Love Happens [FF]

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.Love Happens.


This is a story about Maan and Geet two people for whom their families are their first priority but still they follow different ideologies in their lives. Geet Handa a girl who believes in dreams and moreover the fact that dreams do come true if we truly believe in them. She believes in hard work but never forgets to enjoy her life. Maan Singh Khurana a boy who believes in reality. He isn't a keen believer of love but he has strong belief in relationships. He wants his family specially his brother to be proud of him.

.Character Sketch.

Khurana Family: -

Rajveer Singh Khurana: - Owner of Khurana Industries. He has given equal priority to his business and his family and he also wants the same from his children. He is worried about Maan's future as one of his life's aims is to make him responsible.

Ragini Khurana: - Rajveer's Wife. She has dedicated her whole life to her husband and children. She is very cooperative and supports her children in all the points of their life. Armaan is closest to her.

Armaan Singh Khurana: - Elder son of Rajveer and Ragini. He is very serious about his life and helps his father in their business. He is Ragini's favorite and he loves Maan the most.

Maan Singh Khurana: - Very jovial, very naughty and fun-loving. He doesn't want to wait for opportunities but he wants to create them. His mentor is his brother Armaan and he wants his brother to be proud of him. He thinks love is too over-rated and believes in relationships. He transforms simple moments in his life into celebrations. He believes in making memories with his loved ones, instead of spending time with strangers.

Handa Family: -

Sushant Handa: - A businessman. He is a jovial person and wants his daughters to enjoy their life to fullest. He is never strict with them and is always helping them from his strict wife. He adores his wife and daughters.

Sujata Handa: - Sushant's Wife. She is very strict and wants some discipline in her daughter's life. She wants order in everything and is often considered as Hitler by her husband and daughters, but they still love her a lot.

Geet Handa: - Sushant and Sujata's eldest daughter. She is very straight forward and happy person. She believes in love and is mostly seen in her dream world creating different scenarios to meet the love of her life. Her mother tries to bring discipline in her life but her father spoils her a lot. Sushant fulfills her every demand. She is a strong believer of destiny and is very close to her sister and her favorite person in the world is her father.

Shaina Handa: - Geet's younger sister. She is very shy with strangers and very naughty with her family. She follows her Di everywhere and wants to enjoy her life with her family.


Hello everyone,
I started this FF a long time ago, But due to some reasons I was not able to continue it. Now, because of continuous efforts from khwaishfan, I am posting it here again. Please feel free to criticize/comment. If anyone has any problem, they can PM me anytime. I will try to respond as soon as possible. The story is complete, But I will be updating every weekend from now on. Thank you.

P.S. I didn't get the time to make a special siggie for the FF, so posting an old one of mine.
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Introduction: - Page 1
Character-Sketch: - Page 1
Prologue: - Page 1

Updates will be done on Weekends.

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At Aashiyana (Home of Handa Family),

"But Mom I don't want to attend the party. I was planning on attending the New Year's bash with my friends. Even Dad has given me permission and I am taking Shaina with me. Geet once again tried to ask her mom's permission. She already took permission from her father and now at the last moment, her mother is asking them to attend a party organized by their business partners.

"I will talk with your dad, and my decision is final. They have specially asked for you and Shaina, and I have promised them. Now, go and get ready. I don't want any further discussions on the topic. Sujata said and a final decision was made.

Geet looked at her father and tried to convey her disappointment. Sushant winked at her daughter and tried to settle the argument once again, "Geet, your mom is right here. Rajveer has personally asked for both of you and even I want you to attend the party. Sujata smiled and Geet tried to argue but he interrupted her, "Why don't we take a middle route? You both can come with us to the party and after half an hour, you can leave and enjoy with your friends. He said and winked at her daughter.

Geet smiled and immediately hugged her father, "Thank you so much Dad. I love you so much. She said and left the room to get ready, dragging Shaina along with her.

Sujata turned to Sushant and said, "Don't spoil her too much. Sushant tried to object but she continued, "I know she is mature enough to handle herself but I don't want her to drag Shaina with her. Shaina is not at all comfortable in these environments and even you know, Geet tends to forget things when she is with her friends.

Sushant laughed at her expression and asked her to relax, "I know, but Shaina needs to be more confident and she will be more comfortable with Geet than with us at a "boring business party. He said air quoting the word boring. Sujata laughed at her husband's antics and they both got ready for the party.

At Khurana Mansion (Home of Khurana Family),

"I will talk with Maan Ma and will try my best to make him understand. Armaan said to Ragini. They both are very worried whether Maan will attend the party or not.

"Please Armaan, ask him to attend the party for me. Ragini said and her tension is visible on her face. "I don't want the repeat of last time. You remember, he left his own birthday party. Rajveer was so angry and it was so difficult to bring the peace back in our family. She shuddered remembering the past experience.

Armaan laughed at his mother's look and said, "Don't worry Ma, I will talk with him. You know he can never say no to his brother. He winked at her and left for his brother's room. He opened the door and was shocked to see Maan ready for the party.

"Wow Buddy, here you are ready and Ma was so worried about you. She will be so relaxed to know that you are coming with us. He said clapping Maan's shoulder.

"Na Na Na Bhai Never, I am not getting ready for Dad's party, I am going out with my friends. He said and opened his wardrobe to get his favorite blue jacket.

"Buddy please, don't do this. Last time, the cold war ran for a month. Don't do it for Dad, but please do it for me and Ma. We don't want to see Dad's sullen face for one more month. It gets too difficult to not laugh at him in those situations.

Both of them laughed at remembering their father's spoiled mood after the last fiasco of Maan running away from his own birthday party. They had a lot of fun but had to endure a month full of angry and sullen looks from their father. He is getting tired of Maan's never ending pranks.

"Even I don't want that Bhai, but I rather spend my time with all of you at home without any disturbances and not at some stupid party for business partners. I don't want to meet endless people just to forget their names in the very next second. I am getting tired of this. So, if I can't spend my time with three of you, I would rather spend that time with my friends. At least, I will share my time with the people I care about and not some random money makers. He said getting tired of these useless parties.

Armaan smiled at his brother's reasoning and thought how wrong their father is about Maan. Here, Maan wants to spend time with family and their father is planning professional parties. But he also knows that his father is not wrong as these parties are really important for their business relations and Rajveer's only goal is to transfer all his responsibilities to his sons.

"I understand you Buddy, but you can at least spend some time in the party and I promise, you can go wherever you want. Do it for me and Ma Buddy. He tried to make him understand.

Maan thought for a second but he can't say no to his brother. "Fine Bhai. I will stay for an hour at most. But, you will not force me to stay there for a longer time and you will make Dad understand too. I don't want to upset him.

Armaan agreed, "I promise buddy. Now, let's go and get this party started.

At party venue: -

Handa's have just entered in the party and Geet is already checking her watch to know if she can leave the place or not. She wished Khurana's and left to roam around the venue to pass her time.

Sujata smiled apologetically at Khurana's and said, "I am so sorry about her, she wanted to attend some party with her friends.

Ragini smiled and sneaked a peek at her own son who was sulking in a corner, "Don't worry Sujata. Just look at Maan and you can clearly see his interest in his dad's party.

They both laughed and started talking about their families.

On the other hand, Rajveer and Sushant had a similar conversation.

Sushant looked at Maan and asked Rajveer, "How the hell you managed to get Maan here? I swear, I thought he must be partying somewhere else.

Rajveer took a look at his son and shrugged, "I honestly have no Idea, must be something to do with Armaan, but I am warning you he will not be here in next 10 minutes. I know him too well.

Much to Rajveer's belief, Maan went to Armaan and said, "Bhai, I promised you that I will stay for an hour and now, I am leaving. Armaan tried to stop him but Maan was not in the mood, "Bhai, please you promised. I did my end of deal fairly and now it's your turn to keep your end of deal. Please manage Dad. See, he is already looking for me. Maan said looking at Rajveer who was trying to spot him, surely enough to introduce him to some of his business clients.

Armaan took a glance at Maan's face and smiled, "Fine Buddy, go and enjoy your party. But don't go from the main door, Dad is already on his way to look for you. Maan hugged his brother and left immediately.


I wanted to post one more portion but my net is really bad today because of heavy rains. But in next update, Maan - Geet will meet.

Feel free to post your suggestions.

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thanks so much posting Love Happens! 

welcome back to the Forum Preet!!!

really appreciate that you have posted this FF!!! 

cannot thank you enough! Hug
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Fabulous Banner! love it! Smile
Posted: 2018-09-23T12:05:11Z
Terrific intro!!! looking forward to the story unfolding! 
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Lovely character sketch! 

already waiting for Chapter 1Big smile

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