UNCONDITIONAL BOND updated Last Part on Pg 54 / 14-1-2019(Page 18)

Posted: 1 years ago
Part 2 is good again
Blog problem
Thanks for pm
Maan what he is hiding
He is not admit that the kids is his
But his car
Both dadi geet hurt
I don't know but I too feel that something is fishy
Posted: 1 years ago

Waiting for reply
Posted: 1 years ago
Loved it.. specially little ruhi so sweet so Dev will look after it .. they will talk.. let's see what the mystery behind little cutie
Posted: 1 years ago
Nice part.maan also right on his place he is hurt they dont belive him and start blame him.dev try to make him understand the sitution.geet want to know the truth.let see what maan do know tell her or not.pls next update soon.
Posted: 1 years ago
Superb part
finally Geet ka dimag ki batti jali something is there ...

Dev n maan bonding good...
Hope dev will bring out something there 
so there is murder ...n maan is right on his pov but his family also right on their view at first instance ..sometime people react quickly...but later need to think but some don't n some..
Dadi ma yet to think where geet thinking n so decided to came n talk with maan..
but maan's reaction was right as he thought to get the trust by geet...
now waiting for Maaneet convo
though I like Ruhi's n his antic..

Posted: 1 years ago
Nice update. Maan seems to be having some secrets about Ruhi think which even his cousin is aware of. Geet also felt something amiss hence came back to meet Maan on the next day. Waiting for the next update .
Posted: 1 years ago
A truly beautiful update sweetie. I am so so happy that Dev is so supportive of Maan and is with him in this 200%. Maan must have shared the details with Dev already which is why he is aware of what had happened with Maan & Ruhi...I love the bond that Maan & Dev shares which is obvious in their smile, warm hug and trust...Maan mentioned a "him"...Does he have an estranged twin brother? Is Ruhi his child? Maan also mentioned that he does not know if the incident was an accident or murder...What happened? Who are these people who tried to destroy Ruhi & her family? Dev is so sweet and loving with Ruhi...And Ruhi is so so so so loving and adorable. How she ran to help Geet na...And also she went to play with her grandma...Unfortunately Dadima was so rude to her...and scared her...that made me angry...why she take out her anger on an innocent child? She scared Ruhi but then when she got her ice cream she went to feed Dadima...And when she said "Papa said ice cream melt hearts. She said and offer again."...my heart just broke...I wonder what is Ruhi's story...what all happened with her and her family...she is so so so adorable and loving...Even to someone who is showing her hatred...I can imagine what a loving family she must have had to give her such a beautiful upbringing...I don't like Dadima for behaving like this with a sweet innocent child...Yes she is angry with Maan...But that should not be taken out on an innocent child...

Phew! I am so happy that Geet came back...And her views on Maan was exactly what I had hoped for...Dev is right...Maan should tell at least Dadima & Geet the truth about Ruhi...But I understand how hurt Maan feels when his family cares more for image, prestige, family name and reputation than him...his well being...that hurts...Which is why he is being rebellious and not telling anything to them...I am super intrigued by the story sweetie and am excited to read more :):):)
Posted: 1 years ago
Commented on blog baby Wink

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