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Well maan make geet honr hana shocked  geet is in km
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Nice Teaser
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Awesome Teaser 

Looking forward to seeing whether Geet can handle her new home
or not 
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Nice teaserSmileSmile
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I Own You
Part. 19.

G. Jii it's beautiful (he peak on her lips then said her.

M. But not more than my wife (her cheeks become red but he can sense something so he ask her) tell me why are you tense (Geet look at him.

G. Woh I am not tense but little scared (Geet know she can't lie so she tell him what was in her heart then he ask her.

M. Why are you scared (she slowly look at him and said him.

G. Jii you should to kaka {Nakulthat I will handle everything also order them what if I do any mistake (then he said her.

M. You don't have to worry you just have to order them they will do what ever you will say also here you don't have to any work but your main concern should be me and you know what are that is (she lower her eyes and said him.

G. Jii I know that I have to take care of you and your need and I promise to fulfil them (Maan smirk listening to her then  pulling her closer he said her.

M. Good now get fresh after that we will have dinner (Geet went away to get fresh as she went Maan got busy in official call. Later they had dinner then both were in their room where Geet lock the door and following his order she didn't have anything on her also after kissing him she was going but Maan call her and said) Geet have this water (she smile at him and have it but Maan smirk seeing her having it then said her) ok now sleep you will be tired (Geet nodded her head and slept after that Maan did something which he know it's not right but then he thought) everything is fair as I had own you as you have to be little restless until you turn 18 as this medicine wil mak you curve for me but you have to wait for me (then pulling her towards him he slept.

Next morning Geet woke up saw Maan was sleeping peacefully so she sit there to wait for him to get up so that she can get fresh, after few minutes when Maan woke up and saw Geet was awake, she give him small smile but he hungrily start to kiss on her lips also start playing with her and Geet kept holding him tightly, after few minutes they broke the kiss when they when they were out of breath but Maan cupped her face then he said her.

M. I will get fresh get fresh then you can get fresh also don't take any tension also you can live your life like you want ok (she give him small smile and said.

G. Jii I will (Maan smile at her then left to get ready but she was happy that he always care for her also he said her she can do anything and now one will hurt her and she thought) thank you God Jii for sending him in my life (but she come out of her thought when Maan come out after getting fresh then he left to gym. 

As he left Geet went to get fresh then set his clothes after that she left down to make breakfast, as servants saw her they were surprised to her here, also she got nervous seeing all looking at her when head servant Nakul ask from her.

N. Geet mam do you need something (she nodded her head in no then she said him.

G. Nahin kaka I want to make breakfast (then looking at the dishes which were almost ready she said) but I breakfast is almost ready and I am late (Nakul being aged men understand her trauma then said her.

N. Yes mam everything is ready and if you want to eat anything else you can tell us we can make it for you also now I was going to make Maan sir coffee (then looking at her face he understand something so he said her) if you want you can make that (Geet give him small smile then said him.

G. Jii I will make that (Nakul nodded her head and give her space and Geet happily start to make coffee for Maan, Nakul and other servants were surprised to see her working as they thought may be she will be rude with them but she didn't said them anything also respect them. 

As when ever his relatives come here they just show off also they sometimes taunt them or hurt them but here she is respecting them. Geet make coffee for Maan, then with the help of servants she set the table with the help of servants as she was doing this Maan come down while talking on the phone also he saw her working but he didn't said her anything then she give him small smile and serve breakfast to him and seeing this Maan give her smile that make her day then he said her.

M. Geet come have breakfast (she set with him and they both had breakfast together and when they finish the breakfast, Maan move towards her then he said her) Geet don't take tension and here don't do all the work that may stress you also take rest as doctor said that you should have to make as much rest as you do ok(Geet was happy listening to him then she said him.

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G. Jii I will (Maan kiss on her forehead and then left from there also when he kiss her that make her blush also she look here and there to see someone was looking at her but then she saw servants were busy in their work that make her more blush she just clean the table with the servants then immediately left to her room to have her medicines. Other side Maan enter in the office and all were worried about their jobs and they MSK will not forgive them of they did any mistake then they will be out of their job also it will be hard for them to get any job, staff also congrats him for his wedding in which he nodded his head.

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Nice update.maan take care geet.geet worried about mange everything.waiting for next.

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