Asatya Devi

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Posted: 2018-10-18T11:35:42Z
Its hard to imagine Satya as a victim. From everything she has been doing and getting crazier each day, this woman must have driven her husband and inlaws crazy. She does not even care about her own mother's advice, what does it say about her attitude at her inlaw's?

I would loveto see  the idiot Mata bhakth Jaya to find out about Asatya's saat khoon and then see how Jaya feels like a fool and dumps Satya like a hot brick in a divorce court on Mars
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Posted: 2018-10-18T12:41:20Z
People change. She may have been a victim before but she stood on her feet and took care of her daughters so she is not trusting of anyone because of her own experience. Jaya on the other hand is a brainless fool.

I am glad Samar spoke his mind today because Jaya doesn't have one. If she has to use it a little she gets confused and like a robot grabs her suitcase and walks out.

It's hard to build a new relation when you spend 50% of your time with your mom or at her house. She is not making any effort to learn about her new family and trying to fit in. Jaya doesn't realize how lucky she is to marry into Samar's family that is so understanding. Can't say the same for other families.

Anyway these silly misunderstandings are in Jaya's head but it is getting redundant to see this everyday. Not one day goes by smoothly. There is a limit to everything and I think Jaya has already crossed that line.
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Posted: 2018-10-18T16:05:11Z
Total agree that Jaya has no brains but Satya is a very bad influence and that will only destroy her. Also, being a mom, Satya should try to make her daughter's married life happy. I feel Satya was on a warpath even before the marriage happened. I blame them both, Jaya is a fool but Satya looks for trouble where there is none and creates one for her own enflated ego
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Posted: 2018-10-19T11:21:36Z
In today's episode at the end when both mother's talk in front of the NGO to newly married couples Satya tells a new bride "no adjustment" If you don't like the food at your inlaws house make it only the way you like even if they don't like it. Everything is not so black and white. Another woman said I don't feel comfortable calling my mil ma. Rama gave a very nice answer to resolve the situation.

Monday we will get to hear Rama's answer to that question. I like how she handles problems. She does it is a smart way that works for everybody.

Marriage is some compromise of both of the partners. If there is no adjustment then there are disagreements that become bigger problems. The issue is women feel they have to adjust more when it should be both having 50/50 say in their relationship and choices that they make as their own family. For this to also happen parents have to take a step back and let the kids resolve their own issues because too much interference is what causes a wall to build up between husband and wife.

One thing I notice in Jaya is that she doesn't trust Samar. When he tries to say something she doesn't try to understand because she has already made an opinion. Relationship has to be built on trust. Right now she has more faith in her mom than in her marriage. How can her relationship grow and get stronger when it is not her first priority?

Jaya has poor communication skills. She gets angry and reacts and doesn't listen with the intention of understanding. If you don't listen and just jump to your own conclusions all the time and then react then she will have problems everyday. She doesn't take the responsibility to solve her own problems which is immature. It's time she started acting like an adult instead of just someone's daughter where she takes no responsibility for anything.

I am tired of her just saying sorry because she doesn't seem to learn anything from her mistakes to avoid miscommunication problems again. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.

Jaya's mom is a divorce lawyer. She sees cases everyday. One would think she would understand what the problems are that may arise and how to solve them. She solves them by ending the marriage instead of trying to solve the issues. For her it is all or nothing. Either girls demands have to be 100% met otherwise divorce.
It is society's response to these issues that has made Jaya's mom behave this way. I would say the problem is with attitudes in society which is a bigger issue. Till attitudes change behavior won't change. Jaya's mom's views are extreme. There needs to be a middle ground. Compromise to resolve the issues but not to the point that you compromise on your values and lose your own identity. Edited by rose2015 - 2018-10-19T11:35:50Z
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