Nandini really believes that she loves Kunal...

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Posted: 2018-09-18T08:33:56Z
I know many will not agree with me but let's see it a different way. According to her kunal saved her from the darkness and brought her to light. To her he is the first man to appreciate her as a woman. Rajveer abused her and I don't think there ever was another man before Rajveer. So she thinks she loves him. Maybe after a while writers will slowly show us how insecure she is about Kunal and then slowly uncover the fact that she needs Kunal more than want. Because until now nandini has always needed support. Be it Mauli or Kunal. Whenever she is asked to do something she hesitates stammers and then aagrees to it. She doesn't has her own voice. 
Most logical thing right now for Nandini would have been to take her to counselling or therapy sessions. Instead our DOCTOR Kunal took her to bed. So maybe these things would be explored after these fiasco ends. Because the best route the show can take right now is show the audience Mauli's independent journey. Maybe with kunal nandini they will show something like this. It would make more sense that the pregnancy drama everyone is talking about. 

PS - yes mauli has helped her more than kunal. In fact all kunal has done is make googly eyes at her. But I'm talking about nandini's point of view. And to her having a man as support system is much more important. 
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Posted: 2018-09-18T09:05:48Z
This is one of the most logical and sensible posts on nandini I have ever seen. I'm a nandini hater through and through, but this totally makes sense. He is the first man that has been kind to her and helped her, so she has mistook this gratitude and respect she feels for him as some undying love. She THINKS she loves him, but it's only the fact that he is the type of man she wished she had and the image he has in front of her that makes her desire him. This is not love but infatuation. She's infatuated and desires a man like kunal because he is the first man who has actually shown her warmth and kindness. 

Unfortunately, this only serves to further prove that she has broken her friends marriage for her own selfishness and her fake love, and still doesn't make me feel sorry for her, because this is the second time she has chosen a man's support and companionship over the love of her best friend, and I am hoping someone tells this to nandini's face to make her see how selfish she is and how terrible of a friend she is compared to mauli. Why does she never care and mauli's feelings and always take mauli for granted? Because the affection of a man means more to her. And this has been proven for the second time. 

Friendship means nothing to nandini over her own selfish desires. She desires a perfect life with love and belonging at the expense of the one person who truly loves her and cares for her more than anyone else in the world; her best friend mauli. This is how blind nandini has become in her desperation to have love and affection of a man, that she doesn't see that she has a sister and best friend in mauli who would fight for her and support her through thick and thin if she felt nandini needed her, but here, she broke mauli instead to fill the void in her own life. 

I hate nandini and pity her for taking the one person who truly wants to see her happy for granted just because she's desperate for the attention and warmth of a man. Kunal is just a pig who wants hanky-panky with just about any girl who he sees as in need of his manly protection Dead
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Posted: 2018-09-18T09:52:51Z
Nandini was always attracted 2 kunal i will call subconsciously before kunal fell 4 her
Whenever kunal mauli use 2 play with each other or romance she always use 2 think how different kunal is from rajdeep & her father coz i guess father was also dominating kind 

When kunal was support mauli or appreciate her cooking ,  kunal use small antics 2 make mauli happy , nandini use 2 admire him a lot.

This all made easy 4 nandini 2 accept kunal's proposal coz whatever kunal use 2 do 4 mauli , nandini want that only

Nandini was always jealous of mauli coz she had a perfect life
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