A Show With a Lot of Potential

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Posted: 2018-09-16T03:47:48Z
This show could have been brilliant. It was fresh concept that hadn't been tried on t.v for a while and the actors they roped in are fantastic at their craft. Dhrashti and Shakti are both popular actors of high caliber and while Aditi might not have been immensely well-known, but if the last few episode are anything to go by, she is simply amazing at what she does. Which is why watching this show makes me upset, less at the content but more at the possibility of what could have been and what happened instead. 
When I began watching this show, I knew it was going to be EMA and you know what, I was kind of okay with it. After all it happens and it's pretty realistic. But in a bid for TRP's or what not, the CV's lost the plot. The story needed to be told slowly and gradually, instead they went at jetspeed and everything just fell apart. 

Nandini, if written right, could have been one of indian TV's masterpieces especially with Dhrashti portraying her. She's a grey character and that's how she should've continue. She could have been a character that you sympathize with because of the abuse but also one you hate because how dare she break her friends house but at the same time you understand, not support, her because you kinda get why she is the way she is. But that's not what happened. They tried to make her a "positive" character and they played the sympathy card with Rajdeep but when they eliminated the guilt from her character, that's when she became the character practically everyone hated. Nandini falling for Kunal is not unrealistic. She has only even been treated poorly and the one time she had someone great (Mauli) she ruined it (as she has done again). She doesn't know what being loved, the deep romantic kind, is and she didn't know what a perfect man was until she met Kunal. Her past makes her an easy victim to his charm and she fell. That's not the issue. The lack of guilt is. Also the sleeping with him part doesn't make sense in the life of an abuse victim. They have such high trust issue. Look at Zoya for example (sorry MODS if comparing is not allowed). Idk if y'all watch that show or not but what Yash did was very mild compared to Rajdeep. It was just cheating (not saying that's not major but in comparison to abuse) and Zoya still can't bring herself to fall in love or at least admit it. It's not so easy to fall in love when you've been betrayed once and for an abuse victim it's even harder, sex even more so. And if Zoya, a girl betrayed in love can't completely trust Adi, her single best friend who has been in the same situation then how can Nandini, an abuse victim, so quickly trust and fall in love Kunal, her best friend's husband who she actually doesn't even have that many conversations with. (Again so sorry if the comparison is not allowed of if someone is offended.) They should have built it up over at least 6 months. They should have showed Kunal being a good (not perfect) husband to Mauli and Nandini slowly getting on her feet, her and Kunal developing a friendship and then Nandini falling. That would have made sense. She would have been a grey character maybe but a well-written one. 

In my opinion Kunal shouldn't have fallen first. Especially not because of a goddamn rain dance. They did a 360 on Kunal character that made no sense. The man was pretty much devoted to Mauli and he was good person, he really was. Sure there were flaws but he didn't seem like the kind of guy to fall in love because a girl looked pretty while dancing in the rain. It's not like it doesn't happen. You do fall out of love even if the relationship is as great as Mauli and Kunal's but it don't happen in a second. But there has to be some sort of reason. It's a tv show and at the end of the day the CV's have to give us a reason, not in justification of EMA but just so that it makes sense. I think Kunal should have fallen even later halfway through Nandini falling in love with him. I would have liked to have seen Mauli and him drifting first. Her work and his work keeping them apart because such is the life of a doctor and him and Nandini developing a friendship and the slowly, very slowly and very guiltily he finds himself loving her. And GUILT. Oh my god all I wanted was some guilt but neither of these two were given guilt and that remains the issue. 

You can show EMA as much as you want for the sake of realism because can we deny it happens? The problem is when you try to justify it. Say it outright and don't call it "juzzbaat" or give us religious signals. That's what this show could have been. A show showing EMA and calling it EMA and saying it's wrong. Show the character guilty, in love sure, but ashamed of what they've done. 

But they can redeem themselves a little. I want real apologies from both Kunal and Nandini and not the half-assed one Kunal gave on friday. No I tried to stop it or making themselves look godd, just "it was wrong and I'm sorry." And then I was them to give Mauli space, let her decide if she wants to forgive them or not. They shouldn't beg her. Apologies shouldn't be about you, they should be about the person you're apologizing to. And finally I want to see Mauli grow from this and she doesn't need a knew man but I want her to mourn it, because contrary to popular belief crying and breaking doesn't make you weak, and then I want her to slowly realize that she's amazing. She's a doctor, she saves lives and who cares if her idiot husband broke her heart, she still loves herself and she'll make a name for herself now and then she'll live happily or at least contently ever after with or without a male. 
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Posted: 2018-09-16T04:34:40Z
Well said. 
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Posted: 2018-09-16T04:41:50Z
This is how sisila should have been portrayed.  In bp I hated  both characters of  cheaters , still somewhere I understood their perspective and understand from where they are coming from though I don't support ema but I would give credit for the writers for doing it. Sisila could not do that and the only character I connect will be mauli 
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Posted: 2018-09-16T05:25:20Z
I agree mostly with what you have said, especially how they have bungled in execution, character sketch etc. But truth be told, I am still trying hard to understand what it is that the makers want to show us. 
Do they want to show us the repercussions of EMA, like how badly it affects the person you are cheating on and the people around you and the new relationship that you have just formed, with the result that you realize, that the guilt of betraying the person  you once loved will always weigh down on you making it impossible for you to be completely happy? In such a situation, you  may feel unfulfilled in your new  relationship, or with time you may feel your new relationship was nothing more than an infatuation and that what you did was just an impulsive, reckless act, making you regret the whole thing.  

Or do they want to tell us that it is possible for a person to just fall in love again in spite of having a loving partner (because it is destiny or God's will or the connect that you feel with this person is so strong that you feel you can only be happy with that person) and even though you know it amounts to betrayal, you just carry on with it, because apparently it is uncontrollable and unstoppable?  Knowing that your betrayal can devastate your former partner, can distance your family from you and turn the society against you, you still carry on with it because what you feel for that person is not WRONG to you. You had no intention to hurt anybody because you feel whatever is happening to you is not your fault. 

In real life one can witness both. Some people do regret their actions and wish for the former partner to come back into their life , while some people settle down with their new partners for the rest of their lives. 

Kunal-Nandini's completely rushed falling-in-love, their absolute lack of guilt, and Nandini's  half-baked characterization, may make one feel that they are going for the former approach, where they only want to show the aftermath of EMA and want these characters to deal with the consequences.

But then what was all that destiny and Baba and the constant presence of some kind of symbolism that keeps hinting at a forever kind of love story of KuNan? Or was it just to cover up the lack of substance in KuNan's love story? They somehow wanted to make these two fall in love and they thought nonsensical symbolism would do?? Dead . I find that hard to digest and also, how can they completely overlook Nandini's abuse? It is utterly confusing right now. 

So far, the only thing they have managed to tell us, is that this is not one of those EMAs where the husband has no intention to let go of his wife and only wants to keep the other woman in his life as a secret guilty pleasure.  

So, for now, I think we should keep calm and wait for the story to unfold. 
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Posted: 2018-09-16T06:23:10Z
So well analysed ... writers I guess wanted to show something but due to TRP pressure they rushed things... it would have been beautiful if they would have shown it slowly.. this at now with the speed they have gone has made thing not digestable.. and they should have not made it the devine love... that makes it unreal ... show them falling and show them becoming grey .. that will be correct.. but gathering sympathy for wrong has blown things of the whole concept
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Posted: 2018-09-16T16:43:50Z
I agree with everything you said besides the fact that they can redeem themselves. I find them irredeemable because I think they've reached a point of no return because their characters are poorly sketched!
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