Satya or Rama - two perspectives of marriage

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Posted: 2018-09-30T04:14:09Z
The show has introduced us to two mothers and their different thoughts  about marriage.
Satya Devi believes in liberty and no adjustment in marriage. Rama believes adjustments and compromises in marriage.
Two people,two different perspective about marriage and their children is getting married to each other. Whom do you think is right?.  I believe both satya and Rama's thoughts about marriage is incomplete. Satya wants no adjustments in marriage especially from her daughter, what if boy is willing to adjust and demands to do the same from the girl, will it be still be wrong? To a marriage to work adjustments and compromises are necessary from both the sides to a limit. 
Rama believes in adjustments in marriage but somewhere she believes it's only the girl's responsibility to keep the marriage secure ,she believes marriage is perfect from first day itself.  Rama is right about telling about compromises and adjustments in marriage but it should not be only a girl's responsibility. Should not the boy also try to secure his marriage? The speech she gave in the marriage ceremony of the couples was perfect but she could have suggested to the grooms  that their  are equally responsible  to adjust in the marriage also.
Satya and Rama's thoughts if combined can give proper definition of marriage. The equality and compromise factors from both the sides in the marriage can make a  marriage work .
Satya should understand that marriage does need adjustments and Rama needs to understand that marriage is about equality and it's even boy's duty to adjust in the marriage. 
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Posted: 2018-10-01T19:16:55Z
Definitely exaggerated into extremes in last few episodes but both stand corrected as well. I think practicality of Satya is important and to vilify it by portraying her as a bad guy would be a disaster. To meet a middle ground and how the lead couple meets there would be interesting to watch but I really hope they don't elevate Rama's POV onto a pedestal because in reality that is more harmful.
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Posted: 2018-10-02T08:51:09Z
Satya had a bad marriage experience so she doesn't trust anybody. For this reason she is very protective of her daughters. She doesn't have a positive view on marriage and doesn't like how girls are made to make a lot of sacrifices to keep their marriage in tact.

Rama is the traditional housewife. I have never heard of a prenup between parents. It is usually between the couple. I foresee Samar having issues with this new outlook as he seems like a traditional guy who always does what his mom says.
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