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I welcome you with my open heart

Because you are my light, my sunshine

I don't give a damn of right or wrong

With this promise, I"l make you mine





Started with an argument and settled in arguments with love and only love. What should I name this love? Nothing!

"I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.
A.S. Byatt

He broke her dori, made her fall from his office, insulted her around but couldn't stop falling for her. She gave him names, one after the other, made his life hell with her bright ideas but still couldn't resist falling in love with her Laad Governor. He blamed her, she retorted back, she fell on coffee, he fell on tea but a simple story is that they both fell and bed broke. Krishna's flute cast the spell and they both got entangled with vows for eternity, like Hamesha

Arnav and Khushi Hamesha Saath 


Jo pehle huwa na, ab hone laga hai

dil humko jaga kar kyuon sone laga hai

yeh ishq hai ya kuch aur hai ya bas khali khali shor hai

isko main kya kahoo tu hi bata, tu hi bata

Iss pysr ko kya naam doon

Iss pyar ko kya naam doon

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I wrote Episode analysis in 2012-2013 on Blast from the past. Just rewriting here again to celebrate  #IPKKNDRewind/2019. These analyses are missing Symbolism, connections of past and present, numerology and many deep eyesight moments and observations...For those, you can enjoy the old ones...

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Episode 300

Angry Birds, Dammit:

This episode and this war of Arnav and Khushi took me another direction.I was annoyed at one point that I left watching it.I know the drastic change in the script because of bringing Di ki Saut track.That was the main cause of ruining the beautiful story after the kidnapping but we had to be this track till they realized that trp is done because of this and people are unhappy.Anyway, since last three days, I am re-watching and want to understand and then suddenly something stroke my brain.Yes, why the heck Khushi said all of those confused words.She is angry yet she is not angry because everyone else is unhappy.May God help me please just like NK as what kind of lovable war is this then?Unable to understand the head or tail NK is the one who was my survivor.I love him man, big time.

His shirt always have a logo...so today's logo is

Divide and conquer, Angrybird

That's it...Just like Arnav, and mere dimag ki bati jal gaye like Khushi...

During all of this episode, Everyone is unhappy with Khushi's interference in their lives and Arnav is unhappy with NK's interference indirectly though he likes it yet he is still very much irritated with that.Their minds are divided in wrong directions instead to focus on each other.Arnav is yet not getting teh right reason of Khushi's anger and he will soon nipping all from the buds till he will find it.

The biggest thing which was the poor nikama writer was trying to show that divide and conquer Angry bird... meaning Khushi has to stop dividing her happiness, her peace of mind for others.First, she needs to do what Arnav has been telling him all along "mind your business..." that interfering in other's lives is called bad manners when she made La a bride and got the heat from Laad Governor.She has to stop like this is her duty to fix all...

I love the end of this episode, Yes payback time to NK in ASR's clever style.NK was constantly getting on Arnav's nerves so he made him the part of his lovable journey of war of their hearts and made NK run away...Ahhh, but we are still here...

Arnav was done seeing her avoiding his gift which he bought, he wrapped in shiny cover and above all, he chose the color and material, all and everything according to her demands...Poor guy!

"Ab dikh raha hai..." Now you can see?? Gritted teeth yet in control and the straight forward question he asks and she answers the very same

"hume nahin chahiye-. I don't want...

"Khushi, yeh tumhare liye hai. khushi, this is for you., oh now the control is gone,anger is very much reflecting in his voice.He hates when she doesn't talk to him and smiles.

She opens, looks, even touches and then returns.She did like it but she is adamant...

"I don't want..."

but why? he was baffled and asks a sensible question in my eyes,

"Khushi, tum isse mana nahin kar sakti... [ khushi, you can't refuse this.} I love when he says that because that felt so real

"Pehno isse..." wear it.

ASR mode on again, Like demanding and directing...his way or none...

"I didn't give you any other option..." I love that.One thing he knows by now, if he has to win her, then only ASR mind will work, yet Arnav's heart will feel the beat...yes, ASR is changing for a girl who he loves the way she is.

"aisa kya ho gaya ke tum smile bhi nahin kar sakti..." What happened that you can't even smile..." He was hurt by now and she answers with hurt too

"You are successful buying a gift for me yet couldn't buy a smile..." Cheesy and filmy bakwas.ASR style I am as this was not fitting in any scenario and now I am an angry bird.

The only thing which made sense to me for her saying that because she was so hurt that walls she has created for pushing him were shaking seeing his undeniable love and she doesn't want to appreciate it.Why? Because she wanted to leave.Why because he reminded and brought that contract which was a big hurdle in between them...and she wanted him to accept her with open arms without any piece of the contract , she wanted a respect, she wanted pheras and all later and that was the reason.That is why her words only can fit in this scenario.

"Kuch cheezen kabhi badal nahin sakte lekin kuch cheeszen toh badli jaa sakti hai na. [some things can't be changed, but some things can be changed, isn't it?]

hmm, yes, she tried to clear her name so he could trust her, this was her wish and she told him before he leaves for London.But instead of trusting her she thinks he is still the same,as his words I wish I never have met you are strong, then You can't go because of our contract, so now she is adamnt to leave him after six months.Period.It is not she doesn't want to be with him but sitting saying now twelve days and then I won't be his wife.That shows how much she is in pain yet she wants to be accepted without any threat, any contract and all.I don't blame her for that.So she is pushing him till she can leave and she will.

"I am not even angry with him, but how can I forget whatever he said..." Yes, this contract was the reason she was trying to push him, not accepting gifts and showing this fake anger blah blah.BUT I must say, this was also reflection Gopi Star Bahu...a trophy DIL, perfect picture which I disagree.No offense.

and the first part of her convo with Devi Maiya...ah...I am so in with NK's logo.

"How can I be happy when everyone at home is unhappy.Mamiji is angry, Di is angry, Akashji is angry...Jijaiji..." Really Khushi has to stop dividing her peace of mind and happiness.Basically, she needs to pay attention to her sister's words but she does the opposite.

The scene changes and They show Anjali wants a son like her shyam ji, and cries in Naniji's arms,"

"who is wrong,who is right, what is true." I like this dialogue from her mouth

as Khushi still doesn't know the true love of ASR.Same is Anjali, she doesn't know the true Love of Khushi and even Arnav for her.She thinks Khushi is at fault, or even her own brother at fault.Here Khushi thinks Arnav can't change.This whole confusion was just to take us the truth of this contract and it's reason yet Dadi track starts and all go hello hi bye bye.

Arnav was mad and if NK would have said to him again "Lambi sans ..."He wouldn't be able to breathe by himself.But he was also becoming true Khushi's bro, bugging the great ASR so much.hehe. Even though NK was saying all of these things and he felt irritated yet, his brain was registering it and he was doing it by himself.Had no clue how to pacify her.He takes his bag to leave for work yet his eyes settled on her sad face.How can he leave her like that...Dammit...He is still mad no doubt

She turns around,"I don't want to see him too..." Like seriously both angry birds just shush...

NK is so right..."Nannav, yeh jo love hai na, it's fully blind.Yes, Love is blind that is why you both are here...in your way trying winning each other conquering your own way, feeling helpless one minute and feeling so accomplished, full of zest of passion, love, intensity, emotions, pain, hurt, push, pull game is all blind steps what a man and a woman take to be closer than ever...

NK is right,"You can't be mad as ..."yeh jo lau hai na mere bhai, iss lau ka tum kuchh nahin kar sakte..."[ you know my bro, you can't do anything about this love]

LOL, ASR complains that khushi drives him crazy, but the moment NK speaks of romantic moments, ah..he goes crazy about them, he gets totally lost in them..

She falls in his arms, he rips the dori, pearls scatter...

Love NK here

"dekha dekha yaad karte hi tumhare chehre pe kaisa romantic look aa gaya... "

[You see there,the moment you recalled such moments, a romantic look came over your face, ..." NK rubs in

And here our thinker says being so typical of him, "excuse me?"

But he spoke of her so lovingly, remembering all horrible things..lol, I love this part of this epi as very thoughtful if u ask. Perfect selection of words...

Poor man closes his ears being horrified,"Stop, I said romantic moments...is this a love story.This is full of horror and thriller..." lol...

ASR smiles as his madness is all gone and now a determined mind is at work...

"Oh God help me..." Ah, he leaves leaving ASR in happy moments...

"pagalpan aur madness toh hai, jahan khushi ho wahan pagalpan aur madness toh hona hi hai..." [Wherever is Khushi,There's insanity and madness]

That's it...

Old Moments

Recreation of old moments is now his new agenda to pacify her...

Arnav Khushi Hamesha

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Episode 301

You are mine...

"Hum ne dhaga apni marzi se nahin thama,humari marzi shamal nahin thi... par ab jo bhad liya hai to..." I didn't come to this relationship as my consent wasn't in it but now if we are in it then..."

This scene reminds me of Khushi's words when she was fixing his button, she was broken.He broke her completely by telling her on the terrace that he married her because of Shyam and her illegitimate relationship.At least it was his thinking but she cried her heart out.She never thought of that reason even it crossed her mind once.[in episode 201]

That day she was vulnerable, she wanted him to embrace her as he always did, even in his anger, he always pulled her from the misery but he shrugged her off completely.

Today he wanted to win her.He tried everything but she was adamant and as I mentioned in the last one she was getting too affected by this lovable gesture. But his mentioning the contract was the main cause and she wanted to leave him till the contract gets resolved. But one thing was sure she was melting every second the very same way he was.

His frustration was making his mind numb with anger.He is a man and the man with no patience.But he was not giving up, true to Arnav's nature. He wanted to renew all the old moments with her just to bring a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Khushi tried to talk to Akash and Payal gets mad at her again.I am with Payal in this matter, Khushi needs to mind her business.But now Mamiji takes out her frustration scolding at both Khushi and Payal but I love Naniji who is always understandable and keeping this family united.

When Anjali's accusing and cold eyes met with Khushi, Khushi leaves the premises and comes to her room.Her flowery cup of tea and his black mug of coffee meet at the table.I loved this touch...

Remember this

Khushi opens the closet and startles at the vision.He was peeking through with a grin on his face.She understood what was he doing, a beautiful innocent smile takes over her lips and eyes yet she is adamant, conceals it immediately.

He jumps out making her stepped backward.A pair of quizzical eyes questions him.

"I was just trying to repeat the moments which we shared together till now..."

This one sentence explains many things as he will admit it later that these moments made him forget his past..."Tumhare saath bitaye moments yaad rehne lag gai..."

Oh, he is so hopeful and happy when he asks,"kuch yaad aya..." Did u remember something?

"nahin..." no and she looked away just for a second when the whole cup of coffee lands on her...LOL

"Ab.." Now he asks

A concerned layered his face instantly seeing her coughing but the glare was all she threw and turned around...

That's if he had enough and now ASr takes over."How many times I said don't turn around when I am speaking with you..." but NK's words come in between...and voice gets soften.

Ah, she turned with the same intensity...that I can say, sheer a bliss seeing her in her avatar after such a long time.

This was the moment where a man and a woman take the cloak of animalistic nature, a male who baited and tried many things to get his mate's attention is now a complete a hawk, no matter what.In Epi 171 I said he was keeping his eyes like a hawk on its prey till he gets it and now is no different.Except that now she is his wife, Patni and he is Pati, husbaaannddd...

We have seen also this avatar of them during Diwali.A true human nature with any hindrance has been explored through ipk journey. It feels natural and so real regardless this is fiction.We saw first friction during red saree shoot, then during Diwali when he releases her from fairy lights...that was a bliss.The touch of his hand was enough to melt her.His hand under her cheek always felt warm...then During diwali, they both didn't remember anything just being Arnav and Khushi a man and a woman who had this giddy attraction.Today it is extreme...

Arm gets twirled, oh yes.He wants her and will tell her later you know what I want..

He wants her...simple

He said that he wants her to walk with him at every step of life...but his words messed up her mind again.

Now his rectification is not getting accepted and that one man can't accept and Arnav's ego is huge...

"main kya kar sakta hoon yeh tum achchi tarah se janti ho," you know very well what can I do..."

She pushed him and does the same, throw the tea on his face and unleashes the ASR in him...

"Aap badtameezi kar rahe hain," you are being disdainful...

"badtameezi toh maine abhi shuru bhi nahin ki hai, khushi kumari gupta," I am not being disdainful yet , khushi kumari gupta...

Ah, he didn't say this time Singh Raizada...clever man...Shatir dimag.He wants her to accept it, it is her consent he is seeking for as he has shattered that trust, he knows her very well and respects her for that...

"Aap aisa nahin kar sakte," you can't do this.

"kyun nahin kar sakta," why can't I do that? Look at his eyes, not even blinking for a second... 

A hawk, a male instinct sharp and at the mark, doesn't want his prey losing, a man who wants his wife, he wants to love her the way she deserves, the way his heart wants. Very sharp human nature has been explored in this simple scene I must say...

"Biwi ho tum meri," you are my wife. my legally wedded wife,"

Ah, his voice is playful yet scorchy possessiveness is so evident. Simple plain language...You are mine, I am yours

You can clearly see, she is aroused.

Again a man is clear here in his statement.After Teri Meri dance he was in her room, so quietly judging her moves, knowing that she was aroused and needs time to settle down.He touched her soul that day telling her exactly what he wants.That was the beginning.Today he is declaring it openly...That day he trapped her in that room, let her hair lose and tells her he likes that way...she looks good in green

Today again she is in green...He traps her, his hand is in her hair, putting them aside, today, his fingers are tickling the sensation, the same way as Teri Meri, a touch is enough...her heaving chest is enough to show all.

Now the heat can be seen clearly.He aroused her at the point where she barges in with anger...

"yehi nahin... main aur bhi bahut kuch kar sakta hoon," I can do many other things besides this...

If anyone has doubt after this that this husband wants his wife.Period.many things he can do...he is challenging her provoking her, he made the mess and she is not talking, he wants her to take the anger out.

Remember this

Angry Khushi is the sexiest lady out there.No doubt. Oh, she is ready...and here she comes...

"aapne humse zabardasti shadi ki...hum aapko apna pati nahin mantey" you forcefully married me,I don't accept you, my husband.."

Yes, we are back...Khushi is back, a woman who never become mum, she is ready to answer him in his language...If he is all about contract, here she is standing...then I am not yours...

yehi to main chata tha[ that is what I wanted], applies here...

He wanted her to take that out and here is to make it right

"theek hai... toh ab manwa lete hain," [OK, so let me make you accept it..

Yes, he wants to be hers and he will make her accept this as he does. She is his...and he is announcing it that you are my bride by kissing her...

She closed her eyes tightly, her nerves are tight, very natural, she is new to this.She wants it but has no clue how yet...her abrupt breathing can be felt oh he is enjoying that, how sensual it is when he shakes his face near her lips feeling her warm breath over him.Damn it...

His hand is at her neck keeping it steady leaning over her letting her feel his breath when hp walks in...

She opens her eyes but he didn't let her go away...I must say I love this part more than ever.He is darn possessive and regardless, servants are shown modern to walk in any time[ rolling my eyes] but he as a possessive hubby knows she is aroused, her face is red, she is breathing heavily, he can't allow anyone to see her like that.No way

He pulls her back and answers hp, he lets her catch her breath, letting her come to senses...and here she pushes him away...

her uneven breath flares a pride in him, yes, he got her...she whirled around and stormed out.Oh, mate is confused today what just happened... He knows exactly...

His hawking eyes, with a side grin and a pride...He got her after all.

Now the mission is still on to make her accept that he is his husband...

A deal is getting set in his heart and in his mind.Yes she has fallen on coffee and he has fallen in tea.She fell in his arms and he fell in her love.That moment was set for both and both couldn't come out of this regardless of their denial many many times."Koi fark nahin padta to fark padta hai...[ from it doesn't matter to matter me the most...

You matter me the most...[ both sides] has been the set...

He will say this later you are the biggest deal of my life yet right now the deal is to make her accept him as hers.She had started this feeling but he ruined it by flashing the card of contract.

Now the funny moment when Nani sees both of them indulged with tea and coffee she smiles.A wise lady and a naughty Nani got the real pic and I love the way she played them here.

A concerned hubby sees the marks of his hurtful love on her and grabs her arm

"lagi kya tumhe?" Did you get hurt?

"Haan, lekin aap se chot khane ki aadat hai hamey," yes, but I am used to getting hurt by you," She answered in her brisk voice , still very much affected by his touch, can't deny , can't accept, feisty, oh yes...but he is adamant...She walks away, he follows her..Never ever imagined that we will see this that the great Arnav Singh Raizada will be following Khushi like this.Wow! A big leap, must say.

But his mind is ready to sign a deal...He will make her accept him as hers.He is not into the detail of husband if you ask me but he wants her to accept him as his the way he accepts her as his...But in her language it is husband and wife ...pati patni...there will be no woh...meaning no other person in between them simple.period.

"Manogi... tum mujhe apna husband man logi," you will accept me as your husband, he was sure...

"Nahin Maneygey..."No I won't.

"manogi," You will, he repeated... Oh he invades her breathing, so intimidatingly yet intimately, he leans , husky voice, body murmurs but dedication is evident with one purpose of his mind...

"main manwaunga tumhe," I will make you accept,

Oh, Yeah! There is so much arrogance and attitude in his passion and not in a way that other one started to hate but the way the other one couldn't be able to think straight, head gets dizzy with that much of passion and again this is hawking way of catching its prey... A clever mind is up to something...

"Aajkal aap bahut sapne dekhne lage hain," you've started dreaming a lot these days, she is no less than him, his words are in her mouth now...she will not go down that easily.This is what I like about these two, and this is the reason ASR fell in love with her, her fighting spirit, challenging him at every step.

She tried to move and he barricaded her, within his arms like always.It seems yesterday when he was having her against the wall yelling at her making La asking him to marry her and Khushi gave him the lecture over marriage and its purity,

That day she told him it is that relationship when one wants to live whole life for the other, wants to die for other, wants to take other's pain, wants to erase all worries of others, and today he might not know what a husband and wife's role is, might not know the meaning of marriage yet but he is standing there with all those words as his commitment, his deal of his head to fulfill for her for him.Yes, he will do all...

"Daudti hui meri baahon mein aaogi, Khushi Kumari gupta singh raizada," you'll come running into my arms.KKGSR, "

He is certain, has no doubt, she will come to him... Killing voice or should I say sensuous voice.Damn ...as you can see she is done.She has no idea what to say, quivering lips, heaving chest, melting eyes, she is weakening in front of him...but again she is a challenger...ready to tackle another challenge

Jis din aisa huwa, hum apko apna pati maan laingey..."the day that happens, I'll accept you as my husband.


Killer look and signing deal with his words, just like before kissing her he set all the barriers, jo main karoonga kya wo tum kar paogi...what will I do, will you do the same?

"sauda tai raha...par iss janum main poora na hoga..."

Deal but won't come true in this lifetime

"Dekhtey hain..." [ we will see]

She runs away to cave in some where for the cleaning of her mind.Yes she doesn't want to go to Agra with him and she declares, I don't want to come, don't want to accept you as my husband and not afraid of your hubby like threats...

and he declares, I heard...meaning I will see.

Poor NK

iss war ko kya naam doon

Seriously, it makes you feel all sorts of things without a kiss, without any intimate scenes, feels so real, feels something moving in you...

in his room...he wants her to be with him in Agra but she doesn't want to his wife or wants him his pagal pati...lol

yes, he will make her accept...either hook or by crook.He makes the room dark, walking around as a spooky soul, LOL, ASR really? Blackmailing is in your blood.We know that...

Arnav-Khushi Hamesha continues

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Episode 302

Can't breathe without her...







A Special THanks to Niyati...I love these❤️ Thank You dear

Khushi is in the state of fear, can't get what to do, holding the plant pot in her hand, screaming incessantly, "who is there! "

Suddenly the door gets locked. She bangs the door vehemently till it gets open. She comes in the living area, still holding the pot. She startles seeing a silhouette standing in the hall.Like the effect, lightning flashes and he is nobody but Arnav.


Arnav utters Khushi with concern. Hearing his voice and seeing him there, Khushi gets her life back. Forgetting all she runs towards his life and collides his chest in a crushing hug.Their bodies fuse together in this interlacing moment leaving no room for any doubts, grudges, and anger.


Khushi tells him she is happy to see and how scared she was! Arnav just tries to hush her while caressing her back soothing her fear...Suddenly Khushi's eyes go down and in the semi-dark hallway, she can see the rose petals on the ground. She breaks the hug immediately and the power also comes back at the same moment. She gets amused and baffled as well to see the beautiful path of rose petals meandering across the room towards the stairs like lacing their difficult life with a beautiful gesture.It was a sweet gesture of him showing her that he will be there making every path of their life full of the essence if she is with him.He will tell her later he can't be able to survive without her but today he will tell his Di that he can't breathe without Khushi...

The man is giving in to LOVE from which he used to run away, as Khsuhi said you are watching dreams these days.Yes, besides all the hurdles of his life she has no idea how important she has become for him, the life was never a path of roses for him but he stood among thorns and removed those too to move forward though he was bleeding all along.She is his bandage over those wounds, how can he let her go?tumhain main kaiey jane de sakta hoon...he won't...

Arnav removes her lock from her forehead lovingly as usual and asks smoothly with a victory glint, smart move...

"tum dar gaye thi..."

"What happened? Were you scared?" .

Ah she is no less,"ye sab aap ne kiya..."

"You did all this!" Her eyes flashes instantly understanding the reality...Here you go Mrs.KKGSR.She brushes off his hand from her forehead and starts to push him in anger,

"aap jantey hain hum kitna dar gaye thai..."[ Do you know how scared I was..."

This is what we have pent up anger, after all he is driving her nuts.She can't breathe in his close proximity and she is trying creating this distance.But more she is trying, more she is falling for him.

Arnav smiles at her resilient nature, which always made him crazy for her.His smile brings more anger to her..."you are laughing?"She is practically shaking with anger and fear...

He holds her wrists and pulls her to his chest. He enfolds her shaking body into a tight embrace and buries his head in the crook of her neck.You can see a determined look on his face.He won't let her go away from him.Enough, he didn't say this time yet, he showed her clearly.So ASR character.Love it.

She eventually gives in understanding his gesture.Her hug is tighter this time.Yes, Khushi is not afraid to show her emotions, it is just her mind is making her do so. He also hugs her with equal passion feeling her hand around his shoulder and gradually her slender fingers go up to hold the back of his neck while resting her head over his shoulder.There is no room for even air in between them.

A sense of comfort has grown and above that, they both are smiling with it.How innocent this love is showing each other their inner feelings at all level without any hindrance.She doesn't want to move away as her life depends on him.

Time ceased to exist bringing the Holi moment back, when their heartbeats started sending the notes to their hearts to feel and accept but they defied.Now there is no defiance, they are one and for forever. The title song of IPK again plays in the BG to make the moment more surreal.

Ah, he is on to something, after all, he did all for winning her...

"Kyan kaha tha tumne, jis din mere baho mei daurte hue chale aaogi, us din humko apna pati manogi. abhi tumni bilkul wahi kiya, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada" [ What did you say?That the day you will be in my arms , you will accept me as your husband...and now you did exactly the same..."his voice huskily wanted her to know what he wants...His caressing hand never stops but she opens her eyes...

They break the hug and Khushi realize what she just did.but his hands cup her cheeks.His love has no end...

"I don't mind if you acknowledge me your husband." He says in his determined and mischief way.She is honest in her deal, wants to say but words don't come out from her quivering lips.His head tilts to capture her lips.She wants to stop him. but can't.She also is in the same state, wants to give him the same what her heart desires.Their mind looks drifted to the serene moment in between them, just to be with each other.

But of course, the kiss again gets hindered by intruders. And this time the whole family interrupts their romance.All are stupefied to see them kissing in the living room. Arnav was supposed to be at his meeting, but he is romancing his wife...

Their look goes to the flower path also. Arnav and Khushi both are in a nonplus situation, Khushi is feeling extremely awkward, she tries to mess up the flower path by fiddling her feet as if Arnav didn't make it intentionally; the flower appears from somewhere else and scattered on the floor. Arnav tells her to relax, they didn't do anything wrong...So ASR

Anjali is baffled and Naniji chides Mamiji to stop. Arnav and Khushi both look at each other with perturbation. Arnav feels a pang for Khushi that because of his act, Khushi is facing all the insult. Anjali comes near Arnav and Khushi. She looks at the flower path one more time and tells Arnav with the agony that he told that he was going for meeting in Agra. Arnav tries to say by keeping his consoling hand on Anjali's shoulder that he was going to the meeting but the meeting canceled. she brushes off his hand from her shoulder and leaves in resentment.Her misunderstanding is reaching to another level and that Arnav can't tolerate.

Anjali comes to her room and recollects the memory of Arnav's words but Arnav comes into her room without wasting time anymore.He wants to fix this for the two important people of his life., He tries to assuage her.Today he feels that this needs to end.His di is feeling insecure but he wants her to know that no one can take her place in his life.Period.

Arnav pushes the door open to come inside. He again tries to make her understand that he wanted to come with them. Anjali doesn't want to listen to him and gives her verdict that he wanted to spend time with Khushi, that's why he gave the excuse of meeting.

Anjali takes her meds when a brother seeks solace in her...He holds her hand when she explains

"Time has changed, you have changed since you got married, everything changed, since you stopped answering my question, everything has changed." These words make him to tell her the truth finally...

He tells her why did he marry Khushi?Because of he thought that Khushi was with Shyam but this wasn't the truth.He tells her how she used to say that he won't be able to breathe when a girl will come in his life...

"Wo larki Khushi hai di..."[ That girl is Khushi without whom I can't be able to breathe...]

"I love you di..."

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Episode 303


Episode starts where we left , with insecurities. Insecurity of a sister, who is doubting her brother.A brother whose heart was locked in a tight fortress .. away from LOVE and finally he found his love none other than Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada .. 

A man finds his lady love in his arms, finally feeling at home feeling peace in days after he messed up .. only to have the moment rudely interrupted by his family .. & more to it.. his most beloved sister .. who is his life has disregarded him by walking away from him completely in pain being broken. ... same his life without whom he can't even breathe, his Khushi walks away being sad. He doesn't stop there, he knows how to mend things as he knows how to crack deals.He manages to make his sister see the truth in his heart and she smiles & accepts the TRUTH seeing in his eyes, in words, and on his face. The Truth that Arnav is in LOVE...

Arnav feels most the pain his sister is going through and knows why, because of Khushi but still he makes her see through that his di is still his major priority as always but he is stern in his words that Khushi is his life too and he can't live or breathe without her. "uske bina mujhe lagta hai ke meri sansain ruk jayengi..." Yes, his di said those words and he is telling her that you were right...Did she accept all the terms of her Chote? We know she didn't as she shows a cold shoulder when Khushi wanted to come forward and hug her but Anjali just talked as formal to show her Chote that she knows what Khushi has a place in his heart and she accepts that. Insecurity is still there, MU is still there but that one small gesture brings a smile to her brother...

Propping over his arm, lying down next to his beautiful wife .. with love in his eyes, My Gosh, he is looking like a Greek God here who talks only with her when she is asleep. Very coward and insecure Greek God he is... he says he has managed to pacify his Di and she understands. hmm, he was telling Khushi or he was making himself to believe this??? .. he feels things will now be fine .. hmm, so that is why you are talking to her when she is not awake??? Ah, then here our mischievous ASR comes and reminds her that she lost today to his challenge .. she did run into his arms .. making her have to accept him as her husband.

Here lies his insecurity, his fear of losing her, losing his love, he can't say things openly to her because he is afraid.He is afraid that he will lose her. Since he messed up after the kidnapping and saw her leaving he is more afraid than before because she did this before too, remember, He was standing in front of her door with a lock thinking she left for Lukhnow. He will tell her in the farmhouse by taking a promise that doesn't leave me ever but here he is saying that it is easy to talk with you when you are asleep.That is why he is telling her that you lost the challenge and now you have to accept me as your husband.

He is afraid to tell her when she is up because then he has to show her what TRUTH his heart holds and then she will have a choice and that choice might not be in his favor.Why? Because he has done wrong to her.This is his remorse which is speaking.After all his EGO is huge.He will shake off this EGO when she will leave and he has to bring her back again by blackmailing yet he will open his heart and will bind her by a pearl necklace with the purity of his heart.No problem dear ASR you don't know Khushi, she is a true reflection of yours in EGO.Don't forget she left you right after marriage by saying that "then see what can I do?" and you were on the streets looking for her.Ha...Time is here again for you to do the same...Awe, poor ASR, and KKGSR and their challenges...

Here comes the morning which brings another blow and here is another insecure soul who sacrifices herself.She has decided to move away from RM under the lies of Buaji's sickness because she thinks everyone will be ok without her but she has no idea, her MR.Raizada won't... [Remember she doesn't know that Arnav had talked with Anjali and Payal had a patch-up with Akash] SO she manages to convince Nani when Arnav returns from his Jogging .. she moves to their room to pack ... and he follows. Seeing her packing, his face falls oh he remembers the other night when she was leaving and he stopped her but not today.

 He quickly hands over his clothes to her to pack as well but she refuses with a convincing matter at hand .. He looks at her and tries to reassure her that he has a conversation with his Di...Stop, he didn't finish telling her, did he? NOPE...here lies his insecurity as he knows Di didn't accept all the terms yet...as Anjali shows some response later to Khushi when she was leaving and tells her to have breakfast before that but still shows a cold shoulder...

He quickly gets it that something is not right with Khushi... He hands her a packet of channas to eat which she accepts, Aha, yes no designer bag, fairy lights, cake or whatever...This was his heart, his simple yet pure gesture as a gift of love and she smiles...yes, She accepted him, this is a thoughtful thing he did keeping her in his mind and she loved it...

Finally, her heart picked up his LOVE and her smile brimmed with tears in her eyes.She knows he loves her a lot. They bend down together to pick up some of the dropped channa. 

Even though Anjali showed her concern yet it feels empty to Khushi but she still celebrates it for her LG's smile to make his heart at peace.She knows he wants to see that too.How both know each others' pain and level of sukoon

Arnav being careful and sensitive to Khushi once again goes about challenging her.I love it, now he is telling her seeing that she accepted his love... brings about how she lost the challenge .. & how she now had to accept him as her husband ...see he is looking for reassurance that will you be back  ...The very same way he asked at GH on her birthday before leaving...BUT now he is telling her that he is committed to her , is she in this commitment? I must say, this scene could be better but the message was done.

Khushi leaves RM even her attempts fail not to go with him.He escorted her to reach GH where she refuses to let him come in with excuses. When Arnav stops her asking her why she was so sad ... 

He is picking up her nuances.He sings, kind a reminds her of the Suhana song to her .. which also fails to bring a smile from his lady love .. he cups her chin asking her ..why she is worried and sad? .. .

His concern oozing out of his voice the very same way this morning when he entered and sees her going upward leaving Nani in her sadness. she lies and reassures him that the concern is for BUAJI ... she turns to leave, her voice is breaking, tears in her eyes and she says "Hum Chalte hain" Ha, she didn't say Hum Atey hain neither to Nani nor to Arnav like last time.when she came to GH she said "I will come back" .And that is what he wants to hear, He stops her, wanting to ask her ... KHUSHI .. TUM ... ?? [ Khushi , You???" "Will you come back???" He wants to ask but She just looks at him and says I am going...

A heartbreaking and heartfelt scene must say... But will he let her leave...We know that answer, Blackmailer ASR is always by Arnav's side...winking...

 Arnav-Khushi Hamesha

Best Moment of this Epi

What the What the What the


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Episode 304




"If Anjali is unhappy, will you be happy???" She asks this question giving up her rights that day on her LOVE when Arnav accused her of as the biggest mistake of her life, reminding her of the contract later the same night sending her back in the darkness.She completely cocooned herself in a shell where her tiny heart couldn't get hurt anymore...Slowly by slowly, she was trying to have a distance from all for the sake of all but above all from her LOVE Arnav.

The other side Anjali who seemed to be showing her true side proving the point of how shallow her heart is in the name of love.If she is not happy, no one can be happy.She was the one who used to say to her brother all those things about love and how his breathing will stop but when he fell in love and started giving his time to his wife, she couldn't take it. She cried, she protested in her room and did many things just because she was feeling insecure losing her rights...

That was what Arnav felt and he gave her that feeling of RIGHT by telling her that even Khushi is in my life but YOU still have the very same RIGHT...and wow! She told Khushi showing her brother and Khushi felt that coldness right away.Anjali also told Akash to take care of you and all.Now my thinking is was she happy that Khushi was leaving and now she is peaceful that Khushi is not there???

The other side Khushi walks away from Armav with a heavy heart and plastered a smile just for the sake of others.Don't forget an orphan Khushi always made others happy and does OTT just to hide her pain.She never has any RIGHT in her adopted family.She is the one from whom people take RIGHTS away or give by their own means.Remember Buaji and Amma's words over Payal's broken marriage.Same on Payal's marriage with Akash.In between when Buaji wanted her to be agreed for Shyam's wedding with her.

The only person who showed her RIGHT on him was Arnav.There was this unseen but strongly felt connections of these two orphans who could sense from miles.Who fought with their feelings yet have this RIGHT to each other like no one.


Khushi has spun a web of lies just to make others happy without realizing that this is not going to help when ASR himself is not willing to let her go. Obviously, she didn't learn anything from her past yet.

Arnav had felt her sadness and wanted to remove, but again I saw a big transformation in this man in this epi,he is having a major inkling that something is wrong with Khushi, but just is not able to lay his hand on what exactly is the issue! He finds her phone and Voila...He has a reason to see her again...

Must say what a killing smile ,a genuine one...LOL

The other side Khushi lies and distracts Buaji who def has this feeling something is not right.Khushi takes Buaji in the kitchen and here is her Laad Governor.She comes out angrily and pretty much shoves him against the railing in the varandha, yelling at him that he is disturbing her buaji by the bell.

She had no idea that she was using all of her RIGHTS on him and he the man who used to tear her apart is so calm and even when she realized to be pulled apart grabs her hand keeping her close making her feel that right openly with her hands on his chest.



His collar her hand is not a new thing and he always adored that and missed that over the cliff when she wasn't doing that lying there lifeless.

"it's okay,biwi ho tum meri..." oh huskily he drawls

You are my wife...

"haq hai tumhara..." he paused and looked at her before saying possessively and provocatively

... "mujh pe."

Over me

Yes, he wants her to take that RIGHT...oh how much she wants that right but she can't as there is no TRUST.She doesn't know what his heart holds for her.

" Biwi ho tum meri Haq hai Tumhara" gave us a peep into Arnav's heart who in every true sense has accepted khushi as his wife ,his life...having all the rights over him!!


The same scene gave us a glimpse into how differently Arnav & Khushi view their relationship, Yes, Khushi loves him unconditionally but she has to know what position she holds in Arnav's heart of which she still isn't completely sure...& of course the reason is Arnav himself!!

The way one day he showers his love & support on her & the next day terms her as the biggest mistake of his life, a girl couldn't be less confused & unsure about her relationship!!


Arnav is still a long way to go in making Khushi understand & more importantly make her believe what she actually means to him!! she needs to be reassured again & again by His actions much more than his words that she is indeed the irreplaceable part of his life & can never be replaced by even by anjali..his Di!! 

He will have to make her understand that if he can't be happy if Anjali's unhappy, he also can't be happy if she is not there with him!! He needs both of them in his life...Equally!!Two important people of his life.

Arnav-Khushi Hamesha

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Episode 305


Hide and seek of two lovers continues when She sees his LG back at their door while she was enjoying Golgappas with Buaji, "yeh arnav singh raizada toh haath dhoke hamare peechhe pade hain!" "This LaadGovernor is constantly after me..." Love her here.Buaji is picking a sense of disorientation in her sanka but Khushi diverts her instantly.She picks up Arnav's call and dodges him by telling him that she brought Buaji in the Lakshmi Nagar Hospital.

Of course, Arnav won't sit, the moment he drove away she manages to bring Buaji back home...and calls Arnav back to tell him not to worry she is back home.Everything is fine.Did he buy that? Absolutely not.He is in deep thinking at this point especially when she said that she didn't even see the doctor because he wasn't there. Bingo, another excuse to be with her.

More than to find out what is to her if you say so.She knows too and senses that her LG is not buying her lies, she knows and her efforts to be away from him are futile at this point.He doesn't know that she has left him but she knows.He has no idea that she is still angry at him for those words of Shyam what he said, he did wrong and he is trying hard to make things better but she doesn't know what Rights she hold while she is pressing all of her rights on him unconsciously since from the beginning and he lets her.This one deep connection of them is amazing. 

Hide and seek of unknown calls and sudden Anjali's betterment is escalating strange questions in the RM.Yes, Mamiji is right, "Buouy fraind" who is he?We know why Anjali is better? Her leecher Shyamji is constantly calling her...she is one heck of a weak woman at this point...She sure is not weak in her hubby case as she wants to go for a walk alone...arghhhAngry

I adore this scene where Buaji is snoring and Khushi thanks her DM for her midday nap...lol.But her happiness won't last long, here the strangest doctor on this planet arrives and before she could close the door on his face Arnav's hand pushes her efforts to be closed.

He was the one who brought the doctor.Must say Barun and Sanaya both are brilliant here in this scene with so darn funny dialogues. Khushi asked being perplexed,"aap inhen yahan kyun lekar aaye?" why have you got the doctor here? A peak yet composed irritated Arnav answers, "tumhare saath hide and seek khelne ke liye." to play hide and seek with you 😆

Khushi starts to make excuses that buaji is sleeping and they should leave. 

Arnav gets infuriated, Arnav with his anger, "enough, khushi! yeh kya natak kar rahi ho tum!" enough, khushi! what's all this drama you're doing! 

Khushi in her ott sryle "natak?!! hum natak kar rahe hain?!!!" "drama?!! i'm doing drama?!!!" 

"whatever, let it be... come, doctor." he asks doctor, can he check her in a dormant state. The doctor assents. 

But impervious Khushi blocks them, but Arnav literally pushes her to come in and directly comes to buaji's room. Here buaji's snoring was revealing Khushi's lies itself.

The tragic tale of her was enveloped with extreme nervousness and irritation from one man who she was trying to keep a distance but in vain.Even doctor was surprised to see a healthy woman and then God knows he came up with this theory that sometimes patient looks healthy yet is sick.

I was rofl by Khushi's story and doctor's acting here.God Dammit , too cute and good. but then doctor proved me wrong later because when she asked the doctor to prescribe something so the man who is keeping her away from her buaji could do better and he did exactly the same.

He said exactly to Arnav what the actual diagnosis was. and of course, the angry man in brown with disheveled hair storms back in to settle a score with his lady love. The lady love who was satisfied by her acting skills to make this doctor fool comes out with a prescription in her hand.

Yes, a prescription of the deal of her heart which he is always ready to challenge to win.The man knows he did something terribly wrong, he has pushed her way too far this time but since then he is trying to win her back, he can't say sorry in a way or he can't do things like normal people do but his way of apologizing is always passionate either in anger or in love.He is giving her all rights to her and saying it loudly I am sorry by delivering the beat to her heart that his heart is incomplete without hers.Their heartbeats can't be separated...He did mention that he doesn't need anything Khushi but you.

She is still in this dilemma what right she has when this relationship will be over in a couple of days without knowing that this time ASR won't let that happen no matter what. He takes the prescription from her hand as he is the medicine of her ailment heart.

I must say, there is an overwhelming and flowing sense of love in their little hide seek to play here in this scene.. she doesn't want to give him the prescription, he snatches it away and why not he won't let her make any mistake to keep herself away from him... she lunges forward to grab it,...of course she dared to do stuff and lets her but not anymore...but this scene is meaningful yet intimate...He grabs her as always bringing her closer making her feel what he wants as he tells her she knows... yes, she does... she knows. 



He wants a kiss, a kiss of love , a kiss of forgiveness, a kiss of acceptance A kiss from his wife Does he has to say it, No They know each other without anything having to be said as always since the days when he used to hate her...Duh... As always she fights back but she was out of her breath, sucking the fact that she feels every beat of his yearning heart and what he wants...

Later she will encourage him"Hum Jantey hain" I know 

but at this point, she fights off these feelings to deny and pretends she is not getting affected and feeling him falling weak in that moment she snatches the paper... she thinks she has won. "Aap har gaye"...You lost 

Tilted neck with a smirk knowing how much she is fighting with these feelings, she was very much affected and it was visible to his naked eyes, very arousing I must say...

 "Shayed, par tuhari sans kyuon phooli hai..." Maybe but why are you breathing heavily 'nahi to." 


Khushi is getting tizzy. Arnav doesn't want to miss this opportunity of her weakness. He walks very slow and a cool manner to grab her so gently while tilting his head, and kisses her on her cheek...leaving her breathless with wide open eyes... she gasps inaudibly. 

Arnav says sardonically, "Khushi I never lose a bet." "if you want anything, just call me." he leaves.

 'nahi karenge" I won't 

Khushi retorts him by screaming seeing him leaving ignoring her. She is exasperated. But after he left, her hand slowly lifts up and touches her cheek to feel his lips there.Rosy cheeks with a blush and a soft smile speak itself how much she wants him as much as he does...

This is a right he has given her unconditionally but she is running away without knowing that she can;'t... An involuntary shy smile glints her face but she reprimands her to stop getting emotional. "Bas Khushi... hmm, I don't think so Khsuhi as the doctor is going to take care of your prescription very well...ailment he knows and diagnosis very well... uh oh..Angry LaadGovernor is coming back...

 Arnav-Khushi Hamesha

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Episode 306

In debt ...

You are my wife, my obligation, my responsibility...

isn't he trying all this time to make her understand but she is so adamant.It doesn't matter who pays the rent. "Farq padta hai, humey aapka koi ehsaan nahin chahiye!" It makes a difference, I don't want any favors from you. 

In other words, I don't want to be in debt to you anymore.This is the same Khushi who worked in her office to pay 25000 for the damage she caused to his SUV.Same Khushi who always have a dream of money which shows naturally a middle-class family's main issue.Money. 


"Ehsaan...This word had him.He grabs her and the table turns in such a manner.She sticks to the door under the radar of his burning rage spitting through his hardened jawline."You are my wife, Khushi.."hissy voice under gritted teeth...he knew he was missing something, she had lied about Buaji's illness. why? he knew she was not telling him something and the doctor did tell him as I mentioned before, he did diagnose the main cause of the illness, It was worries of Khushi...


His angst had no boundary but at the same time, the love and the care were flowing through every word and every action especially through their eyes. Holding her shoulder,He rages at her, she rages at him, he catches and whirls her around,, she pulls away, he yanks her to back to him... he has to find, she has to show no faraq...but both showing Haq, rights without any hesitance...a real husband and wife like.

When she pushed him away but he pulls her back and inquires her why did she lie about Buaji's health. She answers back, "I had to otherwise you would never let me come.."

A sudden rage changes into a concern why? mind asks and so his lips "tum keh kar to dekhti..." You could've told me 

"Oh really then what happened during our birthday ??"

 Her answer is more like a question. He was totally confounded to know why was she lying and doing all of this but she is answering she had to without telling the whole truth. 

His demeanor changes into a gentle soft lover who was hellbent to know her worries, her hesitations... She continues,, " she needed to come here for a change that it was must..., it was zaroori...a badlaov.. change... 

A rage flares again over her words,"I don't have to explain things to you..." No Zaroorat... 

"zaroorat hai, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!" there is a need for an explanation. Here is this lover who is asking justification by giving her one that you are my wife and you need to tell me why? Why did you do all of this?Yes, he has to HOLD and has to have her within his reach, HIS, yes You are mine, my legal wife... 

CV was actually trying to bring the contract...but as I said many times, the contract had no meaning in their marriage, rituals were meaningless, they were meant to be together by all means. 

Things were more complicated and things go hazy there, but a lovely moment as he stood with his hands resting tenderly on her shoulders with such a care looking into her eyes. 

He wanted her to be his part, qadam se qadam mila kar chalna hoga..have to be by my side..But she was creating teh rift why he had to find out 

"Aap ghar jaiye... terah din mein sab kuch theek ho jaayga..." you go home, everything will be fine in thirteen days..." 

His expression shows he has no clue what thirteen days, ASR's brain on holidaywa...LOL or maybe his mind was overwhelmed by Khushi and her actions which he was trying his best to understand but couldn't...

 There was love, concern, confusion but among all the flow of emotions of two hearts never rested for a second. "You know you can tell me..."

He asks again How natural flow you see here in his wife... from anger to almost a guilt, a remorse to a sadness spilling over... 

"Humey chalna chahiye.. bua ji pareshan ho rahi hogi..."

 we should go outside, bua ji must be getting concerned, she said in a sad voice by lowering her head. then she steps back, away from his arms. a poignant moment. she was creating a distance...

He was lost, having no clue of her actions but a lover in him was giving her space...she needs it... 

" sab theek toh hai Nandkishore?" is everything all right called out bua ji on seeing the two of them coming out...

 "Shyed" Maybe?? 

very downcast reply...she was sad and so was he A person who knew one thing, taking charge and making things his way bending according to his rules today was bending being helpless...

He tried so hard, but he hadn't been able to reach Khushi. he had no idea what was really going on but he shayad... maybe... no that is so not this man. i felt terrible for him. He stops and moves forward letting her stop closing the door..BUT .. this is Arnav Singh Raizada .. & she is his Mrs. ..He won't give up .. he comes back to her and once again asking her .. if its ok ..she can trust him as HE IS WITH HER.."Main hoon tumhare saath...

Taking her fears away..telling her giving her right, it is ok but she can tell him and trust him...Man I felt this moment to my heart...Beautiful transformation of a man... & she closes the door saying its ok .. 

Khushi closes the door on her relationship with him feeling that SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO IT .. in her MIND this was Borrowed, she is in debt, and she doesn't want to be in debt ... as always she felt in debt to her parents as she was an orphan, she was in debt to her sister because of her , the marriage was broken , she was in debt to all and today she didn't want to be indebt to her husband too because he said this is just a contract...

NO RIGHTS AT ALL>>> BUT he finds the reason of all after hearing Payal and Niji's convo... he realized exactly what she had meant by thirteen days...there are thirteen days left in the contract...and here his mind sets the level his way. 

Pacing back and forth in his room, thinking over and over with a winning expression with a determination just to sort out strategies, a clever mind puts all the pawns on the chess game before sorting out his THE KING and his QUEEN Khushi's positions. 

"You think you are smart...My name is Arnav Singh Raizada .." 

There she was sitting in front of Devi Maiya"Bas bara din...only twelve days ,then I won't be Arnav's wife..."

 Here he is I still have twelve days and this time everything will be my way...

"Aur iss baar sab kuch mere tarike se hoga..." and this everything will happen the way I want it to... He is on his mission,knowing why is she doing all of this.The reason is the contract and he takes an oath to win her back in twelve days according to his ways.

Sensing his little petite wife and her anger and the reason for it he starts his game by the very same point which ignited her.The Rent... So basically he took care of the issue already being a responsible SIL and husband, making her his obligation.She will find out from Dadi's mouth that he had bought this Buaji's house but he never hurt anyone's feelings and their self-respect by telling them.That was so ASR's way. of thinking and Arnav's heart of love if u ask.

 "Hum aapke ek ek pai chuka denge..." I will return every cent of yours, Khushi dreaming of her Rakshus, LOL thinking of her being in debt of him by 25000, again 24ooo, I a wondering why always 24-25000, Her father's hospital bill,, his SUV's repair, and now this even Shyam's watch money always runs in between this number? Curious to think. 

"Exactly aisa hi pahle bhi kissiney kaha tha, Khushi Kumari Gupta... Singh Raizada..." someone had said exactly that once before, KKGSR" This devil is too much hehe... Why do I see dreams in the daytime and I know it always comes true. Yes, she is sensing his moves .lol, she knows him too damn well and he knows her ... Nehle pe dehla...Tita for tat. He is going to pressure her by the weight of Buaji's rent...

I love him in his office, ah! Black suit with a loose tie, an ease around, mind on a mission, the dashing hunk is all action and she climbs up in red...Basically both colors of passion...She blabbers all out and LG ignores all of her talking being a saint. The Evil saint must say...LOL

 Awe...hand goes up stopping her as he is on his phone till she casts her right. "Ab humari baat suniya..." Now listen to me "Sitting on a chair, being so cool, no anger, she took his phone away, he asked for coffee...didn't he say it's ok, you are my wife but she ignored...giving her the same meds...hehe "ok, I am listening... She doesn't even finish and gets more frustrated.

She's never coming back to ask for his help.. she said clearly with her ultimatum, but she is unaware of his moves... "Kuch bhi karlo, khushi," you'll have to come back to me before the contract ends, he thought to himself with a satisfied smile and with eyebrows up with an ego...ego of winning his wife Now this contract became a challenge as two of them always love to wrestle around a challenge so now this contract/...

He dragged her into this relationship by this and now he wants to build a strong relationship over this So the bait has been placed and now he is using his pulley to catch the fish by taking out all the water around her...From Happyji to Shuklaji he knows her contacts, LOL...wow! totally in the skin of Khushi how will she think and what will she do? But he was totally subdued, his love was reflecting by all means for her and she was casting her rights without even knowing it...How can you do this to me?...ah KKGSR... yes, he was in and out to win, wanted her to accept him her husband...He doesn't leave any chance to show her how much he needs her, after telling her that he wished he never met her...his remorseful act is showering his love to let her heart see he didn't mean anything that he said that night... 

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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addiction of mine part 2

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