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  KZK 2 Written Update Archives [NO COMMENTS]

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KZK starts with puja, The first epi aired on September 25 2018. Introduction of characters are seen while doing morning aarti...{characters can be found in the next post of Character Sketch}. Durja pooja celebrations are going on and everyone is getting ready for Durga Pooja, Sharma family which is Prerna's family is shown as middle class family while the Basu's rich ones in the serial. Prerna's dad works for Anurag's dad which is Moloy Basu. Durga Pooja takes place and the pandal place catches fire. Prerna and her friend is saved by Anurag who jumps in fire to grab the chunnari which his mom had handmade for him specially for this occassion embroidered by real gold.

Anurag is shown 2 years senior to Prerna in college as they both attend same college after Anurag has studied sometime in london. Naveen Mohini's mubola brother has negative shade as he was the reason for which fire was caused at the pandal. He looks at Prerna with lust and wants to marry her after having divorced few prior. Anurag does notice bad vibes in Naveen for Prerna.

Story so far credit wikipedia

Anurag Basu and Prerna Sharma are two individuals meant to fall in love yet forced to go through several trials of life to be together.

Anurag and Prerna study in the same university. With time, they start conversing and form a bond of trust, understanding and friendship. Prerna falls in love with Anurag.

Amidst this, Komolika Chaubey makes her entry. She is arrogant, evil, sadistic and attracts male attention wherever she goes. While Anurag realises his love for Prerna, Komolika starts getting interested in Anurag.

Anurag and Prerna confess their feelings, perform a marriage ritual promising to marry each other and consummate their relationship. Seeing Prerna and Anurag plan a future together, Komolika decides to create misunderstandings between them. She asks Anurag to marry her in order to save Prerna's house. Compelled, Anurag agrees. Unaware of the truth, Prerna is left shocked. She gets hit by a car and is taken to the hospital where the doctor reveals her to be pregnant.

Rebellious, Prerna enters the Basu house claiming to be Anurag's wife. Prerna successfully exposes Komolika and gets her arrested. Komolika escapes and comes back to kill Prerna but instead falls down the terrace and goes missing. Anurag and Prerna reunite and get engaged.

Meanwhile, Rishabh Bajaj, a ruthless and cunning businessman enters. He falsely frames Anurag and gets him jailed. Further, Rishabh asks Prerna to marry him in exchange of Anurag's freedom. Helpless, Prerna agrees. Heartbroken and devastated, Anurag questions Prerna. She lies to him, hoping he moves on but Anurag remains adamant and refuses to give up on their love.

Rishabh starts falling for Prerna. Knowing that Prerna is still in love with Anurag, Rishabh tries to create misunderstandings between Prerna and Anurag between this Anurag learns about Prerna's forcedness to marry Rishabh.Rishabh becomes insecure by seeing Anurag and Prerna's invincible bond and in its obsession he tries to kill Anurag. Kukki tries to stop him but ends up hurting herself. Guilty, Rishabh steps back while Anurag and Prerna unite.

Vengeful, Komolika makes a comeback. Prerna reveals to Anurag about her pregnancy and the two rejoice as they get ready to marry.On the other hand Komolika is still alive but has gone under a plastic surgery.On the day of Anupre's marriage Komolika causes Anurag's accident.

One month later

Anurag loses his memory. Komolika fakes an identity and misuses the opportunity to make Anurag and the Basu's believe that they got married. Prerna gets hired as a secretary in the company taken over by Anurag. Prerna discovers Komolika's identity and decides to expose her but refrains in fear of affecting Anurag's brain and memory.Anurag feels connected to Prerna and her unborn child due to which Komolika becomes insecure and tries to kill Prerna and her child multiple times but fails. She then convinces Anurag to get Prerna married to Viraj Bharadwaj hoping to distance Anurag and Prerna.Anurag agrees hoping for Prerna's betterment.Later, Anurag starts feeling uneasy seeing Viraj and Prerna performing pre marriage rituals and gets some flashes of his past.So as to end up Prerna's chapter completely from Anurag's life Komolika kidnaps Prerna with the help of some goons and pushes her off a cliff.

She further asks Anurag to accept her and leave Prerna. Helpless, Anurag pretends to betray Prerna and pushes her off a bridge, but she is saved by Bajaj. Prerna reaches the orphanage where Komolika abandoned Sneha and is devastated to see it on fire. Reeling from shock and heartbreak, Prerna moves to London.

Eight years later

Prerna is a successful businesswoman in London while Anurag's business thrives in Kolkata. Prerna maintains a formal relationship with Bajaj and Anurag hates Komolika. Prerna detests Anurag for his betrayal while he lives in guilt. Komolika has taken over the Basu house. Nivedita and Anupam have separated. Prerna leaves for Kolkata in order to seek revenge from Anurag. Kukki and Kaushik start off by disliking each other, constantly bickering everytime they meet.

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  • Parth Samthaan as Anurag Basu– Mohini and Moloy's son; Nivedita and Tapur's brother; Prerna's husband (2018–present)
  • Erica Fernandes as Prerna Sharma– Veena and Rajesh's daughter; Shekhar, Shivani and Mahesh's sister; Anurag's wife (2018–present)
  • Hina Khan/Aamna Sharif as Komolika Chaubey– Siddhant's daughter; Mishka and Ronit's sister (2018–2019)/(2019–present)
  • Karan Singh Grover as Rishabh Bajaj– Kukki's father (2019)


  • Uday Tikekar as Moloy Basu– Prosenjit's brother; Rajesh's childhood friend; Mohini's husband; Nivedita, Anurag and Tapur's father (2018–present)
  • Shubhaavi Choksey as Mohini Basu– Moloy's wife; Nivedita, Anurag and Tapur's mother (2018–present)
  • Kali Prasad Mukherjee as Rajesh Sharma– Moloy's childhood friend; Veena's husband; Shekhar, Prerna, Shivani and Mahesh's father (2018–2019)
  • Kanupriya Pandit as Veena Sharma– Rajesh's wife; Shekhar, Prerna, Shivani and Mahesh's mother (2018–present)
  • Pooja Banerjee as Nivedita Basu– Mohini and Moloy's daughter; Anurag and Tapur's sister; Anupam's wife (2018–present)
  • Sahil Anand as Anupam Sengupta– Nivedita's husband (2018–present)
  • Upasana Salunke/Priyal Mahajan/Aastha Abhay as Tapur Basu– Mohini and Moloy's daughter; Nivedita and Anurag's sister; Sahil's fiance (2018)/(2018–2019)/(2019–present)
  • Bhavya Sachdeva as Sahil– Vikrant's cousin; Tapur's fiance (2019)
  • Karan Arora as Shekhar Sharma– Veena and Rajesh's son; Prerna, Shivani and Mahesh's brother; Suman's husband (2018–present)
  • Antara Banerjee/Ritu Chauhan as Suman Sharma– Shekhar's wife (2018–2019)/(2019–present)
  • Charvi Saraf as Shivani Sharma– Veena and Rajesh's daughter; Shekhar, Prerna and Mahesh's sister; Ronit's former girlfriend (2018–present)
  • Karan Bhanushali as Mahesh Sharma– Veena and Rajesh's son; Shekhar, Prerna and Shivani's brother (2018–present)
  • Adi Irani as Siddhant Chaubey– Komolika, Mishka and Ronit's father (2018–2019)
  • Ariah Aggarwal as Mishka Chaubey– Siddhant's daughter; Komolika and Ronit's sister; Anurag's former girlfriend (2018–2019)
  • Tarun Mahilani as Ronit Chaubey– Siddhant's son; Komolika and Mishka's brother; Shivani's former boyfriend (2018–present)
  • Jia Narigara as Kukki Bajaj– Rishabh's daughter (2019)
  • Alka Amin as Sharda– Rishabh's aunt; Tanvi's adoptive mother (2019)
  • Sonyaa Ayodhya as Tanvi– Sharda's adoptive daughter; Rishabh's family friend (2019)
  • Namik Paul as Viraj Bhardwaj– Prerna's former fiance (2020)
  • Shahrukh Sadri as Prosenjit Basu– Moloy's brother; Kumud's husband; Mouli's father; Anurag, Nivedita and Tapur's uncle (2019–present)
  • Anjali Gupta as Kumud Basu– Prosenjit's wife; Mouli's mother; Anurag, Nivedita and Tapur's aunt (2019–present)
  • Coral Bhamra as Mouli Basu– Kumud and Prosenjit's daughter; Anurag, Nivedita and Tapur's cousin (2019–present)
  • Sanjay Swaraj as Naveen Chandra Chattopadhyay– Ronita and Madhuri's husband; Mohini's namesake brother; Prerna's suitor (2018–2019)
  • Madhura Naik as Madhuri Chattopadhyay– Naveen's first wife (2018)
  • Piyali Munshi as Ronita Chattopadhyay– Naveen's second wife (2018)
  • Siddharth Shivpuri as Vikrant– Sahil's cousin; Komolika's former boyfriend; Anurag's business rival (2019)
  • Kunal Madhiwalla as Rahil Das– Basu Industries's manager (2019)
  • Siddharth Banerjee as Sid– Anurag's best friend (2018)
  • Anju Jadhav/Michelle Shah as Anjali– Prerna's best friend (2018)
  • Monica Sharma as Kirti– Prerna and Anjali's best friend; Rohan's wife (2018)
  • Naveen Sharma as Rohan– Anurag, Sid, Prerna and Anjali's best friend; Kirti's husband (2018)
  • Rohit Sharma as Gaurav– Komolika's former boyfriend (2018)
  • Roopali Prakash as Komolika's friend (2018)
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AnuPre/ParIca AT#120- Bringing the temperature up🔥

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AnuPre/ParIca AT#123- Now and forever more You'll be in my heart

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 AnuPre/ParIca AT#125- Mitwa~Love will find a way

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#126- Hona tumhe hai mera

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#127-Iss mein tera ghata mera kuch nahin jaata

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#128-Dil Ye Maange Duaayein.Kaise Jee Sakunga Tere Bin

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#129- Tera pyar hai meri Zindagii

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#130-Tujhse hi ruh judi Mujhme basi hai tu

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#131- Tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa hojaye

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#132-Tere bin main yun kaise jiya Jeena nahi bin tere

AnuPre/ParIca AT#133- Koi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise

AnuPre/ParIca#134-Kuch Toh Hai jo hum hotho se.Kehte kehte keh na paaye

 AnuPre/ParIca#135- Koi tere khatir Hai jee raha

 AnuPre/ParIca#136- Celebrating 1year of AnuPre

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 AnuPre/ParIca#138-Bahut pyar karte hai tumko sanam~I love you so much

 AnuPre/ParIca#139-Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Subah Hai Tu Hi Din Hai Mera

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#140-The Sky is Pink~ Dil hi toh hai dil dil hai

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#141- Hona tumhe hai mera. Ye dooriyan filhaal hai

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#142- Paas aao gale se lagaa lo

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#143- Chak De Saare Gham Tere Sang Hai Hum

AnuPre/ParIcaAT#144-Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai aakhri baar mohabbat ki

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#145- Jo bhi kal tak bas ek arzoo. Woh hi pa gaye hai

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#146- Tu dhadkan main dil

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#147- Teri baahoon mein jee jaun ye pal

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#148- Bin tere sanam iss jahan mein beqarar hum

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#149 Nachange saari raat soniyo ve Karlo thoda sa pyar

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#150-Celebrating the warmth of Diwali with Parth Erica

AnuPre/ParIca AT#151-KismatSeTum Humko Mile Ho.HumNa Chodenge Ye Haath

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#152-‘Erica laughs&spreads positive vibes on set’-Parth

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#153-Paas woh aane lage zara zara.Dil pe wo chaane lage

AnuPre/ParIcaAT#154- Has de tu zara, bas thoda thoda muskura

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#155-Coffee with Parth Erica

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#156- Ik Mulaqaat Mein, Baat Hi Baat Mein

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#157- maine tujhme khud ko paya

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#158-Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho~celebrating 300epi

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#159- O re Piya~nazrein bole dil ki zubaan

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#160|Ek pyaar ka Nagma hai

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#161-PyarTohThaTabPyarHiHaiAb.Pyar hamesha rahega~Pg125

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#162-Mere husband mujhse bahut pyar karte hai~SEE pg107

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#163-Ek dil hai ek jaan hai dono tujhpe kurban hai~p19

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#164- Aisa toh kabhi hota nahi Milke ghairon se

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#165-Dil wali shaadi

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#166- Rehna tu pal pal dil ke paas

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#167-Tera hoon main sara ka sara.

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#168-the first feeling of parenthood

AnuPre/ParIca AT#169- Main tera Dhadkan teri

AnuPre/ParIca AT#170- Woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#171- ab saare imtehaan mein sang hoon tere

 AnuPre/ParIcaAT#172-Kaisa pyaar tu jataaye Kaise paas mere aaye

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#173-Mujhe tujhme sukoon mila tha mila ek aashiyaan

 AnuPre/ParIca#174~Itna pyar kisi pe pehli baar aaya hai(pg137)

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#175-Hey Shona~Tumhi mere har pal mein *celebrating175

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#176- Tere paas paas mein rahoonga zindagii bhar

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#177 - Woh din bhi kya din the

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#178 - Tu itna zaroori kaise hua

  AnuPre/ParIca AT #179- Main phir bhi tumko chahunga

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#180 - Yeh moh moh ke daage

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#181 - Always you and me

AnuPre/ParIca AT#182 - Adhoore tum adhoore hum bin tumhare

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#183- Kuch toh hua hai 

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#184-Itni si baat hai,mujhe tumse pyar hai Prerna

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#185- Dil Diyan Gallan ‘I love you’ 

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#186-Mera nahi yeh dil mera tujhi se hi ye jaan mila

 AnuPre/ParIca AT#187- Tere jaise koi na dekhiyaan

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|Aapka Gussa Mujhse Jayaz Nahin Hai|PreRish/KaRica AT #3

| Chaos and Victory Invite Another Companion | PreRish/KaRica AT #4

| Aapko Phir Se Dekh Kar Accha Laga | PreRish/KaRica AT #5

I Accept You Along With Your Child |PreRish/KaRica AT #6|

|| A Private Wedding Affair | PreRish/KaRica AT #7 ||

Unhe Lal Rang Accha Lagta Hai. Get Some More Red|PreRish/KaRica AT #8

|Hamari Shaadi Aaj Hai! Congratulations! | PreRish/KaRica AT #9||

||I'm Sure this is an Honest Mistake! ||PreRish/KaRica AT #10||

Welcoming Mr and Mrs Bajaj!|PreRish/KaRica AT #11

|Prerna Apne Decisions Khud Le Sakti Hai|PreRish/KaRica AT #12

|Restrained Exasperation and Fleeing Naivety|PreRish/KaRica AT #13

|Woh Aa Gayi Hai. Ab Apne Aap Sab Shubh Hoga|PreRish/KaRica AT #14

|I'll Never Touch You With an Ill Intention|PreRish/KaRica AT #15

|A Slow Dance With Misery and Displeasure|PreRish/KaRica AT #16

|Meri Har Baat Ek Baar Mein Sunne Ki Aadat Daliye|PreRish/KaRica AT#17

|Wounding Accusations and Relentless Chivalry|PreRish/KaRica AT #18

|I Wasn't Aware that You Knew Psychoanalysis Too|PreRish/KaRica AT #19

|My Husband is Handsome, Impressive, Filthy Rich! PreRish/KaRica AT#20

|A Walk to Remember|PreRish/KaRica AT #21|

|Consider this My Last Warning!|PreRish/KaRica AT #22

|Main Impress Ho Raha Hoon Aap Se|PreRish/KaRica AT #23

|I'll Deal with Him My Way|PreRish/KaRica AT #24

|Main Aa Raha Hoon Tumhen Lene| PreRish/KaRica AT #25

There's Something In Her I Haven't Beheld Elsewhere|PreRish/KaRica #26

|Today My Secret-Self Has Found Its End In You|PreRish/KaRica AT #27

|Emergence of His Secluded Side|PreRish/KaRica AT #28

|Aap ne Kabhi Mujhe Jaanne ki Koshish Nahin ki|PreRish/KaRica AT #29

PreRish/KaRica AT #30|Nobody Talks to My Wife Like That|

PreRish/KaRica AT #31|You and I Are Fated to Be Together

PreRish/KaRica AT #32|You're Talking About My Wife. Be Careful|

PreRish/KaRica AT #33|I Think Mujhe Aapko Thank You Kehna Chahiye|

PreRish/KaRica AT #34|Aaj Tak Kabhi Kisi Ne Mere Liye Kuch Nahin Kiya|

PreRish/KaRica AT #35|Shielding His Wife Against Foes|

PreRish/KaRica AT#36|She's Prerna Sharma Bajaj! Not Forced, by Choice

PreRish/KaRica AT #37|I can Behold World's Best Dad in Him|

PreRish/KaRica AT #38|Woh...Bahut Acchi Hai Na?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #39|Toh Aap Meri Baat Maaniye|

PreRish/KaRica AT #40|Aisa Lag Raha Hai Aap Mujhe Blame Kar Rahi Hain|

PreRish/KaRicaAT #41|I'm Still a Stranger to the Pain that Changed Him

PreRish/KaRica AT #42|Girls Often Stamp Their Partner's Feet in Anger

PreRish/KaRica AT #43|I Think Humne Pehli Baar Baatein Ki Hai|

PreRish/KaRica AT #44|The Undisguised Belle and Her Enigmatic Partner|

PreRish/KaRica AT #45|Main Aap Se Nafrat Nahin Kar Paungi|

PreRish/KaRica AT #46|Kitna Galat Samjha Maine Aapko Mr Bajaj!

PreRish/KaRica AT #47|Revelation, Guilt, and Fresh Beginnings|

PreRish/KaRica AT #48|Longing for the Wounded Defender|

PreRish/KaRica AT #49|My Heart Refuses to Believe MrBajaj Can Do This

PreRish/KaRica AT #50|Harrowing Waits Promise a Pleasant Aftermath|

PreRish/KaRica AT #51|I Found Warmth and Safety in Your Embrace|

PreRish/KaRica AT #52|He's an Enigma Even to His Closest Relatives

PreRish/KaRica AT #53|She Just Ordered Me. Par Mujhe Bura Nahin Laga.

PreRish/KaRica AT #54|Main Aapki Taareef Kar Raha Tha|

PreRish/KaRica AT #55|Prerna Rishabh Bajaj Hai Unka Naam|

PreRish/KaRica AT #56|Please Yaad Rakhiyega. I Trust You...Mrs Bajaj!

PreRish/KaRica AT #57|Someone's Tears Are Affecting Me. But Why?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #58|Getting Drawn Towards You|

PreRish/KaRica AT #59|This Intimacy Intoxicates My Senses|

PreRish/KaRica AT #60|Only Time Will Tell if She Was Worth It|

PreRish/KaRica AT #61|Horde of Foes and an Erratic Companion |

PreRish/KaRica AT #62|Horde of Foes and an Erratic Companion|

PreRish/KaRica AT #63|Wronged by a Blinded Accuser|

PreRish/KaRica AT #64|Wronged by a Blinded Accusor|

PreRish/KaRica AT #65|Crumbling Faith and Hidden Truths|

PreRish/KaRica AT #66|Mindless Chaos and Uncertain Future|

PreRish/KaRica AT #67|Mindless Chaos and Uncertain Future|

PreRish/KaRica AT #68|I'll Unleash Hell If You Humiliate My Wife Again

PreRish AT #69|Recurrent Hopes Amidst Nauseating Cringefest|

PreRish/KaRica AT #70|Is She Influencing Changes in Me?

PreRish/KaRica#71We Discuss Matters but She's Free to Take Decisions

PreRish/KaRica AT #72|The Deal Is Bestowing Me With Guilt|

PreRish/KaRica AT #73|Beginning of an Intense, Maddening Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #74|Tormented by an Insufferable and Frivolous Woman

PreRish/KaRica AT #75|Wish You Had Met Me Before Anyone Else

PreRish/KaRica AT #76|100th AT Celebration Notification PG 13 and 51

PreRish/KaRica AT #77|Delusion, Pretense, or Reality?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #78|Delusion, Pretense, or Reality?|

PreRish/KaRica AT #79|Main Chahta Hoon Aap Mujhe Jaanen|

PreRish/KaRica AT #80|I Too Have a Heart and It Aches When I'm Wronged

PreRish/KaRica AT #81|Since When She Became This Important?

PreRish/KaRica AT #82|I Had Been Waiting for This Moment|

PreRish/KaRica AT #83|Families Are Based on Trust|

PreRish/KaRica AT #84|And I Fall, I Fall for You|

PreRish/KaRica AT #85|Let Me Love the Heartache out of You |

PreRish/KaRica AT #86|She's Grown Vital and a Husband Needs His Wife

PreRish/KaRica AT #87|Your Pain Torments Me

PreRish/KaRica AT #88|Now I'm Her Life and Will Always Be|

PreRish/KaRica AT #89|She's MINE! So BACK OFF!

PreRish/KaRica AT #90|A Slow Dance With Misery and Displeasure

PreRish/KaRica AT #91|A Slow Dance With Misery and Displeasure

PreRish/KaRica AT #92|Will Never Let You Go

PreRish/KaRica AT #93

PreRish/KaRica AT #94|Embroiled in Nauseating Cringefest

PreRish/KaRica AT #95|She Isn't a Trained Nurse but She's Good

PreRish/KaRica AT #96|Darkness, Manipulations and Angst|

PreRish/KaRica AT #97|100th AT Messages Note Page 2|

PreRish/KaRica AT #98|I Love My Wife

PreRish/KaRica AT #99|Mujhe Pyaar Hua Hai...Prerna Se|

PreRish/KaRica AT #100|I Do Not Desire Mediocre Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #101|I Want to Drown in Someone|

PreRish/KaRica AT #102|I Stayed in the Darkness With You

PreRish/KaRica AT #103|Burning With Intense Desire

PreRish/KaRica AT #104|The Stars, the Moon, They've All Been Blown Out

PreRish/KaRica AT #105|ADMIN NOTE PAGE 84

PreRish/KaRica AT #106|It All Ends Here!|

PreRish/KaRica AT #107|I Will Meet You Yet Again|

PreRish/KaRica AT #108|I Never Let Go of My Belongings

PreRish/KaRica AT #109|I Never Let Go of My Belongings

PreRish/KaRica AT #110|I Love You Aur Yeh Pyaar Hamesha Rahega

PreRish/KaRica AT #111|Kuki Aapko Miss Karegi. Aur...MAIN BHI

PreRishAT #112|The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways|

PreRish/KaRica AT #113|Main Humesha Aapke Saath Hoon...Humesha|

PreRish/KaRica AT #114|Just Remember Me Once and I'll Be Here|

PreRish/KaRica AT #115|This Love Will Last Forever|

PreRish/KaRica AT #116|Desperately in Need of Someone's Hand|

PreRish/KaRica AT #117|Until We Meet Again...|

PreRish/KaRica AT #118|Come in the Speaking Silence of a Dream

PreRish/KaRica AT #119|I Know I'd Go Back to You|

PreRish/KaRica #120|The Fault Doesn't Dwell in Stars but in Ourselves

PreRish/KaRica AT #121|A Story Without an Ending|

PreRish/KaRica AT #122|And in the Dark, I Can Hear Your Heartbeat

PreRish/KaRica AT #123|The Last Time I Called Your Name out Loud|

PreRish/KaRica AT #124|I Wonder Where You Could Be Now|

PreRish/KaRica AT #125|Was It a Vision, or a Waking Dream?|

PreRish/KaRica AT#126|We Walked Together, Walking Alone|

PreRish/KaRica AT #127|Thehar Jaa Tu Kisi Bahaane Se|

PreRish/KaRica AT #128|Maybe Our Paths Will Cross Again|

PreRish/KaRica AT #129|Unrequited LOVE|

PreRish/KaRica AT #130|Holding On and Letting Go|

PreRish/KaRica AT #131|Hold On a Little Longer|

PreRish/KaRica AT #132|Slow Dance with Unfailing Hope and Forbearance

PreRish/KaRica AT #133|Sooni Sooni Raahon Pe Hai Tera Hi Intezar|

PreRish/KaRica #134|Counting Days, Moments in Hopes of His Return

PreRish/KaRica AT #135|Fleeting Hopes|

PreRish/KaRica AT #136|All This Is Rooted in Time|

PreRish/KaRica AT #137|The Way Damaged People Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #138|The Way Damaged People Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #139|It Hurts to Set You Free|

PreRish/KaRica AT #140|But You'll Never Follow Me|

PreRish/KaRica AT #141|Deliver Us From Sorrow's Hold

PreRish/KaRica AT #142|I Hope We Last Until the Very End|

PreRish/KaRica AT #143|I Hope We Last Until the Very End|

PreRish/KaRica AT #144|I Hope We Last Until the Very End|

PreRish/KaRica AT #145|Alone In a Crowded Room|

PreRish/KaRica AT #146|Tears, Idle Tears, I Know Not What They Mean|

PreRish/KaRica AT #147|You Kept Me Drowning in Your Love|

PreRish/KaRica AT #148|Memories Mar My Mind|

PreRish/KaRica AT #149|Time Has Passed for You and I|

PreRish/KaRica AT #150|Guilty Roads to an Endless Love|


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