Why the misleading promos at the initial days

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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:05:53Z
If anyone remembers, the promos projected that Nandini is in love with Kunal but wouldn't step out of her boundaries because of Mauli! 

I know Promos are often misleading!!

But could it be that now CVS are going on the KANK way and show Nandini loved Kunal from way before. Probably had crush on him. That's why couldn't resist him?? Dead And more blah blah force-feeding past like that to whitewash Kunan??

Since I have not seen the show frame by frame, those who have seen all the episodes tell me is this even possible??

Anyway, I have to say this is one hell of bouncing CVS I have seen after a long time. Gets bashed from the audience and changes the whole story. Audience likes the confrontation then CVS again Bounces back loading their gun of EMA glorifying. But this time in a slow pace!! LOL

If I recall correctly I have seen Drashti's IV stating that one of the reasons she took this offer because she saw one year worth story is ready!! I doubt this was the same storyline which is now projected!!!
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:13:09Z
The only one thing I'v learnt over years is to never believe a promo. They are almost like advertisements, showing something else to lure the audience, and then delivering entirely a different thing. Ouch
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:35:50Z
The promos were actually misleading so bad. I thought they would show kunal and nandini fighting and burying their feelings for one another for mauli, as they know they are wrong to feel this way, and acting on their feelings would be a sin and a complete betrayal to mauli, but the show turned out the complete opposite. 

Both nandini and kunal fell for each other within a few days of knowing each other, slept together really soon after they realised they had feelings for one another and continued their affair behind mauli's back acting like she didn't even exist, and when they were both together they didn't even mention mauli or show guilt and shame. 

Even now they are both acting like their affair is pure love that was out of their control, that they have done no wrong, and they don't regret having their affair, they just feel bad for mauli, and that's all. What's the point of feeling bad for mauli when they know they don't regret having the affair together. Kunal even said he didn't want mauli to find out this way unless kunan themselves told her, so essentially they think their affair is harmless just as long as they themselves tell mauli about it. What a disgusting show, and what a disgusting channel. 

They did the same thing with dil se dil tak, and eventually just showed the husband wanting the surrogate instead of his wife who he at first claimed to be madly in love with and started changing his colours when the other woman came in, In that too, the wife seriously was shown as mahaan and willingly sharing her husband with the other woman till she herself left him so the other woman could have him for herself. What on earth is wrong with this cheap channel? Even in dil se dil tak they tried to show the other woman as innocent and that her feelings were not wrong for the married man. Star plus are better in that they never promote such wrong actions and feelings as being right in the name of love and emotions. 
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:41:51Z
Originally posted by jhankarbeats87

The only one thing I'v learnt over years is to never believe a promo. They are almost like advertisements, showing something else to lure the audience, and then delivering entirely a different thing. Ouch

That is true!! Especially in ITV!!
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