Guilty Vs Embarassed!!!

Posted: 2018-09-15T07:47:18Z
I think everyone has seen the upcoming scenes about Yamini bashing Nandini,  Kunal beaten up by Rajdeep brought to home,  Mauli attending him and he taking Nanduji's name in his unconscious state whick shocks Mauli more. 
They are not guilty. Because if they had been guilty they would just break up at this moment and live alone or not even try to contact each other for a really long time. Nandini is still guiltless when trying to call Kunal the next day. (I hate this woman so very much). Kunal is still guiltless when taking Nandini's name in his sleep (and this man too) . Nandini is still not guilty of what she has done and Kunal too. They are not grey, they are evil with no way to redeem. 

They are just embarassed that their secret is out in open and now they will be bashed by everyone. They still want to be together. How daft are they? So blinded by their so called pavitra juzzbat that every other juzzbat seems stupid to them of the mother,  Mauli,  dida. 

These two deserve each other for the sheer shamelessness. Even their tears seem to spoil the mood since they are so very crocodile in nature. 

What were the makers thinking about making them look saintly when there are nothing but shallow characters who don't deserve to be resected for any reason. They are meant to be hated and provide sadistic pleasure to the audience when they suffer. 
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Posted: 2018-09-15T07:56:39Z
This 2 cheaters are MONSTER, any other word doesn't suit them. Till now, I felt sarcastic but today writer made me feel disgusted. What type of monster are they!! Blood suckerS!! 

Mauli should leave in-laws and make her own home. She built a clinic, she surely can make another for herself. 

I wanna see Mauli's overcoming from this betrayal, her dealing with everything. This made her question about everything about herself. Wanna see how she deal and how she overcomes!! 

Let cheaters live happily ever after and let them share bed 24/7. Stop with this two cheater. 
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Posted: 2018-09-15T07:59:12Z
Think so, can't see the guilt in them.
Makers are trying to show that it's true love between Kunal and Nandini, by Kunal thinking of Nandini even in his subconscious state and Nandini caring for him inspite of her being humiliated from Mauli and his mom. 
But, what right now Kunal and Nandini are doing is just opposite to what shown in initial promo right, where both of them said they have feelings for each other but can't hurt Mauli. But they are just doing that explicitly. Ouch
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Posted: 2018-09-15T08:04:09Z
Throughout this entire clandestine affair they haven't considered putting an end to it even ONCE...not once since that infamous holy confession have they thought that maybe it's enough and lets at least CONSIDER ending it. No, they have made their choice. They want each other...there's absolutely no reconsideration. Kunal doesn't want his old life back and Nandini doesn't think that perhaps Mauli would want her husband back..with whom she took vows...
Kunal doesn't even want to reconsider for his career, reputation, or his MOTHER'S SAKE! Unbelievable. Mauli and his mother had no effect on him. 
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Posted: 2018-09-15T08:08:08Z
Forget Mauli, Kunal doesn't care about his mother, apparently Nandini is worth leaving his family, what if Mauli tortures his family, she won't and he knows that so here he's just leaving his responsibility on Mauli's shoulder because she is a nice human, not saying Kunal's mom or Dida are a commodity, but there is a limit to irresponsibility and after all this he is a nice man, who made one mistake? No, he's a reckless, lazy man who fell for a crying submissive woman and he doesn't want extra baggage of his familyEdited by FruitToasty - 2018-09-15T08:13:37Z
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Posted: 2018-09-15T08:17:17Z
In KANK Dev & Maya were extremely guilty that's why they drift away from each other
Vaise I m happy kunan stay together then only he will have nderstand d value of Mauli , 

If u see all d warning be it Aditya or his friend Nilesh r being given 2 Kunal , no one is giving any warning 2 Nandini.

As it's not only Silsila but Silsila badalte rishto ka, so  definitely Kunal will regret 4 sure., He himself will leave Nandini 

Is samay Kunal Ko samjh nhi as rha hai , neither Nandini  will allow him & it's only Kunal who is losing , he is losing his family , his reputation in society , Nandini ke pass hai hi kya ho vo lose karengi .

Delusional life bahut din tak nhi chalti , 

Jab Kunal Nandini ke saath re ga tabhi to usse pata chalega , ki usse bada bewkoof koi aur Nhi, kyunki sirf pyar se stomach nhi bharta 

Earlier I never agreed 2 Rajdeep & mauli's mom but know I agree Nandini is black fated

Mauli Ko kaam pura , ab Kunal ki baari
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Posted: 2018-09-15T08:27:45Z
They are not at all coming out as divine couple. They sounds like shameless creatures.
Truly said Kunal is irresponsible and indirectly giving his responsibilities to Mauli.

But they are delusional. Once they'll end up together, they will gradually realise that what they have lost. Nandini is the worst character I've seen till date. How come she even think of Kunal in this situation...whereas Madam is calling him to say miss you. Pukeworthy

I just hope that Kunal don't say Mauli I never loved you
 My girl will die hearing this. Instead he should say, I m not worth you and hence going with N to satisfy her and his hormones. 

What will happen to Mauli when she'll learn about their sexual relationship
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Posted: 2018-09-15T08:38:18Z
Yep they are evil and they are meant to be hated.They are selfish and i hope cvs and i hope now cvs keep them in that way only.I wanted to see journey of their sufferings.And I don't want them to be endgame.
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