Life vl be easy for kunan hereafter?

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Posted: 2018-09-16T03:20:01Z
I am an irregular viewerof the show nt a kunan fan nor mauli fan. Jst a lover of realistic show dis is one f dem where i could see real characters which i ve heard r read frm fnds r news. So kudos to the team to bringing in such a topic nd kudos to actors who made t feel so real.all are fab. 
Bt i cant justifies kunal r nandini n any way wat ever the emotions dey had jazbatt nd all coz t wssnt wat dey had to do.f kunal was sure tat he loves nandini nd fall out f love of mauli bt still thought t wrng nd wanted to keep his marriage den he should ve confessed t to mauli first try to overcme t vth her help by maintaing a distance vth nandini. F tat too fails den he should ve opted fr a divorce rather than meeting nandini behind mauli nd den feels sad .guilty etc.same applies fr nandini too she should ve moved far r ask kunal to choose between her r mauli rather than being a mistress.

But till nw the relatn kunan had was lyk a teenage love dey never talked abt future . even teenagers are mature enough to thnk nd talk abt future nd thnks abt consequences. Till nw Dey had ample time as both had nthng to do rather than njoying der lovey dovey moments at maulis expense. Hailing frm an upper middle class family i never knew the difficulty f running a family till i gt married nd shifted to another place ts nt child play evn wen u ve enough bank balance.

so after getting seperated frm mauli kunal need to earn  fr a living he s nt willing to wrk under ny hospital so vl be n the clinic tself which was built by mauli , bt will he get enough patients? F he was a doctr n a hosptl nobody wud ve bothered abt his bg bt being n a clinic where people knws abt him nd his family the people vl be reluctant to cme to him coz evy mother s a wife first because this the way our society thinks.nd treatng patients fr free s out f qn as he cant survive on t. So he should compromise on his dreams which wud ve been real f he was vth mauli nd dis vl brng frustratn on him as financial status s really imp fr a happy life i am nt talkng abt luxury bt basic needs.
Wrath of society is another issue dey vl face . kunal was shown as a fierce man who talked abt rights f a person and al he defended nd saved nandini many tmes bt nw wen society blames him f being an unfaithful husband he cant say nythng as he himself knw ts true he was unfaithful. Nandini vl face mre wrath than him being the other woman . homebreaker etc nd dis vl definitely affect their thinking unconsciously nd grew insecurities hwever loving der relatn is.

Differnces between mauli nd nandini
 Watever the present relatn kunal shares vth nandini nw. dnt forget he had a blissful lyf vth mauli who was completely different frm nandini nd wen one  starts a family lyf many differences vl pop up which dey hadnt known wen dey had jst a casual relatn nd kunal vl start to compare nandini vth mauli which vl lead nandini to grew insecure.

Gulity feeling
Hwever hardd dey try to justify der action dey cant feel less guilty knwng dey did wrng to his better half nf her bff. Dey vl regret der relatn fr evy small nd big fights dey have . which vl add up nd ends uo n blaming games.

Life wnt be bed f roses fr dem . i am nt talkung abt jarma nd al bt practical reasons 

Nandini nd kunals thought abt eachother?

is kunal trustworthy to be a husband he had a enviable married lyf fr 7 yr  den fall out f love n a span of one mnth wen he didnt get enough attentiin frm his wife really is tat all a reason he had. R nandini being mre beautiful than mauli den nxt he vl fall fr sme one else soon may be a beautiful nurse who spends mre tme vth him n his clinic. Nandinu be alert

Nd nandini dere are many peiole out n our society who wants ti take advantage of a vulnerable lady. Den smeone can soon approach nandini nd shower her vth love as she is n a search fr love. Kunal beware

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Posted: 2018-09-16T04:18:47Z
Lovely lovely post...
U wrote reality of life...
And once a cheater always a cheater.
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Posted: 2018-09-16T06:05:33Z
Life will not be all sunshine and roses from hereon the way they expected it. First of all, I am expecting rajdeep do bring up nandini having an affair with a married man to everyone's attention in regards to the divorce between him and nandini, as nandini is still legally married to him, hence he will defo use all this to his advantage. Nandini will be slandered. On top of it, I can see that kunan love is not actually love and their relationship will not last even if they do end up shamelessly living together as a couple. I wonder exactly what the deal is with kunal having left the house according to new OLV in which mauli informs nandini about kunal leaving home, and it seems nandini didn't know that. Why has he left, or with what intention? To pursue his jazzbaati relationship with nandini by leaving mauli? Dead
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