why people are questioning execution

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Posted: 2018-09-15T10:23:39Z
if they know the real story 
i have only read written update and discussions on forum but after mauli knowing and the breakdown i actually watched whole silsila especially nandini and kunal scene 
i never found love
two three dialogue of kunal before he fallen in or was falling
1)when mauli was stating before meeting nandini even that you will fall for nandini then kunal said
if even he will fell in love with her friend then also again he will fall for her 
2) just when he started to realise
mauli mein bhatak jaunga toh tum mujhe sambhal lena
why everyone is thinking that makers failed in execution no the same makers who given so beautiful breakdown cant fell in that if they wanted to show what we thought from starting
the cvs never given mauli perspective in short they not wanted to reveal the story
we thought about different mauli who loved her husband and was just innocent fragile weak woman living in her own lala land but it was complete opposite
after they fall in love and their sex and this revelation they are still not guilty
do you really think if it was true love then they would have not been guilty for mauli
i dont know who feel nandini is guilty for mauli or she is is understanding mauli pain i have not seen till now that 
i dont think writer themselves dont know how to write if it is so then i feel mauli breakdown must have been written by someone else
they have shown all lead how they feel about this ema even other show lead why aditya or zoya would not support kundini as they believed in paak pyaar of their better halves even kunal friend came at last moment who came before ema
why these question is arising on cvs that they have not shown proper execution if they are really less talented than us?
if cvs really wanted to show nandini nice woman and extra sati savitri then they could have given different reason of mauli and nandini separation they could have shown that nandini in her family pressure she justt choosen rajdeep but believed mauli but they clearly have shown that nandini actually thought rajdeep right and mauli wrong because nandini herself stated that hum mauli ke baat ko nahin maanke galti kiye the like this. whatevehave been shown till now ya nandini family was patriachial but it doesnt mean they forced her to marry rajdeep and her dadi even has given jwellery with which she bought the flat so they were not like they dont love or care for her but ya they were patriarchial that they considered daughter as just how patriarchy think
do you really think they want to show kunal love as devine or kunal as nice man then right now he would have accepted firmly about his love before having sex or even after revelation or he would have been not be a nalla and vella doctor
still after revelation they have not realised gravity of the situation actually and just are in their own dreamland
even there are many arical or by seeing segments and episode we can come to conclusion that kundini will right now not live each other so it means tjey would be together and somehow fight with rajdeep but what next till now they have not given any indication that mauli will be out or she is not the lead so what they are only going to shown romance and romance as the show is not going to shut down
so i now stronglly feel that they are going to show that sometime we consider our infatuation as love and become blind and how we loose everything in our blindness although i was having doubt due to colors track record of back to back ema justifying shows but this show till now has been executed in different way
i dont know because every member be anyone fan agree that we have not shown the love  and do you really think that makers was not having time to show one single mature conversation betwen these two they were having time to show romance and faltu baat but not a single useful conversation
anyway lets wait for what they are going to show because till now we haters were thinking that mauli would turn villan but it is not so and thats why now lovers are thinking it is wrong execution i dont think so because how beautifully they have shown mauli breakdown every single thing is appropriate has not the capability to show other character fully
if execution really failed then i think both are different writer who one side are writing mauli and others kundini
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Posted: 2018-09-15T10:36:08Z
before revelation i was thinking about execution but after that i felt it was always ment to be like this
they want to show how in heat of moment our strong desire to get something(for kunal lust and nandini to get happiness or mauli like life) we sometime do something which we even not realise but time make us realise it and we have to face the consequece
but exacttly confirm due to colors record and giving back to back ema shows
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