It was not nandini's fault

Posted: 2018-09-15T21:11:20Z
I have been a silent reader in this forum for a long time. And i finally made an account today just to make this post. 
I want to ask why is everyone bashing nandini? I know what she did was wrong but we should also think from her point of view right. she never got love, she was always abused and  tortured and beaten up by her own husband, so much so, that she has lost all her confidence, she gets scared in the smallest of things and she can never speak up for herself. when kunal started being so caring and nice towards her, it was natural that she built feelings for her. Anyone would, eso if you never got love in your life. And it is not like she is an evil [person. she never wanted to destroy mauli's life. she never wanted bad for her. it all just happened... without her knowledge. without her full conscience. now she IS feeling guillty of what she did. we all saw how much she was affected by it...she locked herself up, she was weeping like a child. she looked completely broken for breaking her friend's trust. do you guys not feel for her at all?! Mistakes can happen by anyone! even you could do it but what matters is if you're feeling bad about it or now. and in this case, nandini IS doing that. and she never had a bad intention. 

I feel very bad for mauli but that doesn't mean it was all nandini's fault. we should put ourselves in her shoes and then talk.  
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Posted: 2018-09-15T21:25:50Z
If I put myself in Nandini's shoes, I would never betray my best friend. Period. I would never think of it. Yes, Nandini suffered through trauma, but her trauma didn't effect her to a point of being mentally unstable. There were never any severe disturbances to her thoughts and behaviours. 
When Nandini moved on from Rajdeep, she was doing fine. She had her house, her confident started to grow (thanks to Mouli) and she was showing signs of independence.  Clearly at that point her trauma didn't effect her as much as some may think.

Nandini IS an evil person. If she wasn't evil, she would show signs of  regret the FIRST time she decided to mingle with her BFF's HUBBY!

Nandini fully deserves to be bashed, even that is being generous.

Also I have a question. Would you make this post if it was a different actress playing Nandini? 
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Posted: 2018-09-15T21:26:55Z
It is just a mistake by nandini?It ruined mauli's life.She had affair with kunal without any guilt even after sleeping with kunal she was not guilty.She didn't think about mauli once.She didn't remember for once it was mauli who saved her from her abusive marriage kept her in her home.I don't think she and kunal are guilty now. As per the spoilers she will still try to talk to kunal.I don't feel bad for nandini at all.
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Posted: 2018-09-15T21:28:12Z
Originally posted by LoveNakuulMehta

ROFL You're joking right?

lol why do you think i am joking? I have seen people's comments and they bash nandini as if she's a mentally unstable prostitute. That is not right. no one who has gone through so much in her life deserve such hate. we should be more compassionate because the amoutn of hate nandini is getting is ridiculous and heart breaking. it is as if everyone in this forum are emotionless and heartless 
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Posted: 2018-09-15T21:35:14Z
ok as u say i put myself on her place and i find that if i may have start growing feelings for my bff's husband no matter how becahri and loveless my life is i would kick my ass hardly and slap myself so that this kind of ghatiya soch of ruining my bff life wahsed away my brain.. i would take my time and stop go to her house every then and now for somedays.. if she questioned me i would be honest with her and tell her that i have grown a problem in me and i need time.. blv it or not i keep honesty beyond anything and i would be honest with her and tell her to give me some space so that i can overcome my lust.. and if my bff's husband proposed and try to convince me i would have kick his ass too.. that is how a sane person will react but if u have a selfish mind and black heart like nanadini than u will react like her and go with ur lust naming it as jaazbaat and all bakwas..Edited by Momrin - 2018-09-15T21:38:14Z
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