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Posted: 2018-09-18T02:10:31Z
I was waiting for this EMA track since beginning but when it executed I feel disappointed. We know its about EMA so there is no point of discussing sacred marriage thing but the whole thing looked rushed. I don't want to offend fans of Kunal Nandini but there relationship graph isn't portrayed as it should be.
 I think writer lack the homewor and the thing which should be shown matured turned out like ficle and childish.EMA never meant to be divine. They happened because its became irresistible for characters to stay away. 
I can understand Nandini that she is deprived of love for a long time so cling to the first man who supported her. It doesn't looks like love but attachment which patients of mental disease patients devlop with their therapeutics. 
Nadini sometimes looked delusional instead of person with a moral flaw.
Kunal's character isn't devlop too. There is significant changes over the time when a person starts falling out of love or finding a new love like his dressing sense change, food preference etc there is nothing as such shown. Man who abdoned their wife's plans for months, blames their wives for failure of marriage but this is not the case for Kunal. He looks liked a man who want to eat forbidden fruit nothing else. More the hurdles, more his  commitment strength.Its like he left his wife because he find something more fasinating nothing else. 

As Mauli will soon to be out of the picture this will become another love story where whole world is against the couple. In other stories there is caste, status is matter of conflict here its wrong timing of love. Soon they will make Nandini perfect wife and bahu and Kunal her supporting rock. They fast forwarded the crux and choose the safer route.

I am sorry if I hurt 
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Posted: 2018-09-18T03:05:43Z
yes story is rushed, yes the relationship graph is sudden not gradual and yes writers lack maturity.. 
to me she is delusional and morally flawed too.. actually we see a little bit hints of her being morally flawed and delusional before she came into kunals life.. her not believing mauli while she was getting married to rajdeep, her not standing for her own rights and against abuse, trying to please a husband who is a demon.. her moral conscience is definitely weak.. but i still find her more consistent if compared to kunal.
kunal was totally opposite before he developed feelings for her.. this 180 degree change is unacceptable.. 
mauli is not going to get out of the picture. she is the wife.. no wife no ema.. no fighting for their love.. 
nandini may become an ideal wife or bahu ( i dont see it happening though) but she can never get rid of the accusations rajdeep had put against her.. and now he will be all set to do a new dhamaka..

its an open forum where u are supposed to put your thoughts in a civilsed way without going against forum rules.. dont be sorry for expressing your views..

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Posted: 2018-09-18T04:11:57Z
Ur last para is so perfect..
Now I really waiting to see mauli out of this whole picture & want to see only KuNan..
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Posted: 2018-09-18T04:25:34Z
I don't think mauli will be out of picture.Even if she is kunal's family won't support kunan they will support mauli.Nandini becoming perfect wife and bahu I don't think that will happen any time soon kunal's family will not accept kunan.  Edited by Silpa91 - 2018-09-18T04:27:11Z
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