The perfect woman-OS

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The perfect woman


He stared at the woman, his ex-wife who is also the chief guest of today's medical conference. There was an aura of confidence and intelligence in her profile, her eyes sparkling with maturity and wisdom which was rare to find among people of her age. She was like the morning sun, glowing all by herself, he knew that she had endless energy to radiate that light to a million others who needed it. He had once held a beam of that sunshine in his hands, basked in its warmth but never truly appreciated it. The fact is that somewhere in his subconscious mind, he wanted to be the sun in the relationship, the one where she would be dependent upon him for light. 

He met her friend, the girl who had undergone the worst abusive tortures trapped in a cruel relationship and entered his life. Initially, he thought that he felt sympathy for her but soon it had started to turn into attraction. She was all that his wife was not. She is completely dependent on him, had nowhere to go on, whenever he had helped her, she looked at him like he was the sun and moon combined in one. He could see in her transparent eyes that she had started falling for him, but that was not what satisfied him. 

she had worshipped the ground he walked on and he could not help but feel flattered with that kind of devotion. She looked at him as if he could solve every problem in the world for her. when she wanted to leave him, the first thing he had felt was fear...fear that no one would again give him that much of attention and held him in such high regard. Before she came, he thought that he was just a ordinary man, content in his little world but now, he craved for more. His wife loved him but she was his equal in every respect, may be much more than that. She is a fiercely independent woman, having the capability to face whatever challenges life may throw on to her with the attitude of a warrior. He did not had to do much for her. she is enough for herself but this woman, she needed him to survive and that was a heady feeling. 

On top of that, he felt immensely attracted to that soft voice, her doe like eyes, that flawless features, that graceful gestures. She never raised her voice or argued...always meek and humble, she did not had much confidence in herself, she had looked at herself through his eyes. She would always leave every decision including even the choice of her own clothes to him. she always seeked his permission before going out anywhere. That was an entirely new feeling to him. Between him and his wife, they discussed things but she had always taken decisions regarding most of the things and he was okay with that. It was okay, but not perfect.But now, he wanted to be lead a perfect life with his new love.

After 2 years:

He stepped into his cabin and yanked away his coat angrily. His eyes were bloodshot, his body was sleep deprived and his head was pounding as someone banged a hammer over it. Bloody hell...there is no peace in his life...he craved for a good sleep but he was now deprived of that luxury. He was working non-stop since the past two years, doing overtime more than often. The society in which they were staying had subjected them to endless insults and vile comments. She could not take it and he was frankly tired up of consoling her every damn hour. Even her cooking classes have been a  complete failure because the ladies shredded her dignity to pieces and did not want to do anything with a back stabber and home breaker. Most of his income was gone to EMI payments for his clinic and on top of that, she could not do a single thing independently. 

The same quality which had once attracted him, now it is frustrating him like hell. She was afraid to go even to the nearest market alone. She needs his opinion on every damn thing, including the bloody table cloth and it is driving him nuts. He had once dared to take her to his work party, but even there, his colleagues did not approve her. They were all praises about his ex-wife and how she was perfect for him and he could not create a scene there by fighting with them to accept her. They had a huge ugly fight over it later when they came home and she started blaming him that he did not defend her. much could a man take ? He had to go to work, earn money and the moment he comes home, she would be weeping her eyes out about a nasty comment shivering with fear and guilt. Lately, she had been even having nightmares that something or someone may separate them. She did not voice out but he was sure that someone might be his ex-wife. He was sick of this...sick of his life...sick of...her never ending wails and tears. The secret romance and thrill have lost their novelty and took a backseat.Now, when he looked at her, he was feeling as though he was shackled to her with iron chains and he was getting suffocated with the responsibility to care for her all the time. 

She could not even understand his 24/7professional commitments and she felt uncomfortable with his doctor friends. His ex-wife had always fitted in his life perfectly and she had always managed to cover up for his work schedule whenever he wanted a break. He could not remember a single time she asked for his help for any emergency. Most of the times, he did not even know that there was something that had to be done in the house because she was always there to take care of it. Now, he regretted leaving the wonderful life he had with her. No tensions...she always met him with a smile on his face. she never shed tears except for the day he had left her. she was the solid rock support in his life instead of clinging to him all the time.He would do anything to go back in time and change his decision of leaving her.Too late, he had realised that he had lost his perfect woman.


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Loved it 
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Posted: 2018-09-14T15:26:45Z
Great OS! Nice reality check to KunalClap
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Posted: 2018-09-14T21:27:50Z
Very well written.loved it.Yes Kunal has made his bed.Now he will have to sleep in it.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T21:30:35Z
Wow loved the one-shot.
I wish to see it culminate in the show but with more serious repercussions.
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Posted: 2018-09-21T02:52:57Z
brilliant! LOVED IT
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Posted: 2018-09-21T03:05:07Z
Superb write up !!!
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Posted: 2018-11-04T07:55:02Z
thank you
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