The big revealation--!

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Posted: 2018-09-14T10:08:34Z

There's nothing to say! It was all just Mauli Mauli and Mauli ! Aditi was outstanding yesterday! Clap

The anger, frustration , pain and agony of a woman who had been betrayed by her closed ones were exposed in highest terms. Being a woman it is not impossible to understand her utmost grief. She had been deceived by her husband and her best friend-- the two people most close to her heart. And there's nothing no amount of consolation that could mend it.

Right after the revealation her angst, the space She creates between both of them, everything is a very normal and real picture of betrayal.

She wears makeup like Nandini and that's the most painful part for her as Mauli undergoes the transformation trying to become someone she is not to elicit a response from Kunal.

Mauli in her quest like a desperate person seeking for justification questions Kunal to know what went wrong. She wants to know what had transpired that made her husband look away elsewhere for Love and comfort? Was there not enough commitment from her side aur phir kisi aur baat ki bhul chuk rahe gayi??  Akhir Kia hua?? She wants to know the facts! Her soul is screeching,  crying ! All it wants is bloody answers. And only one person could give that-- Kunal.

But Kunal has nothing to say. He has no statement to make. Because there is no reason that's reason enough to cheat his wife! 

He knows this is not how Mauli should have come face to face with truth yet he didn't have the guts to tell his wife in stead of cheating her. How pathetic.

And Nandini--- she is a different story. She is broken upon seeing her friend's condition and worries for her safety. Question is not whether she should or should not; question is when she knows what effect it would have on Mauli when it comes out , Nandini as being her friend should not have ventured in this path at all. I have said it before as well that dil ke upar humara zor nahi hota par jab baat humare apno ki khushi ki ho toh sacrifice Karna Parta  hey . We have to leave things behind. Likewise Nandini too should have been strong enough to ignore Kunal and move on. Because there's no another way out. And between her friend and her love her choice ought to have been her friend who did so much for her. 

I am trying to watch Nandini here from a neutral point of view. I am not saying her tears are false but my point is it's useless to cry and worry now. Samay rahtey hi usey khud ko rok lena chahiye tha . But now she has made Rajdeep's words true by committing such act although we know Rajdeep is a beast and there is no justification for his torture but still now his words will become the truth that bothers both Mauli n Nandini and becomes a burden that constantly nags on Mauli's thought waves. Now she will never be able to trust anyone at all. Is this right? No.

All were amazing be it Shakti , DD or Aditi . But Aditi was the Spark of the day! 

Waiting for today's part.

Share your thoughts please.
P.s. I have been having an discussion with my friend about the show and she said she won't have ever forgiven Kunal n Nandini. But as for me I would not have forgiven Kunal true but Nandini-I would have considered because my love would have been greater than my disgust for her also knowing that without me she is helpless. Things would not have been the same between us certainly but still from my side I would have given her benefit of doubt. What do you say? Would you have forgiven Nandini?

Take care. With love. Heart

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Posted: 2018-09-15T05:02:15Z
Nice post , I don't know how u analysis so beautifully .
I hope u were d writers of this serial.

U know difference b/w Mauli & Nandini.

Mauli still trying 2 look her own fault which made kunan cheat her thou she know she is not at fault

Nandini can't think beyond herself after all this still she is thinking of herself

She said she can't live without Kunal & Mauli as her life incomplete without them but not 4 a second she thought how will Mauli survive ?? Or she expect as she lack backbone so she doubt Mauli 2 lack it , will happily accept her in her husband's life.

She said hum tumhe chhot nhi pauhchana chahte the , I mean really , I never heard EMA bring happiness 2 everyone.

4 me Nandini is d most shallow character in d serial, if u remember I once asked u don't compare kunan 2 Radha Krishna , coz comparing Nandini 2 Radha or Meera means insulting them as both ladies were truly selfless.

Even Kunal is better than Nandini , he is not denying that he did wrong . I m sure one day Kunal will regret 4 sure coz he left diamond 4 a stone.

As in first episode only Kunal said if he fell 4 Nandini then he has 2 break her heart as he will fall 4 Mauli only , when Mauli was describing Nandini.

If u see all's warning r being given 2 Kunal only be it Aditya or his friend Nilesh , Nandini is now beyond redemption why her own alter ego came 2 advise her but she chose wrong path.

If we keep an animal in our home that animals also know loyalty

Rajdeep was d viewer's voice as whatever he said 2 Nandini was true, in that scene I dint felt bad 4 Nandini coz Rajdeep showed her , her real face. Now Rajdeep will definitely destroy kunan , will be successful 2 as Mauli named sheild had been destroyed by kunan themselves.

Mauli my heart goes 4 her , she very well knew Kunal fell 4 outer beauty of Nandini as there is no other quality in Nandini which make her better than Mauli.

I hope Mauli don't give up on humanity as all people r not like kunan but these 2 had killed her & shaken her belief

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Posted: 2018-09-15T09:05:15Z
 Nice Post,  you are really good writer, sorry have little different  views, definitely  for molly its most hurting n has full right to get Angry on both of them. As she was not on any fault and 
here want to make it clear not supporting ema at all,my only thought comes in my mind,  all three should not be in situations, as all are good ppl love n care for each other but sadly become reason of mollt hurt, and i  just wish kabhi kisis ke samne esa situation  na aye its my wish, 

 my view is different sorry for that Don't  feel Like to write but writing. Thinking about different  situation  too. i think ppl do mistake, Kunun did biggest  mistake, mistake they did is they  listen their heart, they let allow their heart over their mind.feeling comes in Heart kabhi kabhi unknowingly remember not supporting ema,just for some time if we think  same scenario but kunal  was not married, then still such f eeling are wrong, No
only judging  as drama n scene they have shown. n also other scenario  also if the have backed off like, agar esa nahi hota aur wo away chale jate to kya hota.

 all 3 char have different situation i am only going by story n scene they have shown, as in real life situations,  this kind of abusive marriage n cosed friends both situation together  is not possible  or can say rare, kyon ki rajdeep jaise log real life main kab ke jail Main hote, aur esi situation  arise hi nahi hoti, na hi molly jaisa koi dumb hota hai jise dikhayi hi na de n, helping close friend ,trusting  her, trusting  hubby definitely  possible,  i m Like that ,so This is not real life scenario  n Just to create drama   so why should i judhe as real life scenario can't Judge just based of real life ema scenario Thinking more as drama part.

 for doing right, n thinking  about others first, ppl should always think from their mind,but in that case they them self will be sad most of the time.which is almost  impossible for anybody,  that why ppl some time take decision  by heart i said before  also ppl go selfish  some  time,
now here if after so strong feeling still would  have gone away from each other ,they would be sad their whole life, couldn't  do justice  to their partners .as per scene they have shown,  i don't  think kunal love for molly would even be same after so strong feeling for nadu ,we have seen he was tearing inside every day before confession, jab koi khud hi dukhi ho wo kisi aur ko khush kaise de sakta hai, as shown  in scene jo hua unintensionally hua he became weak in his feeling after trying so hard n given up ,can say became selfish in his feeling, didn't  think about molly,  why only molly not evwn his family hw know they Will Never accept  him. 

my only complain molly ko such khud hi batana tha, but as its drama cvs doesnot wanted that, as per char he should, Molly heart still be broker her trust still broken even if they would have told her themself. so molly reaction natural, n she is right on her place, molly has not seen anything  what they went through  before given up,  but as veiwer we have seen, but khud batate to we will be little ok.
Nadu : she should  have more strong when she was leaving,but after such a beautiful confession ,given up was natural too,my wish strong ho jati to ese situation main nahi hoti,she also became weak for feeling. she love both,  but can't  get both as per situation, that is why she crying  n sad,  but as you said, time chala gaya, now shw can't  go back in that time,  wo chali bhi jati to khud to ise situation  se bach jati but molly  ko to kunal wo pyaar fir bhi nahi de pata, buli rishte main frustration hi hota from kunal side, just ki molly ko shayad pata hi nahi chalta, aur shayad wo nadu ko samajh pati,  again as per story n scene shown,  she too has not done intensionally,she never wanted to hurt her never  thought in her dream  this is going to come in future , that why show sad ,concern, crying n she love  molly too,  she never be  happy, tats y never wanted ,she never had happiness before  n now also she will not get  any, only blame n bad word ppls give like haters doing since long time when she did nothing.

I still thought show could have been much much better state, they would have not shown unecessary romance at wrong time, this is Just drama  see what u like.don't seee if not like , i m Doing that now
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Posted: 2018-09-15T09:28:01Z
i dont know why people think about nandini otherwise
they always forgot maker for apupose has shown the preleap thing where nandini clearly believed rajdeep for that even people mauli 
nandini was always jelous of mauli but loved her in twited way but wanted her life i know this because i have gone through the same
these kind of people like me even think if i was in her place i would also be doing same but i am otherwise so it is justified and thus they justify themselves till they face the consequence of the same and then they understand their action and selfish nature
i have even gone through same and lost my friend and used to blame her even after that and used to tell myself i was just doing this that due to this that but when i read psychology and truly faced the world i understood my mistake but it was too late to even say sorry to her
it happens in real life but the person who does so are selfish jelous self pity and dilusional and are always right in their twisted logic
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