||~~Har Maidan Fateh... Happy Birthday Karan Kundrra *cheers*~~ ||

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Appealing personality, magnetic eyes, infectious smiles,charismatic aura...he captured our hearts without even us knowing.

Each time he came back with a new shade painted on his canvas, we welcomed him with open arms. He inspired us with his words, took us on emotional rides with his acting, cheered us with his wit and with each step his thoughtfulness & humility earned our respect. To know him is to love him. Truly one in billion.

Celebrating this Charming Enchanter who has become an integral part of our lives.

The man of substance and character...one and only Karan 'King' Kundrra.

As many Of You know that Karan is a Social Birdie...he's Active on almost all Social media Platforms ...so let's Start this journey inspired from his own Social Media Accounts Wink

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Karan Kundrra is a proud punjabi hailing from Jalandhar. In the time of Internet, social media plays a major role in our lives. Well, Karan seems to have realized the power a decade back. He got his first break after Ekta Kapoor noticed his pictures on Facebook and asked him to audition for her show. The rest, as we know, is history. An active social media user, Karan continues to rock social media as he keeps interacting with his fans, and inspiring them every day with his posts and talks.
So,will let his FB page do the rest of talking.

Meet Daddy Kundra

Meet Mommy Kundra

Meet Sisters Kundra

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THE CHITTI...His first in Mumbai

HARLEY...His first Love

DEVIL...Love for bike continues

FATTY...The new addition.

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The most special member of 'KUNDRRA  CLAN': MONSTER KUNDRRA
What if monstyy could talk..

Monstyyy would sure hate everytime KK takes off.

Who won't want to drive rover?

Possessive MONSTER!!

What a lazy boo MONSTER can be?

Because Monster is a star and pics matters

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Some VMs & Edits made by FanHug






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As an actor, one gets to live numerous lives. There is certain part of oneself in every role they play.
Lets live the journey of Karan Kundrra through this insta timeline of all the characters he has breathed life into.

He has got anger like Arjun Punj


He is honest like Veeru


He is Prince Charming in disguise like Ranvijay


He has got sass like Arjun Singhania


He is youthful and jovial like Prem


He is all heart like Karan Kapoor


He is...Bold and Beautiful Karan Kundrra

He is daring like Neel

He is killer like Vivaan (kills us with his looks every time)

He is so punjabi like Manpreet


He is caring like Rahul

He is cute like Ayush

He is all heart like Rithwik Noon

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Fictional Characters are imagination...meant to be dreamy mostly but non-fiction reveals the actor. A Twitter thread of when Karan Kundrra took our hearts just by being himself.


Out and Out entertainer. Who all want admission in this school?

Just when you thought nobody understands you.


A mentor. A friend. A guiding force.

Storytelling done right. Mr. Sutradhaar.

Taking the roads less travelled.

Viva La Vida

Why don't we have such eye candy professors in college?

Soothing to ears... Soothing to eyes 

Lust for adventure continues

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Before we End and wind up with last past of this thread (Not the least)

Thanks to all who came together to make this thread a success...Hug

Credits to due maker who came forward in making this Heart

As they Say.. There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

He is Love By One and All..Some of heartfelt messages from Karan's Fans 
















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