Confused! What was Kunal even going to do?

Posted: 2018-09-14T03:34:18Z
Kunal barely thought about Mauli when he was cheating her. In fact not once did he even think what he will do of this situation he has chosen for himself? He only just before the affair being exposed shamelessly said in that cafe to Nandini that if Mauli had asked him, he wouldn't have been able to continue to lie to her and would have said yes. However, nowhere not even once had he thought about leaving Mauli once the truth is out. Not once did he mention about divorcing Mauli to Nandini as they were both so indulged in their affair. What on earth was he even planning on doing in the long-term about this affair if until now he hasn't once voiced plans of leaving mauli? Was he even going to leave Mauli, or was he thinking that when he tells Mauli about his affair with her best friend, she would be happy to willingly share him with her abuse victim best friend, ultimately he thinking he would get to have both girls? Dead No seriously, what on earth was that akkal-Ka-dushman even going to do of his relationship with Mauli? Angry On top of it this guy hadn't got one reason to explain why he cheated Mauli and looked towards Nandini. He couldn't point out one reason within Mauli or their marriage that gave him reason to stray and look elsewhere. Yeah that's right, because there was nothing wrong with Mauli or their marriage to explain him cheating her, and he knows both Mauli and their marriage was perfect, hence he is unable to answer this question. This is yet another proof that he is just attracted to and lusting for Gandini.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T04:12:24Z
If it was a one time he was drunk ..not in senses ...and committed that...may score little sympathy. 
Here, he is involved in full flagged affair ... romancing her in family function... like a teenager...
and never thought of his wife and family...even once...
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Posted: 2018-09-14T04:18:22Z
Exactly .All this tears guilt remorse mean nothing bcz they didn't come when the affair started , they has come today only after getting caught. If you say sorry after being caught it doesn't really matter cz that guilt is driven by fear not remorse
Kunal Nandini confuse me,theyr th not teenagers they knew what this affair would cause,they knew they're betraying Mauli,they knew Mauli is gonna break apart. I don't understand we're they even planning to come clean to her or were they just gonna keep doing it under her nose while pretending to be goody goody in front of her. Even now I don't know what Kunal wants does he actually wanna leave Mauli n marry Nandini or he's pendulumram?
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Posted: 2018-09-14T04:24:47Z
Frankly at this moment he looks to be completely dis-associated
from Mauli.  For him only N exists.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T04:44:54Z
What a question...its obvious kundini gonna start honeymoon journey 
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Posted: 2018-09-14T04:46:26Z
Kunal was just thinking of his new found relation
He didn't even think about Mauli he wants to hide it
Until Nandini told him in the cafe he said he won't
Hide anymore what is he even expecting Mauli
 To do go along with them fulfilling their dreams 
While they keep romancing 
Nandini knows very well what mauli feels for Kunal
How much she is in love with him she shared every
Feeling what she is going through with her so I feel 
Nandini is selfish and eager to get love from Kunal 
As she was admiring him and his relation with Mauli 
Which she dreamt and the attention she received from 
Kunal made her fall for him but for Kunal maybe it's 
Infatuation as he had a lovely family and a supportive
Wife I didn't find any reason but only one as he was 
Furasted sometimes been alone and longing for his 
Wife's love he just jumped to the other woman not even
Thinking of his wife if he had thought about his wife 
Surely he would not be facing this situation 
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Posted: 2018-09-14T05:40:55Z
It was deliberate.He know If he thinks about Mauli he can't enjoy with Nandini,so he deliberately shut his mind foim all the thoughts of Mauli.Its so inhumane on the part of him and disrespectful towards a wife who commited her everthying with him.Its wrong on so many levels.Mauli would never thought of this in her wildest dreams.

Crying all this is bcz he was suddenly pulled out of the trance of Nandini and now when the reality is hitting him back,he is crying means he is a looser.

Both Nandini and Kunal are loosers and it make them look fake even if they cry now.Lol how on the earth Nandini intends to ask maafi from Mauli.It is bullshit.Its like killing someone and saying sorry.Its outright stupid,fake and delusional.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T06:08:35Z

He thought he can have both
One for fun another for his finance
One to cook for him another to work for him
Totally disgusting man
Creepy .,Kunal not SA
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