Did Nandini ever considered Mauli her bestfriend???

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Posted: 2018-09-15T09:44:59Z
This question really haunts me. 
Bcz Nandini's acts never  proves dat c considered Mauli her bestfriend even for a second.
Action speaks louder than words . 8 years ago she chose Rajdeep over Mauli & now she snatched Mauli's husband . .
None of her actions ever claimed that she cares for Mauli .
On the other hand Mauli has done so much for her. She could have returned her favour at least by controlling her feelings or by telling her husband's truth to her bestfriend...But noo...she thought about herself...
I understand she was yearning for love & c found dat in Kunal...but she sud have thought about Mauli once who was her childhood friend...who gave her a new life...supported her in every possible manner...
Always took Nandini's side when her Mom taunted Nandini...
But Nandini has no shame...

After revelation instead of thinking about Mauli's condition she is still thinking about her newly found bedmate . . How can she be like this? She knows the pain of husband's betrayal ?  HORRIBLE!!
How can she be a bestfriend? She is not.!!
It's an insult to such a pious word ... Bestfriends understand each other even in silence. .
But here Mauli told Nandini so many times about how much c luvs Kunal...Kunal is her life ..her whole world revolves around that one person whom she is considering her divine love ...
No... Nandini never considered Mauli her bestfriend...It was one sided friendship ...Mauli was the one who gave everything but never received anything which she should have...She could have chosen to go to Nandini's house & bash her for being a bloody home wrecker but she didn't . . 
She confronted Kunal but not once did c blamed Nandini ? She gives me bestfriend goals. Smile

Now coming to Kunan's love...Sorry but I don't feel it's love...It can never be...
Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun an act like struggle, To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he-she is, right here and now. Love is all about having someone whom you can look up to at the darkest of the times.
Love is sharing each other's pain...Smile

Kunan have hardly spent quality time together in understanding each other(m not talking about dere bed time),they have never shared each other's pain , happiness nothing...
It was just they got attracted to each other bcz Mauli was busy in fulfilling kunal's dream n cudnt give Kunal her time & Nandini was deprived of love ...

Does confessing love for each other & dn jumping straight onto the bed defines love ? Or is it the definition of new love?

They did that act in the heat of the moment & never showed guilt for dere doings. . .Angry

It's ridiculous watching Nandini shivering outside Mauli's home she didn't shivered wen after making out she roamed around Mauli ,was butchering her trust & was blushing lyk a newly wed bride...Clap

I really wonder what cv's wanna prove...Kunan is in love divine Wala ya it's just infatuation...cv's themselves are confused... Ouch
Nandini is becoming shameless day by day cominggg
episodess are more hurting...Kunal is uttering Nandini's name in sleep ...It's so painful to watch...I cannot imagine Mauli's pain ...Cryo
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Posted: 2018-09-15T09:57:56Z
I agree - I don't think Nandhini ever thinks of anyone but herself. Selfish woman who plays the role of a victim to get what she wants.

And Kunal - shameless man cannot even day sorry to his wife.

Pretty disgusting how Nandhini and kunal have behaved.

Men want the helpless woman to take care of nowadays ? I doubt it.
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