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WRITTEN UPDATES for 08Nov 2018

This edit created by Viswasruti

The episode begins with Krishn meticulously freeing Radha's lehanga from the thorny bush.  He even  gets pricked in the process .

At Barsana Vakasur is attacking everything in sight n causing a trail of destruction . Brishbhan has set up a make shift treatment centre/upchaar kendra at his house  with beds laid out for the injured villagers n people are seen getting care n attention n treatment.

Villager informs that he failed to fing RK in the forest . Vrishbhan thinks of going to look for Radha himself along with Ayan,  Balram reminds him saying the villgers needed their chief during this hour of calamity and also Radha would be safe as long as she was with Krishn . Ayan fumes on hearing this .

In the village Yashoda purposely goes n presents herself to the devil despite being asked not to do so by every one . Just as Yashoda is about to be attacked Krishn senses this and uses his divine powers to tell Vakasur his location diverting the vakasur towards himself .

At the jungle  Radha eyes Krishn with suspicion  ..she is even more suspicious of his capabilities as she notices that the falling tree was not stopped because of Krishn but because of another tree. She also accuses him of speaking to himself ... not knowing he was talking to Vakasur .
Radha accuses him of making a joke of everything and faking his powers ...acting as if he was the bearer of the entire universe ...even in the face of this calamity . Krishn smiles and asks her. Not to speak ot the calamity or it will come after them  ..she should trust Krishn more . Radha taunts as if the calamity will listen to him n come here ?? ..Soon radha is shocked to see that Vakasur was coming towards them . 

Krishn shows radha how wrong she was n that he was about to flee from there ...n tricks Radha to run with him . 
As they are running Krishn notices the setting sun over the horizon the auspicious sounds of blowing conch shells are heard ..he tells the universe n the Sun that the time had come when Krishn's  promise was about to be fructified n he could now create Brindavan with Radha ...

At Barsana villagers are confused at the untimely setting of the sun ..vrishbhan orders torches to be lit . Ayan questions how were so many calamities befalling them together ?.Balram smirks knowingly that all this was done by the one who was all pervading n all powerful . At Ayan's insistence Vrishbhan asks him to take few guys n go look for Radha . Balram n few others leave .

At jungle Krishn is running follwed by Radha n Vakasur ...soon Krishn stops at the edge of the forest where dry parched lifeless desert land began . He smiles and waits for Radha . He uses his powers to put her into a trance ...With the clicking of his fingers the entire world comes to a standstill ... Balram senses krishn's promise to Radha's would now come true .

At jungle Krishn says ...In Golok Radha had wished there was a place on this earth just like Golok in heavens ..and he had promised ...Radha would never be alone in mrityulok.
She would be accompanied by Krishn..Vrind ..tulsi ...Which  is very sacred ...and that place where Radha stepped simultaneouly with Krishn ..that sacred  place would be called Vrindavan ...which will witness the eternal love story of RadhaKrishn .
Krishn smiles at Radha as he urges her to urges her to step forwards ...

RadhaKrishn step together amidst the sounds of blowing conch shells ..and Lo!!! Behold !! the lifeless desert with dry cracked soil gets instantly transformed into a magically beautiful place . ..with their steps it transforms into fertile green land full of beautiful flowering bushes n forests full of fruit trees, meadows full of lush green grasslands n flowers, streams n lakes . 

Krishn is extastic as he creates Vrindavan n stares at Radha but she does not seem to be aware of his presence besides her ..still in a trance . Krishn smiles that Radha had reached this land but was yet to know Love , their love story would leave eternal footprints of love here ... Radha was burning with pain of separation...would soon feel the germination of the feelings of love within her just like the seeds that were germinating on this land ...
Radha had left  her love behind  ...  She was about to find them now ... Krishn was yearning  for Radha to hum the tunes of love ...
 Radha had left krishn with teary eyes ..but now  they were about to reunite soon ..
Soon Radha's Nath Krishn was going to see Radha's love ...along with the world ...Krishn is waiting for Radha's loving touch . ...
Radha stops and as she turns around she is in disbelief as she admires the beautiful place .Krishn looks at radha lovingly ...

Krishn preaches that people thought this land was an unhappy cursed place to be ..but if that was true would creation have placed humans on this land ?? Would the gods appears here in various avatars time to time ??
No place is cursed . Just like a tailor created beautiful attaire using simple cloth and Farmer toiled on his land to create fruit bearing plants all humans should workhard to create beautiful surroundings ..to make this place better for himself n every one . If the place felt like hell for some one we should help,him to feel better and in the process ...  work hard for betterment place ...turn someone's hell into a heaven for him and this leave eternal footprints in the world .


Krishn tells a surprised Radha that he had would not budge from Barsana until he completed what he specially came here for . He confronts Vakasur and it is about to attack a fainted Radha.  


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                This edit created by Madhuri 

The episode begins with Radha mesmerized by the beautiful surroundings of Brindavan ,... She wonders where all this came from and then faints .
Krishn supports her in his arms and looks at her fondly 
He remembers Radha from Golok and misses his love .He finds himself incomplete without Radha n her memories . 
. He says he created this Vrindavan  for her ..at her request ...but before she could enjoy she fainted !! 

Balram senses the creation of Vrindavan and greets Radha krishn on the occasion by saying Radhe Radhe . Krishn hears this n says some one had uttered Radhe Radhe so some one's release for heavens was surely happening ...krish smiles at Vakasur . 
Ayan , Balram, few villagers are seen searching for RK in the jungles . Ayan gets suspicious of Balram's motives.
But they carry on Balram misses no chance to pull Ayan's legs .

At Vrindavan Krishn places her gently on the grass n bushes besides a bridge .. And asks her to rest while he tackled Vakasur 

The devil  attacks ... Krishn gives him one blow .. Vakasur then says he will kill Radha . Krshn says Vakasur was going to be killed as it is but by planning to attack Radha he made his killing more justified 
Saying this Krishn grabs Vakasur as he tries to attack Fainted Radha ,
He pulls apart his two beaks  n the devil birl  meets his maker ..Henthanks the lord for killing him and paving the way for his passage to heavens ...  . 
Krishn then uses his divine powers to gift it to mama shri Kans . He apologizes to kans that he was sorry to say his meals was going to be wasted this time .
The Vakasur's lifeless body is seen flying in the sky .

Balram notices the lifeless body of  Vakasur  ..he smiles that krishn kiled Vakasur and also created Vrindavan !!  'Balram  points it out in the sky to Ayan and ayan is seen wondering why Balram was smiling at the devil  ?? They get back to looking for RK . Balram does a lot of nautanki yelling for Krishn while Ayan shouts for Radha n gets irritated by Balram's screaming .
Balram assures that as long at Radha was with krishn no harm could befall her . Balram says krishn could not save himself he was incapable of saving anyone . Only Ayan could protect Radha 
Balram then reminds Ayan how he was about to be killed by Vakasur and saved by Balram. He advises balram not to boast and lie of himself . The  villagers agree .

At Mathura Kans is sitting with his courtiers just abiut to enjoy his royal spread of a mel befitting the king .. Just as he is about to have his first bite the lifelss body of Vakasur lands on his dining table and all the royal spread splatters all over the place and also on Kans's face .
Kans is furious and all the others are scared that if Krish could kill thismhuge vakasur what could he do to Kans ?? The plead kans to be careful about the prophesy 

At Vrindavan Krshn is seen playing with Radha's curl and looking at her lovingly as she lies unconscious besides him . He plays with her curl and says he had created this inGolok and the time was not yet ripe for it to becombed back i ti her braid . He remarks that people used devils to separate lovers but here he was using the devil to bring Radha to he lover n her desired  Vrindavan . And here she was lying fainted !! Krishn starts missing his lover Radha n tears fall in Radha's face ..  
As Soon as Radha regains consciousness and Krisn distances from her lest she get angry again .

The moment Radha wakes up she wonders where that devil disappeared ?? How was this magically beautiful place appear where it was a lifeless desert earlier ?? 
Radha asks Krishn that she suspected Krishn had killed Vakasur using his magical powers and then created this beautiful place too... using his magical powers .
Krish does not deny it but smiles and points at Radha that it was she who was saying all this not him !!
Radha is confused . Krishn says Vakasur gor scared as he heard Radha's loud screams . 

Krishn then tries to tell Radha ofnhis divine powers ... how he saved her from the huge tree fallingnon her, how hw created vrindavan ... And how he asked vakasur to come to him !!
He shows her hisnpowers by creating breeze . Radha is shcked .
Krishn then clarifies that he had come to Barsana for spl,reason n until he completed that he would not leave ..not even at the behest of Radha, and yes that devi,came becasue he signalled him .so that no one came to know that he created vrindavan . Also He migh be out of Barsana bit never out of reach !! 

And one day He will have barsana under his control . 

Krishn preaches ..about anger . Men got angry when no one believed them or they failed in life  . Anger arise when man thought himself to be weak . Anger destroyed one's ability to think correctly and man then commits mistakes and this further makes him failure in life. This makes him weaker . So weakness gave rise to Anger n anger made a man weaker . So one should control anger . Keep calm n chant Radhe Radhe . 


Radha complains  Ayan that she saw him doing magical things and Ayan fumes at Krishn and says he put an will end to   Krish today and saying this he attacks Krishn by boxing with  his powerful fist  . Krishn dodges him at first the. Second time he gives it back to Ayan by a powerful boxing . Ayan falls face down flat on the ground..,,badly hurt . Krishn warns Radha that who so even clashed with him fell flat on their faces ...

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WRITTEN UPDATE For 10 Nov 2018 

Update credits =Viswasruti

The  episode Start with Krishna tells that he will not go back until his goal is met! He continues his words that he will control Barsana one day! Radha looks at him , was still in utter confusion. Krishna looked at her moves his fingers in  a teasing way. Ayan comes there. Krishna smiles seeing him there! It was a concealed smile from the God !! Ayan was in uncontrollable anger !!!. Radha runs to Ayan as if she was tortured by Krishna until now !! Ayan asks  her are you fine? Radha sees Krishna signing something to her weirdly. Ayan turns to Krishna. He then asks Radha what happened? He asks if Krishna troubled you? Radha asks him to come with her and says she wants to show him something. Ayan confused and  asks what will you show me in this dense forest. She insists him to come with her. Balram is playing holding that big tree branch and thinks he can't understand Krishna and his leela. He drops the tree on the ground seeing villagers coming there. Krishna says prem Leela is still remaining. Balram slipped into deep thoughts!

Radha shows to Ayan that Krishna made the infertile land beautiful with grown up trees and flowers. She says he has created this garden/Brindavan. Krishna says Radha had seen a dream and asks her to tell if she didn't hallucinate for once. She says yes, but she saw him creating Vrindavan. Krishna says how can I create it, I am very young. Radha asks Ayan to believe his childhood friend and not on Krishna! 

Radha's father and others ask Balram about Ayan , he replied , he hasn't seen him.and then he  says Bakasur died. Radha's father asks how did you know its name?  Balram  hesitantly says I named it, as it was big bird and a asur [ demon] , so bakasur. He says Ayan went this side, so there is a possibility that we shall go there. Radha's father prays to God[ Hari !] to save his daughter .

Radha asks Ayan to trust her. Krishna asks Ayan to trust him and says she was dreaming. Ayan asks him to stop it and says he will believe Radha more than Krishna, and started probing him how the deserted land became like a garden. He asks how did you do this? Krishna says why are you accusing me, this is God's creation and says I am an ordinary balak. Ayan says you are not an ordinary man and asks Radha not to stop him , he is going to punish Krishna for this misdeed !!!!!  Shocked. He says I will use my strength to find out your truth. Radha says I will not stop Ayan today!Confused and says she had enough of his cleverness. Ayan walks angrily towards Krishna. Krishna started plead him to leave him and asks what wrong did I do with you. Ayan says you know better and that's why I will thrash your face! Radha standing there nodding her head approvingly !!Angry  Krishna says my soft body can't bear your punch. Ayan attacks Krishna, but he moves and Ayan hits something. Krishna asks Ayan not to try to catch him. He runs. Ayan runs behind him. The running was just like a film's funny scene!

Radha looks at them and tells Ayan that Krishna is on the tree branch . Ayan climbed up the   tree, but Krishna comes  down to Radha. Krishna says I am here with a teasing smile . Ayan comes to him and asks him to leave Radha. He says my patience is breaking and asks Radha to move from the way. Radha asks why are you getting angry on me and says now you will not be saved. He hits Krishna, but he moves and his hand hits on the tree. Ayan feels pain. Krishna says no. Ayan attacks him repeatedly and hurts himself again and again. Ayan tries to kick him, but he himself falls down and faints. Krishna gets up and tells Radha that her friend's condition is bad because of her, whoever strikes with him will shatter. Radha looks at him. Villagers tell Vrishbhan that Radha and  Krishna can't be found in this thick forest . Vrishbhan says where they could go. Someone say that Radha Krishna can be at that side of the forest. Radha's father says nobody goes there and says there seems to be something dangerous living there  Villager says maybe they forget the way and went that side. Radha's father says there is a possibility. We have to go and search for her.

Radha tries to make Ayan gain consciousness. Krishna says nothing will happen and asks her to come with him so that they ask for help from someone. Radha says how to leave him alone!!Angry Krishna says he is Ayan bhaiya and tells that he will not wake up till the next day. Radha thinks what had happened in Barsana and gets worried about Ayan. She thinks she is feeling hungry and having a quest for kheer. Krishna asks if she is feeling hungry. Radha looks surprised.Then Krishna gives moral gyaanthat we live with our dreams, celebrate and live, eat and enjoy, but if someone we love leaves us from this world then we became weak and sad!  He asks to look at the tree, and says it doesn't get upset when leaves fall, but welcome the new leaves, tomorrow you will take someone's place and someone else will take your place, this is a nature's cycle . He asks not to mourn for something, but enjoy with the thing which you have.[ this part contains the entire philosophy of life , the life cycle, and the mortality of the human life !!] 

Precap--:Krishna asks Radha to have something. Radha says I don't want to eat this illusory fake kheer. She is in dilemma. Krishna comes to the river and asks the snakes to leave the place and asks them to think it as his order!!


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LIVE UPDATES for 12 Nov 2018

Krishn tells Radha that he is feeling  hungry ..
He felt like having kheer 
Radha looks at him fuming 
He asks her to stay with unconscious bade bhaiya while he looked around for something to satisfy his hungry stomach .
He asks her if she needed anything ..she angrily denies . But the moment he disappears outnof sight Radha is scared of being alone in the forest ..
Elsewhere in the forests of Vrindavan Vrishbhan , Nand n Balram accompanied by many villagers are looking for the missing children krishn, Ayan, Radha ...soon night falls ..
Nand feels the children might have fallen asleep out of tiredness . They ought to look upto the river side .

Krishn reaches the hut of a rishi who was lost in meditation ... Krishn says every day he offered him bhog but today he was taking it himself without his permission . He picks up a few bunches of rice plants . He then milks the cow after apologizing that he eas milking her at night when her calf was hungry but her son krishn was hungry too.Krishn thinks he got rice n milk for kheer but how to make it sweet ??

He then digs up the earth for some sweet potatoes . He reaches the spot where Radha was waiting for him he asks her he was going to cook kheer ..she watched him arange boulders to make chulha... then break up sticks in it and then rub stones to start fire he places earthen pot on it n pours milk.

He then pounts the rice plant to take out unhusked rice / dhaan 
Then he crushes them to unhusk it ..he cleans the rice ,adds it to milk 
Radha watches him crushing the sweet potato and add its juice to make kheer sweet .
Radha gets angry as Krish asks her to see if Ayan was hungry .she looks at ayan lying on the ground . 

Krishn remarks gleefully that the kheer was going to turn out yummy . He then offers Radha some as he knew she too was hungry .
Radha angrily remarks that he had used magic to create lush green forest where once stood lifeless desert... She was sure that the kheer had magical powers which she was not ready to try .

Krish. Agrees that this forest, the trees, the flowering bushes ,lakes n rivers were created by using his magical powers. Lots of his activity was mayavi but not this kheer . He had made this kheer himself using his own two hands by doing hard work .  Rahda asks why did he not eat that kheer himself ??
Krishn remembers Golok where Radha used to feed him after tasting  the food herself . 
He mutters that without her touch he coumd not eat or drink anything .


After Krishn fails to pirsuade Radha to eat his kheer he goes off for some work and secretly watches as hungry Radha eyes that kheer .. She then looks around and tastes it ..she finds it delicious . She takes another bit then slowly she  eats huge gilds of kheer n is about to eat the last bit . Krishn is watching RK . 

Radha is eating with relish the kheer Krishn prepared for her, krishn remarks faking a regret that she could enjoy the kheer ... He was OK woth just plain water  . Radha feels guilty and offers him the last dollop but regrets it was "jootha"
Krishn is inwardly happy Radha was offering him her  jootha Kheer ..
He remarks after staring at her for a long moment that she often called him a liar jootha so what diff did it make if a jootha ate her jootha ??
Radha is confused n Krishn takes a few dollops / bites out of her hand  
Krishn is very pleased as he stares at her n eats out of her hand 
Radha apologizes that she ate up the entire kheer leaving only a little bit for him Krishn remarks that he was satisfied after ages . He says this kheer could not be fake /Mayavi ..it was real . 

Krishn vaani 
He advises men to 

Krishn assures the worried villagers that Radha was safe because he was there with her to look,after her .
He urges Radha to tell the villagers .
Radha nods .

Krishn Warns Kaaliya naag with hundreds of heads to go away from there . 
It was his last warning . 
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LIVE UPDATES for 13 Nov 2018 

this edit belongs to Janaki 

Villagers manage to locate Radha Krishn in the forest . 
Radha Vrishbhana nd Krishn Nand have happy reunion 
Krishn tells Vrishbhan how he took care of radha by protecting her from the evil Vakasur ..how he prepared meal for her and not keep her hungry . radha is angry with his magical powers but agrees with Krishn the villagers are astonished at the beautiful woodland at the spot where there was lifeless deseet earlier . krishn thanks Vrishbhan for helping him locate this spot . he hopes Gokul waasis would live here . Vrishbhan and Nand agree . to allow Gokul waasis settle down here .

the brahmin asks where was ayan ?? krish reveals bhaiya was lyng on the ground unconscious . how he was hit by a falling tree when he was looking for firewood .

they all return to barsana and carry ayan with them . at vilage ayan recovers ..he is signalled by Radha not to reveal any thing about Krishn's magical power . Ayan fumes .

yashida is packing her stuff while kirtida is helping her . yashoda suggests barsana wasis celebrate diwali at vrindavan with gokul waasies . nand Vrishbhan and every one agrees . both villagers agree to help gokul waaasies build houses and settle down at vrindavan before Diwali .

krishn warns Kaaliya naag living in Yamuna to go away and not trouble Gokul waasis since they were goingot live nearby but the serpent refuses to budge . 

ayan plots wit radha to take revenge from Krishn himself . radha is worried . 

krishn is seen lost in remembering how radha was relishing the kheer he cooked for her .how she offered him one bite .. how she fed him . dau balram comes and remarks how krishn was lost in thoughts of radha . krishn shares his magical moments he spent with his loved one after so many ages . how he felt satidfied after she fed him with her hand .. how much he had missed her . 
balram remarks that radha was still very far away from loving him 

krishn assures very son radha will break free from all her shackles and free herself and only then she will start her journey towards meeting her krishn .


yashoda tells nand that unless he arranged for food grains it was not possible to feedl entire barsana and Gokul waasis a thir house /village 
nand says cart ful of food grains had ben despatched fro barsana and would be ariving soon. .

ayan disguised as a robber /lutera stops all the food grain laden carts from reaching Gokul .
jatila tells Nanad n Yashda that she had invited Durvasa muni with his disciples to join the meal at Nand n yashoda's house .
nand n yashoda welcome the maharishi with due reverence .

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LIVE UPDATES for 14Nov 2018 

this edit belongs to Rising Phoenix 

Episode begins with Gokul and Barsana residents entering Brindavan after bhoomi poojan 
They join hands to build Living spaces for gokul residents .
Radha is Requested by Krishn for some water while he cuts wood . Radha pours into his mouth hile he smiles up at her 
She pills over him some of it 
But he loves her .

Finally Vrindavan has man houses n Nand n Vrishbhan are ready for griha pravesh rasam 

Yashida is worried about feeding the entire village because there is no food grain with her lnand assures carts of grains have been despatched from barsana would be reaching shortly .
Ayan disguised as dacoit stops the carts from reaching Vrindavan . 

Jatila arrives n informs Nand family that she had tried to solve the bad times befalling over barsana that she had invited Maha Rishi Durvasa . This was to thank the lords for Radha krishn safe return by rishi bhoj .
Nand is worried that Durvasa rishi was very short tempered n cursed any one annoying him .
He prays the lord to help him please Durvasa 
Nand n Yashide welcome Rishi with due reverence . 
Kanha and balram are in the forest . Krishnfears durvasa would recognise Krishn . They decide to play hide n seek . 

Ayan is seen adding something /chemical to the food grains rendering them inedible . Radha notices ayan doing this . She confronts him that ayan was poisoning the entire village just for seeking revenge from krishnlayan Radha confrontation . Ayan asks Radha to support him . Ayan brain washes Radha against Krishn . Ayan notices KriBal arriving with the villagers . He hides with Radha , gokul villagers take those cartfuls of grains to vrindavan . Radha feels what was happening was not right . Ayan says they were playing the same game that krishn was playing with them .

At vrindavan nand n Yashoda are welcoming guests with due respect .. 
Krishn secretly waits for radha's arrival to his house. Balram refuses to help Krishn  
.Krshn is seen pacing the floor waiting for Radha . 

Ayan tlls Krishn that he could wait all he wished ..he would have to celebrate this Diwali without Radha , because come what may Radha was not going to come to Barsana .It would be ayan 's best Dipawali . 
Krishn smiles at Ayan saying bade bhaiya spoke too much . This Dipawali would be spl,for Ayan because he would watch Krishn celebrating dipawali with radha . Ayan laughs saying Krishn could dream on . 

Krshn is sad as he overhears yashoda tlls nand  that the foodgrains were poisoned n unsuitable for comsumption lyashida and nand fear how to serve their guests if no food was there !! How would they save themselves from the anger n curse of Maha Rishi Durvasa !!  Nand prays to Narayan . Yashida does not want to insult  maharishi . 

Krishn Vaani 
Krish says men help eachother   But seeking help all the time was incorrect . Habitually seeking help made one weak n also one felt the growing debt one the person . 


Jatila infuriates Durvasa Mahrishi by talking about the delay innserving his bhoj by Yashoda n nand 
Dusvasa is about to curse them when Krishn arrives .
At the yamuna river side Radha is attacked by Kaaliya naag and ayan screams her name fearing for her life . 

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LIVE UPDATES for 15 Nov 2018 

this edit belongs to RisingPhoenix

The episode begins with Mara Rishi Dirvasa waiting for his meal to be served at the maha bhoj arranged by the villages at Vrindavan as Nand Yashoda's house.
In the kitchen Yashoda and Nanad are worried n very scared of Durvasa rishi's wrath that was sure to befall them as the food was soiled n rendered inedible . They had not food to serve the Rishi.

At the maha bhoj Vrishbhan and Kirti da was waiting for the meal along with other rishis and wonder what was the delay 
Jatila starts talking about the poor arrangements n insult to the great saint and too much delay in serving him meal 
Jatila goes on speaking poorly about the arrangements and insult to the rishi n fears the rishi might curse the villagers if he is not respected duly .

Nand n Yashoda decide tk tell the maharishi their inability to serve him. Food n face his wratn 
Balram n krish decide tk do something
Yet krish did not wish to go near Durvasa as he would surely recognize Narayan avtaar n reveal to every one . This would not serve their purpose of coming down to the earth 

Soon Duravsa is unable to tolerate any more delay and his patience gives way to anger 
He  takes some water in his hand n is about to curse the villagers .
Radha's voice echoes as she says maharishi had washed his hand with water  now he was requested to taste the meal
Ayan fumes seeing Radha .

Alll are surprised to see Radha standing there with huge thaali of tasty meal 
Maharishi opens his eyes n looks  at Radha 
He can see Goddess Radha by his powers . He recognizes  her n smiles he says in his mind that he was blessed to see the goddess lhe is about to bow down to her... Krish watches this n feels if Every i e came to k kw who Radha really was then their purpose of taking avtaar would not be served . So  Krish appears right then besides Radha and Durvasa can see Narayan too 
He is very happy ...krishn requests him to treat them as humans n not bow before them ,to help,them serve the purpose of coming to earth in this human form Durvasa nods in agreement .Durvasa is served food by Radha Krishn and he feels blessed to be served by the lords narayan n mahalaxmi themselves

All the other rishies n villagers are served food . Every one enjoyes a hearty meal .Durvasa eats heartily and Jatila and Ayan fume with fury .
Radha requests Durvasa to boess the villagers and also light one  diya to begin Diwali celebrations Durvasa  asks Radha krishn to join him 
Ayan  recollects krishn's challenge that ayan would watch Radha celebrating Dipawali with him l. Durvasa Radha krish light a diya .
Later Ayan fumes and jatila tries to show him reason
She scolds him for not changing his plans when Radhanhad seen him soiling the food grains ??
Ayan says he never thought his childhood friend would betray him.

Jatila asks him not to fet angry with radha as he planned to marry her . 

When radha comes to meet Ayan he scolds her for supporting Krisn n not ayan's plans 
Radha says she was only helping those innocent villagers not krishn 
As they argues kaliya naag appears n threatens tk attack Radha 
Ayan gets scare and screams for Radh 

 . Krishn is furious with Kaliya nag for attacking Radha.
 Krishn  Balram order kaliya to appear . 

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Updates for 16 Nov 2018 
                    This edit belongs to Madhuri 

Radha gets scared of the giant snake that emerges from yamuna as she is standing on the bank with Ayan .

Ayan n radha decide to alert the villagers about the dangerous serpent in the River 
On the way RaYan meet KriBal and she i forms them .

Radha then imforms the goukl villagers n Barsana villagers to remain clear from tje Yamuna as she had seen a giant hundred headed serpent in it . All villagers get very scsred to remain . Krishn is angry that kaaliya had not left the waters of Yamuna despite his asking him  the same ..and to top ot he had the audacity to scare HIS  RADHA !! He decides to teach him a lesson . Kri Bal stroll to wardsthe yamuna and call out for Kaaliya but the Giant hawk Garuda is hovering over the yamuna and kaaliya refuses to come out .

Garuda pays his respects to Narayan . Krishn acknowledges  with a nod . 
Balram then asks his the story of Garuda n Kaaliya 

Krishn narrates how Kaaliya and Garuda n Naag serpents were enemies since beginning of time . How Kaaliya earned the wrath of Garuda by stealing his meals that tha naag serpents offered to him 
Thus  began their enmity 
However due to a shrap by muni Garuda can not enter Yamuna waters ..thats why Kaaliya is hiding here .

Krishn enters the waters n stamps on Kliya's tail 
The villagers look for krinsh n Balram ..they are shocked to find them standing in the waters of Yamuna . Yashoda is in tears n pleads Krshn to come out n not make his mother cry . KriBal tells villagers n yashida that there was no serpent here , radha got MU 
Balram wven drinks the waters to prove it was not poisonous ..yamuna was as pure as ever . 
Krishn has no option but to let Kaaliya go n warns him that he will be dealt with seriously if he returned . Krishn n Balram pretend that there was  no snake n come out  .lthey assure Vrindavan was a safe place to live .

Nand n Vrishbhan are happy to hear that .
 Radha thinks that the huge serpent was one of Krishn's magical creations just like he created Vrindavan .
He dis this to scare her !!

Krishn Confronts Kaaliya  

Krishn vaani 

From birth to death man has to struggle in various ways to live ... For food, for shelter . Man has to try and make effort . And then succeed . We should never give up . Sometimes we may not succeed. But we should not give up . She should never  accept defeat .

Radha says she started getting fear ever since krishn came into her life 
So now she will stay away from him 
Kriah tells Kaaliya that he refused to leave despite warnings.  So now he will face Krishn's wrath .krish. Moves towards Yamuna 

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