Posted: 2018-10-08T11:44:15Z
I am not getting a good impression of Jaya. She is a wedding planner by profession but I feel that this girl was not ready for marriage. Her behavior turned me off as she comes across as selfish. At first I used to feel that she doesn't know any better because she is raised in a single parent home but how can someone be so dense.

I took offense to her running to her mom when she was in the middle of the ceremony of entering Samar's home. She comes across as self centered, childish and very careless. It seems like she doesn't care for or have any feeling that she is married now and has to balance relationships. Everything can't just revolve around her mom's wishes.

At first I understood that her mom is just trying to protect her daughter but she can't have Samar and his family all dancing to her tune. That is wrong. It is not all about her daughter but also respecting the family she is married into. They are not demanding anything big. Why can' t Jaya be shown with a bit of common sense? She should be more understanding. She wanted to take care of her mom but there were other family members to help and Samar's mom had invited friends over to meet Jaya. Then she fights with her husband when she comes home? She comes to breakfast in her nightsuit, can't cook (at least she should have skills to take care of herself) Was her mom going to cook for her all her life? If she didn't know how to make a sweet dish couldn't she have asked a family member to help in Samar's home? Does she realize that she is not making a good first impression? I am not saying she needs to know how to cook but be honest and ask for help and try to learn to adjust. How can she be so selfish? I thought that her mom intentionally dropping the rasgulla syrup on Jaya's bangles was mean. I understand she was having a allergy but she could have taken a allergy medication till the pandit came. She has to learn to balance her relationships otherwise this wedding is not going to last more than a week. This marriage really started on the wrong foot especially with her mom having those 7 agreements with Samar's mom. What will happen when Samar finds out?That is not how one starts out a marriage and this is not off to a good start. Jaya and her mom can't continue to behave like this without it affecting Jaya's marriage. Parents should not be involved so much in their kids marriages. Let them live happily and in peace without any interference otherwise this will create many problems down the road.

Also the idea of marriage should be taken seriously and should not just be done on a whim. Only marry when you know the person well and are prepared to move forward in life and are ready to take on the commitments that come with marriage.

I think the only sensible one is Jaya's nani. I understand Jaya's mother's concerns but her approach is wrong. Too much extreme of anything is bad. Edited by rose2015 - 2018-10-08T11:53:58Z
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Posted: 2018-10-10T15:21:53Z
I wish they had not shown Jaya's mom the way she is being presented. It makes single mothers look bad. Already single/divorced mothers are given bad name in society. She is too interfering which is not right. Jaya is also foolish that she keeps talking to her mom all day and what is this that she can't go to sleep at night without talking to Jaya. I mean Jaya is newly married. Give her time to adjust and some privacy. Makes me wonder if she wants Jaya to only give importance to maayka then why get married in the first place.

Already she is telling her to threaten that main maayke chali jaaungi.
It upset me to see the mother constantly calling Jaya when they both went for an outing and left their phones home. This is not how divorced/single mothers behave. They are just for drama's sake showing a divorced mom in a bad light. The way things are being portrayed no one would want to marry a girl from a single parent home. Is that what is the writers intention? It's really doing a disservice to single parent families. Their lives are hard enough as it is.

My feeling is already two daughters have returned home. I want to see Jaya successful in her marriage. That may mean making decisions on her own about what is right and wrong for her situation. Edited by rose2015 - 2018-10-10T15:26:51Z
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Posted: 2018-10-11T10:12:55Z
exactly , character of jaya's mother is getting irksome .
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Posted: 2018-10-12T00:54:30Z
They are just self centred.It is coming as too selfish.I mean Jaya as a single mother shd have made her daughter independent .She shd have been shown to be able to think analyse independently & not knowing any household work is not a very good thing for anyone be it son or daughter.I make my son work at home & help me whatever little so that he has a sense that he needs to work himself rather than his mother will be doing all.I think as a single & working mother that shd have been shown.
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Posted: 2018-10-12T05:15:14Z
self centered is the word !
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Posted: 2018-10-13T02:03:52Z

Totally agree .. the way jaya or her mom are behaving is really irritating ... didn't like the way she behaved during all rituals ... 
Not sure whose fault is it ... I mean the cvs who are writing the story ...  or the characters in the show ...  specially jaya ...  

Thy are trying to justify her moms actions but somethings are really too much in show ... 

The way the story is going ..

Oh yes .. this marriage will go to the court within a month the way jaya behaves ... 

I was totally  irritated with the halwa what jaya made ... 

I mean how dense can a person b .. that u don't know how HALWA looks ? It looked more like soup .. hasn't she eaten HALWA ever in her life to know how it even looks  ... she was asking them how it tastes .. trust me give that halwa to a 3 year old & they will give one look & say it's not halwa .. & thy won't even eat it .. 

Now a days kids know more than the lead ..

If the story was set 12-15 years ago when there were no iPhones  Or smart phones .. I can Understand that she can't get recipe .. 

Thy r using an iPhone & cant open YouTube to find recipe of halwa .. she calls her granny for recipe & doesn't even care to wait till end .. 

I have seen monster mother in laws to the girl where thy r too over protective of their sons who give tough time to DIL but here it's opp .. MMIL of Samar calls her daughter in weird hours ... don't thy ever sleep ? Both keep talking non stop ...  

Being protective is ok .. but over protective and interfering def not ok  .. jaya her sisters n her mom thy all lack common sense .. are too selfish ..

btw .. P.S . satya  in beginning said she doesn't like to adjust n she didn't teach her daughters also how to adjust .. so expecting them to adjust in the beginning of the show will b our mistake  LOL but the way thy are behaving too immaturely Is too irritating .. 

Their world consists of only 5 people .. satya + 3 daughters & grand son .. 

Satya is still mad at her mom for not supporting her when she left her husband .. 

Actually satya suffered a lot .. so she thinking from that pov & trying to protect her daughter Is fine .. but the way thy r demanding & getting the work done isn't correct right in the begining of th marriages .. but In a way if u r clear from the beginning it's  better that way too .. 

She wanting her daughters Jewelry to b with her daughter is fine & correct also but the way they both approached wasn't right .. she should've told her daughter way before marriage to keep her jewelry with her .. but telling her in midnight n knocking MIL door n disturbing their sleep twice in a gap of five min isn't right .. 

If she hadtold in the beginning way before marriage then  this situation wouldn't have been raised .. but directly threatening Samar in middle of night & actually leaving the house sounded immature .. thy could've told him to get the jewelry in morning or she could've directly spoken to her MIL .. 

Oh yeah the way her mom is interfering .. very soon Samar would want to divorce her .. 

The seventh clause was too much ... asking for 1/2 of Samar share is more legitimate than asking for 1/2 of their property .. the entire property doesn't belong to Samar dad .. so where will Samar & his sister go .. as 1/2 half property belongs to his chacha legally .. if samar dad doesn't have any other siblings .. so as Samar has a sis .. so 1/4 of the share will go to him & 1/4 will go to his sis .. 

So technically jaya would get part of Samar share which is 1/8 .. any time if divorce happens as satya Is hell bent on getting her daughter divorced .. so she will walk away with 1/2 of the property n Samar n his parents will b penniless .. 

I understand satya struggled a lot specially financially n may have seen very tough times .. so the way she is behaving sometimes she may b right . but I don't think so any single parent  behaves this way .. if thy are so concerned about their daughter n thinking thy won't b happy in their married life .. it's better if u don't get ur daughter married .. 

Thinking that her daughter may face such situations she herself is spoiling her daughters married life by being too over protective ...  

Over protective parents always spoil their children's lives .. let the butterfly gets it wings on its own .. rather than breaking the pupa urself .. 

P.s, - sorry for very long reply ..  

Edited by dewdropred - 2018-10-13T02:19:40Z
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Posted: 2018-10-13T03:24:46Z
Overall Jaya is coming as self centred ,immature girl who has no sense of her priorities of life.Her mother is too prejudiced woman who thinks she is always right.Both mother & daughter seems to be obssessed with each other.Calling her newly wed daughter always at night doent comes as a normal behaviour to me.The behaviour of both mother & daughter have crossed the norma l border & coming up as disorder in both.Jaya is fully controlled by her mother & seems of not having any brains.I dont think she has been brought up to be an independent women.In fact she is too dependent . 
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Posted: 2018-10-14T15:32:45Z
Agree on all points mentioned so far. These days everyone is carrying their phones with them. You can learn to wear sari or make halwa on youtube. LOL Jaya could probably google how to adjust as a newlywed and not upset your husbands family or how not to let you mom run/ruin your life.

Jaya and her mother are way too blunt and to me it comes off as blackmailing. I don't agree with this at all. The way Jaya's mom said to Rama "the ball is in your court. The reason my daughter is in Maayka is because she requires her own jewelry locker." Then she has the nerve to say don't think of this as blackmailing. When she had Jaya's bangles removed she said don't feel bad about what happened to Rama.

I feel Samar's family has been too forgiving and overlooking things like how Jaya regifted back one of her wedding gifts.

This is going to effect Jaya's relationship with Samar. She fails to realize that Samar understands she only came back home because of locker not because of realizing her mistake of making such a big issue of something small. I felt really bad when he went to meet Jaya with flowers and candy and he left the house disheartened.

I am feeling bad for Samar and Rama. I imagine things will get only worse. I won't be surprised if one day Jaya gets sick then Satya threatens that they are not taking good care of her. I don't want Samar and his mom in legal trouble. One day Satya will say they can only be together if they live separately from the inlaws. I feel Jaya is not learning anything from her mistakes. I mean saying I'm sorry is the easy part. Making actual changes to your attitude and habits is another thing. Edited by rose2015 - 2018-10-14T15:44:13Z
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