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Posted: 2 years ago


Manyata is waiting outside the airport . She has reached Jaipur and from the airport she will be a, taken to Jaygar after Manyata reached the main gate she saw a young boy holding a peace of paper where her name is written. She went to him and said-

Manyata- Aap jaygar se aye hai?( Are you from Jaygar?)

Boy- Ji madam mujhe yuvraj udaveer singh ne bheja hai( Yes mam youvraj udayveer Singh has snt me) Manyata smiled and she went out of the airport and sat in the car , Manyata was very tired so she fallen asleep , while she is sleeping let me tell you why Manyata is here in Jaygar .

Manya AKA Manyata Shrama daughter of Murari Sharma works for a tv channel , this TV channel named "ETHNIC make different and Desi shows , so Manyata is here for her nw show . A show which is named " RAJWARO KI KAHANI UNKI ZUBANI' . On the firsts season of the show there will be only 15 episodes . In theses episodes they will only feature one Royal family , there , life style, there day to day routine and details of every family member will be featured in the show . For the first season the channel approached the Jaygar Ryal family , but Maharaj Giriraj agreed in one condition that Manyata will only cover the whole shoot, and she will have noon else with her . The channel head was not ok with this idea but later he agreed . Manyata has got a  Sanctioned leave of 2 months from the channel . So manyata is here in Jaygar nd she has reached the Jaygar Raj Mahal. The car stopped and Manyata woke up this sudden interruption of speed . The boy told her that they have reached the Mahal, manyata came out of the car and entered  throughthe Kila Daewaza  . Manyata just entered the gate in she was in for a surprise , Flower shower started and she felt very odd, when she reached inside , she saw Youvaraj Udayveer singh waiting to meet and greed her, uday had a big smile on his face. Manyata's  Arti was done and then she eneterd  the Raj Mahal . Uday said with a sigh of relief .

Uday- Akhir kaar tumhe ana hi para , Manna pare ga tumahri khuddari ko humne tumhe ktni baar Jaygar ane ko Kaha lekin   tum kabi nahi ayi. Aur jaise hi kssm para to a gayi( So finally you had to come. Hats off to your self respect . You have never came here while I insisted you, but for wor you are here)

Manyata- Main janti thi Uday iss bareme tum mujhe baate sunaoge paar  aab to a gayi hu na( I knew you will tont on this, but forget about it, the important point is I am here now,)

Uday- Acha ye bhi to dad ne kiya hai, channel pe dabao dala taki who tumhe bheje ( Oh really, this also because of dad he pressurized the channel to send you)

Manyata- Acha baba haar manti hu, tuse jitna to namumkin hai. Uncle hai kaha waise?( okI give up . It is impossible to win an argument with you. Where is uncle by the way?)

Uday- Dad Maha Sabha ki meeting paar gaye hai, who rukna to chate the tumhe welcome Kraneke liye paar nahi rukh nahi paye achana ye Mah Sabha ki meeting( Dad wanted to stay back to welcome you, but suddenly this meeting of Maha Sabha came up)

Manyata- Are Uday main Samajhti hu kaam saab ko hote hai. Unnati kaha hai( Uday I understand everyone has work. Where is Unnati?)

Uday- Unnati  humare hotel gayi hai , humari ek  party honi hai usi ke intezam dekhne . Tum batao tum kaab kaam surur karogi?(  Unnati is busy in our hotel . I have thrown a party , she is looking after the arrangements. You tell me when you will start your work? )

Manyata- tum jab chaho surur kaar sakte hai tum aaj kaho to aaj hi( Whenever suits you . If you please we can start from today)

Uday- Bilkun nahi. Itna Lamba Safar kakrke ayi ho aaj tum aaj tum aram karo, kaal kaam surur hoga. Infact aaj hum dono Purane dino ki tarha gappe marenge  kaisa Idea hai ?( Not at all . You have been through a long journey , I think we shall start from tomorrow . Infact let's sit an chat like we use to in our old days. What do you think?)

Manyata- jaisa aap ka hukum Yuvraj ji.( As you please prince )

Uday- thik hai to tum aram karo hume chota sa kaam hai hum who karke jaldi lautte hai( Ok you take some rest. I have little work . I will finish that and I will be back in no time.)

Manyata- Thik hai aram se ana koi jaldi nahi hai( Ok take your time there is no need to be hurry ). Uday smiled and left Manyata reached her room with the help of a house staff .  manyata called her father and informed him that she has reached jaygar safely , then she wentf and took a bah. When she came out from the bathroom she saw that Unnati was seating on a sofa in her room . Manyata Ran to her and hugged her. She was very happy to see unnati after 5 years, they are in touch and they do video calling and all that but, it has been a long time since they have mate each other face to face .

Manyata- bahat din hog aye the tumse mile. Kaisi ho tum?( It has been a long time since we met lasttime how are you?)

Unnati- Main to thik hu paar tum bahat dubli ho gayi ho dieting kaar rahi ho kya?( I am fine, what's wrong with you? You have became so thin. Are you on a diet or something?)

Manyata- nahi yaar Tv channel me kaam karo to yahi haal hota hat, na Khane pine ka thikana n nind ka( No dear when you work   channel theses things happens . There is no fixt schedule for anything).

Unati- Acha aaj sham ko party hai, Devgar Mahal ma , chalogi?( ok on today evening we have a party in devgar Mahal would you like to come? )

Manyata- Mujhe  A kaar khusi hoti paar kaal se shooting hai aur mere paas kuch pehenne ko bhi nahi hai party layek( I would love to come, but the thing is I have nothing which you can call a party ware, plus the shooting will start from tomorrow , so I have a lot of work )

Unnati- Chalo na manyata , hum waha akele bore ho jayenge , dada to apne party memebers se baat karne me busy ho jayenge chalo na , aur rahi baat kapro ki to tum mera kuch pehen lena( Oh please Mnyta come . I would have nothing to do there I will be alone and I will get bored , dada will be busy talking to his party members.  And cloths you can borrow my wardrobe) Manyata was about to say something when a staff knocked the door and eneterd Manyata's room and handed over a gift pack to her. The gift had a written massage. To my near and Dear friend Manyata I hope , you will like it , and you will come with us in the evening function yours tryly- Uday

Unnati- Chalo tumahri res ski problem bhi solve ho gayi aab to chalogi na( Your dress issue is also solve I hope now you will come with me)

Manyata- Thik hai baba chalungi( Ok ok I will come with you)

Unnati- thik hai hum a jayenge tumhe lenethik waqt paar (Ok I will be here to pick you up at the right tiem.) Unnati once again hugs Manyta and left the room with a big smile on her face .

After Unnati left the room Uday knocked the door and came inside.

Manyta-  Ye kya hai Uday tumne mujhe ye dress kyu di hai? Tumhe yaad hai na humari dosti ka pehela ususl yahi tha mehenge taufe nahi( What is this Uday? Why you gifted me such an expensive dress ? you remember the first rule of our friendship was no expensive gifts )

Uday- Hume yaad hai paar hum kya karte hume pata tha tum party ma na ane ke liye koi bahana zarur banaogi ( I remember it, but I had no choice, because I knew you will have an excuse to no attained the party)

Manyata- Tum mujhe zarurat se zada jante ho ye achi baat nahi hai( You know me more than you should , and this is not a good thing).

After this Conversation Uday and Mnyata had a conversation on Lunch table Unnati and Giriraj also joined her . After Lunch Manyata went to her room to get ready but when she reched her room she was surprised the female staff of the palace was waiting for her, when she asked them she came to know that they were here to help her to get ready . manyata was impressed indeed . In the evening Manyata got ready and she came downstairs . Let's talk about Manyata's dress now it had a fairy-tale touch to it, it is a royal blue Ball gown which is made of lase also a lot of flyer , Manyata was looking stunning and Uday could take his eyes from her. He was so lost in her that h forgot to Introduce her to the other person who was standing with him. Finally Manyata had to say

Manyata- Uday ye kaun hai mujhe milaoge nahi?( Uday who is he? You will not introduce me with him?)

Uday- O hum to bhool hi gaye. Manyata ye hai Vijendra Singh Dad ke business partner ke bte aur unnati ke Mngetar( Oh I forgot Manyata he is Vijendra Singh. He is the son of Dad's business partner and fianc of Unnati) Manyata shook her hands with Vijendra .

Vijendra- Oh to aap hai Manyata aap ke bareme bhat suna hai( So you are Manyata hared a lot about you .)

Manyata- Agar Uday se suni hai to achi baate nahi suni hogi( if it is from Uday then I am sure he will not have good things to say about me)

Uday- AAb aisa bhi nahi hai Manyata hum tumhari Tarif to karte hai kisis se bhi puch lo. Lo unnati bhi a gayi( It is not true manyata. I always have good things to say about you , ask anyone, ah unnati is also here)

Unnati smiled and she went out with Vijendar . Manyata looked at her and said

Manyata- AAb main kiske saath jungi?( Now who will accompany me?)

Uday- Hum hai na. agar tum chaho to aaj ki party ke liye tum humari date baan sakti ho( Am here, if you don't mind you can be my date for the party tonight)  Manyata smiled and  Manyata went for the party with uday.

Do let me know what thoughts you have about the 1st chapter , also let me know if you want me to continue with this FF or not 




Posted: 2 years ago
i'm so glad u start story on manveerHug
i really love manveer & really miss themCry
really beautiful startingHeart
wow manyata is very good friends with uday & unnatiBig smile
in fact manyata knows uday unnati & their dad very wellSmile
awe uday brought dress for manyata for party
uday know manyata really wellWink
oops uday couldn't take his eyes from manyata seeing her dressed up for partyWink
wow for party uday is manyata's dateDancing
continue plz
Posted: 2 years ago
i am glad you liked my work. TongueTongueTongue I am also a Manveer fan and I miss them tooCry . If you likd my work then please share it with other Mnveer fans so that they can read it. each and every comment and suggestion is valuable and important as i will help me to improve  
Posted: 2 years ago
I am here  with the next chapter of the  FF I hope everyone will like it


Manyata was with Uday I his car Manyata was  constantly laughing , Uday saw her and said

Uday- Kya ho gaya princess kyu has rahi ho ?( What happened princess why are you laughing?)

Manyata Uday tumne ye dress dekhi hai? Aisa lag raha hai jaise main 4th standard ki bachi hu  jise kisis party ke liye cindrella dress gift mil hai( Uday have you seen this dress ? it looks like I am a girl of 4Th slandered who has  got a cindrella  party dress gifted)

Uday- Manyata hum tumhe princess bulate hai na? to socha aaj zara tumhe princess ka look diya jae( manyata I call you a princess right? So I thought why not give you a look of a princess)

Manyata- ha bacho ki kitabo se nikli hui Rajkumari lag rahi hu( Yes I look like a princess  ho has just came out from kids story book)  Uday's car reached the Party Venu and manyaa eneterd the party with Uday while she was going inside she saw that the body guards were literary a tough time the Girls outside the Venue was creaming Uday's name and were literary fainting . Manyata saw that and then looked at Uday             and then started laughing.

Uday- Baas bhi karo Manyata aab andar bhi chalo(Manyat let's go Inside)Uday hold Manyata's hand and take her inside    . When Uday and Manyata reached the Party there were other people as well ., Uday was introducing manyata with other people, they were mix of people politician , people from Royalty , some people were from Hotel an hospitality. After sometime Manyata was joined by Vijay and Unnati, she was having a good time,  Then Giriraj came along with his best friend Brij Raj . Girirraj  went to Mnyta and said

Giriraj-Manyata inse miliye ye hai humare bachpan ke dost Brij raj. Hum dono ki dosti itni purani hai ki abhi to hume yaad bhi nahi. (manyata meet my childhood friend GirirRaj , we have been known each other since we remember it . )nayata touched girirraj's feet and Girirraj was first socked but then he felt good that today's generation knows how to respect the elders.  Manyata said-

Manyata- AAp ko kaun nahi janta , abhi 3 mahine pehele hi aap ka likha hua  Bhartiya arthic Vyabastha paar nivandh para tha.(  Oh I know you , 3 months before your  article on Indian economy system has been published. And  I read it.)

Giriraj- Humne kaha tha na aap se Uday ki ye dost uske baki dosto se bilkul alag hai( I told you this friend of Uday is different from his other friends .)

BrijRaj_ Ha kaha tha tumne aur hum dekh bhi rahe hai ( Yes you said it and I can see that  )  Manyata excused herslf from Girirraj and BrijRaj and then she started talking to Unnati and Vijayendar suddenly a man who was looking drunk, he asked if manyata would like todance with him, manyata refused him politely but he was not ready to take no for an answer , he grabbed her wrist and then tried to take her to the dance floor, Uday saw that and before anyone could say anything Uday came and said very calmly, leave her hand, she does not want to come with you, the Man was not ready to leave Manyata's hand, Uday had enough he was about to hit him when manyata said leave it Uday just leave it . Uday Uday looked at manyata and then said- Nikal ke bahar phek do iss admi ko, ( through this man out) After throwing the man out the party became normal . Uday as very angry with manyata but he did not say anything, after the party the was over , Everyone came back home, and went to there rooms, Manyata knew Uday was angry she knocked Uday's room door and eneterd nd Uday ordered others to leave the room, Uday was seating on the sofa  - Manyata sat on the sofa and said-

Uday- Main janti hu tum naraz ho mujhse , party ma main ne tumhe rok diya ( I know uday you are angry with me , in the party I stopped you)

Uday- manyata hum koi baat nahi karni, tum please yaha se chali jao , aur wais bhi jo tum karna cahate the who tumne karne nahi diya( Manyata I don't want to talk about this , please go from here , and you did not let  me take any action )

Manyata- Tumne use party se bahar phikwa to diya yahi bahat hai( You threw him out of the party, it was enough)


Uday- Manyata hum Rajpoot hai humar mehemano ki bei zati aur khaas karke kisis ladki ki beizati hum kabhi bardash nahi karte ( Manyata we are Rajpoots, we don't tolerate our guests dishonour specially a women's dishonour .

Manyata- Main samajh sakti hu Uday, aur mujhe khusi hai ke tumne mujhe bachane ki koshis ki, paar main nahi cahati thi ki meri waja se koi pareshani ho. Faltu me media tumhare bareme likhti( I understand Udthat Uday was angry wi and I m happy that you stood up for me , but I did not want that yyou face any trouble because of me . The media would have wrote some rubbish article about you)  Uday did not say anything. Manyata sttod up and left his room .

Fter manyata left the room Uday picked the intercom and called irirdhari ji . Giridhari ji came and Uday said-

Uday. Girirdhari ji hume sirf ye janna hai ke jjisne bhi party ma Manyata ke saath badtameezi ki who kaun tha aur kaal suraj dubith manyata in the party, Ine se pehele who hume yaha chahiye iss Mahal ma ( Mr Giridhari I just want to know who was that person who miss behaved  with Manyata in the party. I want that person standing before me before tomorrow evening .  Giridhari ji did a namskar and left uday's room.

Next morning it was work time for Manyata, and Uday really made it easy for Manyata, he had hired few people so that they can help her, Manyata did not knew about this , she thought she will thank Uday when he will come, Uday came but he was in a professional mood he just wished Manyata good morning and Manyata kept working with him, she took his 3 hour long interview and he gave it perfectly , no one could say  that they had a fall out last night . After the Interview was over Uday did not say a word and he left  for other works. After Uday left unnti came to Manyata

Unnati- Kaal raat dada bahat gusse ma hai, hume bahat daar lag raha hai pata nahi kya hoga?( Last night dada was really angry . I am very scared , I don't know what will happen ?)

Manyata- Kuch nahi hoga, mujhe pata hai uday ka gussa kaise kaam karna hai( Nothing will happen I know how can I change Uday's mood ) .

Manyata smiled and wet inside. In the evening Uday came back to his palace and he was in for a surprise , Uday eneterd his room  and he saw a  glass bowl Uday removed the lid and saw the dish he loves the most in this whole world  Badam ki kheer, Uday had a big smile o his face but he controlled himself and then sat on the sofa. Uday picked up the bowl and said- jisne bhi ye banaya hai woh humare samne a jaye warna hum ye kheer nahi khyenge( whoever has made this Kheer please come forward, otherwise I will not have it) Manyata came out slowly behind the creation . She had md a puppy face and she was looking very cute Uday looked at her and said-

Uday- Ye kya hai rishwat? Taki hum apna gussa bhool jaye?( what is this?  Brief? )

Manyata- Are nahi tumne kaal hume poshak di, to humane socha tumhe koi taufa de de( No no you gifted me a dress , so I thought I give you a return gift ) Uday picked up the phone and asked to give two bowl in his room . A staff came with the bowls and he was about to serve when Manyata stopped her and requested her to leave Manyata served Uday and he said-

Uday- Choti dad inn  sab ko bhi ye kheer khani cahaiye( Choti , dada they should also have this Kheer)

Mnyata- Tumhe ky laga unhe nahi bheja? Unhe to tumse pehele bhijwa diya hai( What was you thinking? I did not sent them Kheer . I have sent them the Khher)

Udaay- Acha kiya, waise kheer chi bani hai( Well done by the way the kheer is delicious )

Manyata- To Yuvraj ka gussa kaa hua ? Youvraj ne hume maaf kiya?( So Is the prince is still angry with me? I hope your anger have cool down a bit)

Uday- Manyata kaal tummne( Manyta last night you)

Manyata- Choror na Uday raat gayi baat gayi aab uss baat ko kya uthana( Let it be. Let by gons be by gons )

Uday- Thik hai, chalo kuch aur baat karenge(Ok let's talk about something else) Uday and Manyata was talking for an hour when a thin boy came, this is the same boy who brought manyat to dvgar. He informed Uday that Munshi ji is here with and he wants to meet Uday/.

Uday told Manyata that he will be back in a moment . Manayata met Aaksh again . She thought to have a conversation with Aaksh

Manyata- To akash uss din ke baad to hum mile hi nahi, tumne mujhe JAYGAR chora aur gayab ho gaye .( So Aaksh after that day you did not meet me? You dropped me at Jaygar and then I did not saw you .

Aaksh- Kuch kaam a gaya tha iss estate ma bahat kaam hai na karneke liye isis liye( Oh Ihad some work. In this estate lot of things are there to do , so I could not meet you ) Suddenly Uday came and Aaksh excused himself and left the romm.

Manyata- kaun aya tha Udau?( Uday who was it?)

Uday- Police Inspector the ( Police inspector was here)

Manyata- Kyu kuch hua hai kya? Saab thik to hai a?9 Why anything happened? I hope everything is fine)

Uday- Ha saab thik hai princess tum fikar maat karo. Acha ye puchna to hum bhool hi gaye tumne kheer banai kaise? Jaha taak hume yaad hai tum kitchen me to ja nahi sakti( yes everything is fine princess don't worry. I forgot you ask you how did you made kheer? Because as far as I know you can not eneter the kitchen)

Manyata- Ha pehele to main kitche hi gayi thi phir pata chala Jay ke 700 saal ke itihaas ma kisis Mheman ne kabhi khana nahi banaya. To main ne socha tumahre parampara ki izaat karte hue kheer yaha nahi banate kahi aur bana lete hai( Yes first I went to the kitchen. Then I came to know that in the 700 years history of jaygar  no guest have cocked in the Royal Kitchen  , so I thought why disrespect your tradition , let me make the kheer somewhere else )

Uday- ahi to puch rahe hai banai kaha? ( that is what I am asking you where did you made it ?)

Manyata- Tumhare Mehl ki piche wale hisse ma Jungle ma, ADC tumhare .kuch the jinho ne madat ki, maza a gaya( In the Jungle, few of your AC's helped me it was great fun) Uday kept looking at Manyata and said-

Uday- sach me Manyata tum bahat hi ajeeb ho, Jungle ma?( Manyat you are really veered from all the places you had o choose the Jungle?)

Manyata- Are camp lagake maza a gaya tha( It was like camping it was great fun)

Uday- Acha thik hai, hum tumhe kaal kaam ke baad Jaygar ke jungle dikhane le jayenge chalogi?( After work I will give you a tore of jaygar's Jungule would you like to come?)

Manyata- Ya bhi koi puchne ki baat hai zarur chalungi. Hum Unnati ko bhi saath le lenge ( of course we will ask Unnati to come along with us)

Uday- Unnati nahi a payegi shayad ( Unnai may not be able to make it)

Manyata-  Kyu who thik to hai na? (Why? I hope she is fine)

Uday- Ha woh kaal Vijay banna ki family ke saath outing pe ja rrahi hai( Yes she has an outing scheduled with Vojay Banna's family )

Manyata- Phir to hum logo ko use pareshan nahi karna chahiye. Koi nahi main aur tum hi chale jayenge( Then we should not disturb her, no worries  we will continue with our  plan without her).

Uday- To Taye raha hum dono kaal Jungle jane ke liye niklllenge subha 8 Baje(  So It is decided then we will leave at 5 in morning) .

Manyata- Chalo thik hai abhi bahat raat ho gayi main chalti hu good night ( Ok it's been eally late good night)

Uday- Good night . Kaal subha milte hai( Good night, see you tomorrow morning .) Manyata left Uday's room then he went to meet the police inspector who was waiting for him in the seating area.

Inspector Khamma Ghani Yuvraj woh zara zaruri baat thi warna hum iss waqt yaha nahi ate( Khamma ghani Yuvraj , the matter was really urgent otherwise I would have not disturbed you)

Uday- Koi baat nahi batatyiye kya baat hai?( It's ok tell me what is the maater?)

Inspector- AAp ki Meheman Manyata Sharma se humari mulakat ho sakti hai? ( Your guest Manytata Sharma can I meet her?)

Uday- aap jiski baat kaar rahe hai who Humari mehemaan hai, jaygar ki Meheman hum jaana chahate hai ke aisa kya ho gaya jo aap ko Manyata se milna hai.( The person you are talking about s my guest, se is Jaygar's guest . I want to know what has happened that you ask for an audience with Manyata)

Inspector- Kaal raat aap ki party ma ek admi ne unke saath badtamiziz ki thi. Phr aaj uss admi ko aap ke mehel se nikalte hue dekha gaya hai, aur phir uska ek accident hua jisse uska haat hi toot gaya( last night in your party a guy miss behaved wit Mnayta. Thn today he was seen in your place , after he left your palace he met an accident , he had fracture in his hand)

Uday- Saab samajh rahe hai hum magar in saab ka Manyata se kya lena dena. Ha who yaha aya tha humse milne aur Mnyata se maafi mangne. Manyata Mehel m thi nahi Hum bhi nahi the to who Giridhari ji . Humare estate ke maneger se mil kaar chale gaye, apology letter bhi likha hai unhone who hai humare paas aap chahhe  to hum aap ko dikha sakte hai( I understand everything . Yes he came here to meet me and Manyata , he wanted to apologize for his behaviour but neither I nor manyata was present to  accept his apologies so he had to go back, but he left an apology letter if you want I can show it . He met Giridhari ji our estate manger and gave the letter to him )

Inspector- Who kya hai youvraj darsal uss admi ne kaha hai ke ye accident hua nahi karwaya gay hai ( No actually YOuvraj that man has stated that the accident is planned)

Uday- Oh acha aur iss liye aap yaha a gaye puchne bina kuch jane aur samjhe ( Oh so you came here t interrogate without knowing anything)

Inspector- Maaf kijiye ga Youvraj agee se aisa nahi hoga main chalta hu. Aap kimti waqt barbaad karrne ke liye maafi cahata hu( Sorry Youvraj this will not happen again sorry to waste your valuable time) The inspector left the living area.

In Manyata s room she found an Invitation  Maha raja of Devgar has invited her along with Uday and family it is a inner party which is to be held in Devgar Raj mahal. The dinner is scheduled day after tomorrow .








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Posted: 2 years ago
Beautiful written chapter 
Like it
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by Sunsnow

Beautiful written chapter 
Like it
thanks a lot for reading TongueTongueTongue
Posted: 2 years ago
Awesome update 
Awe manyata felt like Disney princess in that gown 
Which made uday really happy 
Loll all those girls shout uday name like crazy 
Wow giriraj really impressed with manyata 
All were having good time but that bloody jerk had to spoil everything 
That jerk forcefully tried to take manyata to the dance floor 
Glad uday came & beats that asshole 
But uday got angry with manyata for stopping him 
Awe manyata knows how to melt uday's anger
Manyata cooked uday's favorite kheer
Wow manveer once again patch up
I just hope manyata won't fall in love with that aakash as it will break uday's heart 
So that jerk from party meet with accident & broke hand & put that blame on manyata 
Glad uday handle everything really well 
Wow giriraj invite manyata with uday's families for dinner 
Continue plz 
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by cuteariya

Awesome update 
Awe manyata felt like Disney princess in that gown 
Which made uday really happy 
Loll all those girls shout uday name like crazy 
Wow giriraj really impressed with manyata 
All were having good time but that bloody jerk had to spoil everything 
That jerk forcefully tried to take manyata to the dance floor 
Glad uday came & beats that asshole 
But uday got angry with manyata for stopping him 
Awe manyata knows how to melt uday's anger
Manyata cooked uday's favorite kheer
Wow manveer once again patch up
I just hope manyata won't fall in love with that aakash as it will break uday's heart 
So that jerk from party meet with accident & broke hand & put that blame on manyata 
Glad uday handle everything really well 
Wow giriraj invite manyata with uday's families for dinner 
Continue plz 
I am glad that you read my update in detail I will try to make the next update as sson as possibleClapClapClap

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