Fed up of true love

Posted: 2018-09-18T05:48:54Z
Am really fed up of this show guys...really they r not gonna make illicit couple suffer...more romance on the way...
Sad but true...in real life too this happens as many said...
Loss is maulis and wl be maulis...we have watch puke worthy romance of cheater couple as silsila shows their love as divine pure and god made in heaven...
Yaar if u have any gals who face husband humiliation or domestic violence then pls advice them to contact dearest friend and sleep with their husband as its pure love...all pain wl be gone. Man is necessary for both emotional and physical suppprt .thts wat show promotes...
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:04:10Z
I completly agree with ur post . Its like u have almost writtn my feelings . I have seen bad ppl gettng away with things and good people suffering coz of them . Where is the karma ? For once i wud have love to c karma for divine couple. Atleast in reel life the cvs cud have shown sme sort of suffering for them coz real life mai toh bad n cunning are gettng away wth evrythng .
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:16:44Z
Where is true love? The love that s built upon cheat n killing someone s happiness is not love...love is that energy which spreads only happiness to everyone around n not only them..it s selfishness n attraction ..they both were longing for some physical satisfaction here..Kunal didn't fall for nandhini out of sympathy he saw her dancing in dat transparent saree.. n got disturbed here...n nandhini wanted dat satisfaction from her partner which rajdeep never gave it to her...
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:24:43Z
Let them go to hell together no prob... Why give d name of pure love say we got attracted to each other n slept together dat would b much better everyone LL b relieved ..bechari mauli ko confusion me kyu rakhe that she has done something for which he got attracted towards nandhini...fed up with this show ...n also people trying to find  mistakes of mauli that why wa s she so mahan ..y didnt she involve kunal in his dream clinic ..y did she remove birth control n all...nonsense...
The answer is she didn't knew nandini s a bitch who LL end up sleeping  wid her husband... She wanted to give his dream n he stole all her dreams n happiness out of her life...
Last she decided for baby its her choice...rajdeep never wanted baby than y nandini madam got pregnant did they both sit n talk n planned their pregnancy ...it s all insecurity of kunan shippers that Kunal LL b attached to mauli if they have a child n that's it ..so find fault in everything ...
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:24:45Z
There's more kunan romance on the way? Dead Seriously? Is there some OLV out? I'm just horrified with these two characters. It would be different if nandini wasn't mauli's best friend who mauli had helped, and if nandini wasn't shown to be completely remorseless for what she did to mauli, but this story is disgusting for h ow innocent they are portraying nandini and acting like she is deserving of kunal more than mauli, that her affair with her best friends husband is true love, and the husband, who was shown madly in love with his wife and happy with her right before nandini came, acting like the infatuation he has towards a girl he barely knows if true love. This show is a joke. 
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:41:35Z
Originally posted by Dishoom

Ohhh plsss you are just being jealous because 
They have amazing chemistry
And Mauli is just a side character.
Their chemistry is on fire. Itna fire k Aag lag jayegi aur Rondini k aansu bhi nahi bujha payenge
leads aur these two...joke of d century...from which angle ...these two have set fire ..not with their chemistry but with in the life of mauli...that's it... Though they may look good on screen but their character that they r playing has made them pukeworthy...this show is completely lead by mauli ...
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Posted: 2018-09-18T06:43:30Z
Before writing my views on this let me make it clear that I am against Kunan .

I think CV's should not be bashed. They are showing how an EM relation progresses and v don't know how its gonna end. The current sequence is necessary for the future plot. I dont think they r showcasing an EMA as a pure love. They portray it is pure love for a person involved in an EMA. Its Nandini's point of view. This is what happens in real life too. People involved in EMA 's have a lot of excuses. 

Through this show they r showing the effects of an EMA in a family  and it will be complete only if it covers the situation of each and every member involved in that. 

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