Broken!! Mauli FF PART 3

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Posted: 2018-09-15T21:53:19Z
A new place and 1st day in a new office.. She wasn't excited but was hopeful.. She had come to know the new guy's name was Adarsh and he was a gynic as well.. He had told her how he had heard about her success stories and was interested to have her onboard.. His father Avinash was in Medicine while the mother Kanika was a homemaker.. They had welcomed her warmly.. Her brother and bhabi had to leave early today since he had received an unexpected client meeting.. She told them they should go but really wished they never left her.. She didn't want to face it all by herself.. She feared she would loose herself..
She liked it in the hospital.. No one knew her and didn't judge her.. When she was talking to her patients not once did those thoughts cripple her.. She even had two surgeries scheduled the next week.. Now in the darkness of night they came back to haunt her.. She had promised dida she won't skip a meal but couldn't bring herself to eat anything.. Thankfully the other doctors had invited her to meals today.. So, it won't matter if she skipped dinner right!!

Her doorbell was ringing.. She opened it to Adarsh's smiling face.. She was confused what he wanted at this time of day.. 
Adarsh- "Hey, its rude to not invite your friend inside."
Friend really?? She had talked to him hardly 10 times and that also they were discussing patient's reports.. He reminded her of her old self, the outgoing person who always made new friends.. After the incident, she couldn't even talk properly to people about anything except the basic necessities.. Maybe she should accept his offer.. She needed to meet new people to forget the old ones.
Mauli- " Really sorry.. I was somewhere else.. Please come in."
He came in and occupied her sofa like he owned it.. The dude was funny.. He was looking at her expectingly.. Should she prepare a coffee or something??
Mauli- "Aap coffee lenge ki chai?"
Adarsh- "I will take you.. Now go, get ready.."
Mauli- "You will take me where??"
Adarsh-."Oviously to dinner swweheart.. Its 7:25 now and ppl go for dinner at this time right??"
Mauli- "Umm can't we do it some other day??"
Adarsh- "Listen if I take to you to a 'Welcome onboard' dinner on some other day and not your first day, it completely destroys the meaning right?? Now go, get ready soon"
She really didn't know how to refuse him now..  Mamma and all the colleagues spoke highly of him, so he may be a decent guy.. Well a dinner won't hurt right??
Mauli- "You want me to get you something while you wait??"
Adarsh-" Na, I selected this apartment.. I know where the kitchen is.. I will help myself if I need something.. You should get ready soon since we have a booking at 9.. And trust me they serve good food and I really don't want to get late"

She was confused what should she wear.. He must have told her earlier, she could have decided on something.. Now, looking at the dresses, she was reminded of Kunal.. Every dress had a memory or other of their dates.. She pulled the 1st one on the hanger and threw it on.. Twenty minutes later, she looked ready.. But she wasn't still ready to go for the dinner.. She realised she was wearing her anniversary dress.. Her anniversary, the day supposedly Nandini and Kunal met for the 1st time.. They had made her friendship gift to their love token.. She had read his messages and now regreted it.. It would have better if she didn't know it.. Their every betrayal pierced her heart..

Adarsh was knocking on her bedroom door.. 
Adarsh- "Sweetheart, I know women need time to get ready but would you please be a bit quick.. I am really hungry.."
She had to open the door, he wasn't responsible for her condition and she couldn't leave him standing outside her door forever..
She locked the house and went with him..

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