Mauli, Mauli, Mauli & Aditi too

Posted: 2018-09-14T02:40:04Z
  I was late to watch the show, but I had to review yesterday's episode badly. Yesterday's episode was fire. What a spectrum of emotions Mauli underwent- from shock to devastation to self-blame to anger. What a layered performance. Her heart-break was not one-dimensional. It was too realistic. It displayed the many complexities and emotions behind this betrayal. And yet in these moments of pain, what I loved was the way Mauli maintained her dignity. Not allowing Kunal to touch her and telling herself that she won't become like Nandini to please anyone. It was too much for me to take.

  Usually I try not to get personally affected by serials. That is why I like to vent to let out my emotions. But yesterday's episode was too much. It  literally sent me to tears. Mauli's heart-break was palpable. Take a bow- Aditi Clap! Nobody could have pulled off yesterday's performance like you did. I never was a fan of Aditi before, but she won me over with her fabulous performance. Her talent is outstanding and her acting is so realistic. I hope she gets more opportunities and becomes more famous after this. She truly deserves it as she is one of the best but under-rated actors in ITV. Not only me, but (based on many people in SNS) many cried. It's not only about the writing, it's about her performance too. If she wasn't such a fab actor, Mauli would have never made the impact she did yesterday. Many viewers were left reeling with the thoughts of Mauli after yesterday's episode.

  As for other aspects of yesterday's episode, Kunal and Nandini left me disgusted. Romancing publicly and still holding hands after Mauli found out. Did they feel an inch of guilt about what they did to Mauli. They seem more worried that Mauli found out. And what was that about Nandini's words? She wants both her love and friendship? Was she expecting that Mauli would agree to share her husband and for 3 of them to live as a triplet? What hypocrisy! Why was she so heartbroken then, when Rajdeep brought another woman to her house?

  As for the writers, if this was what you wanted to show from the beginning, all I can say to you is that you've made a big mistake in execution in the beginning. If you hadn't whitewashed the characters and blamed Kunal-Nandini's love on God, there wouldn't be so much problems. And yet, you made the same mistake yesterday and attempted to whitewash Kunal and Nandini. It didn't work. You've turned many viewers off from Kunal-Nandini. Many viewers don't want to watch much of them except for seeing them getting punished. In fact, for yesterday's episode, though I didn't like nor agree with with the way Rajdeep manhandled Nandini, I couldn't help but agree with his words. A villain's words shouldn't be resonating with the viewers. It's a testament to the failure of execution that people are agreeing with Rajdeep's words.

  And to Mauli, all I want to see is you moving on and being the strong and independent woman you are. You are truly one strong and wonderful woman and deserve the best. Hopefully, after this, I hope that neither Kunal nor Nandini interfere in your life ever again. Let them suffer on their own! Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2018-09-14T02:47:49Z
You said it all.
And I don't want to add anything more.
Just that I agree with all your points.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T03:02:48Z
well said.

Yes, Aditi is sooo underrated. She was brilliant today. All I could see was Mauli and her heartbreak. The dialogues were written really well and she did more than 100% justice. Tears just kept rolling as she poured her heart out. "Outstanding" is the only word.
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Posted: 2018-09-14T03:20:44Z
Definitely the most underrated actress on TV.
She deserves to be regarded in the elite tiers and rank much higher!
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Posted: 2018-09-14T03:54:05Z
Honestly I hope Mauli doesn't beg or request Kunal to stay. She should hold her head high n not even looks at these two. She should run the clinic alone, become really really successful and just be happy on her own. Shes independent enough to not need any man to be happy.
For Kunal n Nandini let the duo get together then struggle financially cz ab Tak they were maze maroing while mauli worked day n night to earn money. Let the poverty slap them hard. Then maybe make Kunal cheat on Nandini too so that she gets a dose of her own medicome. Then the hubby of girl
he'll cheat Nandini with locks him up in jail
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Posted: 2018-09-14T05:55:49Z
nice post : )
u guys have said it all.. i just want to comment on writers part.. they have failed big time.. i think they just wanted to show how people in a very good marriage also fail. but for that they should have worked on the reasons for this falling apart and falling in. oh i am sorry there was no falling apart.. 

its a messed up story and now only good writing can save this story..
i hope we see more sensibility in their writing from now onwards..
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Posted: 2018-09-14T08:13:42Z
To be very honest, Im not a regular viewer of silsila. In fact, not at all a viewer much. Just know the storyline watching sometimes on voot. 
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Posted: 2018-10-27T13:01:45Z
Aditi is outstanding as Mouli. Her acting speaks volume and she makes Mouli so relatable. Other two the less is said is better.
I started watching this serial recently. Had seen few of DD s shows before like Geet, MB. i am not much of DD fan, usually I dont connect with her acting. . Started watching this just out of curiosity but discovered Aditi.

Watched Aditi in Ganga, but Aditi as Mauli is different person. I an in love with her character, so impactful.Really hope she moves on from those two cheaters and starts her life afresh. 
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