Are the writers favoring Mauli/Aditi?

Posted: 2018-09-14T06:42:53Z
Before I say anything else, this is a strict criticism on the writers/creatives/directors of the show. 
This is the first show I have seen of Aditi and I am honestly floored by her every step of the way. When she's happy or smiling, it makes me happy. And when she's upset or crying, it makes me feel the same way. And I realized that it's because of the way she's written and obviously her acting abilities. 
However, I have seen multiple shows of Drashti but this show is making me feel so oddly disconnected with her. I think she's an amazing performer but this show is limiting her SO much. When Nandani was dancing with Kunal was when I felt like she was shining as a performer. 
So having said all this, I think the fault is with the writers and the creatives of the show. They give such great dialouges, shots, and overall scope to Aditi compared to Drashti. And I understand part of being a good actor is also being able to work with as little as you can. But think about how much time is wasted with Drashti's character just looking at Shakti's character or her just existing instead of interacting with all these amazing actors in the show. I wish Drashti was given more dialogues and space to just move and show expressions. 
I was thinking the writers are very lacking until I saw how they handled Mauli finding out about the affair. The things she said, the way she cried, and every which emotions she expressed was so so well done. I see that everyone has been complaining about how Nandani has been acting about the affair but maybe the writers don't know how to work with what they've started. The involvement of Nandani in scenes that have to do with the affair are so bad compared to how she is with everything else. 
Let me know what you guys think. 
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I would not say they are favouring Aditi/Mouli because there were some episodes where her character didn't get much screentime due to the major pukefest level of romance Kunan was being forced upon us. At that time, some people were even questoning whether Mouli was a lead or not. Then they even had Zoya indirectly blame Mouli for her marriage mess in a way that didn't go well with many.

At some point I thought they were trying to promote EMA, by portraying Kunal and Nandini as "righteous" characters that are suffering and needed to be together lol.

However I do agree that Nandini's character is limiting Drasti to her full potential, because Nandini's character is written very poorly and inconsistent, and this leads to Drasti suffering from the piss poor depth of her own character, which results in her being outshined by Mouli/Aditi.

 For me Drasti's best characters are Madhubala, Geet and DR Muskaan because we saw full potential of Drasti when she played those characters.

I love DD, so I hope for the best for her as always, but this is the first time I disliked a character she played, which I didnt think was possible lol. 

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Posted: 2018-09-14T07:10:41Z
I think it feels that way, because the makers rushed with the EMA track. Most of us here had looked forward to a recovery/healing period for Nandini, during which, we thought Nandini and Kunal would emotionally  bond. But the makers were in a hurry to jump straight away to the EMA track. 
They can still give us Nandini's independent journey, for which they will have to address her abuse and trauma. If they don't do this, then going forward as well she will have no standing other than the EMA bit. 
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Posted: 2018-09-14T07:12:39Z
 All I can say is writers failed to shape up nandini character and showing kunan relation convincingly...they only concentrated on mauli character ...they have butchered both nandini and kunal character god knows for what...
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Posted: 2018-09-14T07:13:51Z
Still  drashti shined in her character whatever thrown  in her way...
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Posted: 2018-09-14T07:25:14Z
No they actually tried everything to justify kunal and Nandini's affair and tried to fully cash upon dd and shakti's stardom. As aditi was not well established in TV  they did not expect any fan following for her. Everything back fired, the audience could not tolerate the justification and started bashing, out of nowhere huge part of all fandoms started supporting mauli's character and aditi's acting made people feel mauli. The characterization of mauli plus aditi playing it so effortlessly made audience demand a story for her. Makers never excepted this , they realized they have written mauli so realistically people are connecting with her and feeling her even though she has less screen space. Having no other options they had to give mauli this. 
Drashti is one amazing actress but I have seen actress better than her. I have seen all her previous shows. 
If they wanted to favor mauli, they could have not brought divine signs to justify kunal and Nandini. They literally did not have idea about whole thing. 
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Posted: 2018-09-14T07:27:21Z
I think CVs and writers are favouring themselves as they clearly know the backlash they are getting for glorifying EMA and sidelining the legal wife,so they are now in damage control mode and showing wrong as wrong and right as right.Now they will show Mauli's independent journey and KuNan's suffereings and learning a lesson from their mistake.As already Nandini and Kunal's characters are butchered,so if they show them as righteous, now,it will glorify the same thing ie.,EMA.So now they butcher more of these 2 characters to set the things right as they were already butchered and people can't support them and backlash again.So they are saving their asses from shutting the shop.But they should lessen the crying scenes of Nandini as it is getting overdosed.People would be more bored if still they show her crying as she is doing it from first episode.They should start showing variations in Nandini scenes and shoud stop abusive scenes.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T07:31:39Z
I guess, initially, writers planned to show the 3 characters Kunal, Mauli, and Nandini as a positive people with their own set of flaws and unfortunately Kunal falling in love with Nandini inspite of Mauli being good in her part. As per the plan, they convinced Mauli as a good human, wife, and daughter-in-law, friend, doctor. But failed to convince the audience the love between Kunal and Nandini due to the poor screenplay. 
So the viewers not able to connect to the lead couple and it backfired and they not able to maintain the balance between 3 characters, they tried to justify lead couple as the divine destined couple in the name of God's sign and support, but again failed. Now, it looks one-sided towards Mauli.
And Nandini's character traits are highly confusing to viewers. 
1. They showed Nandini as a victim of an abusive marriage to gain sympathy, but in turn, they turned her to break her bff's family without even thinking that she is going to give the same pain she undergone to her bff, which shows as a human Nandini failed.
2. Nandini always chooses other ppl over MauliI before it was Rajdeep and now Kunal). Which shows she is not a good friend. 
3. As many mentioned she didn't learn from her mistakes. Repeating the same mistakes again.
4. Can't get the fact that they are showing Nandini as innocent so she didn't even think that this affair will hurt Mauli. She says she doesn't want to see Mauli in tears, but no thought of Mauli once she got officially into the affair.
5. Now also she wants both Kunal and Mauli in her life. How that's possible? Not getting her state of mind and thought process. She wants Mauli's forgiveness immediately after Mauli caught them, but she didn't even care about Mauli the other times. Is she really thinking its such a small mistake so that Mauli will forgive her easily? Confused
Like these, so many questions, fuzzy state, inconsistency and no clear picture about Nandini's state. Basic traits of a person are missing from this character. 
Same is reflecting with the actor on screen. If the writers themselves are in confusion about Nandini's character then how they will convey to the actor and how actors will act upon it, so finally it looks disconnected. 

Guess, initially only the major plot was discussed with actors, not the screenplay, else DD might have not chosen this role. 
For, writers they are trying hard to show both Nandini and Mauli's situation equally but since Nandini's basic character traits are not connected(not watchable) with viewers, only Mauli is connected to the audience rightnow. 
In future, they may sideline Mauli(which i really don't wish) and focus on Nandini as she is the lead of the show, not my thought, but saying this based on colors promoting lead couple even now in SNS. Plus, Mauli as a character is mature and strong not much growth is required in her journey but with Nandini lot of places to grow as a strong and good person. So chances are high for favoring towards Nandini.Ouch

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