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UPDATES for 17 Nov 2018

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The villagers are seen sitting together  for the maha bhoj 
Krishn and Balram are sitting there along with ther fathers ..while the women folk are seen serving the food.

Kirtida asks Radha to sit for meal but Radha feels disturbed and has no appetite . She refuses meal 
Krishn overhears her n is unable to have anything when his radha refuses to eat 
He pretends to have stomach ache 
Yashoda is worried for her son lradha notices Krishn n is sure this was his fake acting 
Radha decides to teach Krishn a lesson and suggests Yashoda give Krish neem ka kadha to cure him of stomach ailments 
Yashida prepares neem ka kadha by crushing Neem leaves ... Krishn is reluctant to have the bitter liquid ..but Yashoda forces him. . Radha then goes n joins the others n begins to enjoy the meal 
Krish feels how could radha enjoy tasty meal after making him have bitter !! 
As Krishn swallows bitter liquid Radha finds the meal bitter .
She throws it n complains Vrishbhan  sitting next to her tastes from her thaali n finds the meal very tasty n not bitter at all .
Radha feeels this could be Krishn's magic on her again she looks at Krishn who playfully makes signs as if he is casting spell on her .

Radha walks out of the bhoj and wishes ot enjoy some fresh sir ljust as she sits in the charming vrindavan woods Krish join sher . He advises her to get over hea fears as it will hamper her life in many ways . He asks her to foght it n not let Fear overwhelm her 
Radha blames krishn that he was responsible for all her fears ..before he arrived she had no fears in her life . 

Krishn says  saddened that fears were overwhelming Radha badly but the time had come for Radha to get over them . 

Radha overhears this n wonders what Krishn meant .

In Yamuna injured Kaaliya reaches his papace under the waters where the naag patnies are worried to see their swami in pain with injured tail.  Kaalia fumes as he tells them how an ordinary human boy injured him 
. The naag patni asks if the boy had peacock feather on his head n kaaliya affirms that 
The naag patni says that was no ordinary boy because she had witnessed him creating an enchantingly beautiful place where one stood lifeless deserts 
Kaaliay refuses to believe that 
And as mark of revenge against the humans he spouts poison into  Yamuna and poisons the waters 

Krishn walks to the yamuna bank and feels it was time for ending the Kaaliya menace .

Krishn Vaani

Krishn every work needed to be done like we prepare kheer . We should add rice and milk into our relation ships in the form of purity , honesty and love ... and heat them on fire in the form of toiling  hard with feelings.. THis Is what leads men to happiness in life ..just like a tasty kheer . 
Krishn asks Men to work hard to reach their goals of happiness .

Krishn is seen dancing on the giant hood of Kaaliya while Radha watches in amazement . 

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LIVE UPDATES for 19 Nov 2018  

Jatila and Ayan plan .
Ayan announces to villagers that they should arrange games n matches between the two villagers on the sprawling banks of Yamuna .
Jatila smirks at Ayan . 

Balram asks if Ayan was in good health because only  yesterday he said he was scared of huge serment in Yamuna and today he was asking for games to be arranged there ?? 
Ayan says Krishn had declared that yamuna was safe !! There was no serpent   So what was the hitch now ??
Vrishbhan n nand ask their youngsters to join the games Krishn  asks why o ly boys ?? Were the girls of Barsana weak ??  Radha complains to her baba Vrishbhan asks Radhan Lalita , to join the  games 
They play game of Pithoo .

Jatila thinks that these boys were foolish ..they were walking into the trap she laid for them . 
Inside yamuna Kaalia is waiting for Krishn .

Krishn teases n tries to flirt with Radha n annoys her .

Soon Krishn knocks the ball into the yamuna . Ayan asks Krishn to get the ball . He denies saying Radha threw it . Radha then agres to fetch that ball , ayan is very worroed for ger safety . He urges her to stop . 

Balram asks Ayan why was he so worried ?? 
Ayan is scared for Radha . Balram asks krishn to stop Radha or kaliya would kill her . 
Krishn the. Stops Radha n decides to get the ball himself . 

Krishn warns Kaaliya for trying to attack Radha , he would have to  learn his lesson .

Radha says he better get that ball because he himself had proved yamuna was safe 
Krish asks Radha not to be scared of fearful hings . One had to stop fearing fear but over come their fears n fight that fear . 

Krish Gets into Yamuna the huge snake curls around him ...all boys watch in horror as kaliya coils around Krshn , the snake pulls Krishn in the middle river coild around him n spreads his hundred hoods over him . 
Ayan runs n informs Villagers  vrishbhan n Nand. yashoda fears the safety of her son 
All rush to the bank n are horrified with the sight 
Radha realizes that every ine could see this huge snake .. This was not magic created by krishn but reality . 
Balram asks Krishn why was he not killing Kaaliya 
Krishn says he was waiting for some one to get over her fears.

Vrishbhaan is ready to enter the river with the villagers , fight snake n rescue Krishn lJatila stops them saying he was the head of the village he could not sacrifice his life for a boy 
Ayan  and Jatila shed crocodile tears for Krishn . 

Yashoda and Kirtida start weeping . Radha is very hurt to see her mothers n aunts crying lshe urges Krish. To fight n kill kaliya naag n come out safely 
Balram asks Krishn thru mind talks ...to kill kaaliya now that radha had asked him 
Krishn says he would kill kaaliya not for taking revenge pr because of hatred , he would kill in order tk teach love . To help concerned persons get over their pride / ego . Pride is a poison which slowly kills . He alsomhad to save the waters ofmyamuna from the poison of kaaliya 
Krishn tells Balram thru mind talks that he will kill when the right time comes . Under water Krishn is seen fighting Kaaliya . 
Ahankaar roopi Kaaliya ko jeevan roopi yamuna se nikalna hoga ahankaar ko kuchal  kar maarna higa Jeevan roopi yamuna ko bachana hoga .

Krishn fights Kaaliya .

Krishn vaani 

He says in summers many birds sing melodious songs .

Koyel n parrots . Koyal sings beautofully , lives freely in the forests ... Parrot lives in cages in homes . This was becasue parrots spoke the language of his captors . 
So what would man like to be ?? Live freely by speaking his own language / doin ghis own thing independently or following orders n living a life of debt/ imprisonment / servant . Nam can decide for one self 

Radha is mesmerized by the sight of Krish dancing on the giant hood of Kaaliya naag 

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LIVE UPDATES for 20 Nov 2018  

Episode begins with Krishn stepping powerfully on Kaaliya 
Krishn says where there is ego / pride there is no love 
All men should destroy the hundred heads of kaaliya naag with in you in the form of Ego n pride 
When these are destroyed only then the feeling love will emerge from within .. The the krishn within oneself will win over .

As the villagers watch Krishn disappear into the yamuna they are shocked n fear the worst for Kanha 
Yashoda weeps for her kanha . Balraam too shows his fake worries for Kanha. Jatila fakes her sorrow and says she regrets Kanha's loss . He will not return he was gone for ever.  No man  could hold breath for so long, Under waters . 
Yashoda does not believe Jatila n believes her kanha was safe n would return .

Under water Naag patnis plead Krishn to forgive their Pati . They seek forgiveness for his sins . Krishn lets go of  Kaaliya 
Kaaliya thanks Krishn for sparing his life , but Krishn Says he granted his life but not forgave his sins. Kaaliya had to give up his poison N leave yamuna 
Krishn assures safety from garuda .

On the banks Radha weeps for krishn n pleads him to come back 
Krishn says until  she called him by his name he would not return 
Radha then calls out his name KRISHN !!!

To her surprise Krishn smiles n appears out of the waters standing on the hood of kaaliya naag 
All villagers splly Yashoda n Nand ... are happy to see krishn alive n surprised to see him standing on the hood of Naag .

Radha is shocked to see krishn standing on the hood of kaaliya naag 
As Garuda arrives krishn tells him that kaaliya was under his protection.  Garuda could not hurt him now .Garuda bows before narayan n flies away .

All watch with amazement as krishn performs dance on the hood of kaaliya .
Krishn looks at radha looking at him . the entire village watches kaha dancing on the hood of Kaaliya with astonishment .Kaaliya appears subdued with the dance n the melody.. he stops hissing n remains quiet . 
Balram watches Krishn with a knowing smile .
Krishn then pulls out his flute .. He then plays a divine melody.. 
Radha watches mesmerized. ..with teary eyes .. 
Krishn smiles at radha .. 

Radha tells Ayan that krishn was not any ordinary human he had a magical   Powers . Suddenly radha finds herself alone . There was no naag, no krishn or any villager . She then suddenly comes face to face with krishn . She is taken aback . She asks him questions .

 Krishn asks her why did she call him ??  Radha gets fearful . Krishn asks her to get rid of her fears or she will never get to know Krishn .krishn removes radha's fears with click of his fingers . 
The cloudy sky gives way to sunny skies . Radha finds herself amidst the beach game of pithoo with the girls n guys of the village . Balram throws the ball so hard he falls into the waters of yamuna .all youngsters laugh at Ayan .
Ayan then feels himself trapped ..he fears he was trapped by Kaaliya naag coiling around his legs .
Balram walks up to him n pulls out some weeds . 
All make fun of Balram for fearing weeds as naag .all laugh at ayan .
Balram says there was no snake ..it was all his imagination . 

Radha recolects how Krishn created Vrindavan , she tells Ayan that krishn was a very man with strong magical powers . Ayan seems confused with radha speaking of giant naag .he made everything disappear by clicking of his fingers . RaYan feel they better warn the villagers  .Krishn is hurt to hear this .

Krishn vaani 

all relationships are based on trust . Qs arises  whom to trust n believe ??
we should trust n believe that person who can feel the following... the pain behind your smiling face ...the love hidden behind your anger...the feelings n compulsions  behind your silence ...

that erson understands you na dyou shoud trust this person .

Krishn says vrindavan has been created but it has yet to be named ..and this shuddhikaran will be done by that person who was pure at heart .

Radha is sen performing shuddhikaran rites n rasams .

Radha tells Yashoda and Nand that krishn had magical powers and had created a magical illision around them . all look at radha with shock .
Balram tells Krishn that in the process of removing her fears he will Filling Radha's  mind with even more fears for Krishn !!
Krishn smiles n says even if in fearful,state at least he was residing in  Radha's mind n heart !! 

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LIVE UPDATES 21 Nov 2018 

Balram asks Krishn if he was wipimg out the mienory of Kaaliya daman from the minds of all villagers why did he not wipe out Radha's memory ??
Why was he troubling her ..she was so worried n scared because of that sight more so necause none else remember seeing any of that .
Krshn says Radha would now have to find her way out of her fears herself .

BaLram says she had startde hating n fearing krishn yet he was quiet !!
Krishn Says he was silent because if this was the o ly way he could reside i. radha's mind n heart so be it !!.
Balram feels worried for Radha .

Radha shares her worries with Ayan . Ayan supports her . 

Radha  hugs Yashoda , gets emotional and tells them Krishn was a big mayavi /magician 
She narrates all about His creation of vrindavan, making the snake appear, dancing on the head of snake , turning cloudy day into sunny day .
Yashoda and Nand are surprised n refuse to believe Radha 

Radha asks Ayan to support her . But KriBal arrives n refute Radha's claims .
Krishn then pretends to get scared of a tiny baby snake . 
Radha insists she was telling the truth . Krishn then declares she will Qs Radha to reveal the truth . His questioning reveals Ayan poisoned the food grains for the maha bhoj 
Ayan says radha was speaking untrue . Ayan is shocked so is radha of her inadvertent slip of tougue .

Krishn asks Ayan to relax as Radha was not speaking truth .

Krishnsays one does not understand implication u til it befals them selves 
Later Yashoda says Radha was like their daughter , she might have been affected by some bad omens /kaali saya  when she went to jungle .
They should do shuddhikaran pooja for her recovery .

Rohini, kirtida agree as they were Radha's well wishers .
Vrishbhaan  n Nand agree to this for Radha's benefit .

Radha is reluctant for the shuddhikaran ceremony 
Krish. Comes n pulls her legs .. Radha gets annoyed n Radha Krishn have nok jhok n chase eachother all over the house. 
Krish says Radha was badly affected by buri shakti 
They must do Shuddhikaran pooja 
Kirtida requests Radha to go thru this for her satisfaction ...

Ayan n Jatila discuss ...that radha was telling the truth .. Krishn was mayavi, Krishn made the giant snake appear in yamuna , he  danced on the head of that giant snake ,
Jatila asks if Krishn was really a big mayavi with spl powers what was he doing in Nand Yashida's house ?
Ayan wants to get to the bottom of the issue , they decide to keep a close watch on  Krishn secretly to know who he really was  . 

Balram asks what was this new drama of getting radha shuddhikaran ?? Radha was always the purest , 

Krish says this village was now in existence but it was yet to be named ..and who better to name this place other than Radha !! 
Shiddhikaran will be done by using water, vayu, agni, dhara and then by akaash 
. It will be done by that oerson whose soul was pure .

Krishn vaani 
All want to become immortal in the hearts of people . Some people are forgotten despite being well known . This Is because we should remain connected to the people at grass roots ..those who make one famous and write the names in their history .


Ayan watches Krisn perform some gestures at Radha n he whispers to zatila that it was beyond doubt that Krishn was mayavi 

Krishn then declares how Radha had performed shuddhikaran of this place and now he wished Radha to plant the first  Tulsi plant in the new village .

Krishn asks Radha what should they name is forest which was the abode of Tulsi / vrind ??
Radha suggests VRINDAVAN 

Krishn looks at her n smiles 
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UPDATES For 22 Nov 2018  

Show begins with Krishn telling Balram that this place  will undergo shuddhikaran at the hands of the purest being ...Radha ..

Balram offers his help as always ...krishn accepts his help ...
Radha's  shuddhikaran ceremony begins ...  
Jatila is keeping close watch on Krshn's every move with telescope 
And Ayan too is watching him with full concentration 
Krishn uses magical powers to send the yamuna back n forth as Radha goes to get some water from the river. He also plays with the havan flames by gesturing at it ...while throwing suggestive gestures at Ayan . 

Later after shuddhikaran there is meal for every one and Krishn eats up great Qty of food and   troubles Radha be demanding so much food that  she gets tired . Radha looks at Krishn with suspicion n amazement over his immense appetite . She then prays to Narayan to satisfy Krishn 
. Then n there Krishn Stops eating . ...much to Radha's relief .

Soon Ayan spots an intruder . He nabs him an manages to extract the info that he was a spy send by Kans as he feared Krishn was the guy who was proclaimed to slay  kans one day  .
Ayan n Jatila surmise that Krishn was no ordinary Cow herd boy.  He usd great magical powers.

Pandit ji declares that Radha was now free of all kaali shakti . She was purified . 
Krishn then reminds Kirtida that he suggested Radha's shuddhikaran so now he demanded his prize phe requests Radha to plant sacred Tulasi plant as his reward .
There was none other than radha here and it would be auspicious for this new village tk have Tulasi plant here planted by the purest being ..Radha .
Radha is thoughtful but Balram produces a tulasi plant and All vilagers agree that this would be truly auspicious thing to do and Radha had ni reason. To refuse . 

Radha plants the tulasi plant and trees shower flowers on her . Villagers are so pleased to see tha beautiful sight . 
Krishn then asks every one to notice that this place her numerous tulasi plant growing al over

Kirtida recollects Vrinda was another sweet name of the same plant  . 
Kirtida reveals that initially they had thought of naming their daughter Vrinda . 

Krishn then says this land was selected by the villagers for living , their hiuses were build, a s place was sanctified by purest of pure Radha by planting tulasi plant 
So what could they name this place where vrinds named girl plants a vrinda plant ??
Radha suggests VRINDAVAN 

Krishn says this land was the purest place on earth as it was created by Radha krishn.  Shuddhikaran done n named by Radha , she planted Vrinda here and this place will always remain holiest of holy for times to come n remove all diseases and pain of those visiting this place . 

Krishn vaani 
Humans always thought n planned  before taking any steps n planned to change this world .but are they always successful !! Why only few succeed !! 
It was because of fear . Only those succeeded who were fearless n changed this world with their ideas . But those who feared what the word would think of their ideas of change always failed .


Radha confronts Krishn that his  aim was not to take over Barsana but something else 
His aim was to get Radha ...krishna cepts this . She is shocked .

Ayan meets Kans of Mathura and tells him that they both had the same enemy 
Krishn as he threatened kans's life and He threatened to take Way his motive of life from him ...radha .
He Suggests they work together .
Kans fumes at his suggestion .
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LIVE UPDATES for 23 Nov 2018 

Episode begins with Krishn happily saying that this place had numerous Vrinda plants and the first one was planted by Radha ...he asks what should they name this place .. radha suggests Vrindavan 
Krishn loves it 
Balram smiles praising krishn that he cleverly.got Radha to do shuddhikaran of this new place and she was the one to give it a name too .

Virshbhaan and Nand are pleased that gokul waasies had found a beautiful place to settle down .
Nand says alls well that ends well and thanks Vrish for all his support .
Vrish then takes leave from Gokul waasis who were now Vrindavan waasies . But vefore leaving he i vites them for the annual competitions Amavasya pratiyogita that were held at Barsana 
Krishn assures vrindavan waasies would surely attand n partake.
Krishn looks at Radha with a smile .

Jatila and Ayan are at a loss to understand who this guy Krishn really was . Jatila is totally confused . Ayan calms His mom n tries to make her think .  
Jatila recollects that how  Putana Rakshasi had died and baby krishn had emerged nearby unscathed.  How Akrura had been killed by Krishn . How Vakasura had been killed when he tried to attack Krishn . How the giant naag Kaliya had disappeared after Krishn went i to the yamuna !!
How he was signalling the waters of yamuna to move back n forth .!!
Krishnwas teuly a huge mayavi . Ayan adds that the spy he caught also said that Kans feared that krish was thenone who was destined tk kill kans as oer the prophesy 

Jatila and Ayan are stunned and they wonder if Krishn was such a huge mayavi then how will theu fight him being ordinaru humas ?? He could do guhe things just by the ckicking of his fingers !!
Jatila suggests they join hands with krishn's enemy Kans .

Ayan captures kans's spy n reaches mathura and offers to join hands with Kans to fight their common enemy Krishn lkans is furious with Ayan for daring to enter his court without permission .
Ayan says if they join hands they could fight their common enemy.  Krishn wanted to kill kans and Also take over Ayan 's goal in life ...Radha !! ...

At Barsana Radha is sleeping on her bed and she is lost in thoughts of Krishn ... He appears in her room floating in mid air 
Radhanis shocked to see him but is not surprised . She gets talking tk him about his motive behind coming to Barsana lkrishnpraises that she had started thinking more rationally now . He advises her tk start thinking about what all he did right from the moment theu met ,
Radha recollects all her i terwcrions with krishn right from their first meeting .lshe soon surmizes that he was trying to win over Radha .
Krish agrees that she was correctly guessing , he was waiting to do just that .

If he could win over Radha he could win over entire Barsana !!
Radha declares krish could neither get  Radha nor Barsana .

Krishn Smiles


Brishbhan declares the amavasya pratoyogita open he invites a guy who was like Narayan swaroop to be seated on thw highest seat , krish says he would sit only  if the best girl was allowed to sit next to him on the similar seat as Laxmi swaroop . Vrishbhan smiles . 
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LIVE UPDATES for 24 Nov 2018 
The episode begins with Radha making it clear to Krishn  he could never win Her because she was the biggest obstacle in his path . 

Krishn just smiles at her .
Radha is then lost in thoughts of krishn n how he planned to win her n gradually take over Barsana .
She finds Nand bidding good bye to Brishbhan . 
The two friends thank eachother for their love n support n are ever grateful for the same . Vrishbhan invites the Vrindavan waasis to the annual competition at Barsana . Krishn accepts on behalf of His village . 

Radha is unable to reveal anything to her baba .. Krishn watches her dilemma and encourages her but ehe choses to remain quiet .

At Mathura Kans is furious with Ayan for his audacity, he agrees to use Ayan for killing krishn ut then threatens to get rid of Ayan too. N take over Brsana and his Radha too. This infuriates Ayan n he charges at kans in a fit of fury . Kans confronts him n is impressed by the fire in himm. He thinks Ayan was the correct choice for killing Krishn .
Ayan plans to kill Krishn at Barsana during the devotthan pratoyogita / annual competitions .

At the village Competition Vrishbhan welcomes the villagers of 104 villages 
He requests them to donate one log of wood each for the preparation of the swing which will seat the winner of the competition and he will,be Narayan swaroop for the villagers and all will pray to him n shower him with gifts ..

All villagers place a log of wood , so does Krishn .
Radha eyes him angrily .Ayan watches Krishn n is happy that he himself was participating n making it easier for them to kill him !!. 

A beautiful swing is quickly prepared out of those logs of wood .
Krishndreams how he used to enjoy swinging with radha on a similar swing .

As Vrishbhan announces the rules of the competitions Krish. Says their games were incomplete . Their aradhana of Narayan was incomplete too
Birshbhan is annoyed by this remark 
Krish explains that each of the Tridev needed their consorts with them for their powers . Without them they were incomplete . So If they wished to invoke the blessings of Narayan then they needed to provide a seat for Laxmi swaroop Narayani too. And for that the girls of the villagers too needded too  participate ...
If the guy winner is Narayan swaroop then the girl winner would be Laxmi swaroopa .

All village women agree with Krishn and they demand a competiotion for girls too. And laxmi swaroop winner . When the lords needed their consorts ... Why women were denied partaking these competitions ?? They wanted to partake equally .

Krishn vaani .
Yatra naryastu pujyate ramante tatra devatah 

Krishn preaches that women did so much for the men in their lives in the form of Father, husband, sons .but they did not demand Wealth or gifts in return . They wanted respect n love n care n equal rights in everything .
So we shoud respect n love all the women in our lives ..in public and also at home .

Krishn asks Radha to be ready to share the jhoola with him . Radha retorts that she will make sure krishn is unable to participate in the competition , so he could forget about winning  and sharing jhoola with her . Next moment angry Yashoda ties up Kahna to a pillar with  a rope . Radha gestures with her hands pretending to use magical powers  just like Krishn did .

Ayan presents a ferocious looking caged bull , the animal is struggling for release angrily . Ayan says this bull could kill anyone .
Krishn smiles at that bull 

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LIVE UPDATES for 26 Nov 2018  
Episode begins with Krishn asking Vrishbhaan  to arrange another game for girls where the girl winner with sit and will be respected as Narayani swaroopa ..just like the guy winner will be respected as Narayan swaroop .
Girls get equal rights n equal opportunities .

All villagers n especially the women n girls like this suggestion n Vrishbhan gives in to the wishes of his villagers .

He announces there would  be a game for girls to decide their winner this year onwards . 

Girls are very happy with krishn for suggesting n making this possible .
Radha sees him ulterior motives n is annoyed with krishna
. Krishn smiles at Radha . 

At market p,ace Krish flirts with radha annoying her . When she confronts him for following her he states she was the one walking ahead of him . Radha says she knew he was always after her . He asks why did he not tell baba all she knew about his motives ?? That she  was the girl he loved !! 
Radha dis nit want Baba, Nand kaka friendship to be afftected by his fake stories 
Krishn is hurt , he says she was bothered abkut friendship.  But not her fears !!lhow long will she make her Krishn wait !!lhenurges radha to get rid of her fears ,

Krishn then plays the flute ... He flirts with her .
Showers flowers on her ..he asks her to get ready to sit with him on the swing .

Radha asks how did he surmize that ??
Krishnis sure they both will win .
Ayan arrives n interrupts them .

Krishn accuses him of being daal mein kankad !!
Radha asks Ayan tk accompany her for important discussions .l
Radha tells Ayan that krishnloved her n wanted to make Radh his .
And thus take over Barsana . He will use his mayavi shakti . 

Ayan says he will never let that Krishn win , Radha will sit on that jhoola but with ayan !!
Radha says shenwil not let Krishn Use his mayavi shakti .

Jatila praises Ayan for not telling Radha know about his plans for getting rid of Krishn .
Ayan says he was learning from his maa .she lovingly blesses him n blesses him for successful meeting with Kans . He tlls his motjer his plans using angry bull  .

The caged Angry bull is brought at the centre of Barsana games   All get scared . 

Balram asks Krishn Why was he insisting Radha partake in these games ?? What did he want ??
Krishn says he wanted to sit on that jhoola with radha . He wa ted to relive those golok moments with radha , he wanted to eat food out of Radha's hands like Golok .
Krishn Balram smile.

 As Radha, vishakha, other girls are going with matkies of water on their head .
He uses his magical powers to  shatter all the matkies with pebbles , Radha n her frinds were carrying  the girls feel there was some evil powers lurking around , they run away scared 
Krish Appears, taunts her for getting drenched .

Krishn tells Radha he will wij this competition , he could teach  her some tricks if she wanted 
Radha says neither will she win not let him win, neither will sit on jhoola .

Radha asays he should use his power not msgic to win . Krish says he will use magic.
Radha says she will not partake this pratiyogita .
Krishn then explains that it will be insult to her baba . 
Radha then says she will partake but purposely lose . She will never sit with him o jhoola 
Krishn flirts n smiles at her sayi g he will never let her lose any game . He will use magic to make sure she wins .

Krishn Then shows some of his powers by making pigeon sit on her shoulder ...shower flowers on her from the trees   
He gets a bunch of flowers to be given to the winner .
Radha takes those flowers n declared he would lose .
She signals him to look back phenturns to see yashida waiting for himm.

Krishnsays people were bothered by Buri nazar , kudrishti 
People did various things to protect themselves from buri nazar 
If one has strong mind, strong thinking , stromg views no one can harm any person
One should be strong n determined , . 

Yashoda ties up Krishn to a Pole with rope .
At the games venue 
The bull is struggling in the cage . Balram n his friends miss kanha balram asks Krishn by mind talk ..how will krishn disobey maiyya ?? How will he partake the pratoyogita ?.

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