Trying to understand Divinity in this show

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Posted: 2018-09-18T08:07:41Z
Hello ppl,
I am super confused about Kunal-Nandini pairing.. why are the CVS trying to show how divine it really isShocked I mean even in the beginning episodes garland falling on these 2 ppl and whole lot of silly scenes. My question is why would God decide to pair up theses 2 now. Why no divine signals few yrs back... that way N cud have married K instead of Rajdeep. Why didn't God give Nandini the guts to walk out of her marriage, a guy was not even needed. Just guts to walk out . In this fiasco of showing divine intervention they ended up showing a continuously crying Nandini needing someone All the time to save her ... thoroughly annoying and a hard working God fearing girl like Mauli being punished for being kind and helpful to the biggest betrayers in her life.

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Posted: 2018-09-18T08:31:47Z
Along with the lying, this, the injection of God as a justification for this terrible "love" story, is the reason that I fume and hate the characters passionately. It is insulting to the viewer. As if, we will throw our moral beliefs out of the door because the  writers want us to believe Kundani's actions are sanctioned by God. I think God is busy. I don't think God is incompetent that he has to go the round about way to unite "soulmates".
Plus, what about the non-believers? Religion should be kept out of it.
The whole Nandani bringing that second Ganesha idol and the praying, made me so sick. And in yesterday's episode, before the confrontation, Mauli and Nandani were at a Shiva temple. I just cringe. Lord Shiva is neutral but not blind--the writers should remember this.
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Posted: 2018-09-18T10:41:49Z
God was sleeping few years ago or he was very busy in making a love story for Kunal-Mauli. 
But then he suddenly woke up and realized what blumder he has done. 

God wanted Nandini to be abused for all these years, so that this love story can start. 
Look at sadistic side of God. 
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