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Based on the Turkish serial 'Siyah Beyaz Ask'Two worlds collide when a law abiding, selfless doctor comes into conflict with an underground mobster. The most unexpected of loves, occurs in the most unexpected of ways... proving that love is not as clear cut as black or white....


Chapter 1 - see below

Chapter 2 - Her yellow flowers

Chapter 3 - The doctor and the paramedic - page 2

Chapter 4 - Life or death - page 3

Chapter 5 - Two sides to every coin - page 4

Chapter 6 - A wicked game - page 6

Chapter 7 - Until death do us part - page 7

Chapter 8 - Deepened wounds - page 8

Chapter 9 - The inflicter and the cure - page 10

Chapter 10 - A night to remember - page 11

Chapter 11 - Now it begins - page 13

Chapter 12 - The blanket of the night - page 15

Chapter 13 - Right behind you - page 17

Chapter 14 - Lifeline - page 20


Chapter 1 - Right Behind You

Every autumnal morning is easily identifiable. There is always a chill in the air, the palpitating sense of an oncoming winter. The cold air collides with the remnants of a late summer sun. There is always a still on an autumn morning, if your eyes awaken to witness it early enough.

The morning Maan was shot brought a similar stillness as well. Not due to the change in the weather. 

Due to the fact that Geet had awoken to an eerie silence in the cabin that they had been hiding in, nestled deep into the woods. A sudden panic overtook her. She scrambled around the cabin, taking precaution not to tumble over the cups of tea from the night before. 

The smallest of sounds, and it was game over for the pair of them. She searched for the 6 foot, well built figure of her husband, but he was nowhere to be found. She took a deep breath and tip toed over to the sofa bed she had slept on, moving one of the pillows. She had seen Maan place a gun there the night before. The gun entered her back jean pocket. 

She leant against the wall, slid down, hugged her knees and waited in frozen silence. The smallest of movements, and it was game over for the pair of them. A short while after, Geet dozed off. In her dreams she imagined herself in her apartment, the apartment she used to reside in before her life was turned upside down. She imagined the warm sunlight shining through the windows. She imagined the vivid yellow of the flowers she used to water everyday. She remembered the familiar laugh and voice of her brother, dropping by to her place after his night shift for a hearty breakfast and a catch up with his beloved sister. The last face she saw was her brother's when the door handle creaked. 

She shot up, pinned herself against the wall and aimed her gun directly at her husband as he walked through the door. Maan stared at her with startled disbelief. Geet stared back at him with pure terror in her eyes.He didn't say anything. All he did was step forward and lower her hands down, bringing the gun down with them. He pried the gun away from her hands. She didn't refuse, but her eyes were fixated on him in bewilderment.

"We're not safe here. Let's go."

"To where?" she asked. 

When he didn't respond, she touched his arm gently. He froze, but didn't turn back.

"I'll step outside first. Watch me from the window. When I nod, you follow. Understood?" 

She nodded in acknowledgement. Maan took a step outside and walked against the house. He scoured his eyes in all directions, then motioned for his wife to follow. His hand instinctively reached for hers as she came out, looking up at him for the next instruction. 

"On my count, run. Run as far and as fast as you can."

"What about you?"


"But what about you?"

"Just run." He looked into her eyes. "I'll be right behind you."

Geet looked around pensively, her heart beating at a million miles per hour. Maan studied her face carefully, running his thumb over her cold fingers.


He let her go, and watched her run with every inch of energy she had, her long hair billowing behind her. He followed suit 5 seconds later, keeping his eyes trained on her. 

Inside the cabin, the mob men searched high and low for their targets. One of the men spotted Maan and Geet running into the distance, and they began the pursuit.

Geet ran far ahead, her face flushed, her heart beating, her legs aching but she didn't dare to look back. She could hear his footsteps though, and prayed that the two of them would outrun the men far enough to be safe, at least for another day. 

They surpassed far into the forest when Maan turned around and strategically aimed a few firing shots at the mob men. One of them fell to the ground, the bullet grazing his leg. The gun became blank and he tossed it aside as he continued running.

His luck had run out. 

A direct shot pierced straight through his back, and he tumbled to the ground with a thud. Geet turned back, horrified as she saw her husband lying on his front, helpless and unconscious....

Leave your thoughts and comments down below! I'll post another chapter soon if there's enough interest in the story :)

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Edit --

I have not seen this show, but the theme looks so different..It would be great to read it through your writing.

A gangster and a doctor, I will not comment on the violence or their related actions..the story is already set out on these people from different backgrounds and it may touch upon those points later.

Coming back to the was awesome..the action, suspense, tension, fear all there in the right amount.
And what will remain stuck with me forever is their concern for each other at this moment of terror and the impact of "I will be right behind you".

He shielded her, isn't it..he decided to keep himself behind, de-risking her in case any worst happens.
and it happened too, the shot targeted him from behind. but I hope he is just unconscious for the moment.
start is very much interesting and intriguing, and I love the variations of the themes in your stories, waiting for the story to unfold.

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Congrats on the new story!!! thanks for posting!!! 

lovely concept!!! Big smile looking forward to the story! 
Posted: 2018-09-15T13:30:19Z
Chapter 1

Dynamic update! wonderfully written! 

Geet's life turned upside down! she had a normal life but now her life is in danger along with her husband's! 

how did they meet? 

so Maan is a underground mobster! 

oh no Maaneet spotted and now Maan shot! 

hope he is fine! 

Geet shocked! 

continue soon

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interesting concept
the whole part hooked me up to the story
very nice start... why maaneet life in danger Disapprove
omg maan is shot plz dont kill him
continue soon
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Posted: 2018-09-15T14:09:22Z
It seems soo intriguiing...Soo mysterious...Loved the whole concept...Both r husband wife...I m sure both would hv married in soo unpredictable circumstances...Please update soon
Posted: 2018-09-16T05:40:29Z
congrats for new story
Posted: 2018-09-16T09:01:17Z
Oh Geet's a doctor who married Maan, a gangster. So is he dead now after being shot? Oh no pls don't kill him... interesting story. Waiting fr next

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