Final Warning regarding Moral Policing & Fanwars:Imp

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Posted: 1 years ago
Regarding Moral Policing 

There have been lot of reports regarding the on going moral policing in the forum ,so heres a final warning to everyone ..When you open a post ,everyone has the freedom to express their point of view even if its different from yours as long as the reply is not mocking or making any personal attacks ..Noone can stop a member from replying to any posts ..So pls make sure no member is found moral policing in forum ..In case u feel a member is deliberately trying to instigate fights with her/his replies then report such posts instead of telling the member to stop posting ..

Only in Appreciation Threads ,admin of AT has the right to reprimand members from replying if the admin feels certain member is trying to ruin the peace of AT ,but only admin of the AT can do so ,noone else ..

Other than AT ,every other post is open for all members to post their point of view freely but make sure you r not breaking IF's code of conduct or taking advantage of this freedom ..Anyone found moral policing can be reported directly to me via PM or just click the report button ..

Regarding Mahir vs Vikrant fan wars ..

Any form of comparison where the physical appearance or career of actors (Pearl & Rajat) are mocked will not be tolerated & members will b given individual warning for it ..

However one can compare the fictional characters of Mahir & Vikrant & even constructive criticism of their character or acting is allowed as they are part of the same show & also involved with the same girl Bela ,so we cannot stop the character comparisons here ..But make sure the comparison here is constructive & not done with a purpose to just instigate fanwars ..if we find any comparison as instigating ,topic will b closed but leave it on mods to decide that instead of moral policing yourself ..

But any form of actor comparison between Pearl & Rajat whether its their looks or career graph wont b tolerated & like I said individual warnings will b given ..

Any queries feel free to PM me ..

IF dev team 
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