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Hi, I'm new to this forum. When my mom used to watch this serial in the beginning, I could not understand how a man with the perfect marriage suddenly fall for some this person and the promotions claiming juzzbat toh juzzbat hote hai didn't sit well with me. But the worst has happened and this is my analysis of this.

Kunal and Nandini's falling in love together is completely pl ausible. Let's not go to the EMA or morality angle for a minute. Nandini was trapped in an abusive marriage for many years. She saw Kunal and saw how sensitive and caring he was. Any normal person wouldn't fallen for him, especially just after coming out of a bad marriage. But we have already seen that Nandini is weak. She didn't have to marry Rajdeep, but she did anyway, and disregarded Mauli's warnings. She knew what kind of a person he was before getting married to him. So when she met Kunal she became attracted towards him, and when he too proclaimed his feelings for her, she disregarded morality and Mauli's feelings again. She's not an evil character but a very weak character who will go against her own principles. 

Kunal is a doctor who sits at home because he can't stand how doctors loot money from the people. He wants to open his own clinic and treat the underprivileged. While the latter is very noble, his entire stance is wrong. He left his job because he can't stand the injustice. I mean, who even gave him a medical degree? These malpractices are everywhere, and you can't just sit at home saying it's a bad world outside. He gave the entire burden of the household to Mauli, and then complained that She didn't give him enough time. He is an idealist and completely childish. Honestly, we all know that it is a big bad world outside but we have to still go on to make ends meets. Anyways, now let's cut to Nandini's entry. We know that Kunal is a good person, and filled with sympathy so helps Nandini, all the time. I haven't seen the rain dance episode but reading all the discussion here, I can safely assume that was the moment he fell for Nandini. But if that's the case, fell for won't be the right term, attraction would. After all Nandini is very feminine and keeps herself well dressed all the time. 

But Nandini's constant shivering and her abhla nari vibe got to Kunal. When he's with Mauli, he knows she's independent, and probably it's subconscious, but it annoys him. After all he's a man and he should be able to feel masculine and help a damsel in distress, and Nandini is the definition of 'damsel in distress'. Slowly, he falls for her, and when he says the same to Nandini, she leaps at the chance and they start an EMA. Nandini being weak and a people pleaser makes her blind towards Mauli's feelings, and Kunal being the childish and idealist man, feels that his feelings towards Nandini are justified by the divine intervention. I don't think he regrets the affair. He just regrets Mauli getting to know all this. And Nandini being the weak one, was alright to be his mistress. She wouldn't even have minded sharing Kunal with Mauli. 

Could this have been stopped?? YES!! But they didn't wat to stop this. Maybe Kunal fell out of love with Mauli, but it was possible to fall out of love with Nandini too. But they didn't try. It's because they're just too weak. 

Who is the victim in all of this? Mauli. That poor girl didn't have a clue of what was going on. But the two people she loved and believed the most, broke her trust. I think the worst part of cheating is making a fool out of the person and going behind her back. Kunal could've made a better choice and tell her that he had fallen out of love with her. That would have made me respect him more. But Kunal has a superior complex and he believes that he's always right, so his feelings for Nandini are justified and so going behind Mauli won't be wrong. 

That's where Rajdeep and Kunal are similar. They are both the embodiment of patriarchy. Both of them have a huge ego and they need someone like Nandini to satisfy it. But Rajdeep knows it and doesn't hide it. Kunal still thinks of himself as the idealistic guy. Honestly, I am waiting for Rajdeep to beat him in Monday's or Tuesday's episode. He deserves that.

What I want to see in the future tracks:

1. Mauli living an independent life with Kunal's mom and deeda. But she'll be less trusting of people and will be afraid of helping people. She'll become a new version of herself, qu2uet, doesn't smile much and cool but she'll still have a caring heart inside, very vulnerable.

2. Kunal and Nandini living together getting to know the harsh realities of life. Kunal can't afford the rent or anything, and is struggling hard, and it's worse because Nandini is of no help, she's become a liability.

3. Nandini becoming even more insecure by the day. She thought she would be happy with Kunal, but now she is miserable. She can still see Kunal caring for Mauli and is very scared that he will leave her one day.

4. More Rajdeep. I love him. Even in the most emotional and serious moments of the show, he brings the perfect comic relief. I would've shipped him and Mauli if he weren't such a creep. That would be a lot like bepannah but their jodi would make sense. Both are strong and in contrast to each other. If they bring him a good redemption track, I would atleast want them to be friends, especially if it would make Kunal jealous.

5. Mauli finally rising above everything. Maybe Kunal comes back to her, but she won't accept him. She will forget her past and move on, becoming the same old Mauli again, but this time a little more mature. However, Nandini wil be forever crippled by her insecurities.

What do you think? Please give your predictions for the future tracks of this show.
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I agree with every points of your future track. Specially the number 2. Then this show will seem more realistic. KuNan are grey  and there is no sugarcoating for this.
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Posted: 2018-09-16T01:29:01Z
Can I say I loved reading this?

You took my words - kunal is childish and immature. He wants to do a lot of things, noble even but have no plans to implement it and who leaves their paid job with no financial planning?

I like your future track one scenario- I really want to watch Maulis journey minus kunal the free doctor.
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Posted: 2018-09-16T02:18:48Z
I love to see all of the above.
But iam afraid whether they might show kunan happily married  and nandini starting cooking class and Kunal happy with the clinic.
I don't think makers will show kunan suffering.
I don't care abt nandini but i signed up to see moulis character shaping up in the future.
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Posted: 2018-09-16T02:20:49Z
Loved the post...all i want is mauli wanna start fresh and wen is completely fine and oky a new male i dont care...
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Posted: 2018-09-16T02:31:49Z
lovely post. your right about kunal being another embodiment of the patriarchy, his more covert then rajdeep who is more overt. in the end somewhere deep down he was insecure and threatened by mauli being so independent. i'd also like the harsh reality hitting kunan, in their relationship, i'd like mauli to move on and see how she heals after the old mauli was killed. and yes i'd like a new guy to come in for mauli, i dont want that to be rushed, a guy who doesnt have a complex towards women who are independent. i do want kunan to suffer, it would be fair that mauli is the one who suffers and kunan are living a good life  
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Posted: 2018-09-16T02:59:22Z
Originally posted by kala16

I love to see all of the above.
But iam afraid whether they might show kunan happily married  and nandini starting cooking class and Kunal happy with the clinic.
I don't think makers will show kunan suffering.
I don't care abt nandini but i signed up to see moulis character shaping up in the future.

No they must face the consequences of their actions. If the CVs show that they are happy, then the show will flop and lose all TRP. Kunan have to suffer for their actions and for hurting Mauli.
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Posted: 2018-09-16T03:06:42Z

Nicely written
I am watching this drama only for Mauli
Other two , don't care
Just want to watch Mauli's journey
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