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waiting for Chapter 5! 
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waiting for Chapter 5! 

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Chapter 5 : Moral 


Although Maan collected geet's phone from the ground when she dropped it and left without taking it,but to avoid further questions he didn't give the phone to anyone else yet as he thought he will return it to rajji.And he doesn't wanna use anyone's stuff without their knowledge that's why he asked rano.


"Hello dadimaa,...Maan bol raha hoon"
"Maan betey... kaha ho aap? Ye kiska number hain?Pichle do dino se hum aapka phone try kar rahe hain, aapko aapni koi fikar nahi hain theek hain magar hamare bare mein bhi nahi socha aapne? ??/ ...Aaab chup kyun hain , kuch boliye????"
"I know... umm... I am sorry woh...ek problem ho gai hain..."He spoke with a bit difficulty! He expected her outburst but still he doesn't wanna give her tension. He told her in brief that his Zeep got damaged and he is in a remote village within hoshiyarpur. 
"Kiya baat hain bete, ye toh accha huwa!" dadi said from the other side.

"Matlab?" He asked with confusion.
"Areh aapko toh pata nahi hoga par, Ajay ki shadi hain wahi hoshiyarpur ki kisi ladki ke sath, aur aapko toh pata hain ajay aur unki family kitna maantey hain humko, so hum toh kaal aa rahe hain hoshiyaar pur...aap wahi rahiye, hum aur aap eksath wapis chale aayenge" Dadi completed.

"Main yaha 2 din nahi reh sakta dadi, aur lagta hain ye hoshiyarpur shaadio ki bazar hain, aah,,, main jaise taise wapis aa raha hoon dadi" Maan spoke!
"Aisa kuch nahi karenge aap...kabhi toh thoda jee lijiye zindegi ko... Pichle kuch dino se bohot stress liya hain aapne, aab thoda befikrey hoke dekhiye Maan, hum kaal nahi aaj balke avi aa rahe hain." The other line went blank with a beep. He called again but no one answered!

"Ye mere sath ho kiya raha hain? Kuch bhi mere plan ke mutabik kyun nahi ho raha? Ek toh yaha faas gaya main, upar se kisi kamine ne pata nahi kaun si dushmani mere gadi pe nikali, uski upar ye ghatiya barish... Arrgghhh... Ye sab tab se ho raha hain jabse main uss sirfiri ladki se mila hoon...aur aab dadima ka bhi dimag kharab ho gaya hain" He ranted into his mind and kept his hands on his hips with frustration! 

"Wow, aap toh bade dheet ho... Kaal toh bada akad rahe thhey? Aaj abhitak yehi ho?" He heard Geet's mocking voice and turned around to find a semi wet Geet who has a smirk on her face.
For one second he thought the whole world has just Stopped spinning right at the moment he laid his eyes on those hazels!

"Tum... ek baat batao tum jab bhi aapna muh kholti ho aise hi bakwas kaarti ho? I mean jo chota sa dimag hain tumhare paas uske upar koi tax hain kiya?" Maan mocked her back. 
"Aap meri choriye , khud ko dekhiye , baat ghumane ka accha tarika tha ye" geet answered him looking directly at him.

"Baato ko ghumana wo toh tum aurton ka favorite game hain...Agar tumne apna dimag ka istemaal kiya hota toh tumhe pata chalta ki bahar jo meri jeep khadi hain au uske sathe jo mechanic tools ke sath baitha hain wo kuch kar rahe hain, nahi samjhi na? Meri jeep kharab ho gai hain! Aur wo bhi tumhare iss circus mein se hi kisine kiya hoga, balki mujhe toh tumhari confidence dekh ke lag raha hain ki ye sab tumne kiya hain"  Maan threw his mind at her through his words with a hard face and was stepping towards her slowly.

"Heh, mujhe toh lagta hain aapko ye punishment mil rahi hain itni karwi jo ho aap, Maine ye kaam kiya toh nahi magar jisne bhi kiya na usne bohot accha kiya" She laughed at him. He felt insulted and retorted back by saying "Itni bholi maat bano, pehle toh maine aise hi kaha tha magar tumhari khushi ko dekh ke aab mujhe yaakeen ho gaya hain ye tumhara hi kiya dhara hain" His voice was scary.
Geet stepped back "Main aisa kyun karungi?" She didn't expect this.

"Takey tum mujhe yaha rok sako aur tana de sako rukne k liya, obviously!"

"Ha ha very funny, aapko tana dekey mujhe kiya milega? Waise maine ye kaam kiya toh nahi tha magar aab mujhe afsoos ho raha hain kyun nahi kiya maine, sath mein aapki gari ka kanch bhi tod deti main, so be thankful to god that i didn't do it!" She fumed equally this time staring hard at Maan. She wanted to leave but was stopped by maan's sudden grip at her hand.

"Bohot ho gaya, ek toh chori upar se mujhe tewar dikha rahi ho tum? Aab main tumhare sare parivaar ke samne bataunga ke unki ladki logo ki jeeps ke kanch kaise todti hain... Chalo mere sath"Saying so Maan dragged her. Meanwhile geet was adamantly demanding to him to leave her! But he was not even giving an ear to her rants. 

"Chor dijiye meri didi ko..." Titto witnessed the horror while he was searching for Geet and saw Maan dragging her after accusing of his deeds so he came running towards them. 

"Didi ne kuch nahi kiya, maine aapki tyre puncture aur bonnet mein mitti dali hain" He said in one go.
Both Maaneet looked at him shockingly. 
"Kiyaaaa?" They said in unison. 

"Tum? Maan glanced titto from head to toe. "Bewakoof samajh ke rakha hain, tumhe gadi k bare mein itna kaise pata?" He didn't believe titto, he assumed titto is just trying to save his sister.

"Mujhe cars ke barei mein bohot kuch pata hain, shokh hain mera..." Saying so he grabbed Maan's hand and took him into his room. Where there were various car toys with uncountable models being kept. Maan was surprised by the turn of events.
"Par tune aisa kyun kiya baccha?" geet asked meekly. 

"Didi woh... Aise hi... Subha maine dekha inhone aapko daanta, sorry bhi nahi bola...isliye.. Mujhe gussa aa gaya..." Titto confessed.

Geet felt bad for him and she brushed her hand into his hair lovingly saying "ye toh bohot galat baat hain na bacche? Dekho unhe kitna taklif huwi iss wajah se? Aur aise kisi ka chiz ka nukhsan karna kiya theek hain?" She was trying to make titto understand softly.

"Paar didi..." He couldn't finish since geet added "Nahi titto.. Ye galat baat hain, aab agar inko gussa aaya aur inhone tymhare khilone tod diya toh tumhe akisa lagega? Accha nahi lagega hain na? Maafi mango inse... Abhi" She demanded.

"Sorry, humse galti ho gai, humein maaf kar dijiye shehri babu ji"He spoke with a pout reluctantly.

Maan was touched seeing their relationship and the way Geet softly spoke with titto he liked that very much.he didn't expect her to say those things for him, that means she does have some morals. 
"It's ok, baccha hain avi bhi." Saying so Maan left from there instantly.

He left because he didn't know how to face geet after all the harsh accusations he made on her. He was in their house because of her yet he accused her. Oh yes, he is all this mess because of her , how can he forget that? But he has to do one thing, he has to return her phone which he kept safely. So he again went to see geet. Stood in front of her door. Knocked mildly.

"Kaun hain?... Khula hain" Her voice came floating.
He entered silently, kept her Phone at her bed where she was sitting writing something.

 She moved her gaze to find her phone "Mera phone aapke paas thi???? thank god mill gai, mujhe toh laga tha shadi ka ghar hain, mujhe dusra lena padega" she said with joy but Maan was going away silently just as he came. 

"Haan wo niche gir gai thi,,, toh maine..." Maan was feeling awkward by this point.

"Shukriya!" She said genuinely. She was actually happy seeing her phone also she thought that it's better to not waste her energy on fighting with Maan. Maan left and she called dev immediately to check up on for his friend's well being.

Here, the Rain was nowhere near in the mood of stopping. The handas were preparing for the wedding and they were very busy, Maan had to mend his ways as well after seeing the chaotic situation, he just invested himself into the marriage preparations even if he was a bit reluctant but when rano asked something he couldn't say no. rano reminded him of his mom, for some strange reason he felt the same warmth his mom used to give him, in Rano. 

He doesn't want attachment but it seems like with handas it was inevitable. In all this Geet fully occupied his subconscious mind! Just like some background apps run in any operating system geet was also running back at the strong interior behind MR MSK.

"Beta ye phool Geet ko deke aao please" Pammi gestured Maan who was standing lost looking at geet. She was at the other corner just in front of the door of her room. Before Maan could call her to stop she went inside with her phone in her hand. So he had to follow her. 
"Main aapse baad mein baat karti hoon" Geet said seeing Maan coming with the flower basket toward her. Some kids were running behind Maan and they bumped into maan so he tripped a little and Geet ran towards him to save the whole situation with wide eyes.

"Sambhalke" She held the basket and her hands collided with Maan's and here she was actually the one who was going to fall rather so in quick reflex she grabbed his shirt. A Strange sensation ran through her vein. It was unexplainable. Her eyes met his. In her life nobody smelled so good as him not that she has met a lot of people but she definitely was blown by his proximity. Maan looked at her shockingly as well but his hard gaze soon transformed into a softer one as if he was in trance, all the chaos around them started to fade out. Her phone rang and he jerked off her hold in a swift, anticipating the future awkwardness. But the job was done, Geet felt embarrassed as hell by now. She saw Maan Leaving and picked up the call.
"Haan toh kaha thhey hum?..." She continued the conversation with dev.


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Chapter 6 : The dark Night

 Her phone rang and he jerked off her hold in a swift, anticipating the future awkwardness. But the job was done, Geet felt embarrassed as hell by now. She saw Maan Leaving and picked up the call.
"Haan toh kaha thhey hum?... She continued the conversation with dev.


"Are you sure, you wanna do this?" dev asked.

"I am sure devji, Aap pareshan maat hoiye, main aaj ko hi intezaam kaar lungi, abhi bohot sara kaam hain , baad mein baat karti hoon"

"I love you Geet"

She Smiled and cut the phone. She is going to take such a huge risk tonight, she gulped her saliva thinking about it.

Maan went to the city after getting a call from his daadi's arrival. Night was almost falling down. After he met with Savitri devi he came to know Ajay is getting married to Roop only. Maan was shocked with the co incidence which surrounded him. It was as if attending this Marriage was PREDESTINED!


Meanwhile far away in the distant galaxy,another earth!(You can call it earth 2 if you want!) Night time, almost 2 am!

"Maaannn" Geet woke up with fearful expression engrossing her beautiful face! Maan who was sleeping hugging her close into his embrace got up instantly breaking his sleep as well. 

"Kiya huwa jaan!" He was shocked to the core not understanding the situation. He switched on the lights. 

"Maan aap yaha hooo" Saying so she touched his stubble ensuring herself his presence and hugged him tightly. Maan understood her plight and snuggled her closer into his arms. As she was sitting beside him, he easily changed position and cocooned her from behind nuzzling into her hair. Took the water which was kept on the side table and offered her, still consoling her head with his free hand. 

She gulped the whole water in one go and saw Maan pouting suddenly, she raised her eyebrows indicating "what" 
He simply gestured toward the empty glass and jug that he wanted some too. "Mere liye itnaa sa bhi nahi rakha na tumne hmm?" he said with a soft tone.

"Main abhi jati hoon Maan, leke aati hoon, aap thoda rukiye" She replied him as a loving wife but before she could get up she found herself colliding into his chest and his handsome face beaming with his infamous smirk indicating he was teasing her. 

"Maine ye thodi na kaha?" Saying so he immediately slammed his lips into hers and claimed her petals for a breathless eternity. "Hmm, aab thik hain, mujhe ye water ki thrust thi, iski nahi" He spoke gazing naughtily at her plump lips.

Geet was awed with his naughty antics and she just slapped his chest lightly before melting into his embrace again, with her beautiful smile.

"Hmm, aab batao kiss sapne ki itni himmat jisne meri Geet ki nind uda di" Maan asked her with his signature attitude, finally after making her comfortable with his teasing session. He simply doesn't want her to stress for a single second even if it's a dream. As now Geet who was finding herself comfortable within her husband's protective lap, she spoke with her usual antics with moving her hands " Pata hain aapko,... maine naa dekha... main hoshiyaar poor mein hoon..., bhage jaa rahi hoon. ,,, Bhageee jaa rahi hoon ...Baas aapko dhund raho hoon par koi mere piche pada hain...Shayed ..." she didn't that name but Maan understood. She continued "sunsaan sadak... Andhera... Tabhi aap mujhe dikhe, aur maine aapko chillaa ke bulaya Maaan" she imitated how she called him in her dream and kept narrating"bilkul uss raat ki tarha jisdin brij veerji mere piche pade theyy, Sapno mein aapko dekhke aisa laga ki jaise aap mujhse bohot door ho" she got sad while uttering this sentance , "par main aapki taraf bhaag ke gai paar aap mujhe mill nahi rahe thhey."She finished with a pout. 

Maan was looking at her lovingly,he leaned forward and kissed her forehead saying "meri mishti itni pagal hain!!!!!!!!!!!! sapne mein bhi aapne maan se door hona gawara nahi, hmmm????
 Itna pyaar karti ho?" he brushed his nose into her cheek and although his word made her blush but she said confidently "aap haar dunia mein mere ho, sapno mein, zindagi mein, iss dunia mein, iss janam mein, har janam mein aur agar iske baad ya bahar bhi koi dunia hain usme bhi... Srif mere ho" her tone implied her possessiveness! 

"Accha???" Amused Maan getting treat by seeing her endless love " meri Mishti toh bohot badi badi batein karne lagi hain? Ye dunia , hmm iske bahar k dunia? Wah mrs khurana discovery dekh ne ka ye asar, am impressed." he smiled.

"Maannn, aap kitne burey ho hain na? Mera majak uda rahe ho, huh" she faked her anger to which Maan pinned her down to the bed "hmmm..tumhari ye nakli gussa.. Abhi dikhata hoon..."

 Saying so he sunk into her frame and pressed his lips against hers again, muffling her giggle with his erotic pull. He approached towards making new memories of their Passion and fill this dark night with the wildest form of raw love mixed with pure lust! 


But the situation at few light years far away on this earth where our story is taking place was at a completely opposite and alarming state. 

Where Geet was waiting for an opportunity, she called her accountant to inform, "keep the cash ready" and that she is reaching within a few moments. 

Now she has  to visit the gold shop owner then her job is halfway done. 

After giving away all the jewelry she brought here for the wedding including Roop's present she cashed out 6 lakhs , 10 lakh (1 million)  in total she could gather. 

She didn't care about the amount, she just wanted to help dev. And she thought she was doing this for a good cause.
She hired a vehicle and started her journey towards the city.
 Within 15 mins she reached to the place where dev was staying. He opened the door answering her doorbell. She went inside swiftly and she closed the door immediately checking if someone saw her coming inside.

She finally tasted the awaiting relief she was lingering for. She kept the bag at the side table near the door. Dev couldn't come because he told her he is stuck at home having a business meeting, a deal over phone. Because of rain the flights were cancelled. 

He didn't even had time to eat anything so She took things on her own hand and took the risk of her life. Yes! She trusted him blindly!

He glanced at her, because of the rough weather there was load shedding and her white skin seemed like she an angel wearing red, The candlelight was amplifying the effect more. Geet who was still trying to sooth her breathing due to running was startled by dev's sudden hold on her waist. He nuzzled into her neck. "Akhir tum aa hi gai?" He said smiling.

"Devji, ye kiya kar rahe ho aap?Please Choriye mujhe" She was startled and panicking a bit but then again dev's voice calmed her down.

"Relax, kuch hi dino mein shadi hone wali hain hamari, itna toh haq baanta hain na ..."She felt very shy. And the current circumstances are absolutely not an ideal situation for this, she tried to comprehend what's wrong with him, previously also he tried to touch her but today he seems calm, dangerously calm, moreover his friend is at the deathbed!!! How can he be aroused at this time! Thinking about all the points she turned around to see him, and her nose alerted her the smell of alcohol. 

"Aapne sharab pee hain?" She asked him with disbelief. But he told her he doesn't drink or smoke?

"Thodi si" Dev gestured with his fingers. Then he cupped her face and moved his hand towards her stole throwing that away. Geet's eyes got wide open with horror, She didn't know what to do. 
She just ran behind her stole which was landed in a corner of the room after floating into the air. 

But dev grabbed her from behind. Pressing his body against her and pinned her down the near wall. He tried to slide down her dress and in order to do that he ripped bits and pieces of her clothes around her shoulder. She has never felt so helpless in life before. Previously when she was running from the goons and now when she is with dev she couldn't find any difference between the two. 

"Dev aap hosh mein nahi ho, kiya kar rahe ho aap ye, choriye mujhe" She still tried to reason with him. 

"Sunshine, i am in absolute senses. His cold frisky voice scared Geet. She was confused is he in his senses? 

He again tried to open her clothes, Still pressing himself with her petite body, Leaning forward tried to kiss her but Geet now couldn't take it anymore she moved her face to other side. 

"Dev mujhe dard ho raha hain"violated by his touches. She was praying to her babaji to escape this horror. She can't bear witnessing this side of dev.

Dev didn't bat an eye to her pleadings. She gathered all her strength and pushed him with all her might. She tried to run but then again was caught by him and he tried to bit her neck, this time she shouted with her lungs out to which dev slapped her hard.

"Kiya? Pyaar se aa raha hoon paas is mein bhi chillana jaruri hain? I love you damn it..."Dev spoke with an angry tone. Geet stood shocked and scared by him to the core right now with her palm on her cheek where he had hit her. She loved him so much, she thought he was different but he is the same. She heard about marital rape, although she is not married to him but after marriage will he force her like this? She wanted to respect him but... after tonight... How will she get escape this? Maan's face automatically flashed inside her head for a fraction of a second!
Dev again stepped closer to her "I am sorry, jayda dard toh nahi ho raha?" Saying so he tried to manhandle her again. He sounded so shallow and fake to her!

 She screamed again and this time Geet was adamant to run and she bit his hand hard which tried to muffle her scream and she ran as fast as she can not seeing back. her thoughts were only clouded with her Mother , father's face. What will she answer them?

After running while she saw a known figure moving up front her, Even though it was his back and only side portion was visible by the sodium light she knew in her heart it was Maan! She felt a strange sense of security seeing him! She clawed the fiber of her dress near her chest automatically! 

Maan who is unaware of this all was crossing the road shaking his hands to stop some taxi. She shouted and called for him with salty water leaking profusely from her depressed hazels.


Note : If you are confused with the parallel universe track please do read the note at page 1
And both of the stories are happening at present simultaneously!


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Chapter 7 : Havoc!

She clawed the fiber of her dress near her chest automatically! Maan was crossing the road shaking his hands to stop some taxi. She shouted and called for him with salty water leaking profusely from her depressed hazels.


"Maaannn!" She never thought she would be this much happy ever after seeing him.

He turned around to see a shocking sight. Geet whom he last saw blooming like a flower was standing tearful with her clothes ripped at few places. Her eyes puffed swollen and a mourning expression with fright, grief and plain anguish. Did she smile seeing him?

He felt his heart was ripped off from his chest seeing her painful sight. Why? He doesn't know.

He was stepping toward to her and she was coming towards him and to his utter shock, she hugged him crying loudly. She felt safe again just like she did when she found out she was in his tent. Her frame melted into his strong arms. He reciprocated the hug finally after hesitating a little with confusion and shock equally!

"Geet ...tum yaha.. Aur ... tumhari ye halat ..." He couldn't ask her more seeing her agony. His eyes did all the questioning!
"Please mujhe ghar leke chailye" She spoke with hiccups.
He took off his black shirt and covered her.

The whole way their journey went silent. She was sobbing in trance. They reached the countryside around handa haveli within 10 mins. They came off from the taxi and started walking together. It was a dark night. A real dark one!

"Suniye..." Geet called him. He turned to see what was it "main aise andar nahi jaa sakti... Shadi ka ghar hain...meri wajah se..."she couldn't gather words to describe.

"Main bhi wahi soch raha hoon ke tum iss halat mein andar kaise jaogi?" He agreed with concern. She looked at him blankly, " pata nahi. Sab khatam ho gaya!" Tears were rushing their way back to escape.

"I...I have no right to ask but..."he initiated but thinking that he is crossing his limits he stopped. It's not a very good idea or time to ask these things to her right now he thought.

"Ruko, tum ek kaam karo yehi ruko, mere kamre mein jo back door hain I will open that, tum usse andar aa jana." Said Maan. Then he opened the bag he was holding to his hand, dadi ma brought some extra clothes for him, he took one shirt and put it on walking through the porch.

She started feeling the sense of relief slowly slowly.
Within 5 mins Maan opened the back door of his room and Geet entered. It was 10.30 Pm and everyone was still awake because of the wedding.

Geet couldn't go inside her room since she doesn't have her stole and neither she can leave like This with Maan's shirt on her. So she eyed at Maan helplessly.

Guessing her dilemma Maan gestured his index finger to her "Ek minute

He went outside his room and called rajji into his room, told her to bring a pair of Geet's short dress. Rajji was shocked seeing Geet's state and she was clueless why She is in Maan's room but when Geet nodded agreeing to what Maan just told her to do she just left without any second thoughts.

Geet Changed into the new suit into Maan's room while Rajji and Maan waited outside. Meanwhile Maan told rajji briefly how he had found her. Rajji knew Geet was going to meet dev because she was the one who was providing backup for geet's absence by telling everyone that geet has a headache and she is sleeping so that none disturbs her.

Geet finally went inside her room with rajji, everyone was busy talking about marriage preparations so they didn't pay heed to Geet that much.

She told rajji everything in brief with tearful eyes, Rajji tried her best to console geet but tonight was not the night she was going to be consoled. After sending rajji away Geet broke into tears like all hell broke loose.

He didn't love her as much as she thought. Simply wanted her to agree for her flesh to be feasted upon by him. She thought he loves her. So wrong she was! And all the drunk situation made this whole circumstance more difficult. Why did those touch felt so filthy? Why does it pain so much to be in love? Why? What was her fault? She trusted him too easily that's her fault! Now what will happen? At any cost she can't disclose before roop's wedding takes place! She was hoping that Maan won't tell anyone! Maan!... She misunderstood him! "From the moment on I have met him he has been only saving me! And Here Dev! Kyun kiya aapne ye dev? Kyun? Maine kiya nahi kiya aapke pyaar mein! Aise hamare khubsurat rishtey ka gala ghont diya aapne? Aab kiya hamara rishta pehle jaisa ho sakta hain? She lamented to herself.

"Aaahhhrrggghhh"A deeply hurt Geet muffled the pillow and screamed hard, but her scream was lost inside the darkest shade of that black night!

Next morning,
Today is a new day, new sun or the old sun risen to the horizon newly, whatever it is! But for geet the black night was nowhere coming to an end!

At the porch, Maan was standing with rano and others. Daarji and All handas got to know about Maans Dadi and the crazy incident. They insisted Maan to bring Savitri into the handa house but he denied politely.

"Ye dunia kitni choti hain, hain na puttar, tum toh maan nahi rahe ho apni daadi ko laane ke liye, par beta humein bohot accha lagta unse milke, khair shadi mein mulakat ho hi jayegi!" Rano spoke to Maan, who was standing near the entrance talking with the organizer of the wedding.

When he told them about the whole story that his daadi too came for this very same wedding everyone was just happy and puzzled with it.

 Rano in the heart already was considering Maan as her son, he saved Geet from the goons, he doesn't talk much, has an intense personality and the more he tries to show he is very rough but Rano's motherly heart could recognize the soft Maan within Inside. 

He reminded Rano of her father, who was also very strict from outside but from inside had a heart of an innocent child. And after knowing that Roop is getting married to Ajay , who shares an amicable bond with Maan, Maan became much closer to the handa clan.

His transformation from a stranger who saved their honor (Geet) to a close house member who was preparing for the wedding just based on his gratitude for their hospitality was indeed a beautiful beginning of their bond. Especially Rano.

"Ji rano maa" he replied her. She instructed him strictly to call her rano ma instead of aunty.

He seems a bit distracted. He was, because no matter how much he tried but he couldn't brush off geet's flushed teary eyes from his mind. It haunted him. He simply hates tears, to the core! He has considered tears to the most powerful manipulative weapon on this planet. But with her tears, his heart aches.
His eyes were only searching for her, to ensure her safety. What happened, why, with whom, there were many puzzling questions yet to be answered.

"Meera beta aa gai tum?"The chain of Maan's thought broke with Rano's voice who welcomed a girl who just entered the haveli. He obviously was going to ignore that until rano screamed Geet's name and called her out. He found himself waiting to see Geet.
"what the heck is wrong with you Maan! Uss ladki ke liye itna pareshan hone ki koi jarurat nahi hain... ladki nahi, musibbat hain woh!...baas ek aur din aur phir your vacation ends ..." He scolded himself mentally.

But then He saw Geet coming out running and She crossed him, while crossing him her pace got a bit slower and for a fraction of a second they made eye contact. Her hair was blowing with the pace and the air pushing through her body lifted one strand of her hair embedding her nose followed by her lips. 

This mere fraction of second seemed like time and space had stopped for maan and things were in slow motion, really really slow. But once she passed him the time jumped with equal force and he saw Geet hugging the unknown girl whom rano just mentioned as Meera!! That name kind of pricked into his heart. However, he ignored that feeling as well.

Meera noticed that the extremely handsome man who was standing a few meters apart from them was glancing at them for a few seconds and he went away.

Damn he has got style and immense attitude too! Who is that!

"Geet...main aa gai sweety..." said meera then she lowered her tone a bit "aab toh bata huwa kiya hain"

Geet who was holding Meera looked at the ground breaking her eye contact from Meera.

"yaha nahi, Andar chal sab batati hoon" with this they started walking.

"hmm paar ye bata ye handsome kaun hain?" Meera nudged Geet with a smirk.

Geet didn't understand whom she was referring to so she asked Meera about it.

"Areh wo waha jo khada tha, Black shirt mein... He is tooo damn hot! Who is he?" Meera asked geet with her playful nature!
After thinking for a little, since there are ample amount of people at the house current Geet guessed Meera is asking about Maan only.

"Areh wo sadu! Mr Attitude!" Geet blurted out!.

"sadu?"Saying so Meera and Geet was getting pretty close to Geet's room and they saw Maan talking over Phone with attitude!

"sadu ho ya kuch bhi ho, itna hot hone ka kuch toh cost hoga na... Lol. I think i have crush on him already" Meera blushed and smiled cheekily. 

She started humming "thoda sa pyaar huwa hain, thoda hain baki" gave a dreamy look looking at where Maan was standing and got slapped lightly on her arm by Geet to fetch her back in reality.

"Meera tu bhi na, haar dusre din tujhe crush ki bimari ho jati hain." Geet didn't pay any heed to Meeras talk and they entered her room. Now is the time they were finally in some privacy and she inhaled a lot of oxygen before starting.

Even though she tried but couldn't control her leaking tears. She told Meera everything sobbing her heart out. Meera was shocked to the core! She couldn't believe her ears. How can dev do something like this!

She consoled Geet and asked her what she is going to do next? To which Geet replied her that She needs to go out of here first, she wants Roop's marriage to be unharmed, meanwhile if Dev calls her she is going to ignore him. And Then she will tell them.

Meera said " but what about the money? Tune gift ke jewar tak bech dali? Ekbaar kisise baat kaar leti? Aisa kiya huwa ki wo khud paisa nahi intezaam kaar saka? Geet mujhe kuch theek nahi laag raha" her voice sounded worried.

"ek baat bata usne abhitaak call kiya hain tujhe? Abhi dopeher k 2 baaj rahe hain" Meera added.

Geet shook her head and said "agar karenge bhi toh main kaun sa lene wali hoon unka nahi nahi uska phone, kaal shadi mein bhi mujhe nahi milna usse, aur wo kaise hoga ye main tujhpe chorti hoon meera."

Meera sunk into deep thoughts. She talked with dev numerous times although they never met. But in this last 20/25 days, Dev became a good phone friend of Meera. Geet used to share her the dynamics of their relationship, she finds it cute, especially at the beginning but she never told her that dev was forcing her to sleep with him.

Why would he do that if their marriage is on rolls? Even if he can't control his libido that's highly unlikely, then how come he survived this long? And on the top of all this what is this money issue? If I am fearing right then it was all along about the money, isn't it? Geet has just one younger sister Anjali who is at the hostel right now and couldn't attend the wedding due to her exams.

 Moreover, her parents own a few travel agencies plus a few more side business, and one day everything is going to be in her name. So she is a very desirable target for attaining wealth! Her being exceedingly beautiful is just a cherry on the top!

Her trail of thoughts broke while Rano came to call them to eat lunch and the rest of the day went busy in the wedding schedules but there was no sign of Dev yet. 
Meera anticipated her fear to be coming true. Geet trying so hard to be happy but she was scattered inside. Finally, the wedding day arrived after much a hype!

Handa family was calling dev because he didn't arrive for the wedding yet, neither they have heard from him in last two days. The wedding organizer who was Dev's friend, daarji asked him but he couldn't gather anything. However, due to chaos they kept this matter on hold since the groom's family have arrived.

Just before the wedding rituals were about to start Mohindar informed Rano that Geet has withdrawn 6 lakh of cash and he didn't take the calls from the banks due to wedding preparations, a confused Rano also found out that the jewelry they were about to gift Roop are missing!


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