smiling. This makes Jannat to blush and laugh.

"Aap wakayi Meher ki hi behn ho sakti hain!",

laughs Naushad.

While Naushad expects her to laugh too, he gets surprised on witnessing anger surging through her. Naushad gets tensed and asks,

"Kya hua Jannat?"

"Usne bhi yahi kaha tha!",

says Jannat, grinding her teeth.

"Usne? Usne kisne?",

asks Naushad, unable to comprehend with Jannat's words.

"That bas***d Irfan!",

blurts Jannat.

This skips Naushad's heartbeat. He goes serious and knits his brows. Anger surges through him.

Suddenly Jannat realizes what she has done! She didn't mean to talk about him with Naushad. But it happened all of a sudden.

"Kya... kya kaha tha?",

asks Naushad, hesitantly.

"Jisse wo gunde bol raha tha wo Raghu aur Azi the. Main bhi gayi thi. Unhone hi usse mara tha! Jab hum wahan gaye usne dekh kar pehchan liya mujhe ke main Meher ki behn hun, jabki main usse kabhi mili bhi nahi. Meher aur meri resemblance wo samjh gaya tha I guess. Keh raha tha ye wo!",

says Jannat, anger surging through her afresh.

"Dr. Rizvi, wo insaan yakeen ke layak nahi hai, aap iss baat par mera yakeen kijiye please.",

she pleads Naushad.

Naushad looks towards her, trying to understand her.

"Meher may be ek baar jhoot bol de apka yakeen paney ke liye. But main kyun jhoot bolungi? Main to apko theek se janti bhi nahi? Mera motive kya ho sakta hai Dr. Rizvi? Aap khud hi sochiye!",

says Jannat.

"Main apse bheekh mangne nahi ayi yahan ke aap Meher ka saath dein. Par pehli mulakat se hi aap mujhe ek ache insaan lagey!"

Naushad stares Jannat.

"Meher ne apko 'judgemental' kaha tha na? Meher ne apko sahi pehchana!",

declares Jannat.

Naushad knits his brows lightly.

"Par aaj jab apki sahi judgement ki zarurat hai, to wo judgement kahan hai Dr. Rizvi?",

asks Jannat, desperately.

"Aap kyun sahi aur galat mein fark nahi samjh pa rahe?"

Sighing, Jannat says,

"Mujhe jo kehna tha main keh chuki hun! Ab ye aap taye kijiye ke apko kiska saath dena hai!"

"Khuda hafiz!",

saying so, Jannat gets up to leave, leaving behind Naushad with lots of matters to ponder on.

As she walks a few steps, Naushad calls her,


Jannat turns to look towards him.

Walking to her, Naushad hands her a small packet of medicines and says,

"Ye kuch dawaiyan hain, aap Meher ko de dijiyega. It would help her to recover quickly. Maine khareedi thi uske liye par... apke wahan janey ki himmat nahi hui.",

Naushad lowers his eyes apologetically.

Jannat understands and smiles politely, accepting the medicines.

"Shaam ko Ammi aur Khala pados mein kisi ke ghar dawat par ja rahi hain. Ghar mein bus main aur Meher honge!",

smiles Jannat.

Naushad gets all the hint that he wanted. His excitement is palpable through his glittering eyes.

"Khuda hafiz!",

smiles Jannat and turns to leave.


calls Naushad again.

Jannat turns to look towards Naushad.

"Thank you!",

says Naushad, politely, smiling.

Jannat smiles back and naughtily adds,

"Jitna der karenge waqt utna kam milega!"

This skips Naushad's heartbeat. He blushes and stares Jannat wide eyed! Jannat laughs and leaves.


After resting for an hour Meher wakes up. Her head heavy as a result of crying so much. Resting her back against the pillow, Meher thinks about Naushad - his scoldings and taunts in the beginning when they were getting to know each; his gradually becoming friendly towards her, everything.

'Bewafa' is the one who breaks your trust knowingly.

How could he, even for once think that Meher could do that? Break his trust!

How had she spent that one week without seeing him; without hearing him, only she knows! How eager was she to have a look of him, only she knows! She knows that it is so wrong. She must cease to think about any future with him now. Yet her heart rejects to accept her mind's decision.

The fact that he couldn't understand her, it became difficult for Meher to fathom that.

'Bewafa' is the one with whom you shared your feelings clearly, yet that person chose to break your heart. But if someone didn't deliberately break your trust and faith, would you call that person 'bewafa'? If you never mentioned your feelings to that person, then how can you call that person 'bewafa'? No, you cannot! But if you choose to go away from that person when he/she needs you the most, then surely you will be tagged as a 'bewafa'!

Naushad is the bewafa here! Yes, he is, he didn't try to understand her. Why didn't you understand her Naushad, why?

But is it entirely his fault Meher?

A relationship is built on the basis of trust and faith. He trusted you, had faith in you that you would share everything with him, but did you stand upto his expectations?

It was your past, agreed! You thought you have finally moved on, agreed! But wasn't it your duty to tell him everything about your past, when you already knew what was culminating between you two? Now tell bewafa is who?

Naushad didn't hide about his wife from you, you respect him for that. You didn't share with him about Irfan, what should we call that?

You are calling him bewafa, par tum batao de rahi ho tum usse kis baat ki saza? You said he didn't trust you! But how could he, when you kept yourself aloof? When you kept things from him? You were acting weird, he did notice. You blamed him for not understanding you still. But didn't you notice that he too was trying to get cordial with you but you pushed him away from you?

You kept feeling yourself to be untouchable, unwanted! That was the time when he was trying to make you speak; make you comfortable to share anything and everything with him, but yet today he has been tagged as bewafa? If that was not wafa, then what is?



calls Jannat, entering her room.

Meher looks up towards Jannat.

Jannat smiles with all her heart but Meher doesn't reciprocate out of tiredness and frustration. Jannat doesn't mind her at all. Reaching her, she sits on the bed and kisses Meher's forehead lovingly. Meher closes her eyes and relishes Jannat's kiss.

Getting away, Jannat smiles at Meher. Opening her eyes Meher looks towards Jannat, quizzically and asks,

"Itni mehrbani kyun?"

Jannat smiling, widens her eyes and says,

"Mohobbat kab zindagi mein aa jaye, pata hi nahi chalta!"

This skips Meher's heartbeat, now she widens her eyes and asks,


Jannat holds back her tongue and nervously, smiling, avoiding to look towards Meher says,

"Nahi... mera matlab ke ab jab tumhe mohobbat mil rahi hai to aise inkaar to na karo yaar!"

This skips another of Meher's heartbeat. She cascades down her eyes out of hesitation,

"Jannat... tum bhi... acha mazak kar leti ho! Yahan mohobbat shabd ki zindagi se rukhsati kar di gayi hai kab ki aur tum ho ke ujde hue chaman mein phool khilne ke sapne dikha rahi ho."

"Bewafa hote hain sub mard!",

says Meher, spitting venom through her words, thinking about Naushad.

Jannat understands she is talking about Naushad. Smiling understandingly, Jannat says,

"Kisi ki ek galti se uss insaan ko hi galat samjh lena, isse kaisa mehsus hota hai, wo iss waqt tumse achi tarah koi nahi samjhta Meher. Jis tarah tum umeed laga kar baithi thi, ho sakta hai dusre bhi umeed laga kar baithe hon?"

Smiling sarcastically, Meher looks towards Jannat and says,

"Umeed? Daawa karte hain ke main wo nahi nikli jaisa mujhe samjha gaya!"

"Halt your thoughts!",

commands Jannat Mirza, gesturing with her hand, forwarding it in front of Meher's face.

This comes as a surprise and skips Meher's heartbeat but thankfully in a pleasant way. She laughs silently. Jannat laughs too seeing her sister happy.

"Daawa se yaad aya apki 'daawa' ka waqt ho gaya hai!",

declares Jannat, smiling. She purposely pronounce 'dawa' i.e. medicine as 'daawa' just to make Meher laugh a little more.

And laugh is exactly what she does.

"Dawa? Par maine to dawa kha li!",

says Meher, smiling.

This makes Jannat to go nervous.

Whilst bringing out the tablets that Naushad gave to her, Jannat avoids to look towards Meher out of nervousness, and hesitantly, clumsily says,

"A... haan... wo... maine... maine internet par search ki thi kuch dawayi. To..."

Jannat looks towards Meher, who is staring her doubtfully, and nervously Jannat says,

"I... I am sure it would help you to recover soon."

As Jannat removes the cap of the bottle to bring out the tablet, Meher holds Jannat's hand and stares towards the bottle, shocked! Her brows knit together. Then slowly she looks back towards Jannat, her brows relaxes but the anger persists and a new determination envelops her. Looking straight into Jannat's eyes, she asks her,

"Tum Dr. Rizvi se milne gayi thi?"

Jannat's hands go cold and it has nothing to do with the chilling weather of Kashmir, as she is used to such weather. The reason here is her nervousness. Had it been any other situation, Jannat would have retorted back. But with Meher's current state and knowing her sweet and sour relationship with Naushad, Jannat goes numb! Whatever it is, at the end of the day Meher is her elder sister and she knows it pretty well how to make Jannat realize that when time comes! This is that time I guess!

"Main wo...",

Jannat tries to make Meher understand, but fails miserably.

"Tum bhi nikli na bewafa?",

says Meher, looking towards Jannat, tilting her head a little towards her left. Her voice shaky, her eyes teary.

This pinches Jannat to the core!


she exclaims, widening her eyes.

"Kya bol rahi ho tum? Main karungi tumse bewafai?",

Jannat scolds Meher mildly, dismissing Meher's thought.

Tear rolls down Meher's cheeks.

"Kyun gayi tum unse milne? Jab unhe meri feelings ki kadar hi nahi hai?",

asks Meher.

Jannat hugs Meher.

"Aisa nahi hai Meher, wo tumhare feelings ki bakhubi kadar karte hain.",

says Jannat, knitting her brows.

Pushing Jannat back, Meher stares her.

"Aisa kya keh diya unhone tumhe Jannat ke tum mujhe chor kar unki taraf ho gayi?",

asks Meher, accusingly.

"Khuda ke liye Meher, mujhe galat mat samjho!",

pleads Jannat.

"Aur unhe bhi nahi!",

she pleads further.

Meher shrugs it off, laughing sarcastically.

"Meher wo kashmakash mein hain. Samjho unhe.",

Jannat tries to explain.

"Kashmakash mein to main bhi hun Jannat, tumhe apni behn ka dard nahi dikhayi de raha aur unka...",

she points her index finger in the air to indicate 'unka'.

She trails off, unable to put her feelings into words.

"Ab agar unse dawayi lene chali gayi to iss mein unki kya galti?",

asks Jannat, making a sorry and cute face.

Meher looks towards her, maintaining her serious look. Soon she bursts out into fit of laughter, Jannat follows, relaxed that Meher is laughing finally.

"Ab tum ye dawayi le lo...",

says Jannat.


calls her Ammi.

Jannat turns to look towards the door of their room and calls out,

"Ayi Ammi..."

Turning to look towards Meher, she hands over the medicine to her and instructs her,

"Kha lena! Okay!",

smiling she leaves.

Meher smiles too as her reply but as she leaves, Meher bursts into tears seeing Naushad's handwriting, tracing it lovingly.

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