My Hopes for the Future Track

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Posted: 2018-09-14T23:38:41Z
Here's what I would like to see:
Mauli: I would like to see the repercussions of the EMA on her behaviour - for her change from a understanding and trusting person to a bitter and extremely distrustful one. Underconfident, sarcastic, cynical. Gradually, to come out of all this on her own accord. A phoenix rising from ashes. I do not want to see a new man in her life showing her her strength (as in most other shows) because firstly I like Shakti and Aditi's chemistry (their scenes in the initial episodes were amazing) and also majorly because I feel that Mauli should be with a man out of choice , not need. So far, her characterization is fabulous and I hope it continues that way.

Kunal: For me, his journey is the most interesting. In my eyes, he is a fallen man and his choice -  whether to fall further or try to rise above himself - will be his defining moment. As unrealistic as it may be, I don't want him to escape from the consequences of his action. I want him to choke from the guilt of changing a compassionate person into a hard hearted one. To see the damage he caused to not only his wife but also his family, to some extent even Nandini, and know that he could have prevented it all. To receive coldness from his friends and society and have no-one to blame but himself. To feel the anguish of seeing hurt and mistrust in Mauli's eyes instead of the love and warmth which he took for granted. I want him to be around Mauli to see all that. And then, I want him to try to make things better, not because Mauli needs him. She doesn't. But because he realises that breaking anyone's trust, especially someone who loves you, is never justifiable, never okay. His repentance would make satisfying telly viewing for me. After this, if Mauli chooses to forgive him, okay. If she doesn't, still okay.

Nandini: For her, I would want to see pretty much the same as Kunal. To realise the gravity of her actions. That it requires a special kind of cruelty to destroy the person who takes on the world to save you. And that you possess that. I want to see her questioning the kind of person she has become. A victim and an exploiter, simultaneously. I want her to try to make amends, to fight Rajdeep independently and to emerge a brave and emotionally strong woman.

Rajdeep: Only legal punishment. The harshest there is. Seriously, no woman deserves this kind of a man.

Love the performance of all the actors: the main four, obviously as also, Kunal's family, Sweety and all others. 
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Posted: 2018-09-15T10:24:11Z
Yes.Please.I would like to see all of this! 
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