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Nice teaser
Waiting for update
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I Own You
Part. 18.

Geet smile at him and she slept immediately Maan look at her then he went little away then talk with doctor about her her medications also he ask few things after that listening to that he smirk then went near Geet touch her lips and said.

M. Soon wait will be over just have to be little restless (then he start working on his file and after an hour Maan woke up Geet and said her) go and get fresh we are going to land (she went and get fresh, then come and sit with him but he pull her towards him and kiss on her lips and she also respond him with equal passion as they kiss plan start to land Geet again held him tightly and he left her when she was out of breath then he ask her) are you fine (then he said her.

G. Jii I am fine (Maan was waiting for Adi but after few minutes Adi enter in room and said him.

Ad. Sir there is a problem (listening about problem Geet got scare but Maan ask him.

M. What happen Adi (listening to his hard voice both Geet and Adi got scared also Adi gulped his saliva and said him.

Ad. Actually sir media is here because some politician is going to out of country so now you are not alone also do you want to introduce mam to them (Maan closed his eyes then said him.

M. Not now but later when she will be ready to face them (then he told Adi what to after that he said to Geet) so Geet now you cover your full face with your dupatta (she did what he said then he hold her hand and said in her eyes) just relax you don't have say anything I will handle everything but you just kept holding me (Geet then said him.

G. Jii (but inside her heart she was really scare also while holding her he move outside. Other side when media saw him they start to ask questions from him that make Geet scare she held him tightly also he kept holding her while listening to their questions.

R 1. Sir who is she 
R 2. What relationship you have with her 
R 3. Where you met her (they ask many more questions but when Maan had enough of them also when he felt that Geet is shivering then he said.

M. Enough or more you have to say (all kept quite as they know one bad bod they will be jobless for life them and when no one speak then Maan said) I would like to introduce you all meet my wife Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana (listening to him all start to whisper among themselves but one of the reporter said.

R. Congratulations sir for your wedding so can we see the face of Mrs. Khurana who stole MSK heart (Maan smirk at him and said

M. Yes you all will see but not now when the time come (then another reporter ask.

R. Sir why you got married like this I mean no one know (Maan look at him and said.

M. Why I would tell you all when I am the one who had to chose for myself also I know she will be best for me, and MSK choose what is best for him and now no more questions (saying this his bodyguards held the media and while holding Geet left from there, Maan make Geet sit in the car then sit with her said) let's go (Maan look at Geet who was still covering her face with duppata then he said her) Geet you can remove your duppata from your face (she did what he said.

All the time Geet was looking outside as a child she was happily enjoying the view as there was big cities, Maan look at her and smile then kept looking at mobile. After few minutes they enter in big house and seeing big house her mouth shape was 0, Maan smile at her seeing her happy face and when the car stop he come out of car then come to her side open the door for her and said her while giving his hand to her.

M. Geet come (Geet give him small smile then give him her hand then took her inside where all he said her) this is Jaan your new house and here you can do anything also now can stop you, (then he turn to other side and he call) Nakul  (head servant come there and he said him) Nakul now she will be owner of this house and here every decision will be taken by her (Geet was shock but then Nakul said.

N. Yes sir (then Maan said him.

M. Tell this to everyone and I don't need any mistake so now you can leave now (Nakul left from there while lowering his head then he turn towards Geet and said while holding her) come I will you show you our room (Geet give him small smile, he took her to their room, it was big room after few minutes Maan ask her while pulling closer to him) so Jaan did you like our room (she lower her eyes also giving him small smile she said.

G. Jii it's beautiful (he peak on her lips then said her.

M. But not more than my wife (her cheeks become red also she lower her eyes and Maan smirk seeing her read face.

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Thank you friends who like & commented on previous part 
Enjoy the update 
Thank you EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Nice one caught maaneet on airpot.geet get scared but maan handle them they want to see mrs msk face but maan say no she isnot ready.she loved their new house and their room also.waiting for next.
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Awesome update. Loved it. Geetu is sooo cute. And their new house wowww. Jab adi said there is a problem i thought plane was gonna crash and i already started praying pls God save them . And when i scrolled down i got another proof of my stupidity hehe. 
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beautiful update when ll maan introduce geet to d world waiting
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Geet is confused and happy both
Nice part
Maan said she is the owner
I love the way maan shut the reporter
Thanks for pm
Posted: 2018-11-03T04:06:11Z
Thanks for the pm from me too

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