nandini not giving a chance to kunal ?

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Posted: 2018-09-19T05:31:27Z
Kunal & Nandini are beyond any disgust. They coming on the screen especially nandini with her swollen crying face with non stop tears & shaking , just fills the screen with complete disgust.

I m not saying what kunal did is redeemable or can be justified at all. Kunal is an equal culprit to mauli as nandini.
but i have noticed ever since the most epic disgusting lusty s** between the kunan & nandini happened...
it was Nandini who pulled kunal  when he was about to leave . she herself invited Kunal to ya just get on started if you are interested..
after the full lusty horny s**, kunal was siiting as he was confused or in guilt but soon nandini comes right in front of him, shying as if she is newly married hence not letting him to even think if something went wrong..
kunal reaches home, feeling guilty , having fbs of mouli, confused..
he getting ready to reach the reception but shy nandin who just have had a lusty i calling him non stop not even thinking he must be with mauli or going to reception...
not for once she thought about her actions...
as if she is now obsessed that as they both have s** , mauli doesnt even exist now..

Kunal coming to the park & looks as if he is ashamed or confused of whatever happened but before such feeling comes to him or he speaks or make his guilt vocal, nandini drops the emotional blackmail card by shedding those crocodiles tears, again clouding kunal's guilt of cheating mouli..

Never once she thought about mouli's state . Acting as an obsessed lover, who jusy wants the love to herself.  
Kunal told nandini he will take her to the big hindu festival. Kunal is sitting in the car with mauli & nandini just keep texting him waiting for a reply without thinking he may be with family or mauli..
kunal ended up in a minor accident & mauli ending hurt...
MAuli telling nandi after the drink dance scandal that she trusts nandini & also tells her how deeply she was shaken to even think any woman can take away her kunal...
nandini having no shame at all again calls kunal that she couldnt sleep all night & want to meet kunal to discuss !! Happily agrees to meet kunal at the cafe where as soon as kunal says she will tell mauli if mauli asks again, dear nandini with full satisfaction of the reply, gets herself all cozy with kunal..

What kunal did can never be justified ever . It was him who has taken the vows with mauli not nandini but nandini has crossed all limits of being a me me me type of person..

They were caught red handed by mouli & kunal went to see mauli at home . Nandini knew he went to see mauli but she kept calling him.  Kunal was thrown out by his mother at that time but still what if he was at that time with his mother ? Does she has any ounce of human guilt or shame feeling? 

After mauli confronts her, tells her how nandini has broken her , tells her nandini has destroyed her home, nandini cries n shakes... Cries more & looks devasted when mauli leaves telling her friendship silsila ends here now..

Nadini knows kunal is at his home with family or his wife...there must be tense situation..She has seen with her own eyes how devastated mouli was when she saw them together  at the hindu festival & then how broken she was when mouli saw her last night..
she just absolutely 0% care of what mouli is going through , what kunal family is going through..
its all just about herself, her chimta for kunal, abdolute disgusting sight to watch, uff..

kunal is about to give an apology to mauli for ruining her dreams  but here comes Nandini calls again...
she is aware he is in his house  with family or maybe his wife with whom he has takne the amrriage vows..
she gives marriage lectures to rajdeep but when it comes to kunal fulfilling the marriage vows to his wife, she cares 0% !!

Nandini comes out as an absolute obsessive pshyco lover who just thinks about getting her love & wants kunal to do the same, forget about everything, society, his mother, family, mauli jae bhaar main ...Kunal Just sing the song which plays in the background dewana dewana taira dewana dewana tairaDead

In no way i m siding kunal here but  kunal did show some signs of confusions or felt sorry for mauli but none ever from nandini..

never have seen any show be it western or asian where i have so much disgust for a character like nandini...
all the shows they show evil as evil , rapist as rapist, pshyco as pshyco but silsila is the only show where they are showing as if nandini feelings are so pure or beachari, omg even in the western shows if a woman cheats with someone husband, even she feels guilty unlike nandini who is all by looks a humble homely woman but an absolute disgust of a characterDead

As cvs are hell bent on showing nandini as mahan & having pure love, they will show mauli getting pregnant, kunal longing to see his child & poor nandini then will think kunal is sad to be away from his child. Bechari, then will leave him for him to be with his child & cvs will even make her go to rajdeep to get her a free sympathy card from audience..
well no matter how mch cvs try hard now to make look nandini bechari & kunal who got distracted, there is no way, cvs can now earn from us a sympathy card , its all jsut disgust11

i m surprised, colors dont have a customer helpline contact no as starplus has otherwise there is no doubt , they would have received a huge no of complain calls from viewers for showing this immorality on tv & bringing Gods/ religions to  prove their immorality was sign from GodDead

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Posted: 2018-09-19T06:01:09Z
U nailed it Clap
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Posted: 2018-09-19T06:01:37Z
i totally agree on your point about kunal and nandini.
but some how now i am convinced about the plot because cv's r not making nandini give any justification to Mauli . Just like you said v can clearly understand how nandinis character is being portrayed and how  selfish her actions are. I think the cv 's also wishes to make us understand that Nandini is like this and they r not asking us to love nandini. May be they r going to show how EMA effects people relationships and after going through what change life brings in these 3 .

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Posted: 2018-09-19T06:16:45Z
I agree with you too. I even think CVs will portray nandini as an obsessed woman. Not villanish but you know obsession to a point where you become mad. Just like a really really old movie Arth. Just to show how bad EMA is. 
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Posted: 2018-09-19T07:17:23Z
i m only watching this show now for the journey of kunal & nandini. They shown be shown facing wrath of the society for their dirty deeds, rejections from everywhere & they living a miserable life even though kunal having nandini kheer day n night Dead
Pure love only spreads goodness in the society . Dirty love & that too which brings the Just God for their justification should suffer in the worst possible way . God is Just & jusctice will be given to mauli .
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Posted: 2018-09-19T07:19:20Z
You nailed it...Clap
She is sooo clingy ...I feel she has fear what if kunal go back to mauli ? or what if kunal realizes that nandini is just for his lust and mauli is his love...rondini scars about losing her emotional/sex toy... everytime she does calls and messages kunal without even thinking of situation . SelfishAngryAngryAngry
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