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Waiting for update
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Nice teaser
Geet believing n loving maan blindly
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Awwwe teaser bohot understanding wala tha but bich me yeh no arguments ka rules kahan se aya...D'oh
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Read the last 3 parts... Loved to see d bond maneet are developing but iam dubious regarding the intensions of Maan... Mystery yet to revealed... In teaser to why it is conditional... Nd why he is giving pills to her... Do Maan really love her... Or dng it for sm reason... A story yet to be revealed from maans end..
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Nice part maan celebrates  geet birthday n yold her he completely  own her n she is feeling unwell due to medcines  given by maan but eat maan given ber n wy?
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I Own You
Part. 22.

Then they get fresh where they had breakfast also Geet was surprised to see that he didn't left to office also she was scared to ask this from him, but then one servant come and said him some in which he nodded his head then after few minutes mid 20s girl come but her looks tell that she is modern with tradition then she said him.

W. Good evening Mr. Khurana may I know why you have call me (Maan look at that girl and said her.

M. Good evening you to Mrs. Oberoi and meet my wife Geet Maan Singh Khurana and your work is to train her according to be here also make her comfortable wearing modern clothes and also daily basis things (Anika look at Geet who was looking at her and then she saw she immediately lower her eyes then look to Maan and said him.

An. Ok Mr. Khurana so now can you give us the room where we set the things and I start to make Mrs. Khurana ready (Maan nodded his head and she left with servant whom Maan order. As they left Maan look at Geet who was still with him, he make her look at him and said her.

M. Geet is Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and she is wife of Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi who is my client and she is best designer also best in her work , I know know you are confused why she is here (she nodded her head but then he said her) she is here to guide and teach you how to have to behave in college and what to wear but that will of your choice ok (Geet slowly said him.

G. Jii (but Maan then said her) 

geet hui sabse parayi geet maan drashti dhami gurmeet choudhary edits gifs ghsp|tumblr

M. Ok now Mrs. Oberoi will be waiting for you (Geet tried to go but Maan held her hand and said her ) dont worry and relax okk she is here for you (giving him small smile she left there also Maan went to study. Geet who enter in the room saw Anika was guiding the servant but when she saw Geet she give her small smile and Geet also give her small smile then she said her.

An. Come Mrs. Khurana (then she start to show her few dressing. Geet wear the clothes and start to show her also Anika notice that she is felling uncomfortable in wearing short dress but she was comfortable in wearing full length, suits, long frock, saree, skirts with long tops also jeans, so she packed it for them then she guide her how to do make up simple make up that confused Geet but still learn it. It took almost 6 hours to make everything ready then Anika ask said) so Geet these are your clothes and other necessary things, tomorrow I will come again then make you learn more ok (Geet nodded her head and then Anika left. 

Now Geet was tried as all the  day she was busy with Anika then look at the time which was showing evening 6 so she went outside to look for Maan but she saw he was busy in video conference so went to her room there she kept her new dresses and other things on another side as she want to show him but he is busy now so she went down there she make dinner for them, after making the dinner then setting the things she went study again where she saw Maan was reading the file so she call him.

G. Jii dinner is ready (listening to her voice Maan look at her also he can saw her tired face then he keeping then file he come near her then holding her from her wrist he said her. 

M. Come (she give him small smile then left him, then they had dinner after that they both left to their room where Maan close the door as he did Geet look at him and she know what she had to do and she did what she always do. Then she show him her things also tell what Anika and told her, he kiss her then ask her) so tell me what you me to give  you (Geet look at him and give him small smile then said him hugging him.

G. Jii you have given me everything before I have ask anything and I don't need anything except you, always love me (listening to her Maan smile then kissing on her forehead he said her.

Image result

M. I will always be like this with you if you always remain like you and do what ever I say and never argue with me (she look at him and said him.

G. Jii will do what will you say as you are my family (Maan hug her then he said her.

gifs nayika's gifs hug love romance geet geet hui sabse parayi geet singh khurana maan maan singh khurana maaneet star one india

M. Ok now you take rest tomorrow you have to learn more and with Mrs. Oberoi there will one lady who will help you to study and learn ok (Geet nodded her head then hugging her he said her) it's late now sleep (saying this he off the lights they slept hugging each other. 

Today Geet was really happy that he really care for her and give her love which she miss all her life and most importantly he celebrate her birthday which no one had ever did that was big thing for her also when he ask her what she want so she said him she didn't need anything because he is giving her everything without asking her. Next morning Maan woke up and then kissing on her forehead he left to gym after getting fresh, then after few minutes Geet woke up as she did she immediately get ready also set Maan clothes as she did Maan enter in the room as look at him and give him smile but he move towards her then kissing he said her.

M. Good morning Jaan (Geet lower her eyes listening Jaan from his mouth and said him still lowering her eyes.

G. Good morning Jii (Maan smile at her shyness then he said her.

M. Ok Geet Anika told you how to simple thing so today you try to get ready by that (she nodded her but still she fell nervous what if he angry as she did something wrong.

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Enjoy the update 
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Loved the update and how Maan is taking care of Geet.
Anika was there to guide Geet for her college look.
Geet waited for Maan to show him her dresses even though she was hell tried.
I liked the fact that even though Maan is strict and unpredictable but he still wants Geet to complete her studies and help her prepare for her college life.
Waiting for next.
Update soon.

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